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Stink Bug Pie

f-hED.150608.JPGrom May 14 to May 17, 2014, forty-five nations gathered at the Wageningen University and Conference Centre in Wageningen, The Netherlands, together with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization for what was labeled as the 1st Annual Insects To Feed The World Conference. Four hundred and fifty participants from those 45 nations met to discuss the science and research necessary to establish an evidence-based food policy to convince the people of the industrialized world what the third world has known for centuries—that crawly, nasty insects are a viable alternate, high protein food source. Better, the insect advocates maintain, than roast beef (although perhaps not quite as eye-appealing.on the dinner plate).

The conference dealt with what the UN called a milestone in recognizing that the world's population is growing faster than man's ability to produce enough agri-products, dairy, and meat to feed them. Survival Guide To Edible Insects. And regardless what the purveyors of traditional food do to increase crop yields, food shortages throughout both the industrialized world and the emerging nations will become pandemic, they claim, when we enter the 22nd century.

On October 31, 2011 the Population Institute compiled a report saying the population of the world passed 7 billion people on that day. (The US Census Department maintains the planet did not reach 7 billion people until March 12, 2012.) In their talking points, the Population Institute maintains that the global population increases every day by 228,000 new live births, or a minimum of 83,220,000 new live births each year with 56 million people (without the help of war or famine) dying. This leaves a net gain of 27,220,000 people each year, which suggests that every 25 to 40 years years or so we will add another billion people. In 2012 the UN Population Division estimated that Earth's population would reach between 8.3 to 10.9 billion by 2015. (The UN recently decided that the world's population now stands at 7.2 billion.) The fear mongers in the bug business were wrong.

A 2012 recalculation estimated that by 2100 the global population will be somewhere between 9.3 and 12.6 billion. Keep in mind that population gauging is not a accurate science. Your guess is just as good as mine since neither of us will be right. Nor will the "population experts." They're guessing, too—just like the ecowacko "climate change" experts who stupidly insist, in face of tons of NASA data to the contrary, and with absolutely no concrete evidence of their own, that people are responsible for global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions from carbon fuel powered modes of transportation and coal-fired hydro-electric plants which produce most of the electricity in the United States. In point of fact, 99.999% of climate change—either global warming or cooling—is caused by the solar cycles of the sun. Man's carbon dioxide influence is only 0.0001%. Ever since Al Gore and Timothy Wirth concocted the global warming scheme from wholecloth and created a profit center for their myth which has made Gore a billionaire from buying and selling "carbon credits," Gore has become the self-styled guru of global warming.

The population explosion, the "experts" insist (taking a few pages from Paul Ehlrich's faultily researched and completely inaccurate book (researched from the notes of the 18th century botonist Thomas Malthus, who hypothesized that, based on the annual birth and death rates, Earth would be facing an agricultural armageddon by the year 2000. Based on the crop yields that existed in the 18th century, Malthus calculated how much food would be available to feed the growing population. Malthus computed the expansion of farmland that would have to be cultivated to feed the growing population. Then, as the population mushroomed, he was forced to reduce the available farmland which Malthus envisioned would be overrun with dwellings to house the burgeoning population. Malthus-Ehlrich

Based on early 18th century technology, Malthus saw a vastly overcrowded, diseased world polluted by the waste of man and a world that would no longer be able to sustain its population by the year 2000. Malthus, whose vision was limited by what he saw in the 1700s, could not even begin to imagine the technology and architecture that would exist in Ehlrich's 20th century world. Nor, for that matter, could Ehlrich who lived in that 20th century world but lacked the ability or intellect to see Malthus' world and understand Malthus' thought processes. In other words, if you can't understand the "why process" the "how process" will always elude you. Ehlrich's Population Bomb was flawed because its premise was based on Malthus' world, not the world and the science and technology in which Ehlrich lived. David Rockefeller and the princes of industry were determined to legalize abortion in the United States because they believed people were the planet's worst enemies by consuming too much of Earth's riches too quickly.

