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So, whatever happened to America?
The best way to judge a book is climb in between its covers. What do those who read the book have to say about it? These comments came from readers who purchased the book from Amazon.com.

From Lisa Anne Forte: To uncover all that is exposed and documented in WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AMERICA? about the rise of one world government, and the economy that keeps it rising, you would have to sift through the National Archives from the founding of our Republic up to the present day. On top of that, you would need to read reports and Declarations issued by the United Nations, and all of the transcripts from every UN conference. Add to these daunting tasks that of compiling data from the stock markets, world banks, and the Fed; then pour through countless newspapers, magazines and radio transcripts from both America and Europe spanning many decades. Once that was accomplished you would still have to find a way to be privy to clandestine meetings among heads of state, heads of corporations, heads of major financial institutions, and talking heads, from the 1930s until today. I am not sure how, but Jon Christian Ryter did it. Being a Washington insider helps, I think, but one also must be quite wide awake.

The hard part has been done for us. What is left is simply read and be enlightened by WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AMERICA? It has all of the above information nicely sifted through, neatly organized, rationally deciphered, and eloquently presented. There is a fascinating story here—the story of the advent of globalist ideology, and the powerful conspiracy behind the push towards one world government. No wonder the author uses a pen name.

I am not a history buff generally, but perhaps that has been part of the problem...for many of us. We may glimpse the events of our day moving us inexorably toward the disappearance of our beloved nation—through the loss of her sovereignty to the Charter of the UN—but we manage to keep our awareness in a dreamy mindset. We have been far too sleepy to keep track of—much less research—the details of our own demise. Relevant historical figures such as Churchill, Wilson and Roosevelt (up to and including Clinton), and corresponding events such as the formation of the League of Nations and the Federal Reserve, and the ratification of the 16th and 17th Amendments, are chronicled here with the art of a storyteller and the trumpet blast of a prophet.

Every American who still values the freedoms outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights—including (if activist courts have their way) the freedom to sleep through a "friendly" takeover—might want to wake up and smell the coffee. You won't find out about this by watching the morning news. I came away enlightened and a bit breathless...but awake, finally. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AMERICA? rings loudly with truth. Has the alarm gone off in time for us to get to work?

From Mark (Colorado Springs): This is a book that should be on the best seller's list. It would inspire change if only read by a small percentage of our country. Our country is being destroyed by a lack of knowledge. Please read (this book) and stop this trend.

From F. DeWaay: This is a fantastic book. This book should be read by every American. I learned so much about American history that I had never heard about anywhere else, like the stock market crash was staged by insiders who made a mint. I learned that our Constitution is nothing like it used to be, and I learned how important States' rights are. This book changed my life.

Here is an endorsement of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AMERICA? from Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gunowners of America: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AMERICA? is not only a profoundly interesting book to read, it is a well-written, shocking expose of the globalists plans to dominate all of the nation-states of the world. This book will make every American think as they read it. More frightening than any work of fiction could be, Jon Christian Ryter has put the pieces of this puzzle together in the only way they fit, and has detailed the chilling motives of those who are attempting to create the New World Order. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AMERICA? provides us with a stark and, I believe, accurate glimpse of the Utopian timeline for the establishment of a socialist world government. Before world government can be established, national sovereignty must be surrendered. But first, the 2nd Amendment must be breached and the private ownership of guns in America abolished. I urge anyone who is dedicated to protecting the 2nd Amendment and the Bill of Rights, to read this book.


That said, its time to order the book...click here.




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