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20 years


I120707.jpgn April, 2014 ecowacko environmentalists aired an hour long climate change production called "Our Year of Extremes" on NBC. Had this production taken place anytime between May, 1996 and January, 2008, NBC special anchor for special interest international stories, Ann Curry, would have referred to what was happening as "global warming" and not the term ecowackos choose to use now—"climate change." Curry has been commended by chief ecowacko Al Gore for her work in propagating green causes by spewing the disastrous consequences of man-made global warming. In 2003, from her NBC bully pulpit, Curry who couldn't even find the State of Illinois on the map, decided that Thanksgiving should be considered "a day of mourning, not a day of celebration" because of what happened to Native Americans. As a bleeding heart liberal, Curry has managed to climb the social progressive ladder at NBC.

When leftwing Media Matters noted that Gore complimented Curry's diligence on global warming, she responded in kind by saying: "...without [Gore] running again for President, there will not be the political will in the White House to fight global warming to the level that is required..." It sounded like Curry was bucking for the job of White House press secretary should that terrible day accost America again. Accolades of that caliber suggest she was tossing her business card into the proverbial hat just in case.

Curry, who appears to have assumed the Gore mantra as the global warming soothsayer as NBC hammers the leftwing's favorite fable that 97% of the nation's scientists agree that when humans burn fossil fuels, the planet warms. When they don't, it doesn't. In reality, over 67% of the scientific community vehemently disagrees with the left's fable. Especially since that minority (not majority) who spout the fable of man-made global warming are paid handsome salaries in leftwing foundations or as department head chairs or research fellows in leftwing universities, where their published writings are viewed as scientific facts and not flawed theories which begin with conclusions and not premises which scientific research has proven to be true.

Since 2003 Curry has blamed every hurricane and tornado on man-made global warming. Curry, in an April 6, 2014 NBC video, insisted she was actually presenting evidence when she said that "...climate change is already changing lives in a one-size fits all scenario. from a bone-chilling deep freeze to searing heat, drought, fire, and floods gushing through the United States." If it's weather-related, Curry, NBC and the whole social progressive liberal media—and, of course, the political Watermelons (those green on the outside and communist red on the inside), blame man when all of the factual evidence—without the assistance of crayons and a 5-year old ecowacko mentality—say otherwise. The left knows that uninformed people will believe anything you tell them if you tell it to them enough times. When the left says, "the debate is over," they don't mean they have proven their theories. They mean they have to the political power to force the children they are educating in the government-run public school system to accept the lie as fact.

The simple truth is that when you throw the leftwing political garbage into the social progressive trash heap where it belongs, and examine only hard facts, the truth makes the global warming fable impossible to believe because the truth defies the lie. I guess that's why the left never mentions the truth. And the truth is? NASA has positively confirmed that the same climate change that impacts Earth also impacts Mars and Venus. Based on that factual knowledge, logic assures us we can assume that means one of two things are true. First, that the factories on Mars and Venus burn fossil fuels and Martian and Venusian workers are responsible for global warming on their planets. Or, second, that man-made global warming is a lie promulgated by greedy, power-hungry social progressives who needed to perpetuate and maintain their myth as truth for two reasons. First, to control a frightened population into believing they will survive only if they obey the taskmasters of the emerging world order and, second, to reap the extraordinary profits in the buying and selling of carbon credits with the emerging nations who need the money we possess in order to pay for the modernization of their primitive infrastructures.

Global warming became a leftwing fetish at the midpoint of Solar Cycle 22 on March 9, 1989 when a coronal mass ejection on the sun created a severe geomagnetic storm that caused the collapse of the Hydo-Quèbec electricity transmission system. On March 5, a very large X15 solar flare erupted on the sun. On March 13 the heat from the solar flare reached Earth. The solar storm on Earth was so intense that the auroras which are normally seen only at the Earth's poles were visible in Texas. On Aug. 20 there was another, much larger X20 solar flare geomagnetic storm of such intensity that it affected microchips in the nations most sophisticated computer system.

With the intense solar storms in 1986, and the fact that 137 people died from heat stroke that year in the United States, the first rumblings of global warming began spilling into the mainstream media. Although he now works for the Goddard Institute of Space Science,James Hansen, former professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences until 1985. started the global warming hysteria with an Internet article in 1982 and another in 1986 in which he predicted that by 2000 the temperature would be hotter than it was 100 thousand years ago. In 1982, Hansen said that the average temperature in the United States had risen one to two degrees since 1958 and it would rise and additional three or four degrees between 2010 and 2020. Hansen added that if fossil fuels were banned, England would become a tropical paradise by 2050. If we continue as we are, he added, the world will revert back to the temperatures the world experienced when dinosaurs roamed the world. The global warming scare was on.

