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20 years


uring the Bush-41 years British-born chemist Robert Watson, the head of NASA's "Mission to Planet Earth," program—like Al Gore, Jr., and Eugene TeSelle—was one of the early radical soothsayers of global warming during the mid-1980s. Watson grabbed Gore's attention when, during the 1992 Federal Coordinating Council on Science, Engineering and Technology Conference in Kennebunkport, Maine he said that the ozone crisis had reached such catastrophic levels that there was a genuine threat of an ozone hole in the atmosphere over Kennebunkport. Watson, who very much wanted to join the Clinton Administration, read Gore's pseudoscience ecoalarmist book, Earth in the Balance from which his equally fictitious, Nobel Prize winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth (which Britain's equivalent to the US Supreme Court ruled it had to carry a warning label that the film was "...partisan political advocacy, not a factual representation of what was actually happening with the climate of the world" before it could be shown in any school in England) to make sure he was on the same page with the Vice President when they met for the first time.

Shortly after the Clintons arrived in Washington, DC, Vice President Al Gore pushed House Committee on Science, Space and Technology chairman George Brown, Jr. [D-for early hearings on global warning and ozone depletion. The two "expert" witnesses called were Watson and William Happer, Jr. the Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy {DOE]. Happer was the most important Reagan-Bush carryover by the Clinton people because he was the most respected scientist in government. If Clinton wanted funding for the super-conducting super-collider they needed his credibility to get the money from Congress. As Brown's hearing progressed, Watson resorted to Gore-style fear-baiting, arguing before the committee that chloroflourocarbons were so deadly they needed to be banned worldwide. Watson insisted that chloroflourocarbons were burning holes in the ozone layer and would soon cause intense global warming sufficient enough to melt the ice caps in the South Pole. Watson cited estimates from unnamed and uncredentialed environmentalists that the depletion of ozone in the stratosphere ranged for 3% to 5% over the past dozen years.

When he testified, Happer presented documents for the Committee that clearly showed a political paradox was in play since the actual scientific measurements—not ecoalarmist speculation—showed that an entire century's worth of ozone depletion over the South Pole had been scientifically measured and recorded at less than 5/18th of 1%. Happer was branded as a heretic by the Gore ecoalarmists and, even though Clinton needed him to pitch Congress for the money to complete the super-conducting super-collider the White House needed, pressured by Gore, Clinton ordered O'Leary to fire him.

Global warming was the engine that fueled Gore a full decade before Clinton. And global warming would become the engine that drove the new Vice President in 1993 in part because he was frozen out of just about everything else. Hillary Clinton was determined to become the defacto Vice President. She even took his office in the White House and forced him to move his office to the Old Executive Office Building. Gore needed to find something else to occupy his time and attention. Gore was content to save the world from man-made global warming. Only, man-made global warming was a myth. Gore had to know that the computer models the ecoalarmists used were fabricated. But like most zealots who are convinced they are right even when real science says they're wrong, the rules they play by let them fabricate whatever evidence they need to make them appear to be right. When Gore created his ecoalarmist documentary An Inconvenient Truth, he wanted to prove his bogus claims that the glaciers near the South Pole were melting an alarming rate, thus suggesting that as the ice shelves broke off and floated into the warmer waters of the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, ocean levels would rise at least 20 feet in the foreseeable future due exclusively to the Antarctic and Greenland ice melts, and that people are already evacuating the Pacific island nations due to sea level rise.

Because there was no photographic evidence that large ice ledges were breaking off the continental ice shelf in Antarctica, Gore arranged with Lion's Gate™ and the Mark Gordon Company for the rights to use some footage from their apocalyptic environmental doomsday film, The Day After Tomorrow. The scene in An Inconvenient Truth that depict a large ledge breaking from continental ice shelf was really a large block of Styrofoam™ that appeared to be breaking off the Antarctic ice shelf and slipping off into the ocean.

