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W160821hile Hillary Clinton was making history during the final day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on July 25, 2016, becoming the first woman in history to hijack a major party nomination for the presidency of the United States. Several hundred Black Lives Matter demonstrators were marching towards the Convention Center. According to reports, Clinton had enlisted the help of Barack Obama who agreed to make the keynote speech on Wednesday, July 27 to reunite Blacks and Hispanics, believing it was that coalition of voters which won the White House for Obama in 2008 and 2012. Everyone knows that, in politics, if you tell a lie enough times, the lie takes on the appearance of reality. But a lie is always a lie even if everyone believes it.

For the most part, in both 2008 and 2012, Obama won because the voters who put Obama over the top in both elections were illusionary voters created by the GEMS.file in the source code in the electronic voting machines which were programmed to add whatever votes Obama need to win. Which is why, the night before the 2012 election Mitt Romney drew over 100 thousand spectators to hear his speech, yet did not draw a single vote in Phildelphia's 59 voting precincts which pulled the spectators the night before the election. Hillary Clinton will need the GEMS.file program even more because as bad as Obama was, Hillary Clinton is far worse. It's safe to say that not even Hillary's closest friends like her.

During the 2016 Democratic Convention, Hillary Clinton tried to use Obama's keynote address on July 27 to woo the far left with social justice rhetoric in order to "reunite" Black and Hispanic voters—to vote for her. It turned out that even though Hillary's husband was—you will remember—our first "Black President," not even the Black community likes, or trusts, Hillary. At least, not those who believe that "Black Lives Matter." They know that with all of the political rhetoric aside, the only thing that matters to Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, back at the Black Lives Matter demonstration (protesting Hillary Clinton's nomination), Black Lives Matters protesters marched towards the Wells Fargo Center chanting "Hell, no, DNC! We won't vote for Hill-ary!" White socialist activists who fully intended to vote for Bernie Sanders outnumbered the Black protestors who were smart enough to recognize a white liar when they saw one. According to several white convention delegates, young blacks marching in Philadeplphia have given up on the system entirely. They're just waiting for the revolution. They were in the streets, along with Bernie Sanders supporters, waiting for the call to shut down the convention when Clinton began her acceptance speech.

Hillary Clinton was raised in a politically conservative United Methodist home in Park Ridge, Illinois. She was class president in her junior year in high school. She lost the election for senior class president the following year to a boy who told her she was really "...stupid if you think a girl can be elected president." Because Hillary has a memory which does not forget nor forgive any ill, I'm pretty sure in my own mind that since her nomination acceptance speech on July 25 Hillary Clinton has thought about that boy more than once. I'd also bet my last wooden nickel she's even had the Secret Service checking him out to determine his political bonafides. If she hasn't, she will. Being senior class president was very important to 18 year-old Hillary Diane Rodham. I think she would like to rub that boy's nose in his words. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he receives an invitation to one of the inaugural balls should Hillary win GEMS.file manipulation.

As Hillary Clinton well knows, the boy who won the senior class presidency was constitutionally correct. Before a woman can legally be president, the Constitution must be amended since, in 1787, not only could women not vote, they could not hold elective office, either. Google, in their discussion of the 15th Amendment, suggested that when the 15th, 19th and 26th (voting) Amendments were ratified they included both age and sex transitions, thereby degenderizing Article II. (This is called amending the Constitution by social media.) In reality, the 15th Amendment voided only race or color as a restriction to voting. The 20th Amendment only changed the age of the voter, not the sex of the voter. The 19th Amendment dealt only with the sex of the voter. But, it also dealt only with women voting, not running for the highest office in the land. For a woman to constitutionally be allowed to serve as President, a consttutional amendment has to be ratified by three-fourths of the States. Hillary may be crooked, but she's not stupid.

She knew that. In 2003 the money barons behind the New World Order convinced then Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch [R-UT] to sponsor the Equal Opportunity to Govern Amendment which would allow naturalized citizens to run for president. But it still required the tweaking of a word or two to degenderize Article II. The Founding Fathers believed that women—the mothers of America's children—might be reluctant to declare war on another nation. Both options dovetail with the global precepts of social justice, but not with the intent of the Founding Fathers to amend the Constitution by the ratification of 3/4ths of the States, not a Bic pen and a cell phone..

