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NOTE to viewers: (8/20/16)What was originally displayed on the video above was the entire film which Beverly Harris and Black Box Voting.org ran on HBO. The film was so revealing that there was no doubt in the minds of anyone who saw the full length HBO production the truth of how Harris and her associates found an unsecured Diebold FTP program parked in an empty spot on Google, accessed the file and uploaded its files. Reports are now circulating on the Internet that all of the social media sites on the Internet as well as Google and YouTube are now erasing negative press about the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. This video, which initially aired on HBO, conclusively proved that every electronic voting machine in use in the world contains a GEMS.file which not only allowed the votes to be manipulated (as detailed below) but covers the tracks of the theft as it commits the crime. The "evidence eraser" that removed the video which previously aired in its entirety on HBO appears to be the work of Diebold which, according to BlackBoxVoting.org, created the vote theft program and has been trying to prevent anyone from seeing it.

Original Post: April 29, 2016—In 2003, after being told that the Democratic vote for Vice President Al Gore in Valusia County, Florida in the 2000 Presidential election was a negative 16,022 votes (with Gore ultimately losing the election to Texas Governor George W. Bush by what amounted to 5 votes—from Supreme Court justices—a registered Democrat, a Washington State grandmother named Beverly Harris decided it was time the "People" started asking questions and demanding cogent answers. There are two interesting things about Harris which, while both are contradictions of one another, both are true. First, Harris is a social progressive Democrat whose crusade began when she was told that Gore experienced a -16,222 vote count in one of the few Republican counties in Florida in 2000. Harris felt that was the reason Gore lost the election. A whopping, impossible-16,222 vote error (or"theft") according to the Gore Campaign . FloridaBallotThe vote issue in Florida was ultimately settled by the US Supreme Court in Bush v Gore 531 US 98 in a ruling stating that [a] the Equal Protection Clause forbade any State from using different standards to count ballots within the various counties or voting precincts and [b the Florida Supreme Court changed the law without looking at the different standards applied in what constituted a voted ballot by simply extending the deadline on contesting ballots.]

The US Supreme Court intervened in Bush v Gore by citing 3 U. S. C. § 5 (based on Tilden v Hayes [1876] and McPherson v. Blacker, 146 U. S. 1, 35 [1892])—because federal law mandates that the States cannot change the rules on how votes are tabulated once the first ballot is cast. When Bush appealed to the US Supreme Court, the Democrats in Florida and elsewhere argued that how the State voted was outside the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, further arguing on their bully pulpits (the national liberal media) that the current high court was too conservative to even hear the case. It never dawned on the Democrats that the Florida Supreme Court was a far-left activist court that was far too liberal to render an unbiased decision. Every member of the Florida Supreme Court was a liberal activist who was determined to reshape the ideological landscape in Florida to make it the Massachusetts or New York of the South.

The Rehnquist Court was a moderate court which had declined to overturn Roe v Wade, so the one thing it could not be called was "conservative." The three conservatives on the court were: Chief Justice William Rehnquist, and (now deceased) Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, together with Clarence Thomas. The four liberals were: John Paul Stevens, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and David Souter (the closet homosexual picked by Bush-41 on the advise of Bush friend and former leftwing GOP Gov. John Sununu, who assured him that Souter would be a "home run" for conservatism on the high court.). The swing votes were Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy. O'Conner (who was asked by Ronald Reagan if placed on the high court, would she pledge to repeal Roe v Wade. She promised—but broke her word every time Roe came before the high court. The one thing the Rehnquist Court wasn't in 2000 was conservative. Of course, to the leftwing media, anything not socialist is conservative. The high court intervened in Bush v Gore simply because the Florida Supreme Court violated the Establishment Clause of the 14th Amendment by allowing the Palm Beach County to change the rules. The rules allow a contestant in the election to challenge any precinct he lost. Gore didn't contest the precincts he lost because they were Republican precincts and he knew he wouldn't find the votes he needed there to win. He asked for recounts in the precincts he won, hoping to find enough votes he could contest to win the 1,900 or so votes he needed in three or four counties he had already won to claim Florida's 25 electoral votes.