In England, as in the United States and the other industrialized democracies, the public school systems are provided large financial grants for textbooks not only from the charitable foundations of large transnational corporations but also from the carbon fuel giants. The grants give the donors editorial rights to the textbooks they finance. When the ecoalarmist educators in England decided to bring An Inconvenient Truth into the British public school system, Stuart Dimmock, the father of two secondary school students objected to the school forcing his children to watch what he believed was pure fiction, filed suit on May 4, 2007. The film, he argued to the court, was full of ecoalarmist, political bias and factual errors about climate change. He further argued that the film should not be shown anywhere in England without a warning label pointing out the political bias and factual errors.

The court agreed and ordered the United Kingdom's Department of Education to attach the court's opinion to the video and require its reading before the video could be shown in any British school. The nine errors the court recognized in Gore's claims were: [1] (Error: Gore asserted that a sea-level rise of up to 20 feet would be caused by melting ice sheets "in the near future." Judge: "This is distinctly alarmist, and will only occur after, and ever, millennia." [2] Error: Low-lying Pacific atolls have already been evacuated. Judge: There is no evidence of any evacuation having happened." [3] Error: The Gulf Stream, that warms up the Atlantic, would shut down. Judge: "It was very unlikely that the Gulf Stream would shut down in the future, though it might slow down." [4] Error: Graphs showing a rise in CO2 and the rise in temperature over a period of 650,000 years showed an "exact fit." [5] Error: The disappearance of snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro was due to global warming. Judge: "It cannot be established that the recession of snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro is attributable to human-induced climate change." [6] Error: The drying up of Lake Chad is a prime example of a catastrophic result of global warming. Judge: "Insufficient to establish the exact cause." (Author's note: The drying up of lakes and rivers, and the conversion of fertile lands into deserts is the direct result of the lack of carbon dioxide, When carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere, plantlife—even tundra—cannot produce oxygen, the byproduct of carbon dioxide which is the food plants eat. Without oxygen to bond with hydrogen, rain will cease and the rivers and streams which feed the lakes of the land, will dry up—as will the lakes.) [7] Error: Hurricane Katrina was blamed on global warming. Judge: "There is insufficient evidence to show that." [8] Error: polar bears were being found that had actually drowned swimming long distances—up to 60 miles—to find the ice. Judge: "Only four polar bears have been found drowned, because of a storm." (Editor's note: Gore used the attached photo of what appears to be two polar bears stranded on a melting Arctic ice floe, suggesting the floe broke off from the continental ice shelf during the winter months as evidence that global warming would ultimately destroy the polar bear population. Gore's advocacy suggested the photo was taken by Canadian environmentalists when it fact it was taken by an Australian marine biology student, Amanda Byrd on a field trip. The photo was taken in August—in the middle of the summer—when the fringes of the Arctic (not Antarctica) ice sheets melt each year regardless of whether or not we are in a hot or cool solar cycle. The ice floe, by the way, was within easy swimming distance of the polar ice shelf. The photo ended up in the Ottawa Citizen which first attributed it to Canadian environmentalists. It was then printed by the New York Times, the London Daily Mail and the Sydney, Australia Sunday Telegraph. Sanitized from fiction to fact, the photo was made for Gore. It didn't matter that it was not true. Four newspapers said it was. That was good enough for him.) [9] Error: Coral reefs were bleaching because of global warming and other factors. Judge: "Separating the impacts of stresses due to climate change from other stresses such as over-fishing and pollution, was difficult."

Creating the machine for
the redistribution of wealth

Selecting the environment as his personal charge, Gore went about picking his team. Gore had already picked socialist eco-wacko Carol Browner (who was one of 14 leaders of the communist Commission for a Sustainable World Society when Obama tapped her as his Energy Czar) to head the EPA when he convinced Clinton to bring former US Senator Timothy Wirth on board. Wirth wanted the EPA slot. Gore wanted him as Energy Secretary. When word leaked out that Clinton planned to name Wirth to Energy, a delegation of Senators from both sides of the aisle called Clinton and told him to save the appointment for someone who could be confirmed. Wirth, they told him, was not that person. Clinton named him Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs—a job that did not require Senatorial vetting. It should have. Wirth, with help from Gore, was the primary author of the Kyoto Protocol. ..