Hansen studied under Professor James VanAllen at the University of Iowa. VanAllen was an engineer who build instruments for the first space satellite. It was VanAllen, Hansen said, who told him that Venus' 900° surface temperature was due to a heavy layer of carbon dioxide that blanketed the planet. In his mind, the temperature was not due to Venus' proximity of the sun, but the fact that the surface of the planet rested in a carbon dioxide atrium. In point of fact, Venus' "atmosphere" is 95% carbon dioxide and its atmospheric mass is 92 times that of Earth. In other words, its atmosphere is not an atmosphere at all. Think of it as sludgmosphere, so thick that telescopes can't even penetrate it. Venus' average daytime temperatures 875°.

What is most interesting is that Mercury is what could be described as the marshmallow on a stick over a burning nuclear power plant. Yet, its surface temperature is actually cooler than the surface temperature of Venus. The average daytime temperature on Mercury is 800°. It's average nighttime temperature is -280°F. Mercury has an very tenuous exosphere atmosphere that consists of hydrogen, oxygen, helium, sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Unlike our atmosphere, or that of Mars, the atmosphere on Mercury comes from solar wind. While scientists are still debating whether or not the tenuous atmosphere of Mercury comes from the planetary crust, logic suggests that's likely not the case since, if it was, the solar winds would heat that atmosphere to a much higher temperature than Venus. Mercury is 58 million km from the sun and Venus is 50 million km from Mercury. Earth's distance from Venus will vary from 38 million km to 261 million km. (In a straight line, Earth is approximately 150 million km from the sun.)

By 1989, Hansen was turning up the heat, predicting totally unprecedented warming. By 2050, Hansen said, "Earth's average temperature will rise 4° to 9° Fahrenheit, possibly altering storm patterns, making crops fail,and raising sea levels to flood low-level coastal areas." Wow! Hansen sounds just like Curry—and every other ecowacko in the country. The only problem is, there was no evidence to substantiate Hansen's theories. Nor was there any to support Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth. Gore's inconvenient truth was actually a very convenient lie.

The Earth is warming up. That's an inescapable fact. The northern hemisphere crept out from under the most recent cooling phase (which began around 1250 AD) in 1930. Science refers to that cooling phase as the Little Ice Age. That's an inescapable fact, too. While a handful of scientists—now estimated to be about 9% of those studying climate change—believe that climate change is orchestrated by man, the inescapable truth is climate change is caused by solar cycles and not man. Carbon dioxide levels do not, have not, and will not precipitate climate change. What's more, the ecoalarmists like Timothy Wirth and Al Gore know it.

The ecoalarmists insist that climate change is triggered by increases in greenhouse gases that shroud the planet over time, trapping heat in the atmosphere like an atrium and raising the surface temperature of the planet. Climate change. Satellite imagery and high altitude balloon temperature data retrieval confirm that the lower atmosphere is not trapping the volume of heat needed to impact global climate since it is high altitude temperature upheavals not low altitude temperature changes that determine climate change.

Second, oxygen-16 and oxygen-18 isotope ice core samples in both the Arctic and sub-Arctic and the Antarctic and carbon-14 and beryllium-10 isotope samples presents hard evidence of both the Earth's temperatures and the history of increases in carbon dioxide levels. It is an inescapable fact that carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) is not the culprit that is causing climate change since in every instance where both factors are measured, temperature increases precede the buildup of carbon dioxide. What that means is that it warms first, and the increased temperatures precipitate increased levels of Co2. That, also, is an inescapable fact even though the ecoalarmists are doing their level best to erase the world's climate history since the facts disprove the theory that increased levels of carbon dioxide cause global warming.

Ice core graphs from the north and south extremities of the planet, together with isotope samples in more moderate regions of the planet have confirmed the medieval warming period that made Greenland "green" and warmed the northern hemisphere. Clearly the medieval warming was not caused by the exorbitant use of fossil fuels just as carbon dioxide from factories and car exhausts is not causing the current cycle of climate change. The impact man has on the climate is less than 1%.

