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20 years

n the late 10th century AD the Norse Icelandic Vikings settled Greenland. In that land they found fertile fields, an abundance of trees and navigable rivers teeming with cod and seals. The summers were long enough to grow bountiful crops. By the mid-12th century the Viking communities were thriving. In its heyday, there were about 5,000 people living in two major settlements in Greenland. One settlement was located along the coast on the southeast. About 80% of the settlers lived here. About 1,000 settlers lived in a smaller settlement on the southwestern coastal area. Over a period of about 350 years, the land was almost completely stripped of lumber. When settlements were originally founded, many of the trees were cut to build primitive log homes.

Within 300 years, most of the remaining trees were consumed as fuel. A major temperature shift known today as the Little Ice Age began around 1300 AD. By 1378 AD almost all of the Vikings were gone. Those who remained died of starvation, froze to death in the devastatingly cold winters, or were killed by Induit Indians. Around 1350 AD as the Vikings began to leave, the Arctic Induits began migrating South as temperatures in the more northern regions plummeted quickly and dramatically transforming their lands into an uninhabitable frozen desert of ice and snow. What happened?

Climate change. In 1350 AD a Norse bishop was sent by his church to the western settlement of Garoar, Greenland. When he arrived he discovered, with the exception of a few Induits, there was no one there. The settlement had been abandoned. By the first or second decade in the 1500s the climate became dangerously inhospitable. Only a handful of Europeans remained in Greenland. By the middle of that century only the Induits, who were able to adapt to the inhospitable climate, remained.

The contemporary writings of ecoalarmists suggest that Icelandic Vikings—in particular Erik the Red—wanted to fool Norwegian and Danish settlers into believing that the barren inhospitable terrain of Kalaallit Nunaat (the green land) was hospitable, and that it had moderate temperatures suitable for farming and for community life. According to "The Book of Icelanders" and the "Saga of Erik the Red," (extracted from the oral history of Iceland) Erik the Red named the glacier island "Greenland" saying that settlers "...would be eager to go there if it had a good name." If Greenland was really so barren in the 12th century that settlers would have to be tricked to go there, the only value Greenland would have to the Icelandic Vikings would have been as military outposts to keep their enemies from building forts and staging areas in southern Kalaallit Nunaat to attack the Viking settlements in warmer Iceland.

The archeology of the area suggested a hurried departure. Scientific excavations in the two settlements were revealing. The diggings in the Greenlandic garbage heaps show a shift in livestock from 1000 AD to 1300 AD. The early Greenlandic farmers raised cows and pigs. As the winters began to lengthen and the farmers suffered colder temperatures, there was not enough hay to get the farmers through the increasingly severe winters. The farmers switched from cows and pigs to sheep and goats. In the more temperate regions along the coast where the air was still warmed by gulf stream, settlers ate both cattle and caribou. By 1400 AD there were no more traces of domestic livestock, nor even, of caribou. The settlers—probably all Induit—ate seals and fish. It is very likely that those Europeans who remained behind in Greenland after 1378 AD were killed by the Induit since archeological digs of Induit sites reveal many Viking artifacts— materials made of metal and wood, two staples not possessed by the Induit.

Oxygen isotope core samples taken from the Greenland ice sheets reveal that the Viking inhabitation of Greenland took place during the Medieval Warm Period from roughly 800 AD to about 1300 AD. The temperature was 1.4 to 3.5 degrees Celsius higher than it was in 1450 AD. The Little Ice Age lasted until 1850. Cooling periods on Earth—like warming periods—are caused by one thing and one thing only. Cyclic solar activity.

The scientific reality of Greenland runs counter to the fables about Greenland generated by ecoalarmists to benefit politicians who want to persuade the gullible of the world that humankind is responsible for what the ecoalarmists believe is carbon dioxide-generated global warming. In their minds, the current warming trends in Greenland is proof positive that catastrophic flooding that —caused by man—will erase the coastal lowlands around the world within the next 100 years.