Wirth, as Clinton's—or more appropriately—Gore's personal Undersecretary, together with Sen. John Heinz [R-PA] (the former husband of Theresa Heinz-Kerry) created what was initially going to be called "Project 88." It was the money baron's first attempt to enact the "Cap & Trade" concept to tax the emission of carbon dioxide in what would be a tax on every living person in the United States and, ultimately, a UN tax on the industrialized world. Project 88 was buried in the Clean Air Act Amendment of 1990. The law contained a provision that would allow industries in smog-layered industrialized states to purchase 'pollution credits" from the government. The total amount of "credits" given could not exceed the national "cap" on emissions. Thus, when one corporation purchased emissions credits, another corporation somewhere else lost them. Since purchasing carbon dioxide emission credits would be expensive, only the Fortune 500 companies could afford to buy them. This greatly raised the cost of production on small, family-owned businesses with carbon dioxide emission levels that are too high, but who can't afford to buy credits, forcing them to reduce production and lose market share to the transnational industrialists who produce far more pollutants but buy carbon credits that "ecologically erase" the affect of their smog by basically selling it to the emerging nations where smog doesn't count because even the world's most horrific ecoalarmists know that global warming and cooling (i.e., climate change) is not caused by carbon dioxide, it is caused by the solar cycles of the sun.

These cycles generally last about 11 years. About 80-years ago astro-scientists discovered that solar eruptions have an east-west orientation that reverses its magnetic polarity with each new cycle, creating what could be construed as a 22-year cycle rather than an 11-year cycle. When each new cycle begins it first impacts temperatures at either the North or South pole regions. At midpoint in the cycle (usually around 5 1/2 years) it impacts temperatures at the equator, warming the waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico and creating "hurricane season." As the global warming gurus screamed that Hurricane Katina in 2005 was caused by man-made global warming, it was actually due to Solar Cycle 23 which began to die in Feb., 2007. The first signs of Cycle 24 were seen in June, 2007 with warmer temperatures at the North Pole. The ecoalarmists blamed that phase of climate change on man. In March, 2008, we reversed into Solar Cycle 24. Only, the massive solar eruptions that marked Solar Cycle 23 are thus far absent in Cycle 24. The Earth entered into what could be a decades-long cooling phase sometime in the 1950s, but its full impact was concealed by solar eruptions during two 11-year solar cycle that ended in 1975. By 1976 the ecoalarmists were screaming man-made "ice age!" and blaming it on carbon dioxide emissions.

Understand this: whether its global warming or global cooling, the climate change advocates will continue to claim that the culprit is carbon dioxide because the money that funds the global warming mantra knew rationing of crude oil, which they still insist, publicly, is a fossil fuel created from the decayed carcasses of dinosaurs, allow them to dramatically raise its price without public outcry. While the environmentalists decry "Big Oil," they are nevertheless funded, by the most part, by the same Seven Sisters whom they protest and denounce.

Just as the 150-year old lie that oil is the byproduct of decayed dinosaurs and prehistoric fauna is a every bit as much a tooth fairy fabrication as the ecoalarmist extremism "evidence" that global warming is caused by man, and that by imposing draconian regulations on the consumer use of fossil fuels that global warming can be reversed.

