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20 years

f history has taught us nothing else through the centuries it should have taught us that the best forecasters of the future are the events which transpired in the past. Sometimes the past does not have to be that far removed from the present to give us an accurate glimpse of the future. Sometimes what happened yesterday, or last year will give us an inkling what's going to happen tomorrow, next week or next year. And, sometimes we have to look back to the birth of our nation to more clearly see its demise. In 1797 Federalist John Adams, America's second president, pushed his super-majority Federalist Congress to enact a series of very repressive and very unconstitutional laws. Two of the laws targeted America's ally in the Revoluttionary War. The first law was The Aliens and Sedition Act which made it a crime for resident aliens to ridicule the President. When the law was debated, its proponents, advocates of a stronger central government that did not answer to the States, declared the law was specifically and singularly crafted to protect the Executive and Legislative Branch from alien meddlers in American politics.

The Aliens and Sedition Act was the second of four super-majority Federalist laws that were enacted by Adams and repealed by Thomas Jefferson. First was the Naturalization Act of 1798 (enacted June 18, 1798) that penalized French patriots who helped the Americans win their freedom from England. The law mandated that they would have to wait 14 years to apply for citizenship rather than 7 years like immigrants from anywhere else.

The Aliens and Sedition Act was enacted on June 25. Third was The Aliens Enemy Act of 1798 (enacted on July 6, 1798). It allowed the president to seize and deport resident aliens if the United States was at war with their country. Adams wanted to deport the French, believing that shortly, the United States would be at war with France.

And, finally, the law which resulted in the Virginia and Kentucky ResolvesThe Sedition Act of 1798 that applied specifically to natural born American citizens who spoke or published "...false, scandalous, or malicious writings" against the government or any of its officials." The act of speaking out against the President of the United States became a crime punishable by four months in prison and a fine of $1,000. Liberty lasted only a decade before the nation's first veto-proof Congress violated the Constitution and robbed the American people of liberty.

The State legislatures in Virginia and Kentucky issued Resolves negating the four laws. They reminded the central government that it served at the pleasure of, and as an agent of, the States. The Resolutions were written by James Madison and Adams' Vice President, Thomas Jefferson. The resolutions argued that the federal government was created out of an agreement between the States, and thus, was subservient to the States. Further, that central authority was retained by the States and the People, and that all power not specifically delegated to the federal government was reserved exclusively for the States and the People through the Senate and the House, respectively. Rather than let the issue go to the US Supreme Court, Congress backpedaled and repealed the laws. In doing so, for the first and last time in history, the central government of the United States acknowledge its subservient role to the States. Today, based on the interpretation of one word in what the Supreme Court decided was the "enabling clause" of the Constitutions during the New Deal, the federal courts now view the States as being subservient to the federal government. (That's what happens when you give one party supra-power over the three branches of government. That party will always steal the power of the people by promising them some grand gratuity.)

In 1801 the States did not move to curb the growing power of the federal government until at least five people were prosecuted by the Supreme Court. Four of them were jailed for violating the law. The first was Matthew Lyons, a Vermont newspaper publisher and Republican politcian. Lyons was the first to criticize Adams' attempt to expand his power. The fifth was a New York Judge, Jared Peck who circulated a petition to force Congress to repeal the Sedition Act. As he was collecting signatures, a New York grand jury indicted him for sedition. Police deliberately made a public spectacle of him when they arrested him at a family gathering. That was a mistake for the Adams Administration. Peck was one of Jefferson's most important political "friends." His arrest not only raised Jefferson's hackles, it raised the hackles of every American. Peck was acquitted. Peck's arrest ended Adam's political career, and it also ended the political strength of the Federalist Party which died an agonizingly slow death over the next two decades.