Watermelon Red
Shortly after former Vice President Al Gore, Jr. received an Oscar for his largely fabricated movie, An Inconvenient Truth, blaming what science knows to be a cyclic event caused by solar eruptions on humankind, he announced that the debate was over. Global warming was settled. While Gore may believe that scientific consensus agrees with his position, in point of fact, it does not.

Before we start looking at the scientific numbers—those who believe global warming is caused by man verses those who know it is a cyclic event caused by solar eruptions—and the physical evidence that disputes the ecoalarmists, it is important for the layman to understand one simple truth about global warming: green is the new red. Yesterday's socialists are today's environmentalists. Green is the anti-capitalist, antihuman agenda of the Vietnam Era far left hippies who finally overthrew the Rooseveltian democracy of the 1930s and 40s beginning in 1992 when the politically-correct antiwar hippies Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton came to Washington, vice president Al Gore became the doomsday prophet of Utopia.

When communism became so unpopular that it was financially unsustainable in the Soviet Union, the leadership faked the collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1991, as the taskmasters of Utopia simply discarded their red uniforms and donned environmental green, becoming the ecological guardians of the green planet and the enemies of rhe industrialists who were poisoning Earth with carbn dioxide.

The transnational bankers, industrialists and merchant princes who had financed Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (more commonly known as Lenin), who were determined to overthrow Tzar Nicholas II in 1905 found their opportunity in 1917 while the world was at war. The American International Corporation financed the Russians, who promised America's richest capitalists they would be given control of developing the industrial infrastructure of the new nation. RomanovsOf course, Trotsky and Lenin lied. But the deed was done. The greediest bankers and industrialists in this country, whose money created the Soviet Union on the bloody corpses of the Romanov family, which was assassinated on Feb. 17, 1917, altered the history of the world.

The watermelons now use taxation and costly bureaucratic regulations to prevent new-generation-wealth from overtaking them in the economic marketplace. Using the tax system they created between 1929 and 1933, the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business have become the Masters of the Universe. And, during that period AIC quietly morphed into the American International Group, and erased the stain of their complicity in the assassinations of Tzar Nicholas II and the Romanov family.

Today the communists have become environmentalists. Now, as greenies instead of reds, Hollywood, the media and the wealthy elites can openly pour millions of dollars into their socialist advocacy while appearing to be concerned about our planet and the people they blame for the cyclic sunspot activity that actually creates the 1,500 year warming and cooling weather cycles on Earth.

When working class Americans look at one another, each sees another human being with equal rights who is a member of the world's greatest free enterprise society. When members of the environmental elite looks the "human machine" they don't see flesh and blood but human capital that disproportionately consumes the world's natural resources and proliferates waste. People, the pawns of the rich in the promulgation of wealth, are viewed by the watermelons as chattel of the State—the same view held by the Soviet and Chinese communists. We are simply human capital, a commodity of the rich.

Despite their abhorrence of humankind whom they believe is destroying the planet, it is the view of the elites that the unborn should not be born and the elderly should volunteer to be euthanized. The watermelons all have one thing in common: they expect the human chattel, not themselves, to make those sacrifices. Look in the private papers of the wealthy and one thing you won't find is a living will that will allow the healthcare bureaucracy to euthanize them when they become old and feeble and can no longer produce enough to sustain themselves. When a person consumes more than they produce, they have a negative societal value. In the event they are hospitalized for anything—even a minor illness or injury—they will be pressured by the health care facility to sign a living giving that facility the right to euthanize them if they are viewed to be terminal. Need I remind you that old age is a terminal condition? No one recovers from it. Plastic surgery may conceal age, but under the youthful wrapper, age is still there.

The American watermelons, like their communist counterparts, claim to be the advocates of the have-nots. But, it's not poverty they fight but the impact of capitalism (which brings both the benefits of technology and affluence not only to the middle and upper classes but to the "poor" as well). Since the ecoalarmists believe that people are the root cause of global warming, population + affluence + technology = ecological disaster— a formula that requires government control since the watermelons are convinced that human development and prosperity are detrimental to the environment.