Building the foundation of lies
It is first important to understand, when we examine the foundation of lies upon which the theory of global warming was fabricated, that the elite ecoalarmists who created this massive tax scheme expect the human chattel of the industrialized nations, not themselves, to make the sacrifices and pay the tariffs which will be used to radically redistribute the wealth of the middle class of the industrialized world to the governments of the third world nations. Evidence of that fraud was recently made public when, shortly before the Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark on Dec. 6-18, 2009, scores of reporters around the world received copies of several emails hacked from the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, England, in which global warming advocates talked freely about altering climate data which did not support their claims. Many of Britain's leading scientists—in what has been dubbed "Climategate" by the London Daily Telegraph—have been accused of manipulating climate-change data in the 47-year old university whose motto is "Do Different." While the CRU claims they were "hacked," and that's how the data got into the public newsstream, authorities responsible for administering the Act said that htee University of East Anglia flouted Freedom of Infomation regulations in its handling of requests for data from climate skeptics. When the requests for data persisted, the IPCC made certain that no information was given to anyone who disagreed with the views of the global warming advocates. The circumstances surrounding the "hacking" and the actions of the climate scientists who concealed or destroyed information are now being investigated by the University. The group is headed by Sir Muir Russell, now the Vice Chancellor og Glasgow University.

The hacking of the files is separately being investigated by Norfolk police. The leftwingers who did their best to conceal their faulty research and their attempt to alter climate data research by legitimate climate scientists to make their conclusions appear bogus and their research appear sloppy are demanding that anyone who breached the FOIA and gave information to global warming skeptics face charges. Deputy Information Director Graham Smith said you can't have an investigation with only part of the information made public. "I don't think you can have the inquiry unless you have all of the issues relating to it out in the open."

The files were apparently released by David Holland, a grandfather with a background in electrical engineering. Holland is now working with an angry group of Brits who are demanding that many of England's leading scientists be prosecuted. The government has agreed to investigate several scientists from other universities connected with the Climate Research Unit. People around the world do not yet realize the magnitude of this growing scandal since this is more than an ideological movement (which most people, initially, thought it was). This was, and still is, an elitist scheme to rob, under the cloak of law, the middle class of the world, and through taxation, to redistribute the wealth of the industrial nations to the emerging population-bulging third world economies where the consumers of the 21st century live. The merchants who buy and sell Cap & Trade credits will become billionaires at the expense of the vanishing middle class of the United States, and the money sent to the nations where global warming doesn't count will be used to create a modern, 21st infrastructure at the expense of the working class of the industrial nations which no longer buys enough of the consumer goods created by the princes of industry and barons of business to satisfy their greed.

Passed by the House, HR 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (sponsored by Congressmen Henry Waxman [D-CA] and Edward Markey [D-MA] was passed by the House by a vote of 219 to 211 on June 26. The bill requires the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 17% by 2020. The Senate version, which calls for a 20% reduction in carbon emissions, was sponsored by Senators John Kerry [DMA] and Barbara Boxer [D-CA]. It cleared the US Senate on a 60 to 40 vote, also on June 26. But becuase of the election of Sen. Scott brown [R-MA], the Senate is talking about changing the rules because they now only have 59 votes. The bill has not cleared Joint Conference. It was supposed to be Obama's gift to the Copenhagen Global Warming Summit. Holland threw a monkey wrench into that plan.

Hollard said he released the emails because he was stonewalled by the CRU. Hollard submitted several Freedom of Information requests with the university and received condescending replies from the University for his efforts. While the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research at the University, Trevor Davies, said "...CRU's full data will be published in the interests of research transparency when we have the necessary agreements..." (which will likely be the day after Hell freezes over) "...We...understand that responses take several months, and that some countries may refuse permission due to the economic value of the data." In other words, if the British government does not have jurisdiction over them, not only will no one see their collective work,. They will not see any of the private communications between the elitists on how to discredit honest climate scientists who dispute the conclusions reached by deliberately flawed computer models.

In An Inconvenient Truth, Gore alleges that "...temperature change is the cause, not the result, of changing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels." Ninety-one percent of the climate scientists in the world disagree, arguing that collected evidence overwhelmingly show that rising temperatures precede increased levels of CO2. Ice core sample studies from Antarctica dating back hundreds of thousands of years show that rising temperatures always precede increased levels of carbon dioxide—even in places not inhabited by man. The isotope samples provide data about the temperatures and levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at the time when the ice was produced. The Antarctic core samples conclusively prove that temperature spikes on Earth always preceded atmospheric carbon dioxide increases.