Although she doesn't seem to realize that the Democratic Party which carries the name of Andrew Jackson, now wears the brand of Karl Marx, liberal Bev Harris is one of the leading advocates of honest elections in the country—even if she favors Democrats, and believes the vote thieves are Republicans since that's what she chases first.Vote-Glitch Someone forgot to call attention to the attempted vote theft by Democrats for Suzanne Patrick [D] running for the 2nd Congressional seat against E. Scott Riggell [R] to assume the seat held by Democrat Gerald Connelly. Of course, the Washington Post, which caught it, tried to erase it after-the fact, but left about 2 seconds of the tape when they covered it with another political story. But, it's enough to see the fraud. Even with the vote fraud, Riggell still won.The Democratic-controlled State legislature under Gov. Terry McAuluffe [D-VA] gerrymandered the 2nd Congressional district in a way that will make it virtually impossible for a Republican to win that seat in the future. (Historically, congressional districts are theoretically realigned only the year after the census is taken every ten years. The last census was taken in 2010.) Riggell has announced he will not run for re-election this November. Apparently Bev Harris' group, BlackBoxVoting.org only considers vote theft a crime when the party behind the theft wins the seat, but not when they lose.

Everything I've dug up about Beverly Harris tells me she is an honest broker advocating for honest elections. She is the first honest election advocate who unequivocally proved that any electronic voting machine in the country can be hacked in 90 seconds or less to manipulate the vote—without leaving any trace that the machine, or the entire system, had been hacked. Harris' company, Black Box Voting.org convinced the Florida Supervisor of Elections, Ion Sancho, to run a random test to see if Black Box Voting.org could hack his touch screen voting machines—without physically touching itHack-Test. Of the 12 people involved in the test, ten voted that the Diebold Voting Machine could not be hacked; two voted it could be hacked. The tape showing the voting activity was run. It showed that ten people had voted the machine could not be hacked, and two voted it could. The access card, which transfers the data from the touch screen voting machine to the card, scanned the access card to verify it was blank and transferred the data to the tabular, which was run to verify no data had been stored on it prior to the test. It was clean. The access card from the test vote was inserted in the tabular and the data transferred and printed. Ten people now said the machine could be hacked, and two said it could not.

The access cards which are always checked before the data from the electronic voting machines are uploaded into them, are checked to make sure they are blank. But buried in the code of the access cards instructing the card to upload the data from the voting machine is the hack which becomes part of the transferred data and can no longer be identified as code by which it piggybacked its way into the retrieval of the data it was to retrieve.

Their investigations showed that Diebold and Election Systems & Software [ES&S] machines could be hacked if the would-be hacker could get an access card used by any voting precincts (since they all appear to work on any voting machine, and, it turns out, are available to just about anyone) to transfer data from the individual optical scan voting machines to the master tabulators which compile the data from upwards of 4,000 or more voting machines in the counties to be delivered to the master system in the State capital which then tabulate all of the counties and announce the winners and losers for all State races.

There is only one way to catch electronic voting theft. It's so simple few, if any, computer scientist would likely ever solve the problem because they are too technical.for simplicity. How do you do it? The Founding Fathers knew, and penned the instructions in the Constitution. Congress was required to post the following information after every presidential election: [1] the total number of all registered voters in the country; [2] the percentage of those registered voters who voted, [3] the number of registered voters who voted, and [4] the number of ballots in the ballot boxes. When you have more voters than votes, you have a reasonably honest elect. When you have more votes than voters, you have fraud.

Which brings up one question about BlackBoxVoting.org. The two most egregious instances of electronic vote fraud occurred on Bev Harris' watch in 2008 and 2012 (particularly 2008 since the Bush-43 Administration's FEC completed the required documentation which highlighted the vote fraud at a glance). The 2000 FEC document (prepared by the Bush-43 FEC as required by constitutional law), showed there was a total of 96,992,000 registered voters who voted in 2008 (or, 56.8% of all of the legally registered voters in the United States). Yet, there were 132,618,580 ballots counted—35,626,480 more votes than voters. You cannot legally have more votes than voters. I guess when the leftwing media noted, the following day, that Barack Obama "got out the vote," by pulling a 127% voter turnout. Keep in mind, that 27% more votes than voters did not represent actual people. It represented rigged voting machines, so think of it this way. A handful of extremely wealthy people who used to buy both major party candidates for every key race now only has to buy those with the access card to the master voting machines at State level—theoretically 50 people although it's more like 500 people, please millions of dollars to the designated winner and designated losers of key congressional races and the run for the White House.

