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Since I value the opinions of every American, and find their insight helpful in my own investigations and research of the events that are rapidly shaping our current era and the future of the United States of America, I want to hear what you have to say not only about the facts and opinions I offer in my various writings, but the facts you have uncovered, and the opinions you have formed from those events.

Send your comments

Some comments we have received:

11/5/03 writes:

YOU are the only Bible many people will ever read.



Please add my email address to your list of recepients. If not for your book "Whatever Happened to America" and the many articles on your website, I would still be asleep to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I wasn't even born when they started cooking the history books and it has been a real eyeopener.



Mr. Ryter,
Thank you so much for sending us the article that you wrote. We enjoyed reading it. Please think of us again if you have any other additional articles that you would like to forward to us.


Armstrong Williams


Hi, i have thoroughly enjoyed "discovering" you and your writings recently. Is there any way I could find out more from you, a certain link or a mailing list to get on?

Thank you so much, a devoted Christian committed to truth and rightly dividing the Word

Jon S.


Yep, DD. Jon has been predicting many of these things for about 5 years now.
I remember how he told us this was coming in his beautiful e-mails, much
longer before he even had a web site. These things are now, and have been,
truly coming to pass.

DD, thank you for "discovering" him (well, for me, anyways). He has been a
great teacher ever since you started featuring him on your own e-mails a
long time ago!

Golly, we have all known each other for quite some time now, haven't we? I
must say, we have all been through a lot, even in our own personal lives, but
I still remember many of your, and his, e-mails since that time.

When things settle down, I will contact you both and tell you more about
what's going on in my and my family's lives, okay. Whatever it is, it can't
compare with what you've both been through lately. Sometimes, I just don't
have adequate words of upliftment or condolence. DD, please know that I've
been praying for you and your family regarding your great and recent


Hi Jon,

I love your new web site, it is so beautiful and the articles so informative. I have put it in my favorite's so I can keep up to date. I am way behind due to moving. So this way I can still keep informed!

Thank you so much,


Got your introduction to the new site. It's really nice. How you do all that amazes me! And what you have to say is right on as always.

Just wanted to say thanks for sending it.




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