In August, Robert F. Bauer, general counsel for the Obama Campaign (from the Perkins Coie law firm) sent a letter to the Bush-43 Justice Department demanding that Attorney General Michael Mukasey initiate a federal investigation and the prosecution of Texas billionaire Howard Simmons. Bauers alleges that Simmons' advocacy group, American Issues Project [AIP] exceeded its individual aggregate contributions limits in creating pro-McCain TV spots. Bauer claims Simmons' and AIP violated the law because all of its advocacy ads attacked Obama. Specifically what Obama wanted to ban was one television ad that Simmons produced and aired. That spot depicts the close personal tie that still exists between Barack Obama and 60s terrorist William Ayers. Bauer complained that Simmons spent over $3 million to air the spot and should be prosecuted for doing so.

On September 25, 2008, free speech died in St. Louis, Missouri when the Obama Campaign convinced Democratic sheriffs and prosecutors in and around St. Louis to form what was touted as the Obama Truth Squad. The Truth Squad was created to threaten the arrest and prosecution of anyone—political figure, campaign worker or Internet blogger—who used any form of character assassination on Sen. Obama in their political message or writing.

The Democratic St. Louis City Attorney, Jennifer Joyce and County Attorney Robert McCulloch—both vocal Obama supporters—appeared on KMOV-TV, Channel 4, and told John Mills that if anyone suggests that Obama is a Muslim they will file libel charges against the individual making the statement since Obama "claims" he is a Christian. Claims made by Obama to the media are construed, without proof, to be true. Claims made by Obama detractors, even with proof, are construed to be character assassination and, thus, not worthy of being repeated by the mainstream media. (Note: KMOV-TV killed the video link to the John Mills report above.)

Joyce told Channel 4 they will not let Missouri voters get distracted from the real issue—the economy (from Obama's perspective, of course) or by letting anyone talk about Bill Ayers, the Weather Underground, Obama's citizenship issues, or whether or not he's a Muslim. In the State of Missouri, and in particular, in St. Louis, political free speech was dealt a "John Adams" death blow.

A spokesman for Sen. Obama told Channel 4 that prosecutors and law enforcement officers across Missouri had joined the Truth Squad and would move quickly to stop any character attacks on Obama. The Obama Campaign said that the Truth Squad was also active in Kansas City and in several rural counties across the State. Joyce and McCulloch told the media they were prepared to file charges against anyone who violated the State's ethics laws, and would file libel charges against those offenders. (Missouri's Ethics Commission, enacted in 1993 oversees campaign finance laws, lobbying and conflicts of interest between politicians, lobbyists and donors. Missouri's ethics laws do not deal with whether a candidate for office claims he's one thing and his opponent or their advocates claim he is something else. If the McCain-Palin Campaign used Republican city and county prosecutors and law enforcement officers to stifle free speech by threatening to jail Obama supporters who said derogatory things about them, this abrogation of free speech would have headlined the national news on every networkincluding those in Europe, Asia and the Muslim world.

In the mind of radicals like Barack Hussein Obama, the right to free speech is not a right guaranteed to all people. It is, instead, a privilege reserved for the "right people," with limits imposed by government. Who are the "right people?" In Obama's mind, the "right people" is the minority underclass which has been blighted by the white middle class since the days of slavery. In the view of the Obama Campaign, any current wrong that cures an ancient wrong is right. Perkins Coie lawyer Robert Bauer wrote to Mukasey on October 17, 2008 attempting to intimidate the US Attorney General into ordering the FBI to suspend its investigation of ACORN and other civil rights groups involved in voter registration drives who capitalized on new Democratic initiatives that let them to register new voters and, without their registrations being vetted, allowed them to cast absentee ballots that could not be challenged. This was fertile ground for ACORN and other minority rights groups who used the craftily and very deliberately designed loophole to register people who are not eligible to vote, including the dead who have voted exclusively for Democratic candidates in every national election since 1960.

In his letter, Bauer said: "Voter registration impropriety does not constitute actual vote fraud." The letter further suggested the fraudulent registrations were simply errors and that registration concerns were "...manufactured allegations of fraud" by the McCain-Palin Campaign which was losing the race for the White House. In the mind of the far left, any wrong is justified if racial equality in the voting booth—even if its illegal—is achieved.