The human influence on climate has never been documented even though the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change claimed, in its 1996 assessment, that the human impact on climate had been proven based on 130 peer-reviewed studies. In reality the "consensus" was based entirely on two research papers, not 130. Neither had been subjected to peer review. Neither was supported by fact. Both papers were written by Dr. Benjamin D. Santer, a junior research scientist working at the US government's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Santer was busy trying to make a name for himself in the Clinton Administration. Lending credibility to his report was then Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Day Olin Mount, who reported to Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs Timothy Wirth who, with then Vice President Al Gore, Jr., wrote the Kyoto Protocol that, if fully implemented, will return the First World economies to the Dark Ages as it elevates the Third World (and China)—which are exempt from the carbon dioxide greenhouse gas restrictions—to First World economic status. Mount held up the printing of the report for a final addendum in a letter to Sir John Houghton, chairman of the IPCC Working Group. The addendum was a back room "edit" of Santer's work. In the approved text that did get peer-reviewed, Santer said: "None of the studies cited above has shown clear evidence that we can attribute the observed [climate] changes to the specific cause of increases in greenhouse gases [human interference]." However, in the version that was published and released in May, 1996, Santer said: "There is evidence of an emerging pattern of climate response...by greenhouse gases...from the geographical, seasonal...patterns of temperature change...These results point toward a human influence on global climate." Mount was rewarded for his diligence by being appointed US Ambassador to Iceland. Santer was awarded a MacArthur Foundation "genius" fellowship with a $270 thousand grant. Dr. Frederick Seitz accused Santer of doctoring his 1996 report in a June 12, 1996 op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal.

In 2010 the United States will be required to limit carbon dioxide emissions by 7% below its 1990 levels. Seven percent does not seem like much. However, US industrialists have warmed that due to increased productivity, what factories remain in the US will produce 16% more greenhouse gases in 2010 than it did in 1990. So what sounds like a 7% reduction is actually a 23% reduction. In the second phase of Kyoto, the United States would have to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 60% below its 1990 level. This would virtually end manufacturing of any type in the United States of America. At that point the United States would have to rely completely on its new step-siblings in the southern hemisphere where carbon dioxide doesn't appear to cause pollution by the rules established by those transferring the wealth of the First World to the Third World where the human capital that will become the primary consumers of the 21st century live.

The one-sided debate
The Earth is warming up. That's an inescapable fact. The northern hemisphere crept out from under the most recent cooling phase (which began around 1250 AD) in 1930. Science refers to that cooling phase as the Little Ice Age. That's an inescapable fact, too. While a handful of scientists—now estimated to be about 9% of those studying climate change—believe that climate change is orchestrated by man, the inescapable truth is climate change is caused by solar cycles and not man. Carbon dioxide levels do not, have not, and will not precipitate climate change. What's more, the ecoalarmists like Timothy Wirth and Al Gore know it.
For them, global warming is a money[making opportunity which has already made Al Gore a billionaire.

The ecoalarmists insist that climate change is triggered by increases in greenhouse gases that shroud the planet over time, trapping heat in the atmosphere like an atrium and raising the surface temperature of the planet. Climate change. Satellite imagery and high altitude balloon temperature data retrieval confirm that the lower atmosphere is not trapping the volume of heat needed to impact global climate since it is high altitude temperature upheavals not low altitude temperature changes that determine climate change.

Second, oxygen-16 and oxygen-18 isotope ice core samples in both the Arctic and sub-Arctic and the Antarctic and carbon-14 and beryllium-10 isotope samples presents hard evidence of both the Earth's temperatures and the history of increases in carbon dioxide levels. It is an inescapable fact that carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) is not the culprit that is causing climate change since in every instance where both factors are measured, temperature increases always precede the buildup of carbon dioxide. What that means is that it warms first, and the increased temperatures precipitate increased levels of Co2. That, also, is an inescapable fact even though the ecoalarmists are doing their level best to erase the world's climate history since the facts disprove the theory that increased levels of carbon dioxide cause global warming.