The biggest problem facing the ecoalarmists who believe that global warming is a fixable condition caused by man is the reams of evidence throughout the history of this planet prove we experience cyclic phases of both cooling and warming that are easily shown not to be man-related. Six thousand one hundred forty-four boreholes in both polar regions on Earth prove that the global temperatures on Earth during medieval times—some 700 years ago—was actually warmer than it is today. To make matters worse for the global warming ecoalarmists, CO2 levels were much lower, thus the medieval warming phase doesn't fit the global warming climate models and needed to be eliminated.

That evidence has been a thorn in the sides of the ecoalarmists, and the wealthy foundations who support them financially, and the greedy princes of business and industry who are attempting to use global warming as the instrument to redistribute the wealth of the industrialized nations to the human capital-rich emerging nations of the third world where tomorrow's consumers live—people who have nothing and need everything. In 1998 Dr. Michael Mann, a young Ph.D. from the University of Virginia (now a climate scientist at Penn State) co-authored a paper with climateologist Raymond S. Bradley from the University of Massachusetts to prove that the medieval warming phase that made Greenland and Iceland temperate lands that were hospital to farming never happened. Bradley argued, in fact, that there were no periods of global warming during that last 1,000 to 1,500 years.

Bradley went to Mann whose work on analyzing tree rings to determine warming and cooling phases had been singled out by then Vice President Al Gore and included, as fact, in the US National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change. Gore particularly liked Mann's conclusions because they contradicted reams of embarrassing historic evidence that factually confirmed the medieval warming period had occurred. Mann's "statistics" seemed to show 900 years of static global temperatures that suddenly spiraled upward after 1910—with the advent of the gas-guzzling automobile. As a reward for his ground-breaking work, Mann was rewarded by the Clinton Administration by being named one of the primary authors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] and a senior editor of The Journal of Climate. His ship had come in. He proved that global warming was Mann-made. As it turns out, his research was a fraud.

Mann's theory, from his "tree ring study," concluded that that Earth's temperatures remained fairly static from 1,000 AD to 2,000 AD, with only minor, normal, seasonal fluctuations in temperature offsets but with a tremendous spike between 1900 and 1910 that Mann attributed to the advent of the internal combustion engine and, of course, carbon dioxide. Mann's theory became known as the "hockey stick theory" (as depicted in the illustration here). Mann's paper, now referred to only as MBH98 was entitled "Northern Hemisphere Temperatures During the Past Millennium: Inferences, Uncertainties and Limitations."

In 2004, two Canadians from the University of Guelph, Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick, who were writing a paper on the Medieval Warming Period, were stymied by Mann's claims and sent dozens of requests to the IPCC for copies of Mann's research. In 2008 Mann published a follow-up article to reinforce his tree ring claims due to the controversy caused by McIntyre and McKitrick. Mann's co-author, Keith Briffa of the Hadley Climate Research Unit in England used one of the data tree ring studies in his own article which appeared in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society that same year. England has a transparency law that actually forces transparency. After being denied the data by the Hadley Unit, which first claimed it has lost of all the original data, the head of the Climate Unit bluntly asked McIntyre why it should make data available to him when he would use the data to find something wrong with it? McIntyre sued under England's Freedom of Information Act and received all of the "lost" Mann data from that series.

As it turned out, when Mann was doing his research, tree ring samples were taken from hundreds of trees, yet only 10 were selectively used by Mann to form his hypothesis. Why? Because they were the only tree ring samples which supported his hypothesis. That's the problem when "scientists" start with conclusions and force feed the premises by deliberately excluding all evidence that disputes their preconceived view. Once McIntyre had Mann's original research, it was only a matter of days before he was able to prove that Mann's statistics were so flawed that they were completely unreliable. To make matters worse, in the thesis that accompanied his math, Mann claimed to have included tree ring data that had been deliberately excluded. When McIntyre corrected the data, the medieval warming phase popped up in the graph and the 1910 "head of the hockey stick" vanished.