And what about Bev Harris? In 2000 she was one of those Americans who thought our elections were honest, and who cast her vote for Vice President Al Gore , thinking that the people actually elected the President—or constitutionally, that she was electing the electors who officially elected the President when the Electoral College votes were counted on Jan. 6, 2001. While I do occasionally vote for candidates on the other side of the ideological divide, I think Bev Harris is an American hero even though I expect she was one of the 30-plus million people who actually voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012. In 2012 the Democratic vote fraud was a lot more transparent than Barack Obama's administration had been since 2009 (in lieu of Obama's campaign pledge to have the most transparent administration in the history of the United States). The only record I found on Google of Black Box Voting.org investigating anything to do with the Election of 2008 was that electronic vote count and the physical vote count in New Hampshire, primary with Obama winning the physical count, and Hillary Clinton winning the voting machine tabulation. While Clinton claimed the victory on the evening of the primary as the Rockefeller-Morgan banking cabal pulled their lines of credit from Hillary's bank and transferred their support—and money—to Obama.

The best opportunity to expose electronic vote fraud happened in November, 2009 when the Obama Administration arrogantly displayed the Certification of the Election of 2008 on the White House website. The Federal Election Commission, as required by law (although not on the White House website), is required by law to post the following: [1] the number of registered voters eligible to vote for the President of the United States; [2] the percent of those registered voters who actually, and legally, voted; [3] the physical number of voters who voted; and [4] the number of votes cast by all persons who voted. The form for the Election of 2008, was prepared shortly after the Electoral College vote by the sitting President, in this case, by the Bush-43 Administration, which posted it on the FEC website. The fraud was so conspicuous that President George W. Bush had to know that voter fraud of historic proportions had just taken place on his watch. After all, as detailed above, there was a total of 96,992,000 registered voters who voted in 2008 (or, 56.8% of all of the legally registered voters in the United States). Yet, there were 132,618,580 ballots counted—35,626,480 more votes than voters. Those statistics sat on the White House website, and on the FEC website at least from Nov.28, to Dec. 10, 2009 when it was pulled not only from the White House website, but from the FEC website where, by law, it was required to be. During those 12 days over 75 thousand people clicked on that link on my website. When the FEC re posted the FEC Election report it merely listed the "counted" votes by States without mention of the number of people who cast and the number of votes which magically appeared.

In 2012 the Obama Administration used a slight departure to comply with the law. The FEC document was a clone of the doctored 2007 Certification which merely enumerated the number of votes counted in each State, and the number of votes awarded to each presidential candidate. Several different news sources reported facets of the vote. One noted the number the registered voters who voted. Another reported on the number of registered voters there were compared to the last election cycle (the number of registered voters in the United States dropped slightly—not even newsworthy on a bad news day). What was newsworthy for anyone who collected these tidbits of data in 2012, is that 90,682,968 registered voters somehow delivered 126,985,809 ballots. And, once again, remember, it's impossible to have more than 100% of the votes.

Why did the Obama Administration move it to the front page of the White House website? As a dig aimed to California attorney Orley Taitz who filed a Quo Warranto lawsuit against Obama, demanding to know, through that document, by what authority Obama called himself the President of the United States. In October, 2008 a former Pennsylvania Democratic State deputy Attorney General, Philip Berg who it is believed by many Americans, was acting on behalf of his client, Hillary Rodham Clinton, filed a lawsuit in US District Court under his 1st Amendment right to have a federal court hear his grievance against Barack Obama, a citizen of Kenya by birth and of England which ruled British East Africa in August, 1961 (but not the United States where he has never applied for citizenship as a naturalized citizen since he is not, nor ever was, a natural born citizen of this country). Instead of providing a valid—not a photo-shopped fraudulent long form Hawaiian birth certificate—which Taitz knew Obama did not possess, she filed suit to make him produce his actual birth certificate which is under lock and key in Kenya.

Instead, Obama arrogantly posted the 2008 presidential election results, not realizing massive voter fraud appeared on the document he posted on the White House website. Berg's case (like all of the Obama eligibility cases) was summarily dismissed by US District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick who ruled that Berg had no standing to file. Not only did Berg have "standing" under the 1st Amendment grant to the people to petition the courts for an address of any grievance they have against the government, Surrick was obligated to give him a fair and impartial hearing since Obama was never properly vetted by either Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-NV] or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-CA], both of whom should be in federal prison for criminal malfeasance.

But sadly, in Googling Harris' initiating an investigation into the electronic voting machine fraud of the 2008 and 2012 elections, they appear to be non-existent. Yet, there are scores of articles written by a myriad of print newspapers as well as Internet bloggers on every facet of Obama vote fraud in 2012 from voting precincts where Mitt Romney drew record crowds of over 100 thousand people, yet less than 24 hours later, received zero votes from those who braved to cold to listen to him, while Obama was pulling results of 120% to 169% of the registered voters (let alone the fact that only about 58% of the registered voters nationwide showed up to vote). Keep in mind that once you have 100% of the registered voters voting, there are no more. There is not even 100.0001% voters available. If you know anything about math, you know that when you reach 100%, that's all there is. In 2012

In the 100 voting precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio (Cleveland). Romney received zero votes. Obama received 99% of the votes. The problem in Cleveland was repeated throughout Pennsylvania—the State that Obama media pundits said Obama wasn't worried about losing. Now I see why—a large number of voting machines were set on "default." Obama was the default candidate. Fox News reported that this problem was not unique to Pennsylvania. Hundreds, if not thousands, of voters not only in Pennsylvania, but in Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas were reporting the same thing. Fox News also reported that two election judges were replaced in one Ohio precinct for allowing unregistered voters sent by Democratic officials to cast ballots. Clearly, there are no individual honest electronic voting advocates in the nation who have done more Bev Harris to not only alert the American people that all electronic voting machines are vote stealing waiting to happen, but prove through States election officials precisely how the vote fraud takes place—and its completely undetectable. You know it happened only because, as indicated above, you have far, far, more votes than voters. Sadly, the vote fraud which merely flips the votes of the Republican and Democratic candidates will not be caught unless one of those candidates whose exit polls show him or her winning by a large margin, loses. I had recount of the actual ballot counted by the voting machine will verify the flipped votes were actually one by the candidate whose exit polls showed he or she would win. Like Hillary Clinton winning the New Hampshire vote based on the electronic tabulation, but losing on the physical count. HAVA (the Help America Vote Act) was an unconstitutional law because it required every State to use some form of electronic voting machine instead of a hand counted paper ballot when Article I, Sec. 4 of the Constitution mandates that the States are the sole judge of the time, place and manner and the one day that all votes for President will be cast. The Constitution prohibits early voting. To allow early voting, the Constitution must be amended, The resolution to amend must be ratified by three-fourths of the States.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather wait a day or two or three after a national election, wondering who won not only the White House, but also the House and Senate seats as long as the candidates we actually voted would be the ones actually sworn into office on January 20 (the President) or, for Congress, on January 3. I know that's not happening now. But, I'd be a good dinner at a fancy Mickey D's you will find far less social progressives (i.e., watermelon communists) taking up space in our State Houses and in the U.S. Congress. If those who actually won the vote got the seat, today, Donald Trump would be in the headlines today only because he stiffed the contractors who built his Taj Mahal Casino. The media would be asking who President Mitt Romney's veep was going to select as his running mate when he accepts the GOP nomination as President of the United States in a unified, prosperous America in Cleveland on July, But, since he is eligible, it may well be if Trump does not get enough loyal delegates to avoid a floor fight, the odds are almost 50/50 that Mitt Romney will win the presidential nomination on the third ballot. That, paper ballots, a #2 pencil and a hand count, and Romney will actually get the White House he won with legal votes in 2012 but lost when 36,302,741 make-believe e.voters were fabricated by Diebold and ES&S electronic voting machines.



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