Ice core graphs from the north and south extremities of the planet, together with isotope samples in more moderate regions of the planet have confirmed the medieval warming period that made Greenland "green" and warmed the northern hemisphere. Clearly the medieval warming was not caused by the exorbitant use of fossil fuels just as carbon dioxide from factories and car exhausts is not causing the current cycle of climate change. The impact man has on the climate is less than 1%.

All the money in the world, and all of the punitive regulations that can be implemented by the watermelon bureaucracies around the world to limit pollution, curb Co2, and make people bath 20 times a day to reduce body heat, or produce flatulence-free feeds to keep cattle from passing gas will stop, slow or moderate, global warming. The world's leading climatologists and astrophysicists are in complete accord (at least those not paid by the watermelon environmental groups or the barons of business and princes of industry in whose best interest it is to transfer the wealth of the First World nations to the human capital-rich Third World where the prime consumers of the 21st century reside) that global warming is 99% created by cyclic solar activity.

To dispute that there was medieval warming period, Raymond S. Bradley wrote an article for Science Magazine on October 17, 2003. The article was entitled "Climate in Medieval Times." Bradley is a climatologist and a professor in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Bradley wrote a history of the last 1,000 years, disputing that there was a medieval warming period. To accomplish this Bradley, with the help of Michael Mann, a young Ph.D from the University, substituted Mann's temperature proxies for the the ice core isotopes (tree rings) from moderate urban, heat zones, then using the official temperatures in those urban heat zones, postulated what he thought the temperatures all over the planet would have been over the past 1,000 years. (The Clinton Administration—or rather Al Gore—singled out Mann's work in 2000 to be included, as fact, in the US National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change. Gore liked the Mann Study because it contradicted hundreds of embarrassing historic documents that factually confirmed the medieval warming period had occurred. Mann's statistics showed 900 years of stable global temperatures that suddenly spiraled upward after 1910 with the advent of the automobile.

To the ecoalarmist, evidence that climate change is cyclic is the kiss of death since that means regardless what man does, global warming and cooling is going to happen. Once Mann caught the attention of ecoalarmist Al Gore, his theory gave the IPCC an answer to the embarrassing questions concerning the medieval warming period: it simply didn't happen. For his groundbreaking work, Mann became a primary author of IPCC, and a key editor of The Journal of Climate.

In 2004 two researchers from the University of Guelph in Canada, Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKittrick (who were studying the Medieval Warming Period), were stymied by Mann's claims and requested the original study data from the IPCC. The documents they received were incomplete and the data presented could not produce the claimed conclusion. They discovered that Mann's work had never been subjected to peer review. Using corrected and updated data, McIntyre and McKittrick recalculated Mann's temperature index (using Mann's own methodology). The results were published in Energy & Environment later that year. McIntyre and McKittrick reported that "...[t]he major finding is that the [warming] in the early 15th century exceed[s] any [warming] in the 20th century."

Mann's study became known by honest climatologists all over the world as the "Hockey Stick Theory" because, in his model, global temperatures were static until early in the 20th century when they suddenly spiked upward, presenting a graph that looked like a hockey stick. Mann's theory completely ignored Co2.

Had Mann paid attention to that factor he would have had to explain why tree ring samples collected from bristlecone pines in the Sierra Nevada Mountains showed a major growth spurt after 1910. Temperature alone cannot account for major growth spurts in mature trees. Growth spurts come from feeding the tree. Co2 acts as fertilizer for trees and other plants. Plantlife needs Co2 to grow. When tree rings show growth spurts there is always a parallel increase in the level of Co2 in the air. The more Co2, the more growth. Temperature can be calculated from the distance between the tree rings, with wider spaces between the rings as the climate warms. The Mann samples actually prove that the warming occurred first, followed by increased levels of Co2—once again, disproving the theories of the ecoalarmists who insist that manmade greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming.

In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore alleges that "...temperature change is the cause, not the result, of changing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels." Ninety-one percent of the world's climatologists disagree, arguing that the collected evidence overwhelmingly shows that rising temperatures always precede increased levels of Co2. Core sample studies from the Antarctica date back hundreds of thousands of years. The isotope samples provide data about the temperature and levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at the time the ice was produced. The Antarctic ice core samples conclusively prove that temperature spikes precede atmospheric carbon dioxide increases. Scientists discovered from the core sample studies that Co2 levels dramatically increase roughly 200 to 1,000 years after the temperature elevations begin. This is the reason why, when Al Gore was challenged by the Heartland Institute to debate the veracity of his claims, he refused, saying "the debate is over. Climate change is a settled argument." The debate is over not because the Gorites are correct, but simply because the princes of business and industry and the earls of the ecology who fabricated global warming as a devise to redistribute the wealth of the world have deemed it to be over because the transfer of that wealth is underway and cannot be stopped. And, fearful that intelligent people—armed with facts instead of fiction—will begin to question the "need" to send their jobs to the third world, the watermelons are simply no longer willing to debate an issue already bought and paid for in the private congressional and senatorial offices on Capitol Hill.

Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound that is critically necessary to sustain life on planet Earth. It is the food plants consume to grow the crops we eat. Eliminate Co2 and we starve. As plants consume the Co2 to grow the food we require to live, they excrete a byproduct known as oxygen. Oxygen—one of the most caustic pollutants on Earth—is essential for life. Without oxygen, mankind will suffocate. Since oxygen is created only by photosynthesis, deplete carbon dioxide and you deplete the quality and quantity of the air we breathe. It's that simple.

The eco-idiots, headed by Al Gore, Jr.—the man who believes he is destined to be the leader of the free world—and the American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU}, have already had the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia classify carbon dioxide as a pollutant that must be eliminated to save the world. When the Bush-43 Administration correctly ordered the Environmental Protection Agency not to enforce the non-ratified Kyoto Protocol which was implemented by former President Bill Clinton by Executive Order a few hours before he left office on January 20, 2001, the ACLU, the Sierra Club, Environmental Defense, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, and several of the most liberal States: California (Gov. Arnold Swarzenegger [R]), Connecticut (Gov. Jodi Rell [R]), Maine (Gov. John Valdacci [D]), Massachusetts (Gov. Deval Patrick [D]), New Mexico (Gov. Bill Richardson [D]), New York (Gov. Eliot Spitzer [D]), Oregon (Gov. Ted Kulongoski [D]), Rhode Island (Gov. Don Carcieri [R]), Vermont (Gov. Jim Douglas [R]), and Wisconsin (Gov. Jim Doyle [D]), filed suit to demand the federal government tighten pollution controls on the newest generation of power plants, claiming that these facilities were speeding up global warming. (Spitzer has been removed from office.)

If you live in any of these Statesor your State has watermelon members of Congressand you plan to do any serious breathing or eating for the rest of your life, you need to dump these clowns before they kill you. Go to the Federal Election Commission website and check the big money donors who have bought their allegiance and you will find the Seven Sisters and the green giants among them. When you find these people in their donor bases, fire them—quickly. Don't wait for the next election cycle, recall them and fire them.

The battle between the Bush-43 White House and the environmentalists, which began in 2001, heated up in 2005 when a three judge panel upheld the Bush EPA decision not to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from cars and trucks under the Clean Air Act.—which was what Clinton attempted to implement by ordering the Highway Transportation Safety Board to regulate the new emissions standards. To combat the Bush Administration, in March, 2008 Sen. Dianne Feinstein [D-CA] (an eco-idiot) urged the EPA to classify Co2 as a hazardous pollutant under the Clean Air Act. In a recent letter to the EPA, Feinstein urged the EPA to find that Co2 is a danger to public health. Since oxygen is an even more dangerous element, I'm surprised she hasn't asked the EPA to outlaw it as well.

Another eco-idiot, Dr. Jonathan Patz, MD, Professor of Environmental Studies and Population Health crawled out of the watermelon atrium in November of 2007 with a paper published in the journal EcoHealth in which he claimed the carbon dioxide emitted in the United States was causing the greatest harm to the world's poorest nations. Patz claimed that global warming was devastating the third world with climate-sensitive diseases such as malaria. Malaria is a disease that was almost completely eradicated throughout the world through the use of DDT—the safest pesticide ever developed. When chemophobic fans of Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" succeeded in banning the use of DDT in the United States in 1970, the World Heath Organization, the National Academy of Science, and the EPA argued that "sound science" found no evidence that DDT was a carcinogenic (the claim of the chemophobes). After seven months of intensive hearings by the scientific community in the United States and over 9,000 pages of testimony, the scientific community concluded that "...DDT is not a mutagenic or teratogenic hazard...The use of DDT under the regulations involved...does not have a deterious effect on freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds or the wildlife." The fact that DDT was not hazardous, and was extremely beneficial to the farming community and to the population-at-large did not prevent it from being banned in the United States. When you have an MD after your name, it apparently doesn't matter that you don't know what you're talking about. The watermelon bureaucracy in Washington, DC will listen to you. And, the more extreme your views, the more diligently they will listen. So will any congressional committee in Congress. The irrational rant will be viewed as credible science without a shred of evidence—other than Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Gore's scientific credibility comes from the fact that he won an Academy Award and Nobel Prize for his sci-fi documentary.

The whole truth about climate change
I said it already. The Earth is warming up. There is no dispute here. The dispute is over the cause, and whether or not, through regulation, global warming can be reversed. Every 1,500 years or so, with super cycles every 10,000 to 30,000 years, this planet we call home will experience cataclysmic climate change. It does not require a meteorite slamming into Earth, or a catastrophic volcanic eruption. The catalyst that causes climate change is our sun. Do the environmentalists know this? Yes, they do. In 2005 Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of the St. Petersburg Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia discovered that the current warming cycle on Earth is also taking place on our two closest neighbors—Mars and Venus. Abdussamatov's findings were physically confirmed by NASA by NASA's Global Surveyor and Odyssey which recorded the carbon dioxide ice caps at Mars' south pole has been melting for three years. Surface temperatures on Venus have risen from an average of 470°F to 513°F. Clearly, cars on the LA freeway didn't cause that to happen, nor did carbon fuel pollution from America's dwindling factories. Regardless how Gore and the eco-idiots spin it, they are going to be hard-pressed to convinced intelligent Americans that body heat in our crowded urban centers, or carbon fuel pollutants caused the temperatures to spike on Mars and Venus.

Based on the NASA statistics, the world's astrophysicists sided with the climatologists who denounced global warming as a man-made dilemma. Nir Shaviv, an Israeli astrophysicist argued before the IPCC that "...solar activity can explain a large part of 20th century global warming." Shaviv argued that while "...the melting of the arctic ice sheets is indicative of global warming, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that proves Co2 and other greenhouse gases are the culprits that caused it...Using computer models to find [ecological] fingerprints is hard..." because computer models are not based on facts but on suppositions of what previously happened, and what the author of the model thinks will happen in the future. Everyone's models are different because each is based on opinion and not evidence. However, the statistics compiled by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration [NOAA}. NASA and the International Solar Energy Society [ISES] are not based on suppositions and guesswork but on factual evidence. Solar activity determines the temperatures of Earth—and, of course, on Mars and Venus and the other planets as well. Variations in the cyclic solar activity drives warming and cooling throughout the solar system. The environmentalists do not want to discuss global warming on Mars and Venus since it raises questions about the origin of climate change and makes their suppositions that sweaty old fat people, flatulating cows, car exhaust or carbon fuel pollutants from factories are responsible for climate change—even on neighboring planet where there are no fat, sweaty people, flatulating cows, or factories churning out tons of greenhouse gases.

Sixty scientists in Canada wrote the Canadian Prime Minister last year to express their misgivings about buying into the global warming rhetoric, saying: "If, back in the mid-1990s, we knew what we know today about climate, the Kyoto Protocol to combat climate change would almost certainly not exist, because we would have concluded it was not necessary." Ian Wilson, a former astronomer at the Hubble Space Telescope Institute said that under the Kyoto Protocol the taxpayers of the United States will ultimately be obligated to pay trillions of dollars in additional taxes that will result in a negligible environmental impact since not even a substantial decreases in atmospheric carbon dioxide would impact climate change since climate change is controlled about 99% by the sun, and 1% by man.

In 1983 climatologists Willi Dansgaard (from Denmark) and Hans Oeschger (from Switzerland) drilled two 1-mile deep ice cores in the Greenland Ice Sheet exposing 250 thousand years of Earth history. Their work is known as the Dansgaard-Oeschger Climate Cycle. Dansgaard and Oeschger established the 1,500 cycle. Within this climate cycle are two solar cycles, one is an 87 year period (known as the Gleissberg Cycle), the other is a period of 210 years (known as the DeVries-Suess Cycle).

Based on all of the climate models built by all of the well-paid eco-idiots, if the greenhouse theory of climate change was correct, then global temperatures in the Arctic and Antarctic should have been steadily rising since 1940. Polish climatologist Rajmund Przybylak compiled ice core readings from 37 Arctic and sub-Arctic weather stations to compute the Arctic air temperatures since 1930. The warmest Arctic temperatures occurred in the early 1930s. Even the brief warming in the 1950s was colder than the warmest period in the 1930s

Dr. Syun Akasofu, founding director of the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks recently sent a letter to the IPCC documenting the flaws in their evaluation procedure and urging the United Nations to guarantee an honest debate on the subject of climate change. In his letter, Akasofu charged that "...this great interest by the public in climatology...[is] based on misinterpreted information about the green house effect of carbon dioxide...The public is alarmed and thus concerned about climate change largely because they are confused by...msinformation...I am concerned about the inevitable backlash against science and scientists, when the public learns the correct information about climate change. Even if the IPCC is not directly responsible for the present confusion, they should take responsible action to help rectify the situation."

It is not likely the IPCC, the eco-idiots behind the global warming scare tactics and the watermelon bureaucrats who are using climate change to implement totalitarian controls over the people of the world, are going to do anything soon to rectify the situation. With carbon dioxide classified as a hazardous pollutant, the watermelons will soon see the doomsday prophecies of Paul Ehrlich come true, as greatly reduced levels of carbon dioxide bring about massive food shortages as crop yields are radically reduced because carbon dioxide—the food crops eat—has been dramatically curtailed by federal regulation, and the air quality over the largest industrial centers will have become so bad that respiratory illness will become worlds' deadliest and most prevalent killer. In the end, the lunatic rantings of the eco-idiots will become fact. Because the nations themselves choice to believe the eco-idiots and agree to limit the natural production of carbon dioxide, the world will no longer be able to support its population because the food those crops need to produce in abundance—Co2—was outlawed as the cause of global warming. Given time, mankind would also have found a way to outlaw the most corrosive element in nature, too. That element causes food to spoil and iron to rust. That element, of course, is oxygen.

I am amazed that mankind, listening to the voodoo science of eco-idiots like Al Gore, Rachel Carson and Paul Ehrlich, has survived this long. But time is now rapidly running out. When mankind realizes what the pseudo-climate crackpots and watermelon bureaucrats have done to them for the world's greedy elite who want to recast the world to fit their changing economic needs, neither group will be welcome anywhere on this planet.


Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved