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20 years

Nullifying the political footprints of the
federal government from 2004 to 2016 is
needed to restore Constitutional order.

An e.acquaintance asked me, two weeks ago, if I thought the Democratic political machine, after engaging in massive vote fraud in both 2008 and 2012 would have the nerve to attempt it again to benefit Hillary Clinton in 2016. The big question, he asked, "Do they have the guts to to do it again?"

The reality is, the social progressive left and blatantly communist left in the United States totals 30 million hatemongers of liberty (aided in part by 14.8% of the adult population in the United States who are easily leveraged by the labor unions to whom they pay dues and owe economic allegiance if they want a paycheck). This in a nation containing 165 million registered voters who are pretty much obligated to vote "the party line." Eighty-five million voters are generational Democrats. Centrist presidential candidates, in an honest election, will always claim the White House. But, my acquaintance poised an interesting question.

Hacking_Democracy-sm.jpgBefore answering it, let's look at the results of both the Election of 2008 and 2012 for any historic evidence that suggests a communist-leaning social progressive in today's America could win without committing vote fraud.

You have to be legally registered to vote, and you must be properly vetted to substantiate that you are legally eligible to vote in order to vote. In 2008, with 96,922,000 voters voting, there were 132,618,580 ballots tallied. What does that mean? It means there were 35,626,580 more votes than voters. The vote fraud in 2008 happened two ways. About 5 to 6 million or so of those votes came from the fraudulent use of the Motor Voter Act enacted by the Democratic House and Senate in 1994.

Voter registration activists working the liberal colleges and universities to solicit students, (who in most cases were registered and would vote in other States on election day) to complete voter registration cards and, without verifying they were eligible to vote in that State, to register them, and complete absentee ballots which would be counted on Election Day even if their registration cards were rejected. In 2006, ACORN's (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), Project Vote, MoveOn.org and a hodge podge of other leftwing get-out-the-vote groups efforts were almost solely responsible for the Democratic takeover of both Houses of Congress through voter registration and early voting fraud. .

In 2012, 90,682,968 voters somehow delivered 126,985,809 votes, The 2012 numbers will forever remain unclear because, according to thousands of reports from registered Republican voters in the battleground States of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Colorado—who always vote on Election Day—when they showed up at their local voting precinct on Nov. 6, 2012 to cast their ballots for Mitt Romney, they discovered their names had early voted, and it;s a safe bet that the invisible surrogates who stole their vote cast their ballots for Obama. Clearly, those stolen votes were among the 90,682,968 legitimate votes cast, but need to be deducted from Obama's total—along with the 36,302,841 phantom votes which were fabricated either by absentee ballots from non-qualified voters, and were created out of wholecloth by rigged electronic voting machines.

Obama clearly fared far worse in 2012 than he did in 2008. In 2008, the honest, verifiable votes received by Obama were 33,871,936 out of the 69,498,516 votes attributed to him. Without vote fraud the number of votes Sen. John McCain actually won would not change. It would remain at 59,948,323. McCain would have won that race with a margin of 26,076,387 votes. As it was, the Democratic elites assured the American people that while there's always a little vote fraud at work—by both parties—in every election, it's virtually impossible for either party to steal enough votes to make any measurable difference in the outcome of an election. Oh...really?

In 2012, we also need to subtract Obama's phantom votes—all 36,302,841 of them—leaving Obama with a gross 29,612,955 votes. However, in 2012, we know that Democratic National Committee operatives secured the Republican Party's historic voting database in at least a majority of the States, if not all of them. The list came into the possession of Gov. Terry McAuliffe [D-VA] when he was Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. McAuliffe and the Democratic hierarchy could isolate voting precincts, look at Republican voters and when they traditionally voted. In 2012, the Democrats singled out the battleground States and early-voted some 6 million Republicans who always voted on Election Day. Those stolen votes went to Obama. So, take six million votes from Obama's legitimate 29,612,955 votes, and we learn he actually only won 23,612,955 votes in the 50 States—not exactly the "majority" Obama needed to claim victory over Romney, who actually won 66,933,500 votes (almost three times the votes Obama honestly earned).

Over the last seven years I've listened to scores of the nation's smartest conservative pundits on scores of news program interviews discussing how Sen. John McCain screwed up in 2008 and Gov. Mitt Romney screwed up in 2012 as though they committed a political or societal faus pas and how Donald Trump screwed up by saying he was going to build a wall along our Southern border and make Mexico pay for it; and how his statement was going to lose the Hispanic vote this November. And how Ted Cruz is going to deport every illegal in the country, and suggesting that Romney and McCain lost their elections for shooting off their mouths and alienating voters who, otherwise, would have voted for them and not Obama. If those conservative journalists, who are theoretically among America's best investigative reporters, took the time a week or so after the election in 2008 to simply glance at the 2 page Federal Election Commission Report which delineated the number of registered voters in the country, the number of registered voters who voted and, of course, the number of votes cast, they would have learned what this website knew—and reported—on Nov. 28, 2009. Where did I find the form? Right where every patriotic American could see it: on the White House website. And, of course, I also found the same form on the FEC website.

Sometime between Nov. 29 and Dec. 10 that form vanished from both websites. A few days later a sanitized substitute which failed to connect the number of voters with the number of votes appeared and the FEC election results which were initially, and correctly, filed by the Bush-43 Administration vanished.

Although that information is required by federal law to be conspicuously posted, I couldn't find it anywhere. Instead, I found each element of that information separately released. Today, when you search for the election results, instead of a 2 page FEC document, you will find a 64-page pdf.file instead, listing "who cares?" smoke and mirrors information about every State and just about every candidate—but not limited to the basic information required by law: how many people were eligible to vote, how many voted, the percentage of voters who voted, and the votes cast. That information exposes vote fraud when it happens. Sixty-four pages of ho-hum data conceals it.

The vote fraud in the Election of 2012 came from computer fraud and identity theft. Both are felonies. They were not victimless crimes. In 2012 those crimes affected 66,933,500 innocent voters who were robbed in the biggest heist in the history of the United States. The second biggest heist in America's history was the Election of 2008. The theft was 32,871,936 votes. But the vote thieves were still perfecting the use of the electronic voting machines to control the outcome of elections. In 2008 the vote theft was due to computer fraud and a criminal use of the Motor Voter Act to create voters out of wholecloth using vote activists to register voters and early vote them.

In 2008 early voting was used in 27 States. While those States enacted laws granting their Divisions of Elections the authority to provide voters with the opportunity to vote prior to Election Day, early voting violates the Constitution of the United States, (Article II, Section 1 §4) states, very clearly, "...the [US Congress] shall choose the...DAY..." (singular, not "days") "...when [the voters] shall give their votes..." Twenty-seven States, which represents 54% of the States, not 66.67% (the 2/3rds of the States needed to propose a change in the Constitution), nor the 75% of the States needed to amend the Constitution. So, although 27% of the States voted to allow early voting, they had no constitutional authority to allow it, nor should the US Supreme Court have allowed those laws to stand.

Although the Founding Fathers created a one day election cycle (the day in which the electors were "elected" by the voters, not the day the "electors" cast their votes for the President and Vice President), the first 23 presidential elections were quadrennial (the voters were given four weeks to get to a voting precinct to cast their ballots). The electors then met "on one day" and and cast their ballots for the President. Beginning Nov. 7, 1876 (Rutherford B. Hayes v Samuel Tilden) national elections changed from a quadrennial 4-week election cycle to one day. (I believe that change in election law came from the Jacobin Republicans who wanted Hayes in the White House instead of Tillden, who actually won the popular vote. After horse-trading, the Democrats, who wanted an end to Reconstruction, agreed to vote for Hayes in a House vote. Hayes became President and Reconstruction ended.

Perhaps early voting exists today because the princes of industry believe the first 23 national elections in primitive, horse and wagon America created the precedent. Early voting exists not because it benefits the voters but because it benefits the princes or industry, and the barons of banking who will profit more if they can dictate that a government long established should be changed for light and transient causes because when government becomes destructive to the aims of the wealthy, the wealthy overlords at the top of the human pyramid believe they have the right through financial and political power to rewrite the Declaration of Independence to suit their needs; even to the extent of placing the leadership role of this government in persons not constitutionally eligible to seek or hold the office of President of the United States by arbitrarily amending—by fiat—the Constitution of the United States.

We've come full circle. Now back to our original question: After the princes of industry engineered the most massive, and criminal, vote fraud in the history of the United States, do they, the acquaintance asked, have the guts to do it again in 2016 to elect Hillary Clinton? I told him when you can steal an election in plain sight without rioting erupting in the streets, without the People taking to the streets to overthrow the tyrants who stole our government, the tyrants know they can steal elections at will until it's no longer necessary to waste the money. However, since the electronic voting machines we use can now be programmed to steal as many votes as needed by the masters of the universe to elect whichever candidates they need to win, they can pretty much keep up the election charade as long as they want since electronic vote theft requires no human participation. The easiest thefts are those in which the voter participates. While those thefts are easiest because the voter pulls the lever, they just don't net the needed number of votes against a candidate as strong as Mitt Romney was in 2012.. The theft of the Election of 2012 from Gov. Romney robbed him of his historic role as the successor of the mantle created and worn by this nation's 40th President, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Instead of Romney in 2016, it's likely you will enter the voting booth and pick your candidate—Trump (the presumptive nominee). But, instead of Trump, Clinton shows up as your choice. You clear the selection and try again. Clinton. You repeat the process, this time Trump appears. You cast your ballot. You walk out of the voting booth, collect your "I Voted" button and exit the polling place confident you just helped elect Trump. What you don't realize is that you actually cast two votes for Hillary and one for The Donald.

Massive e.vote theft, on the other hand, requires no voter participation—which is why 90,682,968 registered voters in 2012 somehow delivered 126,985,809 ballots. When you have the access card that transfers the data from the voting machines to the electronic tabulators, you, not the voters, have the ability to determine who wins the election. Which is why Soviet dictator Josef Stalin is often quoted for this famous remark: "I care not who votes; I only care who counts the ballots."

At the end of the day, when the polls close, the precinct workers in each county tabulate the number of ballots cast, with each precinct worker signing the tape to affirm the total number of votes cast for each candidate in that precinct. An access card then tabulates the results of all of the voting machines in that precinct on a master file which goes to the master tabulation center in the State. Those tabulations are then transferred electronically to the nationwide master tabulation center where all of the votes for the nation are "counted." No one, at this point, is comparing the number of votes counted with the number of ballots cast.

What needs to happen in the local precinct—when the polls close—a properly vetted State election official must compare and confirm that the number of votes cast dovetail precisely with the number of registered voters who voted. If there is a discrepancy in any voting precinct, those votes that data cannot be transmitted to the county. If the problem is in the access card, where it will invariably be, then the votes for that entire county should not be entered into the State vote tabulation since that only helps in the promulgation of fraud. Since vote theft is not a victimless crime, the supervisor of election at the level where the theft is discovered, who transmitted the data up the food chain, must be held criminally liable because it is incumbent on the precinct supervisors to verify the integrity of the totals. Every person handling the completed ballots and/or the access cards that transfer the data from the tabulator at precinct level to the county, and from the county to the State, should be properly and thoroughly vetted before they touch a ballot or an access card. Over the years, vote theft has increasingly been viewed as a victimless crime because, after all, it's just politics. And, as everyone knows, politics is a dirty business—and, as the Democrats remind us every election cycle, everyone does it.

Election vote fraud should be classified as treason since it's a crime against all of the people of the United States. For that reason, there should be very stiff and very lengthy sentences—and no statute of limitations. In addition, because we have credible evidence which suggests that all electronic voting machines are flawed, HAVA (the Help America Vote Act) should be nullified by the States if Congress declines to repeal it, and if whomever is in the White House attempts to veto its repeal.

Since we now know, positively—without an iota of doubt—HAVA was never enacted to help America vote, but to help the princes of industry and the barons of banking overthrow the American Republic created by our forefathers in order to establish an oligarchic political system managed by the sixth chair of the United Nations as the world's political system collapses from 196 separate nations into one supra State in a post-American world which more closely resembles the medieval world of lords and serfs where, prior to 1787, the commoners had no voice in the affairs of the land barons or the States they ruled.

Whether or not liberty exists in America after this election, or perhaps the next, depends largely on how you receive, assimilate, and react to, the information contained in this article. America's future, and its fate, is in your hands. If you do nothing, expecting someone else to do it for you, this nation—the land of the free and the home of the brave—will cease to exist. What can you do? Well, first, you need to enlist the support of your friends and neighbors...and even those whose political views may differ from your own. You need to convince them that if this nation does not immediately jettison electronic voting and return to paper ballots and #2 pencils, not only will you lose your right to speak out on issues that promise to destroy liberty, your friends, neighbors and those whose political views differ from your own, will lose theirs as well. Because when tyrants unilaterally control everything, only the tyrants will possess the right to speak their mind. Well, anyway, while I could, I spoke mine. So, for whatever it's worth, once again, you have my two cents worth on this subject. Until next time...if there is one...







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