Barack Obama, with dual citizenship in Kenya and Indonesia (but not the United States), swore an oath of fidelity not to the United States, but to the Muslim world. In Audacity of Hope, the man who claims to lead the free world, says: "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." How good is his oath of allegiance to a Constitution he has been dismantling with his cell phone and pen over the last eight years?

Then we have Hillary Clinton who is the most notorious liar in the political world. One needs only look at those the Clintons have aligned with to see just how evil and corrupt they are. The proposed 28th amendment died of disinterest. But, not in the least surprising, it was reintroduced in 2011. In 2015 the socialist left introduced the Equal Opportunity to Govern Commission in an attempt to leverage Congress to abolish Article II by allowing naturalized citizens and women to serve as President in order to completely dismantle the Constitution, its inherent rights and unconditional liberty for the limited rights found in the United Nation's International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which claim the authority to stifle free speech if it offends those who disagree with them. Which, of course, brings us back to protest groups like Black Lives Matter which believe they have the right to seek retribution by killing innocent police officers because other police officers killed armed felons in the commission of criminal activity or for refusing to surrender their weapons when apprehended.

In October, 2015, in the aftermath of Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD riots, and seeking a primary election edge over "not particularly Jewish" Senator Bernie Sanders (who still had an edge in the social progressive Jewish vote) in America, Hillary Clinton met privately on October 13 with Black Lives Matter agitators DeRay Mckesson and Johnette Elzie, who led the rioting in both Ferguson and Baltimore. Black Lives Matter was founded on July 13, 2013 when George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin, California activist Alicia Garza, one of the three activist founders of Black Lives Matters shot off a missive on her FaceBook page, saying, "“Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter." BlackLivesMatterOne of her friends, Patrisse Cullors, a fellow California activist converted :Our lives matter, into #blacklivesmatter, and BLM was born. The third founder, a New York immigration protestor, was Opal Tometi. A fourth member was California State College law professor Melina Abdullah formed what was likely the first Black Lives Matter chapter. Today there are over 38 chapters, with one in Canada.

Hillary Clinton, who knew the possibility existed for 27 years of political and otherwise criminal skeletons dancing out of the closets of the Rose Law Firm, the Democratic National Committee, the closet in her Chappaqua home where one of her unsecured Internet servers reportedly resided. Brietbart.com revealed some time ago that there are approximately 1.8 million missing emails from 1993 to 2016 dealing with topics from Whitewatergate to Travelgate, to Filegate, to include the IRS Lois Lerner 501[c]4 scandal and assorted lesser known scandals which, if properly exposed, would have brought about the indictment of Hillary Clinton or, at the very least, would force the scapegoat resignations of lesser ranked staffers working for Secretary of State Clinton for malfeasance if not complicity in the crimes of the Clinton Foundation laundry machine which washes the bribes from America's enemies squeaky clean.

Expecting to experience the loss of hundreds of thousands if not millions of moderate union member Reagan Democrat votes when the ties between then Secretary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation laundry machine, the Clintons and their friends in the leftwing media knew Hillary needed to at least create the illusion that she has captured 95% to 99% of the Black and Hispanic votes so that the GEM.file created votes in the electronic voting machines perpetuate the illusion the leftwing mainstream media appears to contain some semblance of truth.

Except, of course, when only 56.8% of the registered voters nationwide vote, (amounting to 96,992.000 voters in all parties and all precincts, nationwide), it's impossible to have more votes (132,618,580) than voters. And for the media to argue that the popular appeal of Hillary Clinton resulted of 106% to 125% turnout [particularly when everyone in America knows she is the most disliked and mistrusted woman in America], the leftwing media (like the National Enquirer), should lose their 1st Amendment free speech rights for foisting such a lie on the American people. Once you reach 100% of the voters, there are no more voters left to vote. What the socialists in the mainstream media are attempting to do is what they did in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012—suggest to the voters that the election would turn on key "Battleground States" (States where the left has totalitarian control over the vote totals produced by the GEM.files in the voting machines.) Surprisingly, before any serious debates took place in the "battleground States," the left had already published the list of what the new "Battleground States" would be: Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, and Utah. What is most interesting about the "Battleground States" in every election is that they are always States the Republicans won in the previous election. By telling the voters which States would be "in play" this year, no one is surprised when the Democrats steal them.

