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How Germany banned the use of computer totals to determine the winners of elections in 2009—and how the United States failed to do the same. Shame on us.

In 2009 a German father and son team, political scientist Joachim Wiesner and his son Ulrich Wiesner, a physicist, filed suit in the German Federal Constitutional Court (the equivalent to our US Supreme Court) to ban the use electronic voting machines which tabulate the votes and determine the winners and losers. The father and son plaintiffs argued before the German high court that voting machines are open to massive vote fraud, producing votes from non-existent voters as well camouflaging non-eligible voters who were not citizens of Germany. The Wiesners showed the court how the source codes can be manipulated to produce massive vote fraud, Constitutional judge Andreas Vosskuhle ruled that while the plaintiffs did not produce specific evidence that vote fraud had occurred in the 2005 election which was contested, Vosskuhle agreed that when the source code in the electronic voting machine tabulates the votes, there was no transparency which allows the voter to see what actually happens to his vote inside the computer. Five Germanic states cast their ballots by electronic voting machines in 2005. The electronic voting machines used in that election were the ESD1 and ESD2 from the Dutch electronics firm NEDAP (Nederlandsche Apparanfen).

(See the attached link showing that voting machines which have created between 32 and 36 million fraudulent votes for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 stole the elections constitutionally won in 2008 by Sen. John McCain and in 2012 from former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.) The German high court agreed with the plaintiffs and banned the use of computers to count the ballots in Germany's federal elections. Votes cast were tabulated by hand counting the ballots in front of poll watchers to prevent massive vote theft by the computer creating votes which were never cast.

In Germany, as well as in the other nation-states in Europe, the political views of the citizen populations are becoming increasingly nationalistic unlike the views of the ruling socialist elites which, as is the case worldwide, are bribed into submission by the princes of industry.who, when world government is achieved, will hold the sixth—and primary—seat in the UN Security Council (which was an occupied seat prior to 1966). They will be the key decision-making apparatus in the governing body of the world because they, not the politicians, will control the financial infrastructure of the world. There will no longer be a favored segment in the working class. Black lives will no longer matter more than White lives, Brown lives, blue lives or paisley print lives because once the elites have disarmed the law abiding citizens of the world, they will no longer tolerate civil disobedience of any type (which included destroying the property of the courtesans of commerce) from anyone—especially those whose protests are sanctioned today by the utopians who need civil unrest, and lots of it, to justify suspending the Constitution and declaring martial law in the United States. But the first step is blaming gun violence on law abiding people. Once they are disarmed, they are at the mercy of a government in disarray but determined to become a global dictatorship.

Which is why the citizens of the European Union population centers now oppose the political direction of the non-political taskmasters of the EU who own the "representative governments" of the EU states through their ability to bribe them into submission. Today, the princes of industry, the barons of banking and courtesans of commerce now control the economic direction of Europe by fraudulently manipulating the political direction of the nation states and the EU to enact the legislation the taskmasters of global governance need to fortify their personal wealth and to effectively control both the people and their national parliaments.

A horrendous gap between the number of registered voters who voted in the Election of 2008 and the number of votes counted was revealed in November, 2009 thanks to the careless posting of the data on the White House website by White House personnel as a dig against California attorney Orley Taitz's Quo Warrento lawsuit. A similar discrepancy between the number of registered voters who voted and the number of votes counted happened again in the Election of 2012. In 2013 some 34 States crafted, and in most cases, enacted, "Voter Photo ID" laws which require photo IDs to prove voter eligibility in order to enter into the voting booth on Election Day in those States. The ACLU and other leftwing advocacy groups who know, because the Democratic Party has drifted far beyond any American concept of liberty or freedom in favor of communist socialism, they can no longer win in an honest election.

When honest-vote advocate and a Democrat Washington State grandmother, Beverly Harris, inadvertently stumbled on computerized vote fraud, she was convinced the theft was perpetuated by Republicans because...well, she was an honest Democrat who belonged to the party which wore the brand of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Andrew Jackson so it had to be the guys on the other side.Hack-DemocracySadly, the patriotic names of America's Founding Fathers and the hero of the Battle of New Orleans in 1812 have been replaced with the name of Karl Marx.