On March 27, 2008 radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt played some some passages from Barack Obama's audio book, Dreams From My Father. This video is a 34-second excerpt from the audio version of his book. If you recall, in Dreams From My Father, Obama says "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." In this blurb, made infamous by Hewitt, Obama says: "In this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year, where white folks' greed runs a world in need, apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere...That's the world on which hope sits..."

The Obama Campaign mused that it could not sustain Obama's 10-point bounce over John McCain coming out of the Democratic Convention in Denver for two reasons. First, they blamed the Clintonoids who were slow to join the Party because he chose Joe Biden as his running mate instead of Hillary Clinton. And second, Obama could not attract older white middle class voters from either side of the aisle who correctly saw Barack Hussein Obama as a deceitful man, posing as something he was not The real Barack Obama is a man who, largely because of the circumstance of his birth and the environment in which he lived in his formative years, was raised as an atheist, a Marxist, and a Muslim. (Note: Obama's maternal grandparents and his mother were atheists. His mother's boyfriend, Frank Marshall Davis [a pairing up that reportedly took place after Stanley Ann Dunham-Soetoro divorced Lolo Soetoro and returned to Hawaii] was a communist. So was Obama's mother. Both of Obama's stepfathers were Muslims. And even though Obama was enrolled in a Roman Catholic grade school in Indonesia, he was educated as a Muslim—as required by law—because his religion on his enrollment forms was listed as Islam.)

While Barack Obama claims to be a Christian on his resume, it is important, in order to comprehend the man, to understand how those factors—atheism, communism and Islam—influenced his core value system and shaped his thinking from childhood to adulthood. Because the core philosophical beliefs he expounds in private today are the tenets he will take with him to the White House, it is essential that the voters examine whether or not Barack Obama is the racist his associations suggest he might be. The change Obama plans for America may not dovetail with what you want, or expect, want to happen.

The redistribution of my wealth—meager though it is—is not the type of change I want for my America. Among the changes I would like to see, but know I never will, is a smaller, less intrusive government; sealed borders; the prosecution of businessmen who hire illegals; the mass deportation of illegals and the impeachment of all federal judges who believe they have the right to reinterpret the Constitution to suit their whims as they dilute the rule of law to provide the far left's concepts of "social justice." Under an Obama regime I suspect what we will see will include an increasingly socialist federal court system that will ignore the rule of law as liberal judges codify European Union laws and dictatorial edicts into the US Code and, as promised by Obama, the redistribution of wealth through massive new taxes.

First, let's look at Obama's claims that he's a Christian. His "brand" of Christianity isn't found in the Bible. Nor is it the type of Christianity practiced in America's Bible-believing Christian churches. Obama's brand of Christianity is called Black Liberation Theology. His church, from the time he married his wife, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, Obama was a member of Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ—whose pulpit expounded a rabid form of Black liberation theology. When Wright's anti-white rhetoric came into the public domain, he was forced to step down and retire to his $10 million home in a segregated gated community in a tony area of Chicago. He was replaced by the Rev. Otis Moss II who preaches the same racist rhetoric as his predecessor. Blacks are as much victims of white racists in Moss' sermons as they were in Wright's sermons. In dumping Wright, the congregation of Trinity United Church of Christ simply replaced the "dust cover" on their sermon book to make it appear that then-Democratic presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama would never knowingly attend a racist church. In point of fact, the black liberation rhetoric did not abate under Moss, so Obama, whose theology suddenly came under close scrutiny as he denied ever being in church when Wright ranted about the horrible white race, was forced to attend a traditional Christian church.