Once the princes of industry realized their plot to reduce the population of the industrialized world was an ill-advised scheme because the countries killing their unborn lived and worked in the industrialized nations not the undeveloped and underdeveloped world. They paid almost 100% of all of the taxes that fueled the engines of State. They were also the consumers who bought 90% of all the products created by the factories owned by the princes of industry. Their children replaced them at the widget factories when they retired—and the taxes their children paid to the State funded the Social Security payments they received, or would receive, when they retired. The problem is, today, there are no new children standing in line for Dad's job. There is no work because there are no new jobs making new products in new factories. There are no new payroll tax receipts. Thus, no workers to fund the Social Security system that will provide for you in your old age.

When they realized that abortion was a freight train that could not be derailed, the princes of industry did what they had to do—they diverted the freight train to a different track, leading to a different destination. That destination was in the third world. In the third world were the prime consumers of the 21st century. LarvaetsThey had nothing and needed everything. To become the prized consumer of tomorrow, all they needed were jobs. Jobs from the industrialized world where consumers had everything and needed nothing.

The freight train leaving the industrialized world will soon begin to transition the current third world into the new industrialized world of the 21st century. You still think of them as the bug and grub eaters. Very soon, you will transition into them and they will become you. But it will be you, not them, sneaking across their borders in the middle of the night looking for work. Scary, isn't it? Scarier yet, should be the fact that with every factory that closes in the United States, and every corporate headquarters that leaves this nation for a new home in the third world, the weaker we become as a self-sufficient nation and even more important, as the strongest military nation in the world..

Worse yet will be the fate of the American middle class which is rapidly being absorbed by the industrial nation's unemployed or under-employed underclass. If you don't work for the government or can't generate enough income to sustain yourself and your family on your own, you will very quickly experience third world role reversal. insect delicaciesIf you didn't live through the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, you will suffer through the Perpetual Depression of the 2020s and the Great Economic Desolation of the 2030s. You will become one of the grub-eaters. In the following paragraph, your dietary education begins.

The UN has determined that of the multiple thousands of varieties of bugs and insects and their larvae which burrow into the ground on planet Earth, or in some cases, abound in the rich silt hundreds of fathoms beneath the seas, there are anywhere from 1,900 to 3,000 species of nutritional, edible insects and bugs that will sustain human life. There are three reasons people will eat either edible bugs, insects or their larvae (which many times are edible when the adults are not).

First, a variety of insects or their larvae are viewed as a packaged delicacy and are sold in gourmet food stores: french fried locusts, grasshoppers or crickets (either chocolate-covered or simply salted), honeypot ants (which are gorged with a honey-like sustance, and are eaten raw. American consumers enjoy a variety of bacon and cheese flavored cricket larvets, and BBQ or Chocolate-dipped insect larvae from a variety of species as well.

Second, they are starving and lost in an wilderness area, so consuming worms, bugs and other insects is viewed as necessary to sustain their life. And finally, third, societal role reversal. This is the problem the United States, and much of the world, will face in the decades to come. In societal role reversal, the industrial nations of today, which chose to listen to the politicians who were bribed by the princes of industry and the barons of business and banking into accepting as fact that Earth cannot sustain more than 500 million people.

The Supreme Court, pressured by the societal elites, caved in and legalized abortion, followed almost overnight by legalized euthanasia, thereby allowing society to abort people at both ends of the age corridor, destroying the generational consumer base of the industrialized world.

But the societal views of the princes of industry is all pretty much false. It's based on their fear that if too many people use up all of the coal, oil and natural gas over time that over-consumption of our natural resources will break them financially. While that might be true with respect to coal since it takes millions of years of planetary compression to create coal and millions more to convert that coal into diamonds.

But that rule does not apply to oil and natural gas—both of which are created deep in the bowels of the Earth. Both are created by the Creator deep within the bowels of the planet, thus both are infinite resources. But you can't convince the oil barons of that because their views were cast in stone in the mid to late 19th century by John D. Rockefeller, Sr. as he began to forge the Standard Oil dynasty. But here is the reality: even though the Soviets learned, in the 1960s, that oil is created in the core of the planet by the planet itself, there was no profit for the Soviets to burst the oil myth since as long as people believed the finite resource myth, the oil barons could charge whatever price they wanted for oil and natural gas and the consumer would buy it and ask for more.

The Rockefeller fear was that oil was a finite resource, and when it ran out, Standard Oil (which was eventually absorbed into another Standard Oil entity, ExxonMobil) began reassembling the dynasty giant, which would become just another billionaire's plaything if John D. Rockefeller was right. He wasn't. Rockefeller's safeguard—David, that is—needed to make sure the consumers believed [a] the oil was a finite resource, [b] that over half of the world's supply of oil was already depleted, and [c] fossil fuels are primarily responsible for global warming and, therefore, its use must ultimately be eliminated and safer forms for energy (that also excludes nuclear energy which, in the view of the Muslim world, isn't good for anything except bombs).

American and European factories produce goods at 63% of capacity, which means the companies lose 37% of their productivity because they have no consumers to whom to sell the goods they could have made but didn't. Over eighty percent of the potential consumers in the world who would like to possess the products which were never produced or made available in their countries, but couldn't because they earn less than $5 to $7 dollars a week and simply can't afford them.

Twenty percent of the world's population earns 80% of the paychecks. Industrial flipflopping is now sending the jobs of the working 20% of the world to the jobless 80% who have nothing and need everything—especially those jobs. It should also be noted that not only are our jobs moving to nations which politically hate the United States; so, in many cases, are the regional headquarters of these multinational American corporations which own the jobs.

What should be puzzling (but is and isn't) is the logic behind what appears to be the simultaneous dual agenda of the princes of industry, since on the face of it, they appear to be contradictory. First, the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business have an economic problem—not enough people to keep the economic wheels greased and functioning with that universal lubricant called money. First, the industrialists, whose factories function at 63% capacity lose the monetary value of 37% of its productivity and are forced to slow down productivity because they aren't enough consumers in the employed world to buy the goods its factories are capable of producing simply because those consumers have everything and need nothing.

In March, 2009 the UN—largely controlled by the overpopulated third world through the UN General Assembly, but influenced by the financial clout of the money barons who still dictate global policy through the Security Council—announced, through the UN Population Division, a program to accelerate the fertility decline in the overpopulated undeveloped countries where starvation is most rampant.

The ecowacko globalists who are trying hard to reduce carbon dioxide emissions on planet Earth in the mistaken belief that doing so will reverse global warming don't seem to understand two basic facts. First, the global warming eco idiots believe that climate change is wholly triggered by increases in greenhouse gases that shroud the planet over time, trapping heat in the atmosphere like an atrium and ultimately raising the surface temperature of the planet.

Satellite imagery and high altitude balloon temperature data retrieval confirm that the lower atmosphere is not trapping the volume of heat needed to impact global climate since it's high altitude temperature upheavals, not low altitude temperature changes. that determine climate change. Oxygen-16 and oxygen-18 isotope ice core samples in both the Arctic and sub-Arctic and the Antarctic and carbon-14 and beryllium-10 isotope samples presents hard evidence of both the Earth's temperatures and the history of increases in carbon dioxide levels.

It's an inescapable fact that carbon dioxide greenhouse gas is not the culprit that causes climate change since in every instance where both factors were measured, temperature increases precede the buildup of carbon dioxide. What that means is that it the planet warms first, and increased temperatures precipitate increased levels of Co2, not the other way around. That's an inescapable fact even though the eco alarmists are doing their level best to manipulate the world's climate history since the facts disprove the ecowacko theory that increased levels of carbon dioxide cause global warming.

Ice core graphs from the north and south extremities of the planet, together with isotope samples in more moderate regions of the planet have confirmed the medieval warming period that made Greenland "green" and warmed the northern hemisphere. Clearly the medieval warming was not caused by the exorbitant use of fossil fuels just as carbon dioxide from factories and car exhausts is not causing the current cycle of climate change. The impact man has on the climate is less than 1%. Global warming and cooling is caused by one thing and one thing only: the solar cycles of the sun. NASA has proven that everytime global temperatures rise or fall on Earth, they rise or fall in equal amounts on both Mars and Venus. NASA has been monitoring these temperature departures for decades. The ecowackos have chosen to ignore them since by acknowledging them as fact shoots down the most lucrative profit center of the global warming freaks—the buying and selling of carbon credits that made Al Gore a billionaire.

By pretending that global warming is caused by greenhouse gases (i.e., carbon dioxide, the food which plants "eat" to create oxygen) two things happen simultaneously. First, areas of Earth which previously received enough rain to green the Earth and produce food crops in abundance suddenly revert back to arid waste lands. Second, the rain caused from atmospheric moisture which fed the streams, ponds and lakes, no longer falls because the carbon dioxide which fueled the process no longer existed in sufficient quantities to create enough moisture to trigger the rain. The ecowackos worship Mother Nature under the name of Gaia, the Earth Goddess. In their view, the people who crowd the planet are the inherent enemies of nature, and need to be abolished.

In a 2009 New York Times article Thomas Friedman made the following statement: "You really have to wonder whether in a few years from now we'll look back at the first decade of the 21st century—when food prices spiked, energy prices soared, world population surged, tornados plowed through cities, floods and droughts set records, populations were displaced and governments were threatened by the confluence of it all—and ask ourselves. What were we thinking? Why did we not panic when the evidence was so obvious that we'd crossed some growth-climate-natural resource-population redlines all at once?" It's hard to believe that intelligent people with access to NASA data believe that tripe. But, because they're funded by the princes of industry and the barons of business who have an agenda with a fabricated storyline, you might say they are obligated to hold views that are easy to disprove because the money barons who are close to solidifying a global nation that will exclude the current industrial world said that was the view they were supposed to promote as the truth.

Then you have Barack Obama senior science advisor John P. Holdren adding a new government right in the Constitution when he said the government has the right to create "...compulsory population control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger society..." The collision between people and weather has happened because the global money mafia needed it to happen, with the eco alarmists blaming people for climate change in a way that will impact both negatively.

Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh and the husband of Queen Elizabeth of England said, "If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels." David Brower, the first Executive Director of the Sierra Club from 1952 to 1969, and the founder of Friends of the Earth and the Earth Island institute commented in the 1960s that "Birth control must lead to a cleaner race." In 1922, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger said that "..the most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." Jacques Cousteau, the famous oceanic explorer and researcher, another ecoalarmist, is on the record as saying "...in order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350 thousand people per day." And then we have financier David Rockefeller, who began the population scare in 1962. Rockefeller spent his life telling people that "...the negative impact of population growth on all of our planetary ecosystems is becoming appallingly evident."

What makes their comments more frightening is that England has a population replenishment rate of 0.9 or, nine new births for every 10 deaths. France has a replenishment birth rate of 0.5 and the United States 0.7. None of the industrial nations on Earth have runaway birth rates. The problem isn't people. Well, I guess maybe it is—the people who created the global warming scare. The Al Gores, the Bill Gates, the David Rockefellers, the John Holdrens, the Barack Obamas, the Bill and Hillary Clintons, the Thomas Friedman, the Prince Phillips, the David Browers, the Margaret Sangers and all of the phony eco alarmists who are profitting from global warming. All of the overpopulated nations on Earth are in the third world. You know, they're the countries where the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business are sending our factories and our jobs. It's their profit center for the 21st century.

In EPA v American Electric Power Co. [AEP], the Environmental Protection Agency was Obama's first step in shutting down coal burning power companies. The plant targeted by Obama was AEP's coal-burning power plant was in Conesville, Ohio. The suit against the AEP was challenged by the US Chamber of Commerce, as well as several industry groups and a number of States led by Texas. On June 23, 2014 in a 7-0 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that under the Clean Air Act (described by the 50 States and a whole parcel of lawyers as "the most complicated law on the planet"), the Obama Administration's Environmental Protection Agency had the authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and factories, but that its regulatory mandate to cut all carbon dioxide emissions, or shut down coal-burning power plants exceeded its authority.

The high court voted to allow the EPA to mandate cutting carbon dioxide emissions in power plants by 30% over 15 years. In 2007, Massachusetts sued the EPA. Suits were also brought by California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington State. In addition Baltimore, New York City, Washington, DC and three land trusts. joined the suit against the Bush-43 EPA for not regulating carbon dioxide.

The lower court ruled against the States on the grounds that they lacked standing to sue. The Supreme Court issued a writ of ceritorari for the appellate court to review its decision, but nothing happened by anyone. Bush-43 likely did nothing because he understood that carbon dioxide is the food that plants eat to create oxygen. Oxygen added to hydrogen creates water. Without carbon dioxide there is no oxygen and no water. I suspect the leftwingers who filed the lawsuits in Massachusetts v EPA and EPA v AEP failed sixth grade biology. But then, you don't have to be smart to be a Democrat. In fact, it's easier to be a Democrat if you're not. You just need to be obedient—and if you're a politician, also greedy and obedient.

The EPA and the Obama Administration , in EPA v AEP, declared that their right to eliminate carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions (which the high court ruled, in 2007, was a "pollutant") is now "settled law," suggesting they will continue doing what they planned to do all along without regard for the ruling of the Supreme Court. Obama Solicitor General Donald Verrilli offered his opinion that the Obama Administration was not attempting to rewrite the Clean Air Act but was simply affirming its prerogative to eliminate greenhouse gases, by using its broad discretion to choose the best ways to carry out its designated responsibilities. Arguing the opposite view, Washington lawyer Peter D. Keisler, representing industry groups, told the high court that the EPA arbitrarily rewrote the law to target "...only those facilities EPA chooses to regulate and proceeding only on the schedule that EPA decides is warranted.” And, Obama's target is the fossil fuel industry, whether coal, oil or natural gas.

Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, in writing the majority opinion in EPA v AEP said that federal "...agencies are not free to revise clear statutory terms that turn out not to work in practice..." adding that greenhouse gas emissions alone are not enough to trigger EPA enforcement. Scalia, I believe, understood where oxygen and water come from and what happens to human life when you shut off the carbon dioxide spigot..

Now you see both halves of the problem. People and food. The left sees the whole problem, too. Not enough people in the industrial world and not enough food in the third world. What the left won't admit is that they're responsible for both problems. They think you are. The left believes they can solve the problem by shipping the real food products from the industrial world to the third world, and condition the former industrial nations' workers to subsist on a diet of stink bug pie and cockroach souffle.

As the profit-centered agri-giants like Archer Daniels Midland, Mark and David Rockefeller, Monsanto, Cargill and other farm product distributors shift their focus from yesterday's agra-customers to tomorrow's, the bidding war for fruits and vegetables and wheat for bread products will begin. In the next few years you will find less fresh produce in the supermarkets of the cash-strapped industrial world, and even less money to meet the increased demand for less choice, and rapidly raising prices for whatever fruits and vegetables are available.

The first thing that will happen in the former industrial paradise called the United States of America will be extreme shortages of fruits and vegetables followed by a retail price spike in the cost of same. Initially, this will be the easiest thing for cash-strapped consumers to fix. If you remember the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, or you remember the stories your parents, grand parents or great-grandparents told you about life under a train trestle or in a cardboard hovel with a rusty tin roof, and no lighting or running water.

My father worked in Franklin D. Roosevelt's WPA. He helped build at least one large bridge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and he helped plant forests from Wisconsin to Michigan. In the 1930s, in every house my parents rented, there was a trunk farm. My dad plowed up the backyard and planted potatoes, corn, squash, green beans and an assortment of berries and other vegetables. Meat came from hunting small game and, in or out-of-season, white tail deer. As a youngster I ate porcupine, bear meat, deer meat, partridges, and meat I couldn't describe because it came home dressed; and whatever fish grabbed the bait off the end of the hook. Because my parents grew it or hunted it, not once did our dinner menu include bugs or insects.

But in the protein role reversal ahead of us, that will change. As more and more North Americans become forgers and small game hunters there will be fewer legal or illegal food animals in anyone's gunsights. With a growing demand for protein and less affordable meat in the supermarkets, and less game available in and around the large and medium cities, Americans will begin to get crash courses on identifying the most nutritious insects where people without access to meat can still fortify their bodies with nutritional protein from unlikely sources.

But, speaking as a person who has never indulged on gourmet bugs, I seriously doubt any of them will taste like roasted cashews, peanuts, or nectar although the honeypot ants in Australia, known as the "living larder" are eaten by their young and by other insects. Honeypot ants are one of the favorite foods of the aboriginal natives in Australia. There are several species of ants which are eaten by impoverished peoples throughout the world: carpenter ants, South American leaf-cutter ants, and Amazonian lemon ants. Bee larvae is also prized by the more affluent members of many cultures. It is sauteed in butter. Bee larvae taste like mushroomy bacon.

Some of the most nutritious insects are members of the worm specie: like agave worms (also known as the maguey worm), bamboo worms, hornworms (which is supposed to taste like a combination of green tomatoes, shrimp and crab), mealworms, waxworms, silkworms, wichetty grubs and mopane worms (which look more like a bug than a worm) which can fetch a higher market price than beef. Mopane worms are found in South Africa.

The most disgusting, stomach-wrenching members of the insect kingdom which are eaten around the world are cicadas, centipedes, cockroaches (particularly the Madagascar hissing cockroach which reportedly tastes like greasy chicken), locust, grasshoppers, crickets, dragonflies, dung beetles, June bugs and worst of all, Jumiles (which you know as Stink Bugs). Stink BugsStink Bugs, which come from Asia, are one of the hardiest bugs in the world, and while they have many helpful tranquilizing and analgesic properties, they are hard to kill. They can survive boiling water, and many do. It is not unusual to see them crawling around on your dinner plate after a boiling that would kill a lobster, and in those instances, they are eaten alive.

The common earthworm is a common meal in South America, particularly by the Yekuanan tribes in Venezuela. Earthworms are high in iron and protein. Fly papae (the fatty acid of the common house fly) has a molecular construction similar to the fatty acids in fish oil which suggests it might be good for your heart, but definitely not your stomach.

Pill-bugs are actually not "bugs." They are terrestrial crustaceans and are actually related to the lobster, crab and shrimp. And, like their distant cousins, when boiled, they turn red. Since they are only about a half inch long, it would take a lot of them to make a meal.

Tarantula spiders are found in all of the world's deserts, mountain foothills and forested slopes in higher elevations. They range in size from 1" to one foot. Their venom is poisonous (about the same as a bee sting), but almost never fatal. Tarantula is a prized food in Cambodia because the Cambodians believe they boost virility They are high in protein. In Thailand, giant water bugs are considered a delicacy. They are generally served steamed or fried, and are large enough to be filleted. (I could continue, but my stomach is not that strong.)

Here is the reality of our world. The industrial world is run by a cabal of super wealthy and super greedy men who want to control all of the wealth in all of the nations on Earth. The impoverished world is run by a cabal of wealthy, greedy dictators who literally own the human capital under their totalitarian control. The communist world is run by an oligarch of wealthy, greedy, godless men who are determined to destroy those who believe in liberty and imprison the free world in a gulag of diabolical socialism. And, finally, the Islamic world is run by a cabal of greedy, religious fanatics who recognize, but deny the Deity of Jesus Christ and who are determined to impose Sharia law on the world. With all those folks trying to make our world a better place in which to live (for them), we know we can trust all of them to protect us from ourselves (but not us from them). That is the reality of our world.


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All rights reserved