Everything I've learned about Beverly Harris tells me she is an honest broker advocating for honest elections. She is the first honest election advocate who has unequivocally proven that any electronic voting machine in the country can be hacked in 90 seconds or less in order to manipulate the votes cast in that voting machine—without leaving any trace that the machine, or the entire voting system, had been hacked. Like most Americans, Harris began her search for answers on Google. Since she was looking for vote fraud in California after members of the California Task Force on Electronic Voting told her they asked ES&S (which California was using) how the voting machines were programmed. ES&S refused to answer. Harris decided to find out for herself. She went to Google and entered "@essvote.com" in the Google search, hoping to pull up emails to or from ES&S executives whom she could query for the answers to the questions they wouldn't divulge to members of the e.vote task force. She found a few email addresses, but didn't want to alert ES&S that she was investigating them until she learned enough to be able to ask pertinent questions which didn't give ES&S enough wiggle room to escape. She then entered "global election systems" and tried again. On the 15th page of that search Harris found some old documents which included a file ending with .gesn.com. From there, she found an archive page for GESN.com and with it, a FTP transmission portal which was likely used to transmit extremely large computer files from point A to point B. Harris and her cybergeek colleague realized that what they had, once they opened the FTP site, was a super cache of top secret vote data parked on an unprotected file transfer site on the Internet. There were 40,000 files in that site which took Harris from ES&S to Diebold, Inc.

Somehow Harris was able to upload all of the software from the gesn.com FTP site, including all of the source code from the program which was parked unattended and not password protected. She was able to upload the source code program onto her own computer over several hours. Reading the source code, on the other hand, proved to be a different matter. She called her cybergeek friend who was able to translate it for her over a period of weeks. What she and her company, Black Box Voting.org. discovered was that the source code, which theoretically was supposed to made it impossible for anyone to hack a Diebold (or ES&S) source code program, was just so much cyber-hype. The cybergeek Harris used to translate the Diebold hard drive discovered an application in the Diebold program called GEMS which rewrote the code on how the votes cast are counted.

The results of this study demonstrate that a fractional vote feature is embedded in each GEMS application which can be used to invisibly, yet radically, alter election outcomes by pre-setting desired vote percentages to redistribute votes. This tampering is not visible to election observers, even if they are standing in the room and watching the computer. Use of the decimal vote feature is unlikely to be detected by auditing or canvass procedures, and can be applied across large jurisdictions in less than 60 seconds.

In 2010 Diebold, Inc. was purchased by Premier Election Solution; and sometime later by Dominion Voting Systems. According to Black Box Voting.org, every voting machine in use today uses compromised source code. Thus, whatever name appears on the electronic voting machine you find in your voting booth this November, you can rest-assured that the source code is the same.

Harris noted that GEMS is a cyber cheat sheet by embedding a fractional voting feature in the GEMS application which can, and was used in the US national elections of 2006, 2008 and 2012. While Harris has not produced evidence that GEMS was used in 2004, very likely it was being used in some Democratically-controlled States trying to deny President George W. Bush his second term by electing Sen. John Kerry [D-MA] president two years after the Help America Vote Act [HAVA] was signed into law. Which suggests GEMS was in play in 2006 at least in the major union-controlled counties in the following States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

In 2002 Congress mandated that every State convert to electronic voting, leaving to the States, only the "choice" of what type of electronic voting system they would use, thus guaranteeing to the princes of industry, the barons of banking and the courtesans of commerce that the GEM applications in their voting system would, from then on, guarantee that the political minions bribed by them get elected.

(Note: Beverly Harris and Black Box Voting.org wrote the definitive book on electronic vote fraud. The sweat equity they invested and the fund raising they need to do to bring this case before the United States Supreme Court seeking an emergency hearing in the next 30 to 45-days to beg the high court for an order to ban electronic voting and vote tabulation on Nov. 8, 2016 based largely on the Constitution's requirement that the States alone determine how they vote.) If a challenge to the Constitutional legitimacy of HAVA is not brought before the high court within the next 45 days we will witness the third American travesty posing as an honest presidential election when, in fact, it will be an election as flawed as any held by any despotic third world dictator. Remember: it was the federal government, not the States, which forced the States to jettison the paper ballot and the #2 pencil which worked well for the American people since 1797.