But remember this about a couple of those States: Arizona is a coal-producing State as is Utah (whose State "rock" is coal). Utah's economy, in fact, is economically dependent on coal, crude oil and natural gas. So, why would those States vote for the woman who has pledged to destroy the coal, oil and natural gas industries?

If you recall in 1996 as Bill and Hillary Clinton were running for reelection, they promised Indonesian billionaire Mochtar Riady they would shut down the anthracite coal industry in Utah—the largest known lode of anthracite coal in the northern hemisphere—and fulfill this nation's demand for anthracite coal from Riady's coal conglomerate, LippoGroup in Asia. In exchange for that consideration, all the Clintons wanted were a few paltry hundreds of million dollars in illegal foreign campaign donations

The Clintons used the authority found in socialist President Theodore Roosevelt's Antiquities Act of 1906 to seize 1,880,461 acres of land in Southern Utah and create what would be known as Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The Clinton's deprived Utahians access to the anthracite coal mines in Southern Utah, killing the coal industry and robbing thousands of Utah workers of their livelihood in exchange for a campaign war chest full of money the Clintons received from Riady (the tsunami of foreign money began to fill the coffers of every important leftwing politician in the United States in 1984 to not only stop the reelection of Ronald Reagan but Republican Congressmen and Senatorsto make sure that even if Reagan was re-elected he wouldn't get the legislation he needed to perfect his Star Wars defense system.. Clinton and Al Gore, Jr. began receiving illegal Chinese money in 1988 (Gore because he threw his hat in the ring to run against Bush-41 and Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, whom Riady needed to intercede with federal bank regulators so Riady could buy a bank in Arkansas).

In 2011 the Utah delegation in the US House and Senate proposed HR2147. The Utah Land Sovereignty Act failed to pass either House. In 2012, the State of Utah enacted the Utah Transfer of Public Lands Act that would require the federal government to surrender, in 2014, the land the Clintons stole from the people of Utah. Too little. Too late. Because, when President Richard Nixon signed the World Heritage Treaty in 1972 he ceded over 51 million acres of our wilderness as World Heritage Sites or Biosphere Reserves. The moment Bill Clinton signed the documents creating the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument documents, itand 68% of all United States National Parks and Monuments—became the property of the United Nations (where they are now all UNESCO World Heritage Sites), its safe to say that Bill and Hillary Clinton gave 1/7th of the State of Utah to the UN for nothing in order to pocket several million dollars of graft from Moctar Riady so they could steal a reelection race they were losing against Sen. Bob Dole [R-MO] in 1996. The question that puzzles me most is how in the world would anyone in the State of Utah, particularly those who lost their livelihoods from coal mining when Bill and Hillary Clinton closed down the most valuable anthracite coal mines in the United States to line their own pockets with Riady money, vote for Hillary in 2016?

Three of the other battleground States (this time around): Georgia, Missouri and North Carolina (while not thought of as coal producing States are dependent on fossil fuel for electricity, with upwards of half or more of their electrical power derived from coal—again, which Hillary Clinton has promised to destroy. Nebraska is 100% dependent on importing coal from the coal producing States. I guess the candle industry will grow expotentially in Nebraska if Hillary is elected. Since we know that if Hillary is elected, the electric bills of every American at least in the battleground States, but likely everywhere, will skyrocket. So. once again, what person in Nebraska (or anywhere else) would vote for Hillary Clinton? When Hillary talks about soaking the rich, you need to remember that, to the socialist left, anyone with a job is construed to be among the filthy rich.

Even more, since we now know how, and in what States, the Clintons plan to steal the White House in 2016: Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, and Utah, those States need to pass emergency legislation to ditch the fraud-ridden electronic voting machine votes and return to hand-marked and completely hand-counted paper ballots this November that machines never touch. In point of fact, every State in the Union needs to throw away every electronic voting machine they were unconstitutionally forced to buy by Congress under HAVA and return to the only honest voting system there is—a paper ballot, a #2 pencil and a hand-counted ballot. That said, let's get back to the Hillary trying to use Black Lives Matter to help her steal the Election of 2016.

Hillary Clinton began to side with Black Lives Matters after the shooting by a police officer of Michael Brown on Aug. 9, 2014 after Brown committed the armed robbery of a convenience store in Ferguson, Missouri—not because she thought Brown's death was a wrongful shooting, but because she needed the black vote to turn out for her. In her mind, Black Lives Matter meant black votes, so what difference did it make if Brown was a hood with a gun and the shooting was justified? In Hillary's mind, votes are more important than lives. (The black community believed Brown's death was a wrongful shooting because the officer who shot Brown—[pointing a hand-gun at Officer Darren Wilson]—didn't know Brown was escaping from an armed robbery when Wilson accosted him.) To Black Lives Matter, that somehow made Brown innocent because Wilson didn't know about the robbery. Keep in mind, that while Officer Wilson didn't know Brown had just robbed a convenience store, with the loot in his pockets, Brown did. Further, what Brown didn't know was that Wilson didn't know, thus making Wilson more of a threat to Brown than Brown was to Wilson..

Throughout 2014 and into the summer of 2015 the new black socialist civil rights movement was slowly converging into what they believed would become a black political party in the United States that would ultimately share power with the Democrats who would need them to survive—largely with the help of the community organizer in the White House and a "white-blind" US Justice Department which, as White America could see if they chose to open their own eyes, as an increasingly socialist federal, State and predominantly black county governments increasingly looking the other way when black-on-white, or black-on-blue crime took place in America—but were always quick to prosecute white police officers who kill black felons in the commission of a crime. Which was the fodder which fertilized the growth of Time Magazine's short list "person of the year" 4th place winner in 2015. You guessed it—Black Lives Matter..

Which is why Hillary Clinton, opted to meet with Black Lives Matter on October 13, 2015. The meeting spot was an ironic choice. It was a pale stone, turreted building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. What was ironic about the iconic building was that it was built on the exact spot where the 19th century DC slave market stood in 1839, a few blocks from the White House.

Hillary Clinton met privately not only with Black Lives Matter street activists DeRay Mckesson and Johnelle Elzie, the lead agitators in both Ferguson and Baltimore, but with Muslim college activists like Alwiyah Shariff and 8 others, each with their own agenda. Throughout the summer of 2015, the street activists had disrupted not only Trump campaign functions, but campaign events for lesser offices, taunting candidates with radioactive questions about race and other federal or State societal issues concerning crime and racial injustice. Clinton, according to Time Magazine, wanted to clear the air and form an alliance with a black army that would destroy Donald Trump. In fact, the Clinton Campaign war drums were already beating out that cadence. As Hillary tried to use the bread and butter approach to mobilize Black Lives Matter as mindless minion in her army—with the verbal emphasis more on the word "butter" than "bread"—Hillary's 11 "guests" took over the discussion , demanding that Hillary push through sweeping investment programs for blacks, and promise to push through race-based legislation at State level to give blacks a serious "leg up" in the white communities, or put quotas on all federal loans going to the States. When Clinton replied that she lacked the ability to "...muscle race-based legislation through Congress," Shariff accused her of "white privilege," asking her how she could be trusted "...to keep a promise to close private prisons while collecting campaign contributions from the industry?" Aurielle Marie, an activist from Atlanta, Georgia, noted later that when Shariff raised that question, you could see fire in Clinton's eyes.

Why was the question about private prisons so important? Because without private prisons, paid for and staffed by entrepreneurs for a profit, America's penal system would quickly become overcrowded again and federal and State judges would, once again, begin dumping dangerous felons back on the streets of America's large urban cities. (Barack Obama is a good example of that. Since 2009 Obama has pardoned, commuted, or paroled over 600 black drug and gun offenders (more than his last 9 predecessors put together). One of those offenders, Richard Reid, a Delaware two-time offender before his last arrest for possession of marijuana, crack cocaine (in sale-sized baggies), powder cocaine, scales, a loaded 32-caliber pistol and an unloaded 25-caliber handgun and ammunition for two other types of weapons. In the first week of August, 2016, Obamba commuted his 25-year no-parole sentence to time served. (Today, when felons selling drugs are caught carrying a gun, federal judges are required to sentence the gun violation consecutive to the drug violation. If each offense carries a 10 year sentence, the felon will serve 20 years. Families Against Mandatory Minimums (which, more appropriately should be called Felons Against Mandatory Minimums) is advocating the White House have the law amended to allow judges to show leniency by sentencing both offenses to be served concurrently rather than consecutively.

At a Democratic town hall (the media called it a debate,but when Hillary's talking it's never a debate, since only her opinion matters). Hillary denounced mass incarcerations (during riots) and demanded that cops wear body cams so that the victims of police brutality can get justice.

Mckesson, when he met with Clinton on Oct. 13, was smart enough to know when he was being buttered by a white woman he didn't trust. Mckeeson told Clinton that if he was going to be part of her campaign, he expected to be apprised of her agenda just like a regular staffer; and if he was going to fight for her nomination, he expected to see the Clinton platform that would be approved at the Convention so he would know what he was fighting for. MckeesonClinton, who doesn't mind lying out of both sides of her mouth at the same time, assured Mckeeson he would have access to everything being circulated to staff members. (Apparently Clinton staffers are left in the dark.) Foremost what she wanted from Mckeeson was a race riot at the Republican Convention in Cleveland—and that, like fingerprints at a crime scene, you don't want those verbal fingerprints in an interoffice memo.

Mckeeson was invited to Clinton's campaign launch on Roosevelt Island (no press) where Mckeeson later told USA Today Hillary engaged in small talk about "...work schedules for working families. It wasn't," Mckeeson said, "that she was talking about issues; she wasn't talking about issues of race...It took a lot of pressure for her to address race—like, more pressure than we would think a president, in a country where race is such a central topic, should take. So, that's like a symbol. I think it bleeds into so many other things. So you think about—what does it mean that you have to sort of fight a nominee to come out with a criminal justice platform, to come out with a platform about racial inequality, and to come out and talk about these things?"

Speaking bluntly with Clinton aides at the Roosevelt Island retreat, Mckesson admitted that protests might happen at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, but they would be more beneficial to Black Lives Matter in Philadelphia because those protests would unite African-Americans and young White millennials. Mckeeson cautioned Clinton directly that she couldn't count on antipathy for Trump to turn out either Black voters or Millennials, advising her that if she doesn't help people see her as a real choice despite their mistrust of her, her race "...will be more of an uphill battle than it already is." Mckeeson also emphasized the need for Clinton to hammer a $15 minimum wage plank in the Democratic platform as well as a plank with strong criminal justice provisions that include community oversight of police departments. "If there isn't," Mckeeson told Clinton, "I think you will see protests around those issues."

Mckeeson told the media that Black Lives Matter will "...need to organize no matter who the next president is. We (will) hold the next president accountable, especially if it's Hillary because she can't govern alone." Mckeeson made it clear that Black Lives Matter intends to keep the pressure on Clinton if she's elected. While a large portion of America's moderate black population may accept Bill Clinton as America's first "black" president, none of them accept Hillary Clinton as anything remotely resembling America's first black First Lady.

According to Mckeeson, Clinton agreed to participate in a pre-DNC convention Black Lives Matter rally to cement the deal with Black Lives Matter disrupting the GOP convention. But, on July 8, the Black Lives Matter protest moved to Dallas (which had no recent blue-on-black shootings). Sterling_shootingBlack Lives Matter brought their street protest to Dallas over the shooting death of a Baton Rouge street vendor named Alton Sterling. But before the protesters came to Dallas, they assassinated three Baton Rouge police officers. Once the protest arrived in Dallas, it erupted into another ambush—five police officers were murdered and seven other were severely wounded. Two civilian bystanders were also shot. What triggered the ambush in Dallas was revenge for Alton Sterling who had probably never been in Dallas, Texas in his entire life..

Immediately Clinton cancelled any notion of attending the upcoming Black Lives Matters rally, nor meeting with Mckesson or any other Black Lives Matter organizer. One of the things Hillary realized about Black Lives Matter. is that they had their own agenda—build a national political organization to rival the socialist left of Democratic Party and demand a co-equal voice in the political direction of the Democratic Party and, of course, a say in the laws the Democrats push through Congress.

Because Clinton needed Black Lives Matter to protest the Republicans as being anti-Black, within a week of Hillary's private meeting with the Black activists at the former slave quarters in Washington, rolled out the criminal justice program which mimicked the demands of Alwiyah Shariff, including what, she said, were her plans to curb police militarization as well as using federal power to investigate local police who mobilize when minorities hold peaceful demonstrations to investigate allegations of police misconduct.

While Hillary Clinton was trying to recruit Black Lives Matter as her own ragtag street urchin activists in the fall of 2015, Black Lives Matters had already morphed into a real political force with the power to threaten mayors and prosecutors, and intimidate police chiefs and prosecutors to indict white (and sometimes black) police officers for killing armed drug dealers or armed thieves and gang thugs. The rioting and destruction of property in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray while in the custody of Baltimore police, was largely due to a racist mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and an inept Baltimore City State Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby. As far-left federal authorities, both black and white, saw they could increase their own electability with minorities by pointing an accusing finger at white conservatives, not only did Black Lives Matter grow in numbers, but power as well. Add to the low level leftwing bureaucrats, the head bureaucrat, Obama, jumped on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon by pardoning 107 black federal inmates who had been convicted of gun crimes, plus the 600 mentioned earlier.

Hillary Clinton planned to use the Democratic National Convention to woo minority voters as though she actually believed that somehow Barack Obama had consolidated them into a winning force in 2008 and, again, in 2012. Acorn was Obama's catalyst to victory. Black Lives Matter would be hers. In point of fact, Obama's catalyst, as well as her own, would be the Diebold vote theft and theft eraser GEMS.file program, described and demonstrated in the HBO production on the discoveries made by Beverly Harris in her quest to learn how the money barons steal nations. However, as Democrats have known since at least the Democratic sweep of Congress in 2006, the only way socialists can win elections in America is to steal them. To steal them covertly they need to make the voters believe that all of the polls indicated the Democrats would sweep the elections. If the voters believe the "win" was anticipated, no one questions the results—even if everyone knows about the GEMS.file becasue few people will believe the file will allow the theft of millions of votes without leaving a trace of the crime.

But, that's now less likely since HBO, pressured by the princes of industry, went after Beverly Harris, the grandmother from Washington State, claiming all copyrights to the film belonged to them and not Harris; killing the 2 hour video under the name Hacking Democracy which, minutely, showed precisely how the party in control of the electronic voting machines will steal every election they can manipulate through the control over the voting precincts. And, of course, all patent rights to the GEMS.file belongs to Diebold, and the provisions of the law which gave the GEMS.file top secret status, making it a crime for any non-authorizd person to read and dissiminate the source code becaue the electronic voting machines used around the world is a criminal act in and of itself. Today, the video is sequestered and the proof you need to see to demand that every voting precinct in American uses paper ballots, #2 pencil s and hand-counted ballots has become a more closely guarded secret than how to make a nuclear bomb.

Meanwhile, taking the long walk around a short block back to the Democratic National Convention on Monday, July 25 when, with police protection (and a long nod from the Clinton Campaign which thought it had a deal with Black Lives Matter but didn't), BLM and scores of Bernie Sanders supporters blocked major thoroughfares in Philadelphia around the Wells Fargo Convention Center, forcing buses, taxis and cars alike to reroute. Much to the dismay of BLM, there were suddenly far more white leftists than Black Lives Matter protestors blocking traffic around the Wells Fargo Center.

The Black Lives Matter leaders in the streets were not pleased with the white protesters who, uninvited and wanted, joined their march. The BLM in charge of the march, a Mexican illegal with Native American heritage admonished the white protesters for joining what BLM determined was a solely black protest, advising them that "...White supremacy—the system you benefit from—is at its end!" blared through his bullhorn. He continued telling the white protesters marching with them that BLM was prodicting the the end of white supremacy in the United States

Among the white protesters was movie actress Ashley Judd who was a member if the REAL Justice. Judd, the daughter of singer Naomi Judd, protested against the Clinton nomination on behalf Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. Judd turned against the mainstream Democratic Party because in 2014, the movie actress intended to run as a Democrat for the GOP Senate seat in Kentucky held by Sen. Mitch McConnell. Judd went to her godfather, Sen. Wendall Ford [D-KY] for advise on how to beat McConnell. She also sought advise from US Congressman John Yarmouth [D-KY] and former President Bill Clinton [D-AK]. Judd was convinced she could beat McConnell. Judd was shocked to learn that the Democratic Senatorial Committee would not support her. The only candidates the Democrats would support against Republican McConnell was a "softball" candidate who couldn't win even if no one else was running. In the general election in 2014, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lungergan Grimes became McConnell's opponent, and she proved to be that softball opponent, losing by 15 points.

After chiding white liberals for marchingin the Black Lives Matter march on the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, there was a moment of silence before BLM began chanting, "Hell, no, DNC. We won't vote for Hill-ary!"as they marched on the Convention Center.

As Black Lives Matter demonstrated outside the Convention Center, the Clinton Campaign speakers pledged their commitment to the social justice agenda demanded by BLM. Congressman G.K. Butterfield [D-NC], head of the Congressional Black Caucus (whose father was one of the first elected black Congressmen in North Carolina). Butterfield took the stage and claimed that Hillary Clinton's success in November would depend on her ability to motivate Black and Hispanic voters to turn out in similar levels as they did for Obama. At the same time, Luci Riley, a California delegate with ties the BLM told the media that young black men were not turning out Clinton with other establishment figures, saying, "They aren't going to vote at all. They have given up on the system entirely." Black Lives Matter was speaking directly to Hillary Clinton.

The televised dissent, largely blocked from viewers by the network news cameras, began inside the convention center when Congresswoman Marcia Fudge [D-OH] was booed by Bernie Sanders supporters and delegates when she kicked off the evening's itinerary. Many of the Sanders' delegates sat with their mouths duct-taped signifying they had been silenced by the Clinton Campaign. When Congressman Elijah Cummings [D-MD] spoke that evening the audience chanted "No TPP!"—the agenda high up on Hillary Clinton's list (because the Clinton Foundation had already been paid to deliver a ratified Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. Clinton needed to make it look like TPP was good for America, instead of what every working class stiff in America knew it was—an expansion of NAFTA and CAFTA that would send even more United States jobs to the Pacific rim countries, creating a new third world in North America.

Joining the demonstrators enroute to the Convention Center was Samantha Eusebio, a museum educator who used to support Clinton. She said, "Hearing all that's happening, I don't know what to believe anymore." Eusebio voted for Obama twice. Had she been listening in 2008 she wouldn't have voted for him in 2012. But then, Obama wasn't elected by voters in either 2008 or 2012. He was elected by Diebold's GEMS.file. Fraud runs deep in Democratic presidential elections—and, when the left needs to take over Congress as it did in 2006 and 2008, it needs the GEMS.file to manufacture the votes it needs to build the majority it requires to push its socialist agenda through an otherwise unwilling Congress. Add to that, adding the theft of the Democratic presidential candidate to the manner which the office of President is now stolen, and we can already pen the headlines of the nation's media and news talk shows when they tell the American people how Black Lives Matter elected Hillary Clinton the President of the United States on Nov. 8, 2016 with their repetitive chants from July 25 to July 28: "Hell, no, DNC. We won't vote for Hill-ary!" over and over as they marched to the Wells Fargo Convention Center on July 27, and a chorus of voices chanted inside and outside of the Convention Center: "Don't vote for Hillary! She kills black people!"

Now that the country knows how the DNC and Hillary Clinton gained the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, the States and Beverly Harris' Black Box Voting.org needs to petition the US Supreme Court to invalidate the unearned super delegates awarded to Clinton and, by an order of the Supreme Court (due to that theft) recast all of the Democratic primaries in all 50 States on without any advertising, political rallies or election polling by any candidate, super pac or political pac. One primary. One vote with close monitoring by US Marshals (under the jurisdiction of the federal courts and not the Executive Branch) within 30 days of the national election...which, or course, must be hand-counted. At the same time, the States themselves need to nullify the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) since that law violated the Constitution and made vote fraud part of the election process by creating millions of non-existent votes to generate an outcome far in excess of upwards of 40 million or more votes than there are lawfully registered voters.

If this crooked mess is not fixed by the States and the Supreme Court of these United States within the next 30 days, not only will Black Lives Not Matter in the United States, No Citizen Lives Will Matter not only in the United States, but in any nation on Earth. The GEMS.file will become the voter who, almost alone, wiil elect the politicians hand-picked by the princes of industry, the barons of banking and business and the courtesans of commerce. And we, the People, will once again become the serfs to the Lords of the Manor Born. You vote will mean nothing. Nor will your voice. Nor your life. Act now before you become the bond-servants of the Lords of the Manor Born on Jan. 20, 2017.





Just Say No
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All rights reserved