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20 years


ince 2004, the radical, far-left Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now [ACORN] admits it has registered over 1.7 million voters. Several States are now looking at the tactics being used by ACORN on behalf of the Obama Campaign to register new voters to vote for Democratic nominee Barack Hussein Obama. Using the Motor Voter Law which was created specifically to shelter from scrutiny people whose legal right to vote should at least be challenged, ACORN registered voters without scrutiny who simultaneously cast their vote by absentee ballot before their eligibility to participate in this election could be verified or challenged. The question before the nation today is: how many of those new voters were actually legally eligible to vote in those elections? On Oct. 10, 2008 CBS News reported that it was investigating allegations that ACORN was registering dead people.

"Voting the dead" is a practice that was introduced in presidential election politics by Chicago mayor Richard Daley in 1960. Historians learned after the election that Kennedy carried both Texas and Illinois only because of the votes cast by deceased people. Kennedy carried Texas by 46 thousand votes and Illinois—a solid Democratic State controlled by the Daley political machine—by a scant 9 thousand votes. One precinct in Angelina County, Texas only 86 people claimed ballots to vote. Yet the final tally when the votes were counted gave 147 votes to Kennedy and 24 for Nixon. Fannin County had 4,895 registered voters. But 6,138 votes were cast. Kennedy got 75% of them. Republicans demanded a recount in Texas, but the Democratically-controlled Texas Election Board refused and certified what everyone knew were fraudulent results. Kennedy took Texas' 24 electoral votes. In Chicago, the media and the poll watchers witnessed so much blatantly open voter fraud that no one was surprised that the GOP filed a lawsuit challenged the votes cast in Cook County (Chicago). Nor was anyone surprised when Daley had the case assigned to Circuit Court Judge Thomas Kluczynski, his personal friend. Kluczynski dismissed the lawsuit. Kennedy later rewarded him by appointing him to the federal bench.

"Voting the dead" works only if your party controls the voting precincts. At the local level, in the elections of 2000 and 2004, almost 80% of the voting precincts nationwide were controlled by Democrats. While Democrats claimed that Republicans were committing vote fraud in Florida, allegations of voter fraud committed by Republicans cannot have validity if the Democratic party controled the county Canvas Boards since the Canvas Boards control the precincts and the balloting and vote counting process. It would be almost impossible for the party not controlling the voting precincts to commit voter fraud.

As we learned in the Election of 2000 when the Democratic Party attempted to engineer "Gore votes" in three solidly Democratic counties that Al Gore, Jr. had won handily and therefore could not legally challenge the ballots cast in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties to find enough votes to impact Statewide totals. The Gore Campaign and the DNC decided to discern what voters who did not vote for anyone at the top of the ticket were thinking, and recast their vote for Gore to make sure everone's vote counted. The excesses of vote manipulation by the Canvas Boards were too much as Gore tried to steal enough votes to win the Election of 2000. The US Supreme Court was ultimately forced to step in and settle the case of the dancing chads

There is a simple reality in American politics. The socialist far left that needs the cultural misfits to win, simply cannot muster more than 35% of the vote since that's the sum total of far left ideologues. Adding swing voters who vote societal issues over fiscal responsibility and the rule of law, or who erroneously believe that Democrats stand for lower taxes for the middle class, the Democrats can squeak 42% of the vote. (Remember the last guy who promised a middle class tax cut. As soon as the New Democrat co-presidency of Bill and Hillary Clinton got into office, the Democratically-controlled Congress voted the largest tax history in the history of the world. They even retroactively taxed the Bush-41 years. I promise you that if Barack Hussein Obama gets into the White House, he will immediately put you in the poor house. Expect a massive, socialist tax increase to infuse the Treasury with the cash needed to offset the $850 billion bailout. That is what the global bankers need to get the global economy back on even keel—your biweekly installments on the repayment of the debt your Congressman signed on your behalf.)

The balance of the votes the far left wins at the top of the ticket comes from discouraged, low voter turnout on the right, vote fraud (voting the dead, giving illegals the key to ballot box and, of course, registering felons, children, and a few household pets.). On Oct. 2, Sean Cairncross, a lawyer for the Republican National Committee reported that ACORN's voter registration affiliate, Project Vote, hired seven felons as voter registration workers in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin is just one of many States where felons (who cannot vote while on probation or parole) can vote once their sentence is fully served. The problem advanced by the RNC isn't the felon voting, but that hiring dishonest people to register voters increases the likelihood of voter fraud. ACORN's Project Vote hired at least seven felons whose convictions include cocaine charges and robbery as "special registration deputies." That designation means these 'trusted" ACORN employees may not only register voters, they are allowed to keep voter registrations in their possession. Wisconsin law says anyone who can legally vote can be a special registration deputy. State law says that felons may vote in Wisconsin providing they are neither on parole or probation. However, the attorney for the State Elections Board issued a binding opinion in April, 2008 saying felons are not eligible to serve as special registration deputies even though they may not be on probation or parole. That's like inviting the fox to guard the hen house.