Black liberation theology weaves Marxism into the black church experience. Communism is heralded by black pastors like Wright and Moss as the best philosophy for blacks who are always presented as the victims of white oppression. Black liberation theology denounces any Christian solutions that don't include redistributionalism as the primary means to achieve equality between the races. In an August, 2007 issue of Trinity's website newsletter, Trumpet, Jeremiah Wright argued that Jesus Christ was an African, not a Jew.

Since Obama was featured in Trumpet several times over the years where Wright's racist rants were recorded, it inconceivable that he had no knowledge of what his pastor, and others, were saying in the cyber-magazine's articles. On the website Wright attacked white Christianity for fostering images of a non-African Messiah, denouncing the white Jesus as a white supremist blond-haired, blue-eyed guy or, Wright noted "...or as the figment of white supremists' imagination that they see in Mel Gibson's movies." Further down the page, Wright berated "...colored preachers who don't subscribe to Black Liberation Theology [and who are] people who hate themselves, who hate black people, who desperately want to be white and who write and say stupid things in public to make 'Masa' fee safer." (ABC reporter Jake Tapper noted, on March 31, 2008, that Trinity's webmaster had scrubbed the Trinity website of anything that could prove embarrassing to candidate Obama. Trumpet was edited by Wright's daughter. All links to that website have been severed. Tapper noted that among the "stuff" that was "scrubbed" and removed from the public eye was the Michelle Obama May 5, 2008 tape in which Obama's wife referred to the white community as "Whitey." Michelle Obama's senior thesis at Princeton was sealed because of a racist remark.

In her thesis. Michelle Robinson Obama observed that her white professors and white classmates saw her as "Black first, student second." She wrote: "...My experience at Princeton made me far more aware of my blackness than ever before. I have found that at Princeton no matter now liberal and open-minded some of my white professors and classmates try to be toward me, I sometimes felt like a visitor on campus as if I really didn't belong." She failed to realize that the uneasiness she felt around her peers at Princeton was due to the fact that she was an "affirmative action" student whose education was paid for by white taxpayers for whom she felt a lifetime of contempt. Further, although she failed to acknowledge it, the uncomfortable uneasiness she felt around her peers at Princeton was due to the societal gap between the elites and the poor kid from Chicago. And, not even the forced redistribution of wealth through a planned, massive Obama tax increase on the middle class that Obama's political rhetoric claims is part of 95% of the people getting a $1,000 tax cut under Obama—can change that.

Michelle Robinson Obama's pre-civil war ancestors were slaves. Her racial biases are, therefore, understandable. Her great-great grandfather Jim Robinson was a slave on the Friendfield Plantation in Georgetown, SC. He was born around 1850 and was a slave for the first 15 years of his life. The old plantation where he lived is hidden behind a tire store and a veterinary clinic on US 521 in Georgetown. Because it is unlikely McCain-Palin will be able to overcome 15.4 illegal voter registrations, I expect that the slave quarters of that plantation will become a national shrine when the Obamas ascend on Washington in January, 2009. International journalists will love the human interest story—from slave to President.

Only, Barack Hussein Obama's ancestors were not slaves. Obama's father is Kenyan. Obama was born outside of the continental United States where Negroid racism is almost nonexistent. When he was finally introduced to life in the continental United States this nation was in the post-Civil Rights Era, so he never experienced the type of segregationist racism experienced, if not by Michelle Obama, then by her parents. Barack Obama's mother was white. His Kenyan ancestors, a mixture of Negroid and Arab blood, were both slave holders and slave traders.

In the closing days of the Obama-McCain race for the Rose Garden, the GOP initiated a TV spot they should have been airing since Day One. The spot asks a litany of questions like: would you let a surgeon without experience operate on you? The spot closes by asking why you would place someone without any executive experience in the Oval Office. The GOP should have launched the spot on YouTube, but apparently chose not to. Big mistake.

