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I150208n May of 2010 Michael Posner, Barack Obama's Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights & Labor—(wonder who created that designation? Only a social progressive would coin that one), headed the US delegation to China to the US-China Human Rights Dialogue where he incessantly made reference to the recently enacted Arizona immigration law-enforcement bill as an example of the United States' own human rights failure. That law, Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, was signed into law on April 23, 2010 by Gov. Jan Brewer. Tens of thousands of people—most of them union workers from elsewhere, who were ordered to protest—demonstrated against Brewer's Law on May 1, 2010—International Workers Day—(i.e., communist workers day) in over 70 US cities. MahonyA rally in LA attended by Cardinal Roger Mahoney, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, drew almost 60 thousand protesters. LA became the epicenter of the anti-Arizona immigration law-enforcement law with thousands of legal and illegal Mexicans. With a nationwide protest by hundreds of thousands of US citizens over one State assuming the power of the federal government, Attorney General Eric Holder filed suit in the US District Court for the District of Arizona on July 6, 2010, challenging Arizona's right to regulate immigration laws, accusing the State and its governor of racial profiling.

On July 28, 2010, US District Court Judge Susan Ritchie Bolton blocked key provisions of SB1079 which required police to check the immigration status and identification of those they believed might be undocumented. On the recommendation of Senator Jon Kyl [R-AZ] Bolton was appointed by Bill Clinton and confirmed by the Senate on Oct. 1, 2000. Bolton was a private practice attorney until 1989 when she became a Superior Court Judge. During her entire legal career she apparently never heard of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 which was enacted by a Democratically-controlled Congress over President Harry Truman's veto. The princes of industry did not want that law enacted even though every American, on both sides of the political spectrum, did. So. if Bolton didn't remember the toughest immigration law in the history of the United States, it's because she chose to pretend she didn't.

Why? Because illegal aliens aren't immigrants. They are foreign nationals who don't belong here. Many of them them have criminal records. Some have other disqualifying conditions. They are all felons simply because stealing into the United States is a felony. Increasingly, those illegals aren't Mexicans. They are Muslims.

Now you understand why social progressives like to pretend the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act doesn't exist. Law enforcement officers who have reason to believe that suspects they stop for any reason may be illegal, and do not check the legal status of that person, or detain them if they here illegally, have committed a federal felony under the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) themselves. This felony is punishable by a fine of $10 thousand per infraction or imprisonment in a federal penitentiary for not more than five (5) years—or both.

Persons, groups of persons, businesses, corporations, advocacy groups or any societal planners