The Latest Climategate Folly
On Jan. 21 news leaked that there were five major and very deliberate errors in what is supposed to be the world's most accurate and authoritative report on global warming. The errors were found in a 2007 UN-affiliatred Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] report. The results? The Nobel Prize-winning panel of "climate scientists" (for their work on that report) wrote an official apology and promised to be more careful in the future. The multitude of errors in a report, which is used by every government in the world to formulate climate change policy, should, by this time, force open the eyes of every reasonable human with a mind clear enough to process thought that man-induced climate change—whether warming or cooling—is a fraud perpetuated by men who will exorbitantly profit from the draconian tax they will levy on the American taxpayers to punish them for the factories rich men built in this nation during the industrial age in America—factories which, by the way, no longer pollute the skies over deserted cities in this nation.

The 2007 IPCC report suggests that the glaciers in the Himalayas (at least one of them) could melt away by 2035—hundreds of years before other IPCC computer model data suggests it will happen. The 2007 report states that the Slachen Glacier which divides India and Pakistan (about 469 miles northwest of Jammu, India) was melting faster than any glacier anywhere else in the world, and might be gone by 2035. The IPCC now admits that statement was not backed by science but was the hypothesis of a university student. If the IPCC was honest with the world they would admit that none of their data is backed up by science even though the IPCC insists all of their claims are backed by peer-review science. The IPCC initially claimed the melting glaciers were attributed to the World Wildlife Fund when only one sentence in their entire report came from that source.

The "scientific conclusions" which drive the global warming debate are based entirely on computer models that began with the conclusion that global warming is real, and that it is an eminent threat. Only data that supported that predetermined conclusion was fit into the computer models being constructed. Thus, the ecoalarmist climate scientists are not surprised when the computer models confirmed their suspicions that man, not cyclic solar activity, was the cause of global warming.

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, vice chairman of the IPCC defended the IPCC report which the media has already dubbed as "Glaciergate," said the mistake did not undermine the report's key conclusions: that global warming is accelerating glacier melt. "I don't see how one mistake in a 3,000 page report can damage the credibility of the overall report," he told the BBC. "Some people will attempt to use it to damage the credibility of the IPCC, but if we can uncover it and explain it and change it, it should strengthen the IPCC's credibility [by] showing we are ready to learn from our mistakes." A lie remains a lie before, during and after it's caught. When you begin with no credibility, admitting you lied doesn't give you instant credibility.

As the UN prepared for their much vaunted UN Summit on Global Warming, David Hollard chose that time to release reams of hacked emails revealing the fraud of global warming crowd. After an embarrassing moment, the UN, which was preparing to reap trillions of dollars in carbon taxes levied against Americans as the prime carbon polluters of the world, even though the United States has few factories polluting the atmosphere since most of those factories are now located in India, China, Indonesia and Africa where the human capital which will be tomorrow's primary consumer who has nothing and needs everything, lives.

When the latest Climategate scandal broke Canadian blogger Peter Foster, writing in the National Post noted the error "...showed how the IPCC's task has always been not objectively to examine science, but to make the case for man-made climate change by any means available." In 2002 the UN tapped Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the TERI Institute in India (The Energy and Resources Institute) an iconic leader of the Sustainable Development movement during the Clinton years. Pachauri, like the rest of the ecoalarmists, is a one-worlder who believes in global democracy. Pachauri, like the super rich elites of Europe and the United States, who see the human capital of the third world as the primary consumers of the 21st century, should govern the world through a democratic bicameral global parliament in which the world's population elects the parliamentarians and majority rules.