Harris' company, Black Box Voting.org convinced the Florida Supervisor of Elections, Ion Sancho, to run a random test and see if Black Box Voting.org could hack his touch screen voting machines—without physically touching them. Of the 12 people involved in the test, ten voted that the Diebold Voting Machine could not be hacked; two voted it could be hacked. After the 12 people voted, and before the votes cast were transferred to the tabulator which officially counts the votes, the tape showing the voting activity was run. It still showed that ten votes said the machine. could not be hacked, and two votes said it could.

The access card, which transferred the data from the touch screen voting machine to the card, had also previously been scanned to verify it was blank. Then data transcribed on the access card was transferred to the tabular. The access card from the test vote was inserted in the tabular and the data transferred and printed. HackTestTen people now said the machine could be hacked, and two said it could not.

The access cards are always checked to make sure they are blank before the data from the electronic voting machines are uploaded into them. But buried in the GEMs code in the access cards is an application which instructs the card how to upload the data from the voting machine through the GEMS application which comes with an application which fractionalizes the votes and either adds or subtracts votes from one or the other candidate once the data from the vote terminals is fed into the tabulators. The hack becomes part of the transferred data and can no longer be identified when it piggybacks its way into the retrieval of the data it transfers..

Thanks to her cybergeek, Bev Harris' Black Box Voting.org was the first cyber-snoop in the world to wholly penetrate the cyber-ops mission of the princes of industry, the barons of banking and business and the global courtesans of commerce, but they were likely still completely unaware of the depth of the reason for the creation of an electronic voting system whose sole purpose was to steal elections from the candidates favored, and voted for, by the people in favor of the candidates who were literally owned by the grandiloquent global financial cartels who have been trying, since 1920, to erase all national borders and create an amalgamated global state, fused together by a common global currency controlled by the inoculated wealth of the 500 or so wealthiest families on Earth (none of whom are on the Forbes or Fortune lists of the world's wealthiest people).

In 1917 a modestly known financial writer named Bertie Forbes, a "go-fer" for John Pierpont Morgan, (financed by Morgan), started Forbes Magazine. One of the things Forbes decided to add into his publication was an annual list of the wealthiest individuals in America. He thought such a list would be of interest to his readers. When the first such list was published, Forbes gave the honor of being the wealthiest American to John D. Rockefeller, Sr. who was not only the wealthiest American, but in a close, back-and-forth, tie with the Rothschilds as to which of them was the wealthiest man in the world..The backlash was both immediate. and severe. Forbes received a phone call from Rockefeller who told Forbes that he—Forbes—was going to pick up every copy of his magazine from every store in America, and then he was personally going to buy back every copy of the magazine that was sold—anywhere. If he didn't, Rockefeller told him, he would never write another word for any publication in the country. Needless to say, since magazines were largely sold over-the-counter and not by subscription, Forbes would have no way of knowing who bought the magazine at their local cigar store or newsstand. Not only did Forbes get the message, so did every newspaper and magazine in the country. You never talk about the real rich—they don't exist in the public mind.

In September 2000 the European Commission launched the Cyber Vote Project to implement a continent-wide Internet voting system by, and for, relevant European stakeholders who would formalize a European Union vote to accomplish in Europe what 13 independent American colonies formalized with a Constitution for several politically united American States in 1787. The continent-wide cybervoting GEMS voting system was created to reconfigure the number of votes cast for each candidate, or issue, on the ballot sometime around 2000. Why? Because the the financial and economic overlords in Europe held an almost universal contempt not only for the upper middle class in land-locked Europe, but also the middle class Anglos who were separated from the continent by the English Channel.

The process by which the princes of industry implemented their European unification plan was based on creating what was supposed to be a positive consensus of the peoples of Europe favoring a borderless mega-state because a Europe without borders would be a Europe without tariffs—which, of course, best serves the financial aspirations of the global princes of industry and the courtesans of commerce—even though strong borders best suit the needs and security of the common people who had no desire to live in a borderless world.

Over the past five decades the princes of industry and the patroons of a parliamentarian paradise in Europe witnessed a growing economic malaise in what passed as representative government in Europe, with a corresponding decrease in interest, by the voters, in the democratic political system due to a lack of trust in the political elites of Europe because the governments of the industrial world have become unaccountable and unresponsive to the people who theoretically elected them. Why? When the electronic voting machines no longer need the electorate to cast the votes that elect the politicians, the political elite will no longer need the people who cast them. The same is true of the votes which created the European Union.

When America first experienced electronic voting machines, their introduction to cybervoting came through HAVA in 2002, not the Internet-fed cyber-voting system developed to capture and imprison Europe. We weren't paying attention to what Europe was doing in 2002 because, in the United States, we believed Americans were the innovators of everything.and the world copied us. We didn't realize in 2000 or 2002 that in 2022 the consolidation of the United States, Mexico and Canada would take place using Diebold'sl GEMS-application voting system to make it appear that US, Canadian and Mexican voters are eagerly awaiting the consolidation of North America into a single multi-lingual nation like the European Union.

Euroskepticism over the morphing of the EEC into the European Union grew in a direct parallel to the politically-correct media extolling euroism as the solution to Europe's problems. The Internet voting system developed by the princes of industry to enact Euroism favored the social progressive elites of Europe because the cyber-digital comprehension skills of the typical European in 2005 indicated that only 23% of tested Europeans between the ages of 16 and 74 were "digitally competent."

The unification of Europe, a scheme devised by the wealthiest families in the world in what is known as the Treaty of Rome in 1957, (led by the US financier David Rockefeller [for the Rockefeller clan] and Baron Edmond Alphonse de Rothschild [the head of the Rothschild clan and a ranking member in the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group at the end of World War II), was designed to speedily restore Hapsburg Europe into the financial center of the world as it was prior to World War I.

The Treaty of Rome did not attempt to erase national borders nor create a "European State," but rather, to bring about the economic integration of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The British House of Commons voted to reject The Treaty of Rome because its economy, bolstered by the United States, dominated Europe. Three years after the six founding nations signed the Treaty of Rome on March 24, 1957, England fell into a recession and attempted to join the EEC. Their request for admission was flatly rejected until 1973 when, along with Denmark and Ireland, the United Kingdom was accepted into the EEC.

On Aug. 20, 1991 when the fake collapse of the Soviet Union unfolded, and popular Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev was theoretically taken hostage at his dacha on Cape Foros in the Crimea through a staged coup d'etat by Yury Plekhanov, the head of the 9th Div of the KGB (which was responsible for the security of the Soviet leadership) globalists in the Hague were already rethinking the nature of the EEC. As the Soviet Union theoretically crumbled, the face of Europe—and the face of its economic realities—began to change.

In 1993 the EEC began the process of morphing into the European Union—a governing body.. The first step in the process of integrating all of the nation states of Europe into one nation was to reincorporate itself by shortening its name from the European Economic Community (a trade organization) into the European Community (a political organization). The royals of Europe who wanted to regain the 19th century power of the Hapsburgs decided on conquest through the voting booth—the choice used today by the communist left of the Democratic Party) who realized in 2003 that if you take away the paper ballot and the #2 pencil and substitute an electronic voting machine with a GEMS application hidden inside, you can win every election without anything resembling a majority of the electorate favoring your candidate.

As the fledgling European Union began using Internet voting with the votes transmitted through GEMS controlled voting and tabulating voting machines, there was a degree of mistrust in the nations invited to join the EU. Ireland spent €40 million for Netherlands Nedap voting machines which they used in three precincts in the 2002 Irish elections.

Ireland wanted to test the system in an Irish election and in a referendum on the Treaty of Nice to see if they could detect anomalies in vote patterns tabulated by Irishmen and in those tabulated by the Dutch. When the results came in, Ireland delayed using the voting machines in any general election in which the whole nation would cast their lot on the Nedap machines. In 2007 the Irish government completely stopped using the Nedap voting machines. In October, 2010, Ireland scrapped 7,000 unused Nedap voting machines, losing €54.6 million (which included €3 million just for storing the machines). Ireland has not publicly revealed why they junked the voting machines, but it's obvious that when they compared the results of small Nedap tests from 2002 to 2007 compared to the results of the votes controlled entirely by Irish poll workers, there was a discernable difference.

Germany also tested Nedap in 2005.They used the Nedap ESD1 and ESD2. That year a Dutch citizen's group hacked another Nedap system, the ES3B which is very similar to the D1 and D2 which resulted, by 2007, in scores of lawsuits as German citizen groups sued, claiming the Nedap systems were vulnerable to hacking.

The Netherlands used the Nedap machines from the mid-nineties until 2007 when serious security flaws which allowed vote fraud was revealed. An extensive poll (of who voted for whom), taken by one Dutch newspaper, revealed completely different election results than the electronic voting system created—which self-erased the tracks of the hackers. In September, 2007 a Dutch court ruled that electronic voting was illegal and restored the paper ballot. Yet the Netherlands judicial system didn't seem to have a problem with the citizens of the 28 nations which voted on EU membership from casting their ballots of whether or not to join the European Union on a Dutch electronic Internet voting system complete with the GEMS magic eraser to expedite membership and erasing the national borders of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom (which is connected to France by a tunnel under the English Channel).

If you recall, Black Box Voting.org has proven that vote rigging in the electronic voting systems used in the United States occurs when the data is transferred from the voting machine to the systems which tabulate the votes. Thus, electronic voting systems containing the GEMS application (which appears to be all of them) have the ability to manipulate the election even in States which still use paper ballots since HAVA requires all votes to be tabulated electronically. In West Virginia, we vote on paper ballots which are then fed into what appears to be a large copier that translates the vote tally into a tabulator. Ironically, in the Mountain State, voters are then asked to sign an acknowledgement that nobody touched his or her ballot. Once you realize how the GEMS election management application works, you realize that it's a meaningless joke which is meant convince you that once your vote is safely tucked away in the black box there is no hocus pocus taking place in the tabulator even though your ballot may or may not be rigged with the insertion of a decimal point to a fractional value based on the candidates you just voted for. By the way, what do you imagine the term "black box" means? A "black box" system is non-transparent. All of its functions are hidden from the public. It is through the use of opague, non-transparent elections that the social progressive communists (i.e., Democrats) were able, in 2006, to steal control of both Houses of Congress and, in 2008, steal a larger majority when the theft of the presidency with 35,626,580 more votes than voters.

In 2008, 96,992,000 actual votes were cast by registered voters who voted once. But the total number of ballots in the ballot boxes totaled 132,618,580. It appears that a lot of people voted a lot of times, (or a whole big big bunch of ballots in a whole big bunch of States were electronically added to the mix before or after-the-fact and counted with the legitimate ballots). Regardless how they got there, when you do the simple math, there were 35,626,580 too many votes.

According to Bev Harris, who was dubbed the godmother of the election reform movement by the Boston Globe, her extensive analysis of GEMS and her historical investigation of the development of the GEMS program. Harris noted that "...the fractional vote [manipulation] traces directly to Jeffrey W. Dean, whose wife was a primary stockholder of the company that developed GEMS. He ran the company but was prohibited from handling [monetary assets] due to a criminal conviction for computer fraud, for which he spent four years in prison. Almost immediately after being released from prison he was granted intimate access to election data—and large government contracts for ballot printing and ballot processing." In writing about Black Box Voting.org, Time Magazine called Harris' website the Bible on electronic voting. Every American needs to read her online free book. Don't wait until Hillary Clinton steals the Election of 2016. When you reach the end of this article (the next paragraph), click on the last sentence to download Harris' book.

When you, or the Democrats you know, poophah what Beverly Harris accidentally learned on her walk down the yellow brick road to the voting booth, believing that 99% of the votes placed there were honestly cast, think again. The new, modern-day voting systems which await you in the polling place, or a voting terminal which can be accessed from your personal home computer, or your vote trasnsmitted by email or fax are owned and/or managed by private, for-profit corporations who guarantee their "clients" (the princes of industry, barons of banking and business, and the courtesans of commerce) results which they can't achieve through an honest election. According to not only Black Box Voting.org, but several of the nations within the European Union, the programs within the e.voting systems used throughout the free world are compromised to such an extent that they are so fundamentally flawed they allow machines to miscount or either manufacture or lose votes through GEMS applications that enable “end runs” around the voting system. Find out why your vote might not count — and what to do about it!



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