Selling America the Lie
that will destroy America

The Obama Campaign, from its inception, has been an artful fabricator of political fairy tales and feel good fables created by Obama's international handlers to make a Kenyan who claims citizenship in three countries appear to be the savior of the United States. Obama came from the closet of nowhere to become the Democratic standard-bearer because the barons of business and banking, and the merchant princes of the global marketplace, needed a man so lacking in moral character and so emotionally unattached to the United States that he would view himself not as an American but as a citizen of the world. Such a man who have no problem selling out this nation to the one-worlders who have been trying to create world government since 1920. And if you think this country is not for sale, just remember that Bill and Hillary Clinton tried hard to sell it—one bedroom at a time.

The Obama Campaign mastered the art of marketing "one-upmanship campaign promises" that Obama has no intention of keeping. The TV commercials sound like they were written by a used car or aluminum siding salesman offering the deal of the decade. Obama's used car salesman spots compare his promised $1,000 tax deduction to McCain's $350 deduction. And, where McCain fought to keep the Bush-43 tax cuts beyond 2010 (when the Obama economy will collapse if they are repealed), .Obama promised a tax cut for 95% of the population even though the Democrats have already written over $800 billion in new spending bills and a regurgitation of the failed Hillary Clinton Health Security Act that will nationalize 1/7th of the US economy. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plan to spring this legislation—which is already written—on the taxpayers on the first day of the 111th Congress. The start-up costs to nationalize healthcare (a program that replicates the failed Canadian system) will be over a trillion dollars. Yet, in face of this new spending, Obama, with tongue-in-cheek, assured his campaign audiences that no one making less than $250,000 needs to worry about facing a tax increase. When Joe the Plumber Wurzelbacher asked Obama in a Holland, Ohio handshake-fest how Obama's tax plan would affect him if he bought a plumbing business doing from $250-$280 thousand per year. Obama said if he only made $250 thousand Wurzelbacher would see a tax increase. Samuel J. Wurzelbacher realized that Obama's number was a pie-in-the-sky amount he simply pulled out of thin air. In a media interview Wurzelbacher said: "What worries me is that he is deciding that 250 thousand is rich right now, but what's to stop him from changing his mind? As we know, politicians change their mind at the drop of a poll. Personally, I think it will have to go lower. How else will he pay for all he wants big government to do?" And, within a week of the encounter, Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden lowered it to $200 thousand—for a household—or $165 thousand for an individual. A few days later the Obama Campaign itself was using the number $150 thousand rather than $250 thousand. And you can bet the$150,000 was the "household" income with the individual level around $80 thousand—which now taxes the low "middle income" working stiff. After all, in the minds of the far left, we are the rich guys they refer to when they promise the voters they're going to soak the rich. Believe me, its not David Rockefeller that's going to get soaked—it's you and me.

When Obama speaks to minority audiences, he talks about the redistribution of wealth, using excerpts of the speech he test-drove to the NAACP to make his point. In that speech Obama said that winning the right to sit at the lunch counter was meaningless if they couldn't afford to buy lunch. Obama, who was trailing Hillary Clinton with black voters in May and June, began to promise his black audiences they would be the beneficiaries of Obama's largess for supporting him when Obama begins to redistribute the wealth of the nation. And, they believed him. A black woman, Peggy Joseph, commented to NBC Channel 6 News that, on Oct. 30, 2008 she pulled her children out of school to hear Obama speak. She told NBC that this was the most memorable time in her life, she said because "...I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car; I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help them, they're going to help me."

I hope Peggy doesn't quit her day job—or let her bills get behind. Clearly, from her excitement, she's honestly expects the redistribution of wealth to begin on Jan. 20, 2009—with the money Peggy Joseph needs to pay her bills coming almost immediately—from my hip pocket and your's. For Peggy and other minorities to believe that, its clear Obama has assured them that if they vote to elect him, he will be their Robin Hood. Sen. Barack Hussein Obama has proved the age-old adage that "you can fool some of the people sometimes but you can't fool all of the people all of the time" is wrong. You can fool all of the people all the time if they are still believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy—or that someone else owes them a living because they earn more money.


Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved