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20 years

Talk about reality checks. Nature itself decided to play a hoax on the hoaxers who are determined to become billionaires off the man-made hoax called "global warming." On December 8, 2009 as hundreds of global eco-wackos boarded planes headed for the the UN Summit on Global Warming, one of the worst blizzards in modern times struck the US just as scores of American eco-wackos climbed aboard their personal or corporate jets to fly to Copenhagen where they planned to discuss how to deal with the disaster the media in their hip pockets labeled as "global warming" ever since Al Gore, Jr.'s ecoalarmist pseudo-fiction book, Earth In the Balance, was written in 1988.

As the steady stream of blizzards followed the equally steady stream of 747s and 757s to Denmark, the media decided that calling a major gathering of eco-nuts meeting for a summit on global warming during a snow storm,"calling the purpose of the meeting global warming," was an oxymoron. Some media wingnut with more than two cents worth of common sense hurriedly changed its name to the UN Summit on Climate Change. Then they hurriedly thumbed through Al Gore's authoritative book, Earth In the Balance and found a statement Gore made that when large ice floes break off from the Antarctic ice shelf and those large, county-size chunks of ice drift into the Gulf Stream, the king-sized ice cubes, he claimed, would tend to cool the world even as men continued to sweat and cows continued to loudly flatulate. Because Gore said it was true, and because he had a politically-extorted Nobel Peace Prize to prove it, it had to be true. Of course, there is no science that says it's true, but why would a former Vice President who believes that nature's goddess, Gaia, is the supreme god of planet Earth, and that people are the inherent enemies of the planet, lie? Could it be because he's already become a billionaire fanning the myth of global warming and is expecting to earn another billion or so from Cap & Trade?

The UN's global warming claims were disproved in large part due to the computer hacking of an electrical engineer, David Holland, rather than from his research. After countless ignored FOIA requests to the Climate Research Unit under the British government's Freedom of Information Act, Holland appears to have come into the possession of their database. Holland needed to compare his research with the "evidence" accumulated by Michael Mann, a young Ph.D. from the University of Virginia to confirm or refute Mann's claims. Mann used tree rings to "prove" that the medieval warming period had never taken place. Hollard was forced to resort to hacking the computers of several climate scientists from the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England to prove that UN and University-paid climate scientists were fabricating evidence to "prove" global warming. It also appears that when he receved the files, from whatever source, Holland gave the files to the British media and started what has now become referred to as "Climategate."

The files, in the words of the scientists themselves, revealed not only their own sloppy science but also an effort on their part to fabricate conclusions that simply didn't exist. In addition, it conclusively proved they attempted to discredit honest scientific studies in climate science that proved global warming was a myth. Among themselves, the eco-wackos openly discussed ways to discredit genuine scientific study as they fabricated the conclusions they needed to make global warming appear genuine—even though all of the empirical evidence proves that Earth has been cooling, not warming, for the past 15 years.

When the Conference in Copenhagen opened on Dec. 17, 2009, the attendees were greeted by what the European media called a blizzard that dumped 10 centimeters of snow on the Danish capital overnight. If you failed "centimeter conversion" in middle school (junior high school in my day) , that's 4" of snow. One blogger commented that God "...still has a sense of humor—dumps blizzard on Copenhagen during warming conference." If God really had a sense of humor, he would have dumped on Copenhagen the 69.5" of snow he dropped on the DC Metro area in two separate whiteout blizzards and a six inch "dusting" that lay like a thick, fluffy blanket of white that literally shut down large portions of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. (That translates to about 190 centimeters of snow.) The only nice thing about the tons of snow that fell on DC is that it shut down Congress and kept the eco-wacko legislators from enacting any new laws. Unfortunately, both Cap & Trade and Obamacare are both already passed by both Houses and both are sitting in joint conference waiting for the "transparent" sleight-of-hand that the social progressives will use to make believe the differences between the House and Senate versions were constitutionally ironed out and what is given to the social progressive in the White House to sign into law are two constitutionally enacted laws. Whatever laws the social progressive liars enact this year need to be overturned next year—including the taxpayer bribes paid to the Senators in four States for their votes. And the Senators who sold their votes need to be charged with the felonies they committed and face a jury of their peers.

These storms just don't
feel like Global Warming.

The first storm that hit us in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia began shortly before noon on Feb. 5. A few warning snowflakes suggested we might be in for a typical "Copenhagen global warming" blizzard. Over the past three or four years at the entrance of the Shenandoah Valley where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers meet, we came to expect one or two ice storms and two or three Copenhagen-style "blizzards" with about 10 to 15 centimeters of snow in each storm. The snow usually melted off within 3 or 4 days. Every now and then a second snow would come before all of the traces of the last storm had dissipated.

My personal computer weather page from WUSA CBS Channel 9 in DC for Feb. 5 said we could expect 6 to 10 inches of snow. Channel 9 corrected their error a couple hours later. They re-calibrated the direction of the storm. We could expect 22" to 30" of snow. Even with a somewhat damaged heart, I figured I could survive 6 inches of snow. Twenty-two to 30" of snow might be a little harder to manage. I took my heart meds a couple of hours before I began shoveling off the back deck every couple of hours. My driveway would have to wait until a benevolent neighbor with a snow blower—or spring—whichever came first cleaned the driveway. But since I have the best neighbors in the world I knew if things got bad, I would have all the help I needed. If I ever decide to sell my home, what will make it worth the price is not the house on the one-and-a-quarter-acre lot, but my neighbors who are worth my home's weight in gold..

I went to the supermarket early that morning (early to me is 5 a.m. to 6 a.m.)—a good four hours before the first flakes fell. I was convinced the "snow panic crowd" that hits the supermarkets like swarms of locusts and cleans out the shelves, would still be sleeping, or stumbling around the kitchen with half-drooped eyes as they stoked their coffee pots. The first inkling that I was wrong was the packed parking lot at the supermarket. Second, the lack of shopping carts, and third, the tangled mass of flesh and wire carts mashed together from the checkout counter down every aisle, halfway through the store. There were no orderly "lines" at each checkout. There was mass havoc of the type you find at a grand opening sale when someone's selling 52" plasma TVs at $99 each and they only have three of them. It was a brawl of five hundred or so half asleep people determined to fill their refrigerators and freezers before anyone else. If you needed something from a shelf somewhere down the aisle where the crowd was fused together, forget it. So I forgot it. I got what I could carry, bypassed the registers and, noticing the evil stares of scores of people tied in the human knot between the registers and no-man's land in the aisles, and paid for the few items I managed to get at the customer service counter.

I went home with the four or five items I managed to grab without getting in a fight (none of which, it turned out by my wife's reckoning, were things we needed). I returned to shoveling the back deck. Finally I forgot about the whole deck and concentrated on keeping a path clear to the satellite dish because heavy snow on the evergreen tree near the dish brought the branches down low enough to block the TV signal. Swatting the branches clear of snow brought the signal back. Soon, I gave up trying to blaze a shovel-wide path, and just plodded through the snow to the snow-heavy branches. The wind was now blowing. Towards me, of course. When I smacked the branches with the shovel, I got a face full of snow. But, my wife got to watch "Iron Chef" on the Food Network. Have no idea who won. There are just so many tasty things you can make with octopus and sea urchins.

Have you ever noticed how quiet it is in the morning after a heavy snow? No sound. Snow is nature's coldest soundproofing. Or maybe, with between 22" to 30" of the white stuff piled up, there just isn't anyone outside. When the snow plows arrived two days later, and the neighbors brought out their lawn tractors converted to plows and their snow blowers, they were able clear the driveways. But, mobility didn't last long, because no sooner were the roads and driveways open, Mother Nature came back to visit, dumping another 18" to 26" on top of what we already had. I still have two cars buried somewhere in the driveway. I can see the "bumps" in the snow, but I haven't tried to dig my way to them yet. After all, you can only drive one car at a time.

For global warming, there was a ton of snow. It snowed in all 49 continental States. Only Hawaii did not get snow. There was so much snow that even Mr. Global Warming himself, Al Gore, Jr., disappeared. Seventy-two hours before "Snowmageddon" started, Al Gore was busy fundraising for Sen. Barbara Boxer (who will likely lose her seat in the US Senate for voting for the Cap & Trade bill that will impose the most draconian taxes on all Americans in the history of taxation. And, of course, for voting to kill elderly people in order to save both Medicare and Social Security). Remember in 2004 when President George W. Bush warned the American people that if they did not privatize Social Security it would collapse within two decades? He wasn't lying. And he wasn't playing political games to scare the elderly into voting for him. He was telling the plain and simple truth. Who lied to the American people by telling them Social Security was safe? AARP. Whose lying now? AARP. And, of course, the social progressive parasites in both Houses of Congress and Barack Hussein Obama, the social progressive parasite at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Gore, who knows the Earth has been cooling, not warming, for the past 15 years, found himself in the global warming spotlight when the white stuff began falling in 49 of the 50 States, and Hollywood writer and Pajama Media founder Roger L. Simon and filmmaker Lionel Chetwynd send a letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science demanding they rescind the Oscar that was awarded to Gore for his fictional work, "An Inconvenient Truth." About the same time, financier Donald Trump told an audience at the Trump National Golf Club in New York that: "With the coldest winter ever recorded, with snow setting record levels up and down the coast, the Nobel Committee should take the Nobel Prize back from Al Gore. Gore wants us to clean up our factories and plants in order to protect us from global warming, when China and the other countries couldn't care less. It would make us totally noncompetitive in the manufacturing world, and China, Japan and India are laughing at American's stupidity."

The global cooling skeptics are following Gore's lead and suggesting that you can have global warming and global cooling at the same time through Gore's ice cube scenario. Massive chunks of ice break off from the Arctic and Antarctic coastlines and drift into the sea lanes, where they flow into the Gulf Stream. That is the view held by meteorologist Matt Rogers, a weather forecaster, and the president of the Commodity Weather Group. Rogers' company works with hedge fund managers and large speculators who take weather into consideration when they bet on US commodity futures. Rogers noted that warming in the Pacific means fewer Atlantic hurricanes and higher temperatures in the United States during the winter months. Rogers, who is not a climate scientist, said the US northeast (not the northwest) is having the coldest weather in a decade because of a weak El Nino. But, like all commodity traders, what Rogers claims is a coin toss. It has nothing to do with real science. In his case, he made a good guess because his predictions caused US inventories of distillate fuels (which include fuel oil) to be increased to their highest levels since January, 1983, which has helped keep down the price of fuel oil this year. There are no shortages.

However, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] satellite data confirms that the world's ice caps are not melting and that sea levels are not rising. In fact, NOAA has reported that ice "lost" over the last couple of decades have come back. Ice levels, according to NOAA have increased some 9 million kilometers over the last three years. Statistics also show that there is nearly a third more ice in Antarctica than is usual at this time of the year. (Keep in mind, in Antarctica right now it's late summer.)

So, while Rogers and his hedge fund buddies are treating Snowmageddon like an anomaly that he correctly predicted, the nations best meteorologists are calling it the coldest winter in decades. According to AccuWeather, nearly the entire eastern half of the United States is experiencing the coldest winter its seen since 1985. Every State on the North American continent had snow this past week. Most parts of Florida have had temperatures hovering around freezing. "It'll be like the great winters of the 1960s and 1970s," said AccuWeather's Chief Meteorologist and expert long range forecaster, Joe Bastardi. Who said he thinks this winter will be like the winter of 1977-78 when historic arctic weather stretched from the Great Lakes around Chicago all the way to Macon, Georgia. Bastardi noted that the weather this winter has already been extremely rough on many parts of the country where generally mild winters are the norm. The cold air streaming across the Upper Midwest into the East and South will continue to compound the winter problems of the nation. Bastardi noted that, in the past, when extreme cold periods happened they tended to be limited to one geographic region of the country and do not universally hit everyone. Anyway you look at the winter of 2009-2010, its shaping up to be one of the coldest winters in most people's memories. Now, I just gotta ask you: does this feel like global warming?




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