Throughout the late summer in the slums of Richmond, Virginia, Project Vote worker James Bailey walked the most rundown neighborhoods in search of a special class of voter—ex-convicts. Finding ex-cons is not hard, Bailey admitted. Getting them to admit they lost their right to vote is another. "People are really, really reluctant to say, 'I lost my right to vote,'" Bailey said. And, getting them to fill out voter registration cards in Virginia is also tough since felons who live there have permanently lost their voting rights and voting when you are not eligible is a felony. However, Virginia's liberal Democratic governor is doing his part to help Obama win his State on Nov. 4. Using his discretion as governor, Kaine has restored the voting rights of 2,633 felons as of Sept. 29, 2008. Kaine has also pledged to deliver the State to Obama even though Virginia has not voted for a Democrat since it gave its electoral votes to Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. Project Vote has added 306 thousand new Democratic voters to the rosters in Virginia. Republican lawmakers in Virginia insist that efforts by ACORN and the American Civil Liberties Union —aided by Gov. Kaine—to register felons and others are are ineligible to vote in the State, are designed solely and specifically to garner votes for Obama, not protect the voting rights of all citizens.

Kaine, in fact, has accommodated Obama so completely that when the Obama Campaign complained that voter registration laws in Virginia discriminated against college students because they had to complete a questionnaire to determine if they qualified as residents. Since college students overwhelmingly support Obama—particularly since the Obama Campaign has convinced them that McCain, if elected, would implement the draft so he would have enough cannon fodder to invade Iran. Obama complained to Kaine that rule was unfair to out-of-state students. Somehow Obama learned there was a provision in Virginia law that allows local registrars to decide eligibility. This is the same type of provision that caused the US Supreme Court to weigh in on the Election of 2000. You can't have different standards from city-to-city and county-to-county because local precinct bosses can arbitrarily decide if a prospective voter is eligible to vote based entirely on whim.

While Obama was concerned about the out-of-state votes of all of the college votes in Norfolk, he was specifically focused on Norfolk State University, which is one of the nation's largest black universities. By itself, it represents several thousand Obama votes. In a close election, the votes cast by the student body of Norfolk State University could easily control who gets Virginia's 13 electoral votes. In other words, out-of-state college students who are most likely also registered to vote in their home States, could decide whether Virginia votes Republican or Democrat this year and, quite possibly, which nominee becomes the 44th President of the United States.

Since there are almost as many colleges and universities in Norfolk, Virginia as there are churches, Obama appealed directly to the City of Norfolk to waive the regulations for registering college students to vote. Sadly for the people of Norfolk County and the 239 thousand residents of the City of Norfolk, the integrity of their election has been compromised because, as the Norfolk Electoral Board noted in a statement it issued when the waiver was made, by eliminating the regulation it is impossible to determine the residency status of any college student in Norfolk.

Maryland is also doing its part to elect Obama. The New York Times noted that "...the Maryland legislature struck a blow for democracy when it voted to overturn a law that barred more than 50,000 [felons] from the polls in the last presidential election. By signing the measure into law, Gov. Martin O'Malley (the former liberal mayor of Baltimore) would make Maryland part of a growing movement for electoral fairness. he also would simplify one of the most complicated and confusing voting bans in the nation."

Roughly 13% of the black male population of the United States has lost their right to vote. In 2007, Obama was one of several US Senate cosponsors to an amendment to the Voting Rights Act that would automatically restore the voting rights of all felons, regardless of the types of crimes those felons committed. There are approximately 4 million ex-convicts who would be affected by that bill had it been enacted.

When massive ACORN-instigated voter fraud reared its ugly head in Ohio in August, the McCain-Pain Campaign called for a full scale investigation of ACORN. Several States have also discovered rampant fraud in the pay-per-registration commission gimmick used by ACORN—which they deny. ACORN officials insist that all of their community activists are paid a salary only and are not paid for each registration they bring in the door. Yet, 3rd term US Congressman Thad Cotter [R-MI] told Fox News that ACORN recruiters are registering "voters" multiple time and, in one instance, one young man who was just caught, had registered 52 times.