When you do the math, you discover the bureaucrats in the overpopulated totalitarian third world nations would become the permanent majority voice to make, and enforce, new global laws on the rest of us. Once more, doing the math, there are more dictatorships in the world than true democracies. So, when the global Senate and the global parliament are facilitated, Marxist communists, whether Islamic or atheist, will control the governments of the world.

But sitting on the tip of the pinnacle of global power will be the same small cabal of powerful, greedy men who have controlled the direction of the world when the first sounds of cannonfire from the first world war was nothing more than a distant rumbling like the thunder of an impending storm before the 20th century broke on the horizon of time. The "war to end all wars" failed to end all wars because buried in the Treaty of Versailles which ended World War I was the League of Nations Charter that would have merged all of the nation states of the world into a super nation governed by a global parliament at The Hague in Brussels, Belgium. And buried in the Charter was a provision which required all signatory nations to surrender their external sovereignty to the world government. The United States refused to sign the Treaty.

On Aug. 10, 1941, 119 days before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and 123 days before Germany declared war on the United States, President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill off the coast of Newfoundland to sign what became known to the world as the Atlantic Charter. The media called it a historic event. It was a historic subterfuge. What FDR and Churchill were doing was masterminding a twofold strategy to bring the United States into Britain's war against Japan, Italy and Germany and how they would divide the spoils of a conflict that would become World War II. Unlike the war to end all wars in 1917, this would be the war to end all nations with the ushering in of world government—something the barons of business and banking and the princes of industry had been trying to accomplish since 1906.

The most important part of the meeting between Churchill and Roosevelt off the coast of Newfoundland was to use sleight-of-hand to transform the weak and ineffective League of Nations by disguising it as a brand new wholly-American entity with a New York address. Since 1920 Churchill and the leaders of Europe reluctantly accepted the fact that the United States would never join the League of Nations. Without the participation of the United States, world government could not happen. The current task at hand was to make the Americans believe the League had been dissolved and replaced with a new, American-controlled amalgamation of nations that would rise from the ashes of what would be World War II. In point of fact, the League of Nations in its entirety would simply be transformed into the United Nations. No one seemed to notice. The same European bureaucrats remained in control.

Eric Drummond, the 7th Earl of Perth was the first Secretary-general of the League. He served from the Leagues birth in 1920 until July 3, 1933. He was succeeded by Joseph Louis Anne Avenol of France replaced him on July 3 and served until Aug. 31, 1940. Sean Lester of Ireland served as the last Secretary-general of the League and the first co-Secretary-General of the United States even though he has never been acknowledged as such. He served as Secretary-general from Aug. 31, 1940 to April, 1946. The first official UN Secretary-general was a Norwegian, Trygve Lie, who was elected on Feb. 2, 1946. Lester worked with Lie for six months to transition him into the League of Nations which was now called the United Nations. Lie resigned in November, 1952 and was replaced by Dag Hammarskjold. Most Americans believe Hammarskjold was the first Secretary-general of the UN. He died in office on Sept. 18, 1961. Although most Americans will stoutly deny it, the United Nations is the League of Nations, and the League of Nations—which was as corrupt and ineffective as the United Nations—is the United Nations.

Only this time around, the sovereignty mandate that caused the United States to reject the Treaty of Versailles, was conspicuously absent even though one troubling clause in the UN Charter, Chapter XVI, Article 103 states that members' obligations under the UN Charter overrides the obligations citizens have to obey national laws that conflict with any article in the UN Charter. The Social Progressives seem to understand that principle. It must be why no one questions the fact that we have an illegal alien in the White House.

Article 103 which will ultimately collapse national sovereignty was inserted in the Charter. All new UN Treaties immediately supersede any existing treaty, or law, by any nation. Since the US Constitution is a treaty between the United States and its people, we now have an inkling why the social progressives who have been ignoring the Constitution since the 1950s act like it no longer exists. In the context of Article 103, as far as they are concerned, it doesn't. In their view, the Constitution of the United States died on Oct. 24. 1945, the day the UN Charter was ratified..


Just Say No
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All rights reserved