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20 years

When I was a young boy in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the winters were long—and almost cold enough to freeze the words coming out of your mouth. The average annual temperature along Lake Superior where I was raised was 57°F. Temperatures in January dipped to about 0° to 16°F, but when the temperature really dropped, you would see spells of a week or more at a time when the mercury in the thermometers never got much warmer than -20°F. And, when the nor'easterners came in off the Great Lakes, the snow was measured in feet, not inches. And when these storms rolled in off the lakes, trees, buildings and cars were spray-painted with three or more inches of Great Lakes ice.

The temperature anomalies Michigan's upper peninsula experienced in deep winter when I was a youngster wading to school through waist deep snow in below zero weather was not called "global cooling," nor were cold temperatures cited as conclusive evidence that "global warning" was real as suggested by former Vice President and kingpin ecoalarmist Al Gore, Jr. who, while in Scotland, insisted when the UN Summit on Global Warming on Dec. 8. 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark had to be postponed due to the worst blizzards in the northern hemisphere in the modern era that the hemispheric blizzard proved global warming was a reality.

Bloomberg News reported that "...world leaders flying into Copenhagen to discuss a solution to global warming will first face freezing weather as a blizzard dumped 10 centimeters of snow on the Danish capital overnight." The Copenhagen News concurred, adding that "...bitter cold and steady snowfall has paralyzed the country's roads and public transport since yesterday, and the icy cold weather is expected to get even worse over the next couple of days."

Most knowledgeable global warming skeptics—which amounts to approximately 85% of all of the real, not-paid-for-a-doomsday-opinion climatologists in the world—understand that heliophysic solar weather fluctations (solar cycles), which both the National Aeronautics & Space Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have, for the life of those agencies, monitored and charted sunspot and solar flare activity and the affect each has on the temperature fluctuations and wealther anomalies not only on Earth but on all of the inner planets within our solar system—Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

My preliminary public school education took place during Solar Cycle 18 and the beginning of Solar Cycle 19—1944 to 1958. The world, just a few years before that, had just come out of what some described as a mini-minor ice age: short, mild summers and long subzero winters from Solar Cycle 9 [Dec. 1855] to the end of Solar Cycle 14 [Aug. 1917]. During that 62 year period, the sun generated negative sun spots and solar flares, from -654 in Cycle 9 (12.4 years) to -1,019 in Cycle 14 (11.5 years). Sun spots and solar flares are the primary heating mechanism of the sun in the inner planetary solar system—80° to 90° summers and mild winters. Oh, and by the way, you won't hear ecoalarmists like Al Gore, Jr. blame flatulant cows, sweaty fat people and coal-fired factories for the same global warming on Venus and Mars that we experience here on Earth. After all, since we don't regularly vacation on Mars and Venus, none of us pay a whole lot of attenion to the average surface temperatures on Venus (460°) or on Mars (68°).

As the coldest phase of Solar Cycle 17 hit North America, Ontario experienced its coldest day in recorded history on Dec. 29, 1933, -45°C or about -49°F. Other areas in western Canada hit sustained temperatures of -38.9°C. Then, three years into Cycle 17, sun spot and solar flare activity increased dramatically, averaging 112 bursts of some type per year throughout the balance of Cycle 17, bringing with it the deadliest heat wave in the history of the Northern Hemisphere two and a half years after the coldest day in the inhabited planet. The deadliest heat wave on record in the western hemisphere took place from July 5-17, 1936 from Ontario to Manitoba, Canada. Temperatures exceeded 44°C (111.2°F). The heat wave, which claimed 1,180 lives (mostly elderly and infants) was so intense that steel rail lines twisted, sidewalks buckled, fruit baked on the trees, and food crops like corn and wheat wilted in the fields. On July 5, 1937 the temperature in Yellowgrass, Saskatchewan hit 45°C (113°F). If doomsday prophet Al Gore, Jr. had been born in 1888 instead of 1948, Gore would have been clamoring for banning carbon dioxide when FDR campaigned for the White House in 1932 instead of 1992 when Gore became the Vice President and the nation's unofficial Climate Czar—with Carol Browner serving as the eckowacko pixie head of the EPA. Today Browner serves as Barack Obama's head of the Office of Climate Change Policy.

In 1911 (Solar Cycle 14), Niagara Falls (the American side of the international boundary) froze over—a remarkable feat considering that 2,271,247 liters of water per second cascade over the falls. While skeptics are still convinced that it was impossible for Niagara Falls to freeze over, it should be noted that 1911 to 1913 was the coldest segments of Solar Cycle 14, with almost no sunspot activity activity at all.

The ecowackos will never breathe a word that they know the same weather patterns which affect Earth also impact Venus and Mars—in precisely the same way. If they did, it would be pretty hard for them to explain why it's your fault that coal and oil-fired factories on Earth are polluting Mars and Venus. For that reason, in the storyline promoted by the ecowackos, global warming does not exist on Mars and Venus because, well, if it did, it would be just a little too hard to explain. And the social progressive watermelons who promote global warming don't want you to know they sell their global warming myth to the educated idiots not only because it's making the Watermelons millionaires and billionaires, but moreover because the cataclysmic emergency they fabricated allows them to create "eraser laws"—laws which justify erasing your liberty under the Bill of Rights—under the dire circumstances which the left claim threaten the world's existence. What federal judge anywhere would let the Constitution of the United States get in the way of protecting America against itself? After all, the social progressives in the Clinton and Obama Administrations have already decided that carbon dioxide was the culprit that would ultimately pollute the whole planet and extinguish God's creation from existence.

The US Supreme Court agreed with the Obama Administration. Carbon dioxide is a pollutant that needs to be eradicated. On June 21, 2011, in an 8-0 decision in American Electric Power v Connecticut, the US Supreme Court ruled that the Clean Air Act gave the sole authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions (i.e., CO2) to the Environmental Protection Agency. The States of Connecticut, California, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin sued AEP, Southern Electric, Cinergy, Xcel Energy and the Tennessee Valley Authority to force fossil fuel power plants curb the amount of CO2 they emitted. The power plants argued at the district level that under the "political question doctrine" the judiciary had no authority to hear the argument. The US District Court in Connecticut agreed in 2004. On appeal, social progressive US Circuit Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor reversed the District Court because, in her owns words, law is made at the appellate level.

The unfettered control of carbon dioxide emissions was important to the social progressive watermelons for a whole host of reasons, a couple of them mentioned above. The most important was Cap & Trade, dreamed up and written by then Vice President Al Gore and Clinton Ass't Secretary of State Timothy Wirth [D-CO] and presented to the world as the Kyoto Protocol which became the framework of the UN Convention on Global Warming. (Of course, as we neared the end of Solar Cycle 24, sunspot activity and solar flares weakened, changing weather patterns. Somehow the term "global warming" no longer fit. The social engineers changed the term UN Convention on Global Warming to the UN Convention on Climate Change. The left was now ready for bikinis in February or snow gear in July.

There's only one problem with giving greedy political imbeciles unfettered control to eradicate carbon dioixide. The watermelons insist that the only way to reduce man's greenhouse gas footprints from nature is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere—although to do so will actually eradicate more than man's footprints from the environment. It will erase man from Earth's landscape as well since carbon dioxide is essential to support all forms of carbon lifeforms from plants to animals to man. Without carbon dioxide the world would be a desert. Carbon dioxide is the food that plants eat to grow the crops we harvest for food. In a gross sort of way, think of the byproduct excreted by the plants which feed on carbon dioxide—oxygen—not only as a sort of chemical feces, but also an element critical in the production of H2O—water—which all lifeforms on Earth need to drink to survive.

On Dec. 11, 1997, by a vote of 99-0, the GOP-controlled US Senate warned the White House not to sign the Kyoto Protocol. Had the social progressives controlled Congress in 1997 with the majority Obama had in 2008, the Clinton "New Democrats" wouldn't have needed to wait until 2009 to enact the American Clean Energy & Security Act proffered by social progressive Democrats Henry Waxman [D-CA] and Edward Markey [D-MA].

(The Waxman-Markey scheme, which originated in the minds of greedy social progressives like Al Gore (who became a billionaire trading in carbon emissions credits) became the blueprint for a United Nations treaty to cap carbon emissions in the industrialized nations while providing an opportunity for profit-taking in the undeveloped nations. The scheme, designed by the princes of industry to cripple small fossil fuel competitors trying to survive in a world owned by the princes of industry and barons of banking who will profit most from the buying and selling of "carbon emissions credits" between the industrial giants and the undeveloped third world countries which lacked any semblance of an industrial infrastructure.) For anyone inquisitive enough to ponder why anyone would make up a phony story about global warming if it wasn't true, now has two answers to that question. [1] Money and [2] enough political power to declare martial law over the population it governs.

Think of the Watermelon's make-believe global warming scam as the game it is to them. Think of it as a Monopoly™-type reality board game called Climate Change where the players win by getting the most carbon emission credits, and by reducing their carbon footprints as the land dries up and their opponents die of starvation or thirst, or being oxygen-deprived and suffocate.

The American people need to understand if this social progressive insanity is allowed to happen, more than just America's farmlands will resemble the dustbowl of the 1920s and 1930s. All of the dire predictions of doom from the lips of the left over the past four decades will become reality—but not because their predictions of doom were correct, but because every doomsday prophecy they made was deliberately and criminally wrong. Wrong enough to actually create the malady they predicted would happen if the draconian measures they demanded actually take place.


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