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C150822olorado's Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper is known as a man who will drink just about anything—once. To prove to the people of Colorado that fracking is safe and good for the economy of Colorado, Hickenlooper popped an iodine tablet and drank a mouthful of fracking fluid. The iodine was supposed to kill E.coli and gardia. Fracking became a Colorado industry. On Aug. 5, 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency "accidentally" breached an underground dam in Colorado's long-closed Gold King Mine near Durango and sent some 3 million gallons of toxic sludge on its four State odyssey from Cement Creek into the Animas River, and finally into the San Juan and Colorado Rivers.

What is most puzzling about the catastrophe is that about a week before the fracture in the wall of the underground dam happened—on July 30—retired geologist Dave Taylor published a letter to the editor of the Silverton Standard and several other small weekly papers along the Colorado River in which he said: "Based on my 47 years as a professional geologist, it appears to me that the EPA is setting your town, and this area, up for a possible 'Superfund blitzkrieg'. EPA bureaucrats are so desperate to get "superfund" funding for four or five States in this area that they might mess up the Animas River with toxic sludge to help justify their existence—and force taxpayers to 'feed the beast.'"

The States along the Colorado River and its tributaries are: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. But, man-made drought created an economic exigency corridor in neighboring States that can, and likely will, be blamed for what has become virtually a rain-free zone in: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, parts of Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, as well as sections of Mississippi, Nevada, and North and South Carolina. (These major "planned" drought areas were deliberately caused by what is known as The Special Weather Modification Commission(created by an Act of Congress pursuant to Section 3[a](7) and (9) through the National Science Foundation Act of 1950 as amended on June 16, 1964). You've heard of weather modification, but when you talk about it, or hear someone else mention it, they generally refer to it as "chemtrails."

The Washington Times reported that the EPA released documents on Aug. 20 which contained an EPA work order for a planned environmental clean-up in the Gold King Mine in which workers warned their superiors in June, 2014, that a potential blowout or some other form of environmental accident was likely if they proceeded with the clean-up of the Gold King Mine. The report said: "Conditions may exist that could result in a blowout of the blockages, and cause a release of a large volume of contaminated mine water and sediment from inside the mine which contain concentrated heavy metals."

For the moment we're talking about polluted water that looks like thick, soupy orange juice—and raising the question why the Environmental Protection Agency would deliberately create a breach in an underground dam containing over 3 million gallons of polluted sludge and sending it cascading down the mountainous terrain from the Gold King Mine at the rate of about 500 to 700 gallons a minute into Cement Creek which empties into the Animas River and then, into the Colorado River.

The EPA, of course, will never admit their "squeezing the orange" was deliberate or that an agency of the US government, knowing a serious risk existed, would deliberately puncture the mine wall and release 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater containing heavy metal contaminants like arsenic (300 times its normal level), lead (3,500 times its normal level), and much higher than normal levels of gold, silver, copper, cadmium and aluminum. Toxic elements which are now polluting the Animas River as the orange sludge entered the eco system. That's probably why Gov. Hickenlooper decided to show the people of Colorado, one more time, that the orange juice sludge infested water, like fracking fluid that leaked into Colorado's water system, was safe to drink. Gov drinks waterOnly, if you're chugging arsenic and lead at super toxic levels out of a plastic water bottle, there isn't an iodine tablet in the world that's going to fix you up.

Fortunately, on Aug. 13—a day before EPA Director Gina McCarthy announced that toxicology reports showed that the Animas had returned to pre-contanimation levels—as photos in the Durango Herald of the Animas River at Durango where Hickenlooper dipped his plastic water bottle into the Animas and took his iodine tablet to repeat his fracking fluid test, the river was not orange. Had it been bright tangerine, and had the toxicity levels been as high as they were when the Gold King Mine fracture occurred and orange sludge flooded the river, its likely Gov. Hickenlooper wouldn't have been so quick to be a two-time water safety guinea pig.

Keep in mind that while iodine tablets may help prevent things like E.coli and gardia, it won't do a thing to prevent heavy metal toxicity. Keep in mind also that heavy metal debris trapped behind the dam wall in the Gold King Mine when the dam was breached by the EPA and the sludge made its way into Cement Creek and then flooded into the Animas River like a mini-tsunami. Heavy metal debris settled in the silt on the creek bed and river floor on its journey to the San Joaquin and Colorado Rivers.

Which may be why the governor, as he sipped a bottle of clear Animas River water told the people of Colorado that the Animas River water "...isn't good for drinking—but it's perfectly fine for rafting." White water rafting is Colorado's biggest summer tourist attraction, with the Animas, San Joaquin and Colorado Rivers among the most popular vacation sites. What has always made those rivers popular is that they run a gauntlet of canyons and ravines that excite both the daunting whitewater rafters and the more timid canoeists.

The only problem is that over the past 14 years, water levels in much of the country—but particularly in the Southwest for at least 11 of those 14 years—experienced droughts reminiscent of the Depression Era Dust Bowl. Only, in the 1930s the dust bowl was created by farmers who abused the land by overplanting it and destroyed the rich, fertile topsoil. The dust storms we have been experiencing recently in the American southwest and the Great Plains States over the last four of five decades were not, as the eco-wacko environmentalists insist, caused by the poor farming techniques of the 1920s and 30s nor from droughts orchestrated by God or by man's misuse of his environment, but rather by the ecowackos who're blaming the rest of us as they conceal major facts behind "climate change." As are the environmentalists in our own government who also aren't willing to tell us about either as they play God, unwittingly using their "cure" for climate warming—stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering—creating the problem they were currently blaming on the rest of us.

What has been clear to everyone since the moment the EPA clean-up crews working in the Gold King Mine breached the wall of the underground dam (whether or not they did it accidentally or deliberately) the EPA is still financially responsible for the toxic wastewater, heavily contaminated with arsenic, lead, copper, cadmium, aluminum and other toxic chemical sludge, which polluted infected areas of the drinking water in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. More than a few analysts have suggested that the breach was a deliberate scheme by the EPA to bilk taxpayers not only out of billions of dollars in clean-up costs, but to make a superfund economic recovery blitzkrieg that includes not only the toxic sludge in the western rivers, but severe droughts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington State and Alabama, Georgia, parts of Mississippi and North and South Carolina.

According to EPA Region 8 Administer Shaun McGrath, toxic sediment (not only from the Animas River in Colorado), just like toxic waste from any waterway in the country settles to the bottom of the lakes or river beds. Stir the water and you stir the pollutants. The toxic discharge raises the possibility of long term pollution as toxic plumes move slowly along the river or lake bed. Swimming in water affected with some form of toxicity is as bad as drinking it since swimmers, especially inexperienced swimmers, often inadvertently drink mouthfuls of the water they are swimming in. Remember: in the case of the Animas River spill, authorities determined that over 3 million gallons of toxic, orange-colored sludge containing, at the worst, lead and arsenic, sank to the bottom of the Animas, San Joaquin and Colorado Rivers. Toxic waste doesn't evaporate. Over time, the particles break down and the toxicity dissipates.

When the dam of loose rocks became dislodged in the Gold King Mine and 3 million gallons of toxic sludge spilled out into Cement Creek and from there into the Animas River, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez declared a state of emergency, spending thousands of dollars buying drinking water from Farmington and surrounding towns because the State government had to order the shut down of its wells when the orange water from the Animas River threatened the safety of the ground water. McGrath, the Region 8 EPA Administrator warned that the run-off from storms "...will kick the toxic sediment back into the water which means there will be a long term monitoring of pollutants." In other words, just because the water looks drinkable doesn't mean it's safe to drink You can get any five-and-dime distiller.that will turn water into steam vapor, separating the H2O from the sludge—and any contaminants in that sludge. The only thing that happens to the five and dime distillers is that the hydrogen bond angle of the distilled water will drop from 104° to 101°, and most of the liquid contaminants in the water convert to steam and transfer from the distiller to the receptacle containing the freshly distilled water. Fortunately, not all distillers are the same. The Crystal Clear LWM Electron 4 and 5 distillers, which hold 13 patents based on 332 approved FDA reports, are different than any distiller in the world. The Electron 4 and Electron 5 distillers so something no other distillers on Earth do. They create energy while re-purifying the water hundreds of times per gallon using heat and UV light that destroys viruses and other pathogens that pose a threat to human health. In the process, the hydrogen bond angle is permanently changed from 104° to 114° instead traditional distilled water where the bond angle permanently drops from 104° to 101°.

Earlier this year, Gilbert Colomb de Daunant, a cousin of Prince Rainier of Monaco, wrote this letter to John Ellis, owner and founder of Crystal Clear™ in Westbrookville, NY, dated March 4, 2015:

Dear John:
As you know I've been buying your E-5 water machine and sending them as gifts to friends and relatives all over the world—from Andorra to Monaco. Of course water is getting worse everywhere, and there are pollutants in water that the public doesn't know about because they don't test them in standard water tests.

Fortunately you have the only product that reheats the water over and over again without bringing it to a full boil, thereby exposing the water to ultra-violet disinfectants 100s of times per gallon to make sure the water is not only safe, but is the healthiest water known to man.

That's why the hydrogen bond angle in your patented distiller water changes from 104° to 114°. It's amazing. There's no question why this is the only water that can penetrate your skin—which is why you receive humanitarian gifts for your E-5 machines that are being sent to Africa where they are getting good results (curing eBoli). That's why, to maintain my health, it's the only water I drink. It's wonderful. Now, in my 94th year, I can say: "You have honestly made a great contribution to mankind.".

Toxic spills like the "orange juice" squeeze in the Animas River (or toxic spills elsewhere in the future) could be either deliberate or just a tragic accident. EIther way, a really good purification system could be lifesaving. But, virtually every article written by the mainstream media outlet concerning the Cement Creek's toxic spill was labeled as a accidental discharge of millions of gallons of toxic pollutants. EPA workers were at the mine with heavy machinery to plug a small leak from the abandoned mine's tailings pond, and to install pipes to drain and treat the toxic waste water. Instead, they breached the wastewater, releasing a deluge of orange sludge into the river.

What raises questions in my mind are twofold. First was not only David Taylor's remarks about a breach in the Gold King Mine a full week before it happened; and second, for decades before the toxic spill, the EPA had been battling locals in an effort to designate not only the Gold King Mine but the whole Colorado River Basin as a "Superfund" site which would open a four State area for massive amounts of "clean-up money" for the EPA to use in one of the West's most popular tourist havens.

But, with a twist, the EPA is now chiming that if only the residents of that area and their elected officials had submitted to the agency's demands when the topic first came up, and began chasing away the means of their own livelihoods by banning both mining and tourism, everything would be fine today.

Of course, had those residents done so, with no economic means to earn a living from that point on, and with no potable water to drink, large portions of the occupied river basin would become virtually uninhabitable—except, of course, for those who don't drink or require water for any purpose, or who believe they can boil the toxic waste out of the water—particularly arsenic, lead, copper, aluminum and nitrates (which were found in the Gold King Mine waste water). If you boil the water long enough you risk concentrating some undesirable chemicals—and even converting some healthy ones—into an orange stew that resembled a frothy orange drink which would likely be a toxic cocktail.

When Taylor, a retired geologist, wrote his open letter to the Silverton Standard, he made it clear that the EPA bureaucrats were desperate to get an infusion of Superfund money to use in the drought-ridden Southwest. Taylor said it didn't surprise him that the EPA polluted the Animas River to force the civilian population to "feed the beast" in order to clean up the mess with massive amounts of taxpayer dollars.

Taylor, who believed the breach, when it happened, would be deliberate, never envisioned three million gallons of toxic sludge containing arsenic and lead polluting four States. Taylor hypothesized that, "...reading between the lines, I believe that's been the EPA plan all along." Taylor noted that that the EPA stated it had plans to plug up a nearby mine adding that any sludge which escaped from that mine would return to Cement Creek within seven days.

Taylor told Brietbart News in a subsequent article that he didn't know the EPA was going to mess with the Gold King Mine. "Reading between the lines," he said, "I believe that's been the EPA's plan all along," adding that the scheme was aimed at allowing the EPA officials to get their "foot in the door," to justify the EPA's much wanted treatment plant. When he spoke to the Brietbart team, Taylor also noted that since the Gold King Mine had been plugged up several years before, he had no idea the EPA would do anything to sabotage that mine. His letter to the Silverton Standard mentioned the Red and Bonita mines but not the Gold King. So, why the Gold King Mine and not the Red and Bonita Mines? Simple. Since Taylor fingered the Red and Bonita mines in his Silverton Standard letter-to-the-editor, the EPA saboteurs appear to have decided that breaching those mine walls would raise enough suspicion that couldn't be construed as a coincidence. All that was left for the EPA to use as their "slush fund" excuse for a water treatment plant was the Gold King Mine, which appeared, up to that moment, to be stable. (Taylor beleved that was likely why the Gold King was the mine that caused the orange sludge tsunami.)

I believe Taylor was right that the spill was deliberate. A week after the spill, the electronic Denver Post TV noted that Silverton's 650 permanent year-round residents are now simmering with anger. Connie Taylor, the daughter David Taylor, remarked that it was "...stupid for the EPA to start digging around up there and cause a natural disaster. I don't even know how to put it into words," when asked her opinion on the Gold King Mine release. DP-TV reported that the mine disaster at the Gold King Mine goes well beyond that one mine. There are scores of dormant, closed down mines throughout Colorado that are either leaking contaminated water or could easily foster a another toxic orange sludge run-off that polluted the Animas River. Denver Post reporter Jesse Paul told DP-TV that the problem is much larger than just the Cement Creek spill. He continued that they are leaking contaminated water and may still be at risk of another contaminated spill. Paul continued by telling DP-TV that his team has traveled the State and there are scores of portals leaking contaminated water. In addition, the orange sediment that turned the Animas River into a frothy sludge was now lying on the bottom of the river bed in the silt. Paul demonstrated by having a small child stir up the orange pollutant in the silt with a stick.

Over 17,000 homeowners along the Animas River around Durango were now more loudly "requesting" that the EPA take water samples and test the water coming out of their wells to assure the people that their drinking water is safe. The feeling was that if a little girl with a stick could stir up the toxic orange sludge, EPA toxicologists should be able to determine what toxins remained in the water when that water reached the wells of Colorado River and Animas River basin homeowners.

The Taylor letter in the Silverton Standard a week before the "orange juicing" of the Animas River followed by David Taylor's Brietbart interview sparked speculation first, and finally as the people, in their final assessment of what happened, realized that the EPA had deliberately fractured the rock plug in the Gold King Mine without ever checking to see how much wastewater lay behind the dam, and just how polluted with toxins the water was. With all of the talk about the Obama EPA's superfund stirred into the mix about the mega-spill of toxic wastewater

Jim Holt of the Gateway Pundit website correctly observed that "...if the Gold King Mine was declared a superfund site, it would essentially kill the future development of the mining industry in this area. The Obama EPA is vehemently opposed to mining and development."

"Does anyone with more than two brain cells seriously still believe this disaster was an accident?" asked FITS News, Ace of Spades, Infowars, ZeroHedge and scores of other conservative online news outlets who also echoed what everyone on both sides of the equation of good and evil already knew. It was not. In order to successfully steal the White House, Obama joined forces with the powerful wealthy political eco-wacko environmentalists, financially supported by socialists George Soros and David Rockefeller and, together they began to wage war on mankind by waging war on carbon dioxide because without carbon dioxide, Earth will have neither oxygen nor water.

This was not the first time the EPA has done something not only illegal but blatantly unconstitutional—and down-right stupid. Why? Because the EPA handles matters dealing with fossil fuels, carbon dioxide emissions and everything related to carbon pollution which are all among the special interests of the oil barons, the environmental industry (initialed funded by the oil barons who own the oil, the industrialists who need it, and the bankers and stock brokers who got rich buying and selling it). Middle class Americans, who think $100 thousand per year is a rich man's income, don't understand wealth—or the power it wields. When the rich make political contributions to politicians they are actually buying them. All political contributions are bribes. They should be criminalized with mandatory prison sentences—for the donor, the middle-man (i.e, the lobbyist who carries the cash) and the politician who pockets the cash and profits from it. Politicians who profit from insider knowledge should also be sent to prison and barred from holding any public office for life (even that as personal assistant to the janitor of the county courthouse).

Among the spoils the rich want are the forgotten spoils of nature's havoc, or the deliberate spoils of man's. Let's look at a few examples. First, let's look at the 1930s' Depression Dust Bowl..The number of non-farm foreclosures between 1926 to 1933 doubled (from 134,900 to 252,400). Half of the urban homes in the United States were in foreclosure on January 1,1934. Only, during the Depression years, there was no Home Affordable Refinance Program [HARP] to rescue the urban homeowners from default (homes owned by voters). What they did have in 1934 (a midterm election year), was the Home Ownership Loan Corporation [HOLC]. Almost half the voters in the United States in 1934 either lost their homes, or were in jeopardy of losing them. By election day, Nov. 6, 1934, less than 2% of the mortgage loans in default had received modifications.. Most of the foreclosed loans defaulted because the lenders forced the mortgagors into foreclosure solely because HOLC, like HARP, gave all the leverage to the banks and none to the homeowners.

From 1933 to 1937, over 36 out of every 100 farms in the Dust Bowl and the Great Plains wheat belt States were foreclosed. Scores of farms through the western half of the United States were foreclosed from 1926 to 1941. So many, in fact, that the wheat farmers in the Great Plains States formed a farmer's union to the lobby the banks and, surprising, the judges of the courts that were taking away the land owned by hundreds of Iowa farmers.

Slightly over one third of all the owners of all the farms in the dust bowl region of the United States lost their homes and farms. Who ended up with them? The bankers who overloaded the farmers with debt during the Roaring Twenties to help feed the post-WWI European farmers (whose farmlands became bomb craters from 1914 to 1919). The banks who extended credit to the Midwest farmers whose crops fed Europe became the banks which, in the first three decades of the 20th century, were construed as being "too large to fail." by absorbing, in 1929-32, the State and county banks who weren't large enough, and didn't have enough cash to make it through the hard times. How could that happen? Because the Congress gave the Federal Reserve the right to create monetary policy through the Federal Open Market Committee (which determined the value and availability of money by determining the cash reserves each bank have on hand).

You may not remember the banks which collapsed during the Great Depression, but you likely remember, or at least recognize the names of the US banks that failed (or were rescued by your tax dollars) during the money crash because they were blamed for the subprime mortgage industry collapse. The big banks: Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers, JPMorgan Chase, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs), were deemed by the Federal Reserve as being too big too big to fail because they were owned by the America's richest families who also own the Federal Reserve System—which is why they were viewed as being "too big to fail." The Titans

And of course there was AIG, which was founded by John D. Rockefeller, Sr., Andrew Mellon, John Pierpont Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and a host of other American bankers, industrialists, railroad tycoons and a host of merchant princes in 1915. Two others were iconic investment banks Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers who bet too heavily on the subprime market, and AIG who covered their bets while their own hedge fund division in Europe sold the bottom out of the subprime stocks they offered to American investors as the best value since sliced bread, which led to a criminal investigation of AIG.

Of course, no charges were ever filed since banks too large to fail are too large to be charged with a crime. In fact, the Treasury and the Fed were pouring unprecedented amounts of money into AIG to keep it solvent. The Obama printing presses, which began grinding in 2009 have printed almost $18 trillion.

In 2008, 25 US banks closed their doors. On Sept. 30, 2008 a very nervous Bush-43 Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, proposed a $700 billion bank bailout. He submitted it on a hastily scribbled three page synopsis. Paulson's proposal offered nothing to the consumers who desperately needed help to save their homes. Paulson's plan provided favored banks with the funds to buy subprime mortgage and credit card assets from troubled banks. Foreclosed subprime properties would then be purchased from favored banks by the Resolution Trust Corporation which would sit on them until the crisis passed, or dispose of them to speculators who would buy them as rental properties. In Paulson's view, the subprime homeowners should never have been given mortgages in the first place and, for that reason, didn't deserve a bailout—just like the dust bowl sharecroppers and generationally-owned small family farmers who lost their livelihood when the topsoil on their land blew away in the late 1930s. Regardless which way the wind blows, its always the wealthiest families that profit, and its always the working class and middle class that suffers.

On October 3, 2008, a month before the presidential election, President George W. Bush signed the Troubled Asset Relief Program [TARP] into law. TARP was supposed to provide homeowners with a $700 billion slush fund that would allow them to save their homes. The rich bankers didn't like TARP because it didn't enrich them. Barack Obama signed the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act [HR 4173 Public Law 111-203] into law on July 21, 2010 and took away half of the funds designated for TARP and used those funds to help favored banks shore up their asset base after several third world banks went bankrupt, almost toppling the central banks of the world's and blaming those losses on the subprime industry.

Dodd-Frank was proposed in 2009 by Obama at the behest of America's most powerful bankers. America's rich had an eye on a prosperous future. Only, that future did not promise prosperity for either the working class or the middle class—the human chattel of the rich. Just prosperity for the bankers and the State and federal legislators who provided the laws the bankers and industrialists needed, or loopholes in the laws that applied only to a select few.

Shortly after the US Supreme Court ruled, on April 2, 2009, that the EPA had the authority to regulate heat-trapping gases in automobile emissions—i.e., carbon dioxide, Obama authorized the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] to classify carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. The court also ruled that the EPA had an obligation to regulate any greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming unless they (or someone with a brain) presents a scientific basis for not regulating them. In a separate decision, the high court also ruled that the EPA has the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from carbon fuel power plants and factories. Yet, the EPA has no problem with creating its own pollution problems.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the dissenting opinion on the greenhouse gas case, said that the broad coalition of cities, counties and environmental groups which brought the lawsuit against the EPA had no legal standing. His dissent was joined by Associate Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito, Jr. When the social progressives on the high court hold 4 seats and can usually depend on the one swing vote, they can hear any case they wish to hear; and when they pull that swing-vote left of center, they can also win just about any case, whether it has legal standing or not. Once they prevail, those 5 judges have more power than 535 members of Congress.

The Obama EPA took the issue to court to undo an 8-year old of Bush-43 policy during which time President George W. Bush insisted the government did not have the authority to regulate carbon dioxide since it is a natural compound necessary to sustain human life. Giving the EPA the authority to greatly reduce breathable air and drinkable water on Earth were Associate Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John Paul Stevens, David Souter, Stephen Breyer and swing vote Anthony Kennedy. Since Souter and Stevens retired, and since its likely that Ginsburg will step down before Obama leaves office if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is charged , it appears only Breyer will need to be impeached for judicial stupidity and ignorance of basic chemistry. Of course, all of the justices and any federal judge appointed by non-citizen Obama need to be replaced as well since the Constitution of the United States does not allow illegal aliens, even if they reside in the big white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, to sign legislation into law or appoint judges to the federal courts.

Obama's remarks on the oil spill on May 15 were easy to predict since he did a test run of the speech at the Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh earlier in the week. When Obama tied the BP oil spill to Cap & Trade, his words sealed the deal. "I will make the case for clean energy whenever I can," he said, "and I will work with anyone to get this done. And we will get it done."

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who joined the Obama Administration advocating for a system in which all government funds used on government building projects should be required to hired only minority workers even if they were not qualified for the projects, called for the US government to seize BP. In an op ed piece, Reich, now a University of California at Berkeley professor, said: "It's time for the federal government to put BP under temporary receivership, which gives the government authority to take over BP's operations in the Gulf of Mexico until the gusher is stopped." Perhaps Obama should appoint Hugo Chavez as temporary CEO of BP while he's at it since Chavez is one of the world's experts on seizing oil companies. Reich, Obama and Emanuel may not realize this since none of them have likely ever read the Constitution, but there is absolutely nothing in the founding document of the United States that gives any President the power to temporarily declare martial law over one or more corporations and actually seize the operating control of that business entity because the president or his men think they can run it better than the duly elected corporate management of that corporation. Nor, by the way, does a US president have the authority to fire the head of any private company, large or small, in the United States.




It wasn't.





The evil rests in Barack Obama, illegal alien, a native-born Kenyan and citizen of Indonesia. The good rests in a document called The Constitution of the United States which he is determined to destroy because it is only through its destruction that Barack Obama will achieve his goal. When he was running for the one office in the world he would never be eligible to hold because he was born in the wrong place, Obama asked America to join him in his quest. "America is the greatest nation on Earth," he said, "help me change it." You see, Obama knows that to create a new society you must first destroy the old one. That's what he's doing now. When a nation lives by a document carved from blades of steel and penned with the blood of those who died to create it, and the flesh and sweat of the people who build it, it cannot be broken.



Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved