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What do you do when "If you like your
insurance you can keep it—period,"
turns out to be just one more lie?

Millions of Americans over the last half dozen years have been forced to purchase costly individual or non-group family coverage in the open market at much higher rates than their peers in the work force who were covered by group plans partially paid for by their employers. Those consumers were either self-employed or their employers, if they had one, simply did not offer healthcare coverage. Around 15 million of those Americans were the first
victims of the social progressive 110th Congress when rampant vote theft "won" the House and Senate for the left in the first truly successful coup for the communists since the enactment of the National Voters Registration Act of 1993 (the Motor Voter law) that was specifically enacted to aid vote theft by allowing people not eligible to vote to register—and, virtually unchallenged, cast their ballot (since under Motor Voter, the registration for voting status might ultimately be denied when the names, addresses and residency status of the applicant are checked, but the vote—turned in at the same time as the completed registration form—was immediately placed in a ballot box, and counted as valid although the voter who cast that vote may have been denied voter status because the information on his or her registration was bogus).

In order to understand how America ended up with an unconstitutional and fraudulently enacted healthcare law that the vast majority of the American people did not want foisted on them, the first thing the American people need to understand is how, and more important, why, it happened. The why is most important because once the American people understand why a law no one wanted which violated the Origination Clause (because neither HR3962 nor HR3590—which carry House bill designations), never originated in the House of Representatives. Yet, somehow, it withstood the scrutiny of the US Supreme Court. Perhaps that happened because the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was too busy trying to rescue Obamacare for Obama that he forgot to vet the constitutionality of the law and rule solely on that basis. It failed on two fronts. First, you can't fine someone for not doing something. And changing the verbiage from "fine" to "tax" doesn't change the fact that Chief Justice John Roberts allowed the Obama Administration to financially blackmail and penalize those who decline to enroll in a very bad healthcare system by allowing the Internal Revenue Service to arbitrarily fine or tax, in this example, only those who choose not to enroll in the healthcare system. And, second, and even more important, the Affordable Care Act originated in the US Senate, not in the House of Representatives where all tax revenue bills must originate. For that reason alone, the law is null and void and those who perpetuated the fraud on the People of the United States need to be imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives.

The Motor Voter Act created rampant vote fraud by allowing early voting by unverified voters. Motor Voter helped the left, but it did not quite guarantee Bill Clinton's win in 1996 because it required a voter (even a phony one) to cast a ballot. Motor Voter needed an encore—the Help America Vote Act of 2002, HR 3285 [Public Law 107-252]. The House version of the bill was proffered by Congressman Bob Ney [R-OH], who was later removed from office and sentenced to 30 months in a federal prison for accepting bribes. There were 107 co-sponsors on this bill. About a third of them were Republicans. It passed in the House twice. The first vote was on Dec. 12, 2001 by a vote of 362 to 63. Ten Congressmen abstained. The House modified the voter ID provision which the Senate did not like and passed it again on Oct.10, 2002 by a vote of 357 to 48. This time, 20 Congressmen abstained. The Senate voted on Oct. 16, 2002, and enacted it by a vote of 92 to 2, with six senators abstaining. President George W. Bush signed the bill into law on Oct. 29, 2002. Understanding the role that vote fraud played in the election of 2006, 2008 and 2012 is critical in the understanding how Obamacare—something that almost 80% of the American people did not want—was enacted.

The Help America Vote Act of 2002 was unconstitutional since the US Constitution gives the authority to the States to solely determine their own regulations on how its citizens vote. The American people, at times, forget that each State within this union of States, is a sovereign entity with rights that supersede the federal government. Deciding how elections are conducted within the framework of each of the States is a sovereign right. Before the federal government can enact a law like HAVA and force the States to change how it conducts its own elections, a constitutional amendment needed to be ratified by three-fourths of the States. That never happened.

In 2011-12 the nation was engaged in a year long struggle between the left and the right centered on voter identification. The left argued that once a citizen receives a voter ID card he or she should no longer be obligated to produce a drivers' license (which you need to buy cigarettes or alcoholic beverages, to cash a check, or to prove to a law enforcement officer that you are who you say you are—or to prove to a voter precinct worker that you are who you claim to be when you go there to vote.) The right to vote is the most important asset an American citizen possesses. His personal liberty is tied to that right. Take that right away from him and he will quickly become the human chattel of a dictator. If the precinct worker is not asking to see your photo ID when you go to vote, you need to question him because if he isn't challenging you, then how do you know that he's not letting someone with no right to cast a ballot dilute your vote?

HAVA contained a provision requiring voters who registered by mail and who had not previously voted in that precinct, to produce a photo ID which verifies the voter is precisely who he or she says they are. In other words, the Constitution grants to the States broad power to control the conduct of the election process within their borders. States hold discretionary power to formulate the system used by that State to elect the representatives and senators who are to represent the people, and the State itself, in Congress. That Election Clause of the Constitution [Article I, Section 4] gives the States broad power to prescribe the electoral mechanism and to supervise the conduct of the vote within that specific State in order to prevent vote fraud by the candidates or the voters.

When 26 States enacted Voter Photo ID laws to curb vote fraud in 2011 (to prevent the same type of vote fraud that occurred in 2008 from happening again in 2012), the Obama Justice Dept. sued all of the States in federal court to overturn the laws as violation of voter rights. Remember, the Constitution requires the States, not the Justice Department, to be the custodians of the conduct of national elections because elections belong to the People, not the government. Government and the People benefit from the election results of an honest election—and the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business personally benefit from the results of crooked elections since they are buying the politicians whose election campaigns they financed. Social progressives like Obama-backers George Soros and David Rockefeller as well as a cabal of wealthy socialist utopians who made the decision during the Clinton years to realign the economic structure of the world by redefining the nature of global wealth from hard and soft assets to human capital, and then slowly transferring the material wealth of the industrial nations to the human capital-rich third world. To achieve this lofty objective, all they needed was a social progressive in the White House with no natural born loyalties to the United States. They needed someone who, for wealth and political power, would dismantle the economic might of the most powerful nation on Earth and, piecemeal, redistribute that wealth to the emerging nations. Their Manchurian Candidate would be Kenyan-born, Indonesian-raised Barack Hussein Obama, who would be foisted on the American people as a natural born citizen of the United States.

The Watermelons (those who are environmentally-green on the outside and communist-red on the inside) have argued multiple times since 2008 that they've already had this discussion, and the matter has been put to rest. But the left—the bureaucrats, the elected-elect, and the princes of industry who fuel their careers—used a politically corrupt federal judiciary to stifle dissent. For a man who lacks the birth records which unequivocally support his assertions that he is a natural-born citizen when all of the factual evidence says he is not, it should be clear to every American that the sham perpetuated on them was not orchestrated solely by Obama. He had the help of some of the most powerful industrialists, bankers and newspaper moguls in the country. The eraser used by Obama to obliterate the reality of his past (which includes neither a native born nor natural born American birth) could only be manufactured with money—which made the secret-keepers criminally complicit in a plot with the masters-of-the-universe to transfer the wealth of the most economically powerful nation on Earth to the human chattel-rich third world, flip-flopping prosperity from the industrialized nations to the human chattel-rich third world. Why? Because in product-flush America everyone has everything and needs nothing. In the cupboard-bare third world, no one has anything and needs everything—including the cupboard. The third world needs the products we take for granted. But even more, they needed the jobs the industrial world possessed before the job exodus began in 1994, to provide them with the money they needed to begin buying them.

There have been no real evidentiary hearings where Obama's birth records were examined and objectively analyzed by an impartial judiciary through the calling of witnesses and forensic experts who have examined the documents purported to be Obama's birth certificates. Every judge who ever received anyone v Obama on their docket, demanding that Obama defend the legitimacy of the two birth certificates he insisted at one time or another, were his. Both were forensically proven to be frauds. Judges have squashed every lawsuit without any discussion on the merits of the lawsuits using, as their excuse, that the matter was resolved in Obama's favor in some other court. Obama's petitions to dismiss the lawsuits prevailed in every case. You now know both the how and the why.

Americans have been exposed to Barack Obama's community organizer rhetoric for six years. Long enough for them to know you can't believe a single word that comes out of his mouth—words which become even less believable with each additional syllable he adds to the rhetoric. That's why, the first time Obama said, "If you like your current insurance, you can keep it—period!". a shiver went up the spines of about 90 million Americans who knew, at that moment, they were ultimately going to lose their group healthcare plans. The second time he said it, and the third, and the 23rd time, there should have been no doubt in anyone's mind—once again, the community organizer was screwing America.

The "gimme crowd" that gleefully supported every illegal, unconstitutional thing done by Obama to date, has been slow to realize that their free health insurance might be anything but free. Being fascists or socialists, they initially liked what the federal government was up to because they believed that what the community organizer was doing—tinkering with the free enterprise system—would benefit them. The same was true of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who lost their group insurance coverage when they lost their lost jobs and their homes. Deep inside where all grown men still hope like little boys, they knew that Obama could not be trusted—even by his friends. But Americans without hope chose to believe that, deep down inside where even crooked men possess a thin veneer of honesty that, just maybe, Obama told the truth about at least one thing—Obamacare. But, it would turn out, that reality would exist only in America's dreams. Or, rather, their nightmares.

Warning letters were mailed to over two million policyholders on October 1, three months before the drop-dead deadline imposed on America's premiere insurance companies by DHHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The letters from their insurance companies advised the policyholders that their policies were being canceled. When thousands of policyholders began alerting the media that Obama's promise, "If you like the policy you have, you can keep it—period!" was just one more unadulterated Obama lie, Barack Obama got on his community organizer soapbox and denounced the profiteering insurance mogels as the flurry of cancellations filled America's snail-mailboxes.

Bob Laszewski, a consultant for the insurance industry told CNN on Oct. 30 that the White House has been applying pressure on insurance executives to keep quiet about the push-back from the White House over the Obamacare mandate that is forcing insurance carriers to cancel healthcare plans that not are "inclusive enough" (in common nomenclature, "expensive enough")."The White House," Laszewski said, "is exerting massive pressure on the industry, including the trade associations, to keep quiet." Federal regulations, he warned the White House quite some time ago, would lead to massive policy discontinuations. One other thing, he added, was that Obama totally ignored everything the insurance industry tried to teach him about how to profitably manage a national healthcare system.

In point of fact, Obama's not in the least bit interested in profitably managing America's new unconstitutional healthcare system. To him, it's merely a utilitarian tool. It exists for two reasons. First, it's one of the instruments Obama is using to redistribute the wealth of the American middle class. Second, it's a mechanism to control America's population. When you control whether or not a citizen—or that citizen's mother or father, wife or children—live or die, you control how that citizen thinks and how obedient that citizen will be when he faces unconstitutional mandates from the federal government. That's how dictators assume and hold power. Through greed and fear.

Laszewski, who has been a vocal opponent of Obamacare since 2009 told CNN he had been asked by the insurance industry to speak out on their behalf because insurance executives were intimidated by Obama's tactics that is now regulating their industry.

Incredibly, on Thursday, Oct. 31, sounding more like the propaganda of a third world banana republic than the office of the leader of the free world, the White House website reiterated Obama's claim again: "If you like your plan you can keep and you don't have to change a thing due to the health care law." That statement came a day after the Washington Post awarded Obama four Pinocchios for deceiving the American people. Make no mistake about it—this is not only an impeachable offense, this deception was criminal fraud. And that criminal fraud is shared by every House and Senate Democrat who voted to enact Obamacare (which is virtually all of them. Not one Republican in either chamber voted for the Affordable Care Act. On June 17, 2010, on page 34553 of the Federal Register the Administration warned the grandfather clause in all individual market plans can be terminated if the insurance carrier increases the monthly premium or the co-pay, or if the insured attempts to diminish the coverage in his plan to reduce his cost. In addition, the threat includes a clause requiring all individual plans to include catastrophic care coverage, as well as things as "essential" to a transgender policyholder to provide gender-change operations and, of course, abortion or maternity benefits for elderly women well beyond child-bearing years.

Furthermore, the grandfather clause—it now appears according to verbiage in the Federal Register—applies only to individual and group plans in effect before Obamcare was signed into law on March 23, 2010.

Technically, since most small group heathcare plans are renegotiated annually or biannually, it could be said that very few group plans—particularly those plans which have changed components of their coverage—are still considered to be "grandfathered." No individual plan is, since the rules on private coverage are even more severe than on the group plans.

Individual, private healthcare plans must comprehensively cover every potential healthcare pitfall. First and foremost, since all individual private healthcare plans are 12-month renewable conrtracts, none of them were elgible for grandfather status. HIPPA requires insurers to present all policyholders with an alternative plan they can buy if the insurer cancels them. (Which is why the offer you received when you got your cancellation letter was about ten times the cost of what you are losing.) All individual plans today must include preventive medicine, long term care, catastrophic injury or disease coverage, abortion coverage, maternity card, pediatric care (even if you are beyond child-bearing years and have no family members living with you that could avail themselves of those benefits.) Which also likely means you probably won't be able to afford any coverage offered in the exchanges, forcing you into ACA.

When Bob Laszewski spoke out, the White House quickly jabbed back through Jay Carney to the White House press corp, saying that Laszewski's contention that Administration officials were trying to silence insurance industry officials were "preposterous and inaccurate," adding that "...Laszewski has been a vocal critic of healthcare reform for two decades. Plus," he added, "it ignores the fact that every day insurance companies are out talking about the law—in large part because they're trying to reach millions of new customers who will now have new affordable insurance options available through the new Market Places."

The media jumped on the story—just like they would have if a completely unqualified GOP community organizer somehow ended up in the White House and lied to the American people as he stole and mismanaged one-seventh of the US economy.

It's important for Americans to understand that the "insurance exchanges" established by Obamacare are not designed to do what its name implies—offer choice. Obamacare is not a mechanism to allow people to choose from among a variety of healthcare options. Because we live in a consumer-choice society, the Obama plan was designed to fool you into thinking you had options from which to choice when, in reality, your choice is between medical vendors offering the same thing for the same price. Obamacare is not a consumer-choice mechanism, it's a " government procurement" model disguised as a consumer-choice model.

Since the social progressives in Congress could not get the single payer system they wanted, they created one they could surreptitiously convert into a single-payer system through regulation. The hard part was done. Enacting a taxing mechanism without the revenue legislation ever originating in the House of Representatives as required by the Constitution was the tough part.

It was enough for the social progressives controlling both Houses of Congress in 2009-10 to give their Senatge revenue bills House bill designatgions and pretend they originated in the House of Representatives. The 111th Congress was the most corrupt Congress in the history of the United States since the Credit-Mobilier scandal of 1864-1872. In that scandal, almost every Congressman and Senator on both sides of the aisle were taking kickbacks from the Union Pacific railroad which was losing from $16,000 to $48,000 for every mile of track they laid. Credit Mobilier borrowed over $100 million from the taxpayers, money that was loaned to a shell company called Credit Mobilier of America (to make it appear it was part of the European banking concern, Credit Mobilier and Banking Companies of France).

Today Congress is a political grab bag where earmarks (taxpayer dollars) are used to repay donors for filling their campaign war chests with what are nothing more than legal bribes—sanitized with legaleze by the thieves on the Hill to enrich themselves because when they retire, they get to keep whatever booty is left in their pirate chests. Think of those unspent campaign dollars as a secondary retirement income.

Sadly for the taxpayers, the social progressive-controlled 111th Congress added more debt than the first 100 Congresses combined. Barack Obama—not George W.Bush (whom Obama blames for America's $17 trillion debt)—spent more money than every President from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan's first term, combined. The only thing that has slowed Democratic spending was the left-imposed sequestration—and Speaker John Boehner's stubborn refusal to cave in to Obama's "open pocket" demands.

After an Administration-imposed delay in implementing Obamacare in 2012 because the Democrats—especially Obama—did not want to face millions of very angry voters during a presidential election last November whom they knew were [1] going to lose their independent private healthcare and small group insurance coverage by the fall of 2014, and in as many instances [2] their jobs, the Democrats in the House and Senate who voted for demise of America are fearful that among those jobs lost in 2014 will be their's. And, while they would like to delay the implementation of Obamacare until after the Election of 2014, Obama is more concerned about implementing Obamacare sooner rather than later in order to establish firm government control over the healthcare system since federal control of your life and mine is reinforced by coercion. And what is more coercive than holding the decision of life and death over every family in America through Obama's Death Board, now referred to the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which determines whether or not the tests you need to determine if that new abdominal mass in your kidney is a benign cyst or a deadly cancer happens or not, or whether they happen in time to prevent the cancer from spreading to other organs in your body.

In the dynamics of consumer choice in an open, free market system, competition determines choice. There is no central power which is able to capture and control a monopoly where the constraints and standards imposed on the market place are controlled by the consumer—unless there is a lawful authority with the ability to impose its will on the consumers and force compliance. We have that now because, today, we know if we like the coverage we now possess, under Obamacare, we can't keep it. It is time for America to not only jettison the medical system that threatens our lives and prosperity, but also jettison from public life every member of Congress who voted to shackle America's middle class to the government feeding trough on Pennsylvania Avenue. And with them, the social progressives in the Obama bureaucracy who volunteered to serve in his private war on the middle class.




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All rights reserved