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How does the left steal votes? How do you know in which states are leftwing politicians planning to steal votes? How do you uncover the theft? How do you fix the theft? It's not easy, but it can be done.
The elections of 2008 and 2012 should have been settled in the US Supreme Court, not at the electronic tabulators of the Supervisors of Elections in the States. Why? Because in 2008 some 96,992,000 duly registered voters cast their ballots, but there were 132,618,580 votes to be counted in the ballot boxes. That's the theft of 35,626,580 votes by imaginary voters, created by fraud in the "vote incubator" inside the nation's electronic voting machines. Donald Trump is right about the vote theft. It's happening in every election now thanks to HAVA. Donald Trump needs to talk to Bev Harris in Washington State. When you have more votes than voters, vote fraud is always the culprit. And the vote fraud America is experiencing is not itty-bitty vote theft. It's massive vote fraud designed to elect politicians that only the princes of industry, the barons of banking and the courtesans of commerce could love—or want in office.

But, before the American voters got snookered by its government at the behest of the socialist one-worlders who want global government which requires the sacrifice of the personal liberty of mankind, you might feel some comfort in knowing you weren't the first to be snookered. Or, maybe not. The citizens of western Europe were first. The utopians of Europe, led by a nose ring controlled by the titans of industry, business and banking (who triggered World War I in order to merge Europe into a single "nation;" and since 1920, who used the League of Nations [which was the reason for World War I]) and the United Nations (not the reason for WWII), to consolidate all of the nations on Earth under one flag. It hasn't worked because all people everywhere want liberty, and will die to get it or keep it. To remain free Americans understand they need to retain the constitutional right to own firearms—and the ammunition needed to maintain them as a weapon rather than a decorative blunt instrument.

The fledgling European Union began using Internet voting with their votes transmitted through GEMS.file controlled voting and tabulating voting machines, there was a degree of mistrust in the nations invited to join the EU. Ireland spent €40 million for Netherlands Nedap voting machines which they used in three precincts in the 2002 Irish elections.

Ireland tested Nedap electronic voting in an Irish election and in a referendum on the Treaty of Nice to see if they could detect anomalities in vote patterns tabulated by Irishmen and in those tabulated by the Dutch. When the results came in, Ireland delayed using the voting machines in any general election in which the whole nation would cast their lot on the Nedap machines.

In 2007 the Irish government completely stopped using the Nedap voting machines. In October, 2010, Ireland scrapped 7,000 unused Nedap voting machines, losing €54.6 million (which included €3 million just for storing the machines). Ireland never publicly revealed why they junked the voting machines, but it's obvious that when they compared the results of the Nedap tests from 2002 to 2007, the results of the votes controlled entirely by Irish poll workers were discernable different than the results when the machines were controlled by the Netherlands. In the Irish test vote in 2002, the people soundly rejected the EU; in the Nedap test in 2007, they overwhelmingly approved it. The difference had nothing to do with a changed mind in Ireland. It had to do with who controlled the tabulation of votes in the voting machines.

Germany tested Nedap in 2005. They used the Nedap ESD1 and ESD2. That year a Dutch citizen's group hacked another Nedap system, the ES3B which is very similar to the D1 and D2 which resulted, by 2007, in scores of lawsuits as German citizen groups sued, claiming the Nedap systems were vulnerable to hacking.

The Netherlands used the Nedap machines from the mid-nineties until 2007 when serious security flaws which allowed vote fraud were revealed. An extensive poll (of who voted for whom), taken by one Dutch newspaper, revealed completely different election results than the electronic voting system created—and then self-erased the tracks of the internal, programmed hack.

In September, 2007 a Dutch court ruled that electronic voting was illegal and restored the paper ballot. Yet the Netherlands judicial system didn't seem to have a problem with the fact than Euro citizens in the 28 Euro nations voted on EU membership by casting their ballots of whether or not to join the European Union on a corrupt Dutch electronic Internet voting system—complete with the GEMS magic eraser to expedite membership by erasing the national borders of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom (which is connected to France by a tunnel under the English Channel).

England renounced the European Union and, after a plebiscite on paper ballots, one imagines, England walked away, bringing about the "shame" resignation of conservative leader and former British Prime Minister, David Cameron. The current Prime Minister of England is the Conservative Party leader, Theresa May who took office in July, 2016.

Which brings the dialogue back to us. We weren't the original dupes, but because we allowed the David Rockefeller-George Soros financed Congressional leadership to legislate the Help America Vote Act of 2002, which President George W. Bush eagerly signed into law (largely because, I think, he still remembered the Al Gore instigated Chad Dance in Broward and Dade County, Florida in 2000 that brought the US Supreme Court into the election fray.

Since I voted for Bush-43 twice, I would like to think that he didn't know, when he signed HAVA (Pub.L. 107–252) into law, that the election voting program developed by Diebold contained a self-perpetuating vote creator known as the GEMS-file that would allow IT maintenance companies with contracts to care for the voting machines, to manipulate them though the access cards at any time before or during the voting process.

The totals are usually manipulated with a hidden program in the access card (which does not register when the access card is scanned before updating all of each county's cast votes onto a master access card to be downloaded in the State's tabulator. The GEMS.file is so sophisticated (as Beverly Harris was able to prove to Florida Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho) that only those stealing votes knows what is happening inside the master tabulators. What election officials discovered from Harris' experiment was that the GEMS.file not only can, but has since 2006, manipulated the vote and delivered enough computer-created, non-existent votes from nonexistent voters to swing an election.

How do you know which voting machines are going to commit vote fraud? Because the Democrats and the liberal mainstream media actually tell you. Why would they do that? Because you have to know where to expect unexpected surprises, so that when States which you thought should vote red suddenly vote blue, the anomaly doesn't bring visions of vote fraud to your mind—although that's likely what happened. Enough of those upsets in an election and you won't need me to tell you that vote fraud was afoot. How do they do it?

In a Fox News segment on Wednesday, Nov. 2, the Fox program host interviewed two female political consultants from Wisconsin (one Democrat, one Republican) about the status of the contest, noting that blue State Wisconsin always votes Democratic. He then asked what they thought of Trump's chances, being that he was trailing Clinton by 6 points. The Republican talking head argued two points. First, she said, Wisconsin is not a blue State, it's a purple State. And second, only the Marquette Law School Poll gave Hillary Clinton that much of an edge. She said, in Wisconsin, the people who live there see this as a much, much closer race.

How does anyone know by how much one candidate is leading another? On Nov. 4, the ABC-Washington Post poll showed Hillary leading, nationwide, by 4 points. The more unbiased polls paint a picture of Trump winning. LA Times/USC poll shows Trump leading Hillary by 4 points. In the Battleground States, on Nov. 4, it looked like this: Arizona, Trump by 4; Colorado: Hillary by 1; Florida, Trump by 6; Georgia, Trump by 2; Pennsylvania: a tie; Trump by 4 in New Hampshire; North Carolina, Clinton 3; Utah: Trump by 6; and Clinton by 5 points in Wisconsin. The leftwing media polls largely showed Clinton leading in most of the Battleground States by 1 to 8 points.

The Democrat-controlled polls oversample because of a memo from John Podesta to use the metrix established by Atlas Project (a liberal polling company) for all swing state surveys. They think it better reflects the views of the minority vote (which isn't materializing). But, nevertheless, they do it, arguing that it doesn't sway the opinion if, in a survey of 1,000 people where 10% of the population included in the survey (or 100 total) are Hispanic, they over-sample Hispanics by as much as 50% of the total to be "inclusive." Atlas claims doing that does not affect the outcome of the poll, because when they put the sampling together they only use 100 Hispanics in the survey. (They claim they only use 500 Hispanics in order to "assess the subset"—whatever that means.)

It's important to understand that the polling numbers which reflect Trump in the lead (above) were largely done by private polling firms not tied to the liberal media. The polls you watch on Fox News are largely media polls, and thus, are biased against Trump. Trump's team has been very vocal in expressing the opinion that the Democrats are using "poll-rigging" to claim leads they don't actually possess. Why would they do that?

Because if you believe Clinton has a five, six or more point lead over Trump, you won't be surprised when the votes are counted and she wins. If you remember the media in the 2008 election wrap-ups talking about the 35 million new, young minority voters that Barack Obama brought into the system, let me say this: they never existed. In fact, a lot of the usual Democratic voters who regularly vote in presidential elections, stayed at home in 2008 and, moreso, in 2012 because Obama never kept any of his "share the wealth" promises in 2008. If you take away the imaginary votes counted in 2008 (and again in 2012), you will find that in each of those elections, Obama actually won only about 32 million votes. The rest were "won" by computer theft.

How does the left get away with it? Because Democratic polling companies believe since there are 85 million registered Democrats in the country and only 63 million Republicans, that 51% of all registered voters are Democrats and only 38% of the total universe of registered voters are Republican. Thus, the liberal pollsters believe that polls should be weighted so that they lopsidedly reflect that imbalance. Thus, when a media pollster conducts a random survey, it's not even remotely random. In a poll of 1,000 households there will deliberately be about 25% more Democrats sampled than Republicans, which always slants the poll to favor the Democrats.

However, what is being polled isn't supposed to be voter registration affiliations, but how those polled Americans (at least we hope those being polled are either natural born or naturalized citizens) view the two major party candidates, party affiliation notwithstanding, because only one of those two candidates can win the election. Third party candidates exist only to drain votes from the major party candidate the Titans of banking and industry bankrolled to win. Before the GEMS.file illegally found its way into the electronic voting machines, the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business had to finance both major party candidates on the chance that their "guy" might not win, and they needed a "claim" on the other guy. (Notice I said "guy," because, constitutionally, based on Article II of the Constitution, women are ineligible to hold that office since Article II is male-gendered. It will take a constitutional amendment to degenderize Article II before a woman can constitutionally be president.)

What the polls should show is the preference each voter has for which of the two major candidates he or she favors. Democrats want to see all conservative third party candidates included in the polls since conservatives and libertarian third party candidates generally steal votes from the Republican candidate and reduce his standing in the polls. While Gary Johnson managed to get on the ballot in 49 States (Rhode Island excluded), Jill Stein failed to get on Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina, and South Dakota. She is a write-in candidate in Georgia, Illinois and North Carolina. While she can't win anything, she can cause Hillary to lose both North Carolina and Georgia.

When the election is over, federal law requires the posting of the election results by specifically showing the American voter, on one form, the following: [1] the number of registered voters in the United States, [2] the number of registered voters who voted, [3] the percentage of registered voters who voted, and finally [4] the number of votes tabulated. When you realize that 58.8% of the registered voters voted, but the total number of ballots cast represented 168% of the eligible voters, you know for certain this is more than a "good" turnout, this is astronomical vote fraud. Not only can you never have more than 100% of the voters voting because once you have 100%, you have all there is. Even more, when only 58.8% of those eligible to vote signed in to vote, you can't have more votes cast than voters who signed in to cast those ballots.

What do you do now? You flood the office of your Congressman with calls, emails, faxes, and more faxes to reject every county where there are more votes than voters. What needs to happen is that once you pollute one county in any State, you have polluted 100% of the votes cast. At that point, once you reject the results of even one State, you've just thrown the election into the House of Representatives. Congress, at that point, has the right to reject the election totals, and the House of Representatives then elects the President of the United States. Congress elected the President of the United States twice. Once in 1824 and again in 1876. If you see the fraud, we need enough people screaming for the House of Representatives to make a honest decision from a crooked election. (The best place to scream is to the Trump Campaign. The Federal Election Commission will listen to him where they won't listen to you. Likewise, the US Supreme Court will listen to the Trump Campaign as well because he can prove injured status.

Election vote fraud should be classified as treason since it's a crime against all of the people of the United States. For that reason, there should be very stiff and very lengthy sentences—and no statute of limitations. In addition, any presidential candidate who uses, or participates in, vote fraud committed by that candidate's political party to occupy the White House, like those who commit treason, should not be able to "pardon" themselves. Likewise, presidential candidates who violate 18 USC § 1001 either accidentially or purposefully deciminate confidential, classified, secret or top secret data are forever barred from holding any government office in the United States. No president should be allowed to pardon anyone for violating 18 USC § 1001. Like treason against the United States, 18 USC § 1001 should be construed as one of the only two completely unforgiveable sins in the United States and, like treason, should be immune from a presidential pardon. There is no other law on the books in the federal government that forbids those who violate that law from ever working in the federal government.

In addition, because there is now credible evidence which suggests that all electronic voting machines are flawed, HAVA (the Help America Vote Act) should be nullified by the States if Congress declines to repeal it, and whomever is in the White House attempts to veto its repeal.

Since we now know, positively—without an iota of doubt—that HAVA was never enacted to help America vote, but to help the princes of industry and the barons of banking overthrow the American Republic created by our forefathers in order to establish an oligarchic political system managed by the sixth chair of the United Nations as the world's political system collapses from 196 separate nations into one supra State in a post-American world which more closely resembles the medieval world of lords and serfs where, prior to 1787, the commoners had no voice in the affairs of the land barons or the States they ruled.

In 2012, 90,682,958 registered American voters cast their votes, but the electronic counters counted 126,985,809 votes in the ballot boxes. Remember: only 96,992.000 registered voters voted in 2008 and there were a corresponding 96,992,00 paper ballots in those systems, yet the voting machines tallied 35,626,590 more votes than those of the legally registered voters who actually voted. In 2012, it was the same drill—with the same results. Only in 2012 the imaginary voters cast 36,292,841 more votes than the ballots cast to re-elect the unelectable Barack Obama. Vote fraud put him in the White House in 2008, and a greater amount of vote fraud returned him to the While House in 2012.

The left, which had been doing their own honest polling for months before the election knew that Obama would not be reelected without a lot of help from on-high—you know—the godly princes of industry, the barons of banking and the courtesans of commerce who actually own the voting booths where you cast your ballots to elect their candidates.

The Democrats knew that Mitt Romney was going to be the 45th President of the United States at the end of the Republican primaries because, well, based on the mood of the nation and the ineptness of the man in the Oval Office, whomever won the Republican nomination was going to win the election.

The American people are fairly forgiving of their presidents until those with God-complexes put a gun to their heads to force them obey edicts which are unconstitutional. (Which Obamacare is. [Click on link here.]) The linked article is long. But understand something about my website. It carries a pledge that everything you find here will always be the truth. You can't "prove" the truth of an argument with a mouthful of words. It usually takes at least a pocketful. (Which is why my detractors pick on my name rather than the content of the material I write.)

Well, for whatever it's worth, once again, you have my two cents worth on this subject. Until next time. Whether or not liberty exists in America after this election, or perhaps the next, depends in part on how YOU receive, assimilate, and USE the information contained in this article. America's future, and its fate, is in your hands. If you do nothing, expecting someone else to do it for you, this nation, and the liberty it has provided you, will cease to exist in your lifetime.

What can you do? Well, first, you can go back to the beginning and reread this because you missed something. Those steps may be hard, but it beats the alternative. If you don't, if your neighbors don't, if your friends and relatives don't, if your city doesn't, and if your State doesn't, the Money Mafia—the American titans—will turn back the clock to 1920 when the League of Nations was created. Only this time, the courtesans of commerce who profit from a borderless world will win. Don't worry about Donald Trump's security fence around this nation because our borders will fall and the new American Union will be two continents long—and the American people (White, Black, Tan or polka dot) will be the new western hemisphere minority that has nothing and needs everything.

The doomsday clock is ticking...it's now three minutes to midnight. Get on your computer, send this piece everyone and ask everyone you send it to, to do the same. The quality of our lives in the immediate future really does depend on it.

You need to enlist the support of your friends and neighbors...and even those whose political views may differ from your own. You need to convince them that if this nation does not immediately jettison electronic voting and return to paper ballots and #2 pencils, not only will you lose your right to speak out on issues that promise to destroy liberty, your friends, neighbors and those whose political views differ from your own, will lose theirs as well. Because when tyrants unilaterally control everything, only the tyrants will possess the right to speak their mind. Well, anyway, while I could, I spoke mine. So, for whatever it's worth, once again, you have my two cents worth on this subject. Until next time...if there is one...





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