The ACORN controversy in Ohio started with a new State law that was rammed through the Ohio legislatures by Democrats. The new law, caustically referred to as the "Brunner Directive" after Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, allows new Ohio voters—for the first time—to register and, simultaneously, vote early by absentee ballot without providing any proof that they are who they claim to be. The Democrats, who control Michigan, like the Democrats who control Virginia, and the Democrats who control Pennsylvania want to give Obama the best edge possible. Everyone remembers that, in the final analysis, Bush-43 won Florida, and the Election of 2000 by 329 votes. The Election of 2004 was settled in Ohio by 136,483 votes. ACORN, and the Obama Campaign, wants to make sure they have padded to vote sufficiently that any close calls in 2008 will be in their favor.

Since June, according to CBS News, election officials in at least 12 States have raised the red flag about more than 10 thousand fraudulent voter registration forms submitted by ACORN. According to the New York Post, three Ohio voters in Cleveland (Ohio's largest city) claimed that ACORN approached them to register several times—even after they told the Project Vote workers that they had already registered to vote "...maybe 10 to 15 times already." One of them, Domino Pizza worker Christopher Barkley, testified that even after he advised the ACORN activists had had already registered, they continued to pursue him to "register again." Barkley said ACORN relentlessly pursued not only him but several others."I kept getting approached by folks who asked me to register," Barkley said. "They'd ask me if I was registered. I'd say yes, and they'd ask me to do it again. Some of them were getting paid to collect names. That was their sob story, and I bought it." Barkley, in fact, "bought it" 15 times.

He was also one of several people subpoenaed by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. Testifying under oath before the Board of Elections, Lateala Goins, 21, also admitted to registering several times. "You can tell them you are registered all you want," she said. "They don't care. They will follow you to the buses, they will follow you home, it doesn't matter." Goins justified her crime by saying every time she registered she only put down her name. She claims she never put down an address on the registration forms which would automatically invalidate her registration cards. (Since she would have turned the cards over to the "special registration deputies" who recruited her, they would have realized the cards did not contain addresses and have her insert the addresses they needed on the applications to be able to harvest the voter ID cards they would need to vote in those phony IDs in November.)

But the Cuyahoga County registration-record (thus far uncovered) is apparently 19-year old Freddie Johnson who registered 73 times. Johnson said he was paid for each registration with cigarettes. Rumors surfaced that he may have been paid in cocaine, but there is no evidence that is so. So, the rumors remain just that—unsupported rumors that cannot be confirmed.

As ACORN's Ohio problems hit the newsstream over the last couple of weeks, ACORN's Ohio damage control spokesman in Cleveland, Kris Harsh, tried to minimize the significance of the problem by saying that his group in Cleveland had collected around 100 thousand voter registration cards and, he claimed, "...only about 50 were questionable." Freddie Johnson alone created 72 fraudulent voter registration cards (plus his own)—and 72 absentee votes for Barack Hussein Obama. Add Barkley's 14 fraudulent registrations became 14 fraudulent absentee ballots already cast, and Johnson and Barkley alone racked up 86 "questionable" registration cards. With regard to Johnson, who testified against ACORN to minimize his own jail time, ACORN said they found about 14 registrations cards that he filled out. The State of Ohio claims to have found 41. I tend to believe Johnson's numbers. Which means ACORN will be able to vote the fruits of Johnson's labor to the tune of 32 votes on election day. And, you can take it to the bank, Project Vote or some other George Soros-financed get-out-the-vote group will have a convoy of Cleveland's most patriotic homeless people waiting for their carton of cigarettes or bottle of wine after they participate in the Election of 2008.

ACORN has come under investigation from State officials in at least 11 States. Possibly all 16 swing States will be examining their registrations. State election officials in Michigan, Colorado, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois are "looking" at the registrations turned in by ACORN in their jurisdictions.

In Pennsylvania, where the investigation is still ongoing—as it is in Nevada—election officials are investigating "suspicious" or incomplete voter registrations that originated from canvassers working for ACORN. On Saturday, Oct. 11, State GOP Chairman, Rob Gleason and Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico held a news conference to talk about the problematic ACORN-collected voter registration forms. Gleason said the reported instances of what he termed "widespread fraud" might tie ACORN to "...the [most] massive voter fraud [in] the US." Philadelphia surrendered to the US Attorney 50,663 fraudulent ACORN voter registration forms. Of them, 35,888 were duplicates, 689 were filled out by people too young to vote, 2,108 were missing signatures 5,093 had phony addresses and 6,161 were not eligible to vote in US elections. The US Attorney in Michigan indicated that it was likely that he would prosecute ACORN for similar voter-registration scams in that State as well.

Gleason and Marsico told the media they were not sure that the voters can get a fair election in Pennsylvania because of the voter tampering by ACORN. Gleason said ACORN had submitted 252,595 voter registrations in Philadelphia. Cursory examinations alone caused 57,435 of them to be rejected. The forms had faulty Social Security numbers, incorrect dates of birth, addresses that did not exist, scores of duplications, and clearly fraudulent signatures. Gleason noted that he found one man's name and address on 15 registrations. Many of the addresses, he noted, were vacant lots or uninhabitable deserted buildings. The Republican Party of Pennsylvania learned that the Obama Campaign had donated $800 thousand to ACORN to register "voters" in the key swing States that he absolutely needed to win. Obama served as an ACORN lawyer in his "community organizer" days.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now [ACORN] grew from another grassroots political organization, George Wiley's National Welfare Rights Organization [NWRO] using Saul Alinsky's radical urban warfare tactics in the early 1970s to swarm into welfare offices and with hundreds of welfare applicants and simply overwhelm the staff—sometimes violently—bullying them and demanding every penny the law intended them to have. Acorn's cofounder, Wade Rathke, was a NWRO organizer and a protege of Wiley. In the 1960s Rathke was an antiwar activist with the militant Students for a Democratic Society.

ACORN claims to have 175 thousand dues paying members in more than 850 chapters in 70 US cities in 38 States. ACORN also has chapters in Mexico and Canada. ACORN owns two radio stations, a housing corporation, a law firm and it maintains an affiliate relationship with a myriad of labor union locals around the country. When the unions need aggressive people to man a picket line, ACORN will supply them. ACORN practices 21st century radicalism. In 1998 ACORN founded the Working Family Party in New York and endorsed Hillary Clinton in her 2000 US Senate race. ACORN and Project Vote launched a voter mobilization drive that was instrumental in Clinton's victory. In November, 2001 a coalition of radical politicians backed by ACORN won a veto-proof majority on the New York City Council, giving ACORN massive sway with the city's government.

With little opposition, ACORN radicals tightened their grip on the city's government, stripping the mayor of much of his executive authority. ACORN politicians have succeeded in rolling back welfare reform in New York, and have succeeded in implementing a crackdown on NYC police, including a ban on "racial and ethnic profiling" to stop and question minorities. ACORN politicians have succeeded in raising corporate taxes, increasing regulations, empowering unions and they attempted to pass a regulation that would bar corporations from moving out of New York without a costly "exit visa" from the City Council.

In 2004 and again in 2006 ACORN and Project Vote ran nationwide get-out-the-vote campaigns that were marred with fraudulent voter registrations, vote-rigging, voter-intimidation, and vote-for-pay scams in which homeless people were caravaned from voting precinct to voting precinct to vote multiple times for Acorn's candidates in those dog fights. ACORN was critical in the Democrat's successful effort to regain control of the House and Senate in 2006. In Missouri alone, election officials found 20 thousand fraudulent voter registrations in St. Louis and Kansas City alone. Where ACORN "empowered" the disenfranchised under the Motor Voter Act. Similar allegations of ACORN-instigated voter fraud were made in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Colorado. Between 2004 and 2006 ACORN workers were accused of submitting thousands of fraudulent voter registrations in 12 States.

Obama's ties to ACORN are as solid as his friendship ties to radical Weather Underground extremist William Ayers which the liberal media claims was merely a "casual acquaintance" and not the close, personal friendship it actually was. When the Walter Anneberg Foundation offered several hundred million dollars in grants to US public schools in the mid-1990s, Ayers applied for a $50 million grant for Chicago schools. The purpose of the grant was to "raise political consciousness" in the Chicago inner-city public school system.

Ayers picked Obama to handle the grant money. Between 1995 and 1999, Obama distributed that $50 million and raised another $60 million to augment it. Ayers advised his protege to endow other external organizations who would agree to work closely with the schools to promote Ayer's radical political propaganda. One of those radical organizations was ACORN. Ayers, a terrorist who admitted bombing the US Capitol and the Pentagon, avoided being convicted because the only evidence the FBI had against him was contained in illegally obtained wiretaps. He and his wife, Bernadette Dorn, were sent to prison for failing to cooperate with the FBI in a Brinks armored car holdup in which two police officers were killed. Far being repenting of his terrorist lifestyle in the 1960s and 1970s, Ayers told the New York Times in September, 2001 that he "...wished [I] could have done more." This small slice of Obama history confirms that Obama lied about his relationship with Ayers. Ayers, nor anyone else, is going to turn control of $50 million over to a "casual acquaintance." to administer. When you plan for that money to be used to foster a radical, extremist agenda, you will only turn the control of that money over to someone you know as deeply as yourself, and someone you trust as much as you trust yourself.

ACORN and its political advocacy arm, Project Vote liked Obama for two reasons. First, he was a William Ayers protege Second, he came to them with a fistful of money. There is little doubt that Rathke and Project Vote founders Sandy Newman and Michael Slater checked Obama's bonafides with Ayers before offering him the job of getting the Illinois chapter of Project Vote off the ground. Obama, the community activist, also became Acorn's lawyer, hiring Michelle Obama's old law firm to sue Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN founder Wade Rathke, who embezzled a six-digit sum of money from ACORN—and didn't fire him when the theft was discovered. ACORN kept him on the payroll for a decade after uncovering the theft in 1999-2000.

Obama also sued the State of Illinois for ACORN in a lawsuit designed to force Illinois to implement "motor voter" registrations, something that is absolutely essential to commit the types of voter registration fraud for which ACORN specializes. Today, Obama has not only disavowed working for ACORN and Project Vote, he now insists that his longtime close, personal friendship with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers didn't exist, and that Ayers was just "...some guy who lived in my neighborhood."

Hillary Clinton experienced what the McCain-Palin team is now experiencing. When Clinton was fighting Obama in Nevada, her lawyer, Lyn Utrecht, was forced to write the following letter to the Nevada Democratic Party about the conduct of Obama's organization. The letter was dated Jan. 23, 2008, and it was addressed to Jill Derby, Chairwoman of the Nevada Democratic Party "...in regard to the January 19, 2008 Nevada Democratic Caucus...this letter is not intended as a response to the Obama campaign. However, in the interest of a complete record, and in contrast to the alleged minor procedural problems noted by the Obama campaign, the Committee wishes to bring to your attention information we have received evidencing a premeditated and predesigned plan by the Obama campaign in systematic corruption of the Party's caucus procedures. Compounding this blatant distortion of the caucus rules was an egregious effort by the Obama campaign to manipulate the voter registration process in its own favor, thereby disenfranchising countless voters. Finally, the Committee has received a vast number of reliable reports of voter suppression and intimidation by the Obama campaign or its allies.

"The Committee," the letter continued, "had 30 phone lines on Saturday to receive calls in its Las Vegas offices. These lines rang continuously from early morning until well after the caucuses concluded its report from people who were victimized and who observed irregularities. The phone lines were so overwhelmed that many callers resorted to calling individual Committee staff cell phones to report that they could not get through. The Committee also received many similar calls at its national headquarters...The Committee received substantially similar reports of improprieties of such a number as to leave no conclusion but that the Obama Campaign and its allies and supporters engaged in a planned effort to subvert the Party's caucus procedures to its advantage. For example:

Ø Preference cards were premarked for Obama.
Ø Clinton supporters were denied preference cards on the basis that none were left, while Obama supporters at the same caucus sites were given preference cards.
Ø Caucus chairs obviously supporting Obama.
Ø Deliberately miscounted votes in favor of Obama.
Ø Deliberately counted unregistered persons as Obama votes.
Ø Deliberately counted young people as Obama votes.
Ø Refused to accept preference cards from Clinton supporters who were at the caucus site by noon on the ground that the cards were not filled out fast enough.
Ø Told Clinton supporters to leave prior to electing delegates.
Ø Clinton supporters who arrived late were turned away from the caucus, while late Obama supporters were admitted to the caucus.

"Numerous reports received by the Committee demonstrated a concerted effort on the part of the Obama campaign and its supporters to prevent eligible voters supporting a candidate other than Senator Obama from caucusing. The Obama supporters complained of were acting in positions of authority at the caucus sites...The Committee received a substantial number of disturbing reports from voters that they had been subject to harassment, intimidation or efforts to prevent them from voting. Many Clinton supporters were threatened with employment termination or other discipline if they caucused for Senator Clinton...On the whole, these reports show a troubling effort by the Obama campaign and its allies and supporters to advance their own campaign at the expense of the right of all Nevada Democrats to participate in the democratic process in a free, fair and open manner...There is no place in the American electoral process for the types of voter suppression, intimidation and harassment systematically engaged in by the Obama campaign, its allies and supporters."

Barack Hussein Obama, a citizen of the world and a natural born citizen of Kenya (a fact disputed by Obama in the lawsuit, Berg v Obama that the Obama camp is stonewalling to prevent the case from getting its day in court), and an adopted citizen of Indonesia. has learned the ways elections are held, and won, in the third world. When Obama ran for the State Senate in Illinois in December, 1995 he was the long shot civil rights bully. State Senator Alice Palmer decided to run for the US House seat vacated by disgraced Democratic Congressman Mel Reynolds who had sex with an underage campaign volunteer. Palmer hand-picked Obama as her replacement in the State Senate. However, Palmer was defeated in a special election by Jesse Jackson, Jr. Throwing her hat back into the State race, Palmer politely asked Obama to withdraw. To get on the ballot, Palmer was required to hastily gather signatures. Not only did Obama refuse to withdraw from the race, he challenged the legitimacy of the signatures on Palmer's petition and had her disqualified. After disqualifying her, Obama then challenged the other two Democratic opponents and had them disqualified as well. He ran unopposed and, of course, with no one running against him, he won.

This is a fairly accurate snapshot of Barack Hussein Obama. He is a man for which winning, at any cost, is everything. He has the mind of a despot, the ethics of a dictator and the integrity of a deceitful, dishonest man. Once elected, this is a man who will never relinquish power. No, the ACORN simply does not fall far from the tree.

Clinton supporter Hillbuzz,org claims a RICO
investigation of Obama and ACORN is underway

The Hillary Clinton-supporting, SoetorObama-bashing Hillbuzz.wordpress.com website is on fire again, reporting the old rumors of a RICO investigation of the Obama Campaign and his close, money ties with ACORN. Hillbuzz seems to think its the talk of Chicagoans once again. Hillbuzz noted in their blog that they are immune to "...the media's infatuation with someone we know to be a fraud, but we all became doubly committed to this resistance within the Democratic Party when we saw how deliberately and shamelessly the Democrats sacrificed everything they supposedly believed in at the altar of SoeterObama the Messiah.

"The takeover of the party and its deliberate rebranding began in 2004 shortly after John Kerry's loss," the blog continued. "Hillary Clinton never stood a chance of winning the nomination, as Howard Dean and Donna Brazile engineered the Obamafication of the party ago. We don't believe the intent in all of this was to win the White House; this, In our opinion, this was always about winning more seats in Congress to score a super-majority [by] winning new Congressional seats in areas surrounding college towns and high black populations...Controlling Congressional spending with [Nancy] Pelosi at the helm was the goal all along, in our opinion."

Hillbuzz, and one or two polls that don't use the latest voter registrations to opine who's voting for whom, are calling the Obama-McCain race neck-and-neck, with as little as two points separating McCain-Palin from Obama-Biden. and not the ten-point spread the media is reporting. The liberal media learned long ago if they can discourage the conservative voter many will simply not show up on election day and their prophetic poll predictions will become a reality. If that happens, Obama—who hates having anyone else on the other side of the ticket when he runs—will win the election.

In pont of fact, the private, internal polling numbers that the media rejects as "unscientific," shows McCain-Palin winning in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Flordia—States that ACORN is feverishly working to register illegal aliens, convicts, underage citizens, dead people who had been removed for the voting rolls two or three elections ago, and of course, the multiple registrations of minority voters whose duplicate registrations are voted by "caravan voters" (usually homeless people who repeatedly sell their votes for cigarettes, wine and, in some cases, marijiuna or cocaine) who are driven from precinct to precinct to vote the fraudulent registrations—a practice reintroduced into US politics for Al Gore, Jr. by Big Bill Daley in 2000.

Hillbuzz, which is based in Chicago. claims there is an ongoing RICO investigation of ACORN and the Obama Campaign underway at this moment even though the mainstream media has not touched the story. In their Oct. 10 alert, Hillbuzz said there "...is a lot of activity going on in Chicago right now, with a lot of IRS agents looking into the finances coming in and out of this city, and across state lines (established on Monday when the GOP issued an emergency press release that much of Obama's campaign contributions could very well be illegal foreign contributions—(and) what appears to be deliberately poor record keeping designed the hide the true identities and monetary sources of online donors is at issue here). "

Hillbuzz noted they were seeing something they had never seen before, nor expect to ever see: the Clinton Campaign and the Republican Party working together to expose Democratic Party fraud.


Just Say No
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All rights reserved