All the money in the world, and all of the punitive regulations that can be implemented by the watermelon bureaucracies around the world to limit pollution, curb Co2, and make people bath 20 times a day to reduce body heat, or produce flatulence-free feeds to keep cattle from passing gas will stop, slow or moderate, global warming. The world's leading climatologists and astrophysicists are in complete accord (at least those not paid by the watermelon environmental groups or the barons of business and princes of industry in whose best interest it is to transfer the wealth of the First World nations to the human capital-rich Third World where the prime consumers of the 21st century reside) that global warming is 99% created by cyclic solar activity.

To dispute that there was medieval warming period, Raymond S. Bradley wrote an article for Science Magazine on October 17, 2003. The article was entitled "Climate in Medieval Times." Bradley is a climatologist and a professor in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. wrote a history of the last 1,000 years, disputing that there was a medieval warming period. To accomplish this Bradley, with the help of Michael Mann, a young Ph.D from the University, substituted Mann's temperature proxies for the the ice core isotopes (tree rings) from moderate urban, heat zones, then using the official temperatures in those urban heat zones, postulated what he thought the temperatures all over the planet would have been over the past 1,000 years. (The Clinton Administration—or rather Al Gore—singled out Mann's work in 2000 to be included, as fact, in the US National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change. Gore liked the Mann Study because it contradicted hundreds of embarrassing historic documents that factually confirmed the medieval warming period had occurred. Mann's statistics showed 900 years of stable global temperatures that suddenly spiraled upward after 1910 with the advent of the automobile.

To the ecoalarmist, evidence that climate change is cyclic is the kiss of death since that means regardless what man does, global warming and cooling is going to happen. Once Mann caught the attention of ecoalarmist Al Gore, his theory gave the IPCC an answer to the embarrassing questions concerning the medieval warming period: it simply didn't happen. For his groundbreaking work, Mann became a primary author of IPCC, and a key editor of The Journal of Climate.

In 2004 two researchers from the University of Guelph in Canada, Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKittrick (who were studying the Medieval Warming Period), were stymied by Mann's claims and requested the original study data from the IPCC. The documents they received were incomplete and the data presented could not produce the claimed conclusion. They discovered that Mann's work had never been subjected to peer review. Using corrected and updated data, McIntyre and McKittrick recalculated Mann's temperature index (using Mann's own methodology). The results were published in Energy & Environment later that year. McIntyre and McKittrick reported that "...[t]he major finding is that the [warming]in the early 15th century exceed[s] any [warming] in the 20th century."

Mann's study became known by honest climatologists all over the world as the "Hockey Stick Theory" because, in his model, global temperatures were static until early in the 20th century when they suddenly spiked upward, presenting a graph that looked like a hockey stick. Mann's theory completely ignored Co2.

Had Mann paid attention to that factor he would have had to explain why tree ring samples collected from bristlecone pines in the Sierra Nevada Mountains showed a major growth spurt after 1910. Temperature alone cannot account for major growth spurts in mature trees. Growth spurts come from feeding the tree. Co2 acts as fertilizer for trees and other plants. Plantlife needs Co2 to grow. When tree rings show growth spurts there is always a parallel increase in the level of Co2 in the air. The more Co2, the more growth. Temperature can be calculated from the distance between the tree rings, with wider spaces between the rings as the climate warms. The Mann samples actually prove that the warming occurred first, followed by increased levels of Co2—once again, disproving the theories of the ecoalarmists who insist that manmade greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming.

In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore alleges that "...temperature change is the cause, not the result, of changing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels." Ninety-one percent of the world's climatologists disagree, arguing that the collected evidence overwhelmingly shows that rising temperatures always precede increased levels of Co2. Core sample studies from the Antarctica date back hundreds of thousands of years. The isotope samples provide data about the temperature and levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at the time the ice was produced. The Antarctic ice core samples conclusively prove that temperature spikes precede atmospheric carbon dioxide increases. Scientists discovered from the core sample studies that Co2 levels dramatically increase roughly 200 to 1,000 years after the temperature elevations begin.

Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound that is critically necessary to sustain life on planet Earth. It is the food plants consume to grow the crops we eat. Eliminate Co2 and we starve. As plants consume Co2 to grow the food we require to live, they excrete a byproduct known as oxygen. Oxygen—one of the most caustic pollutants on Earth—is essential for life. Without oxygen, mankind will suffocate. Since oxygen is created only by photosynthesis, deplete carbon dioxide and you deplete the quality and quantity of the air we breathe. It's that simple.

Well, now that we enjoyed the hockey game, let's get back to real science. The weather for the last three or four years has been acting weird because the sun itself is acting weird. Solar Cycle 23 (which gave us Hurricane Katrina) started out as a "ball of fire" if you pardon the pun. On July 14, 2000 it began with an X5.7 Cornonal Mass Ejection geomagnetic storm. Cycle 23 gave us the largest solar flare ever measured on Oct. 3, 2003. It was followed by a flare that lasted from Oct. 29 to November 3 and was dubbed by NASA as the "Halloween Solar Storm."

When Solar Cycle 24 started, the experts were pretty evenly divided with NASA's David Hathaway convinced Cycle 24 would peak in the spring of 2013 with about 60 sunspots. The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center predicted Cycle 24 would peak in late 2012 or early 2013 with 90 sunspots. It turned out that, thus far, Cycle 24 has proven to be the weakest Solar Cycle since Cycle 14 (Feb. 1902-Aug. 1913) which produced 64 spots in its 9 year lifespan. Yet, the weirdest aspect of Solar Cycle 24 is the fact that in its short lifespan, it has produced four Cornonal Mass Ejection geomagnetic storms that upset the northern hemisphere Arctic Polar Vortex in January, 2014 and, unexpectedly, CBS weather predictions suggest that the the Arctic polar vortex might be shooting a burst of frigid arctic air over large portions of the Midwest and upper Great Plains, including Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, and Ohio in mid-July. Ann Curry and Al Gore need to start scripting their talking points about how really cold air in the summer means the real culprit is global warming.

Curry has consistently argued that there is a 97% consensus on global warming even though thousands of peer review studies cast doubt on the theory of man-made global warming. In 2010, Marc Morano, founder of Climate Depot.com released the statements of the professional views of over 1,000 scientists who challenged the leftwing theories of man-made global warming while, at the same time, the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change produced even more peer-reviewed scientific journal articles that deny man-made climate change. In other words, no one denies that global warming and global cooling are real. Real scientists, not the Cracker Jack box ecowackos who are participants in the debate hoping to get rich by trading in the newest get-rich-quick scheme of buying and selling carbon credits, know that climate change is controlled over 99% by the sun.

The human influence on climate has never been documented even though the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change claimed, in its 1996 assessment, that the human impact on climate had been proven based on 130 peer-reviewed studies. In reality the "consensus" was based entirely on two research papers, not 130. Neither had it been subjected to peer review. Nor was it supported by fact. Both papers were written by Dr. Benjamin D. Santer, a junior research scientist working at the US government's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Santer was busy trying to make a name for himself in the Clinton Administration. Lending credibility to his report was then Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Day Olin Mount, who reported to Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs Timothy Wirth who, with then Vice President Al Gore, Jr., wrote the Kyoto Protocol that, if fully implemented, will return the First World economies to the Dark Ages as it elevates the Third World (and China); which are exempt from the carbon dioxide greenhouse gas restriction, to First World economic status. As you are glimpsing here, the left has no loyalties to God and Country—particularly God.

Ann Curry, in the meantime, was diligently arguing, without absolutely any concrete evidence, that Hurricane Sandy proved that her hypothesis was correct. Her evidence? The leftwing mainstream media reported that because Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy went up the east coast of the United States where the water should be too cold to sustain them instead of following the normal warm water path into the Gulf of Mexico or doing its damage in the Caribbean Sea. Hurricane Sandy was not only the deadliest and most destructive hurricane in 2012, and the second costliest hurricane in US history, it was fed by two factors. First, Solar Cycle 24 was much weaker than normal weather patterns in the tropical zones on either side of the equator and it was warmer in the northern hemisphere. Add to that another weather anomaly and you get what we got:—a Super Storm when a tropical storm collides with an extratropical storm. The problem was compounded by a trough of abnormally warm Atlantic Ocean waters along the coast of the eastern seaboard. Usually what happens with Caribbean born tropical storms stumble back into the Atlantic where they are forced East out to sea by the prevailing high pressure Westerly trade winds when the pressure is lowest over the North Pole. However, with the North and South Poles being bombarded with Cycle 24 geomagnetic storms, the extratropical storms tend to reverse direction and steer towards the poles, not away from them. In Sandy's case, moving out to sea was blocked by a ridge of high pressure off the coast of Greenland that created a kink in the jetstream and forced the superstorm to double back on itself and hit the northeastern States which are normally well outside the hurricane belt.

Can you say that Superstorm Sandy (2012) and Hurricane Irene (2011) were caused by global warming? No. Were they caused by climate change? Most definitely. Was that climate change caused by People? Absolutely not unless the left has evidence that humans are stoking the sun spots and fueling the geomagnetic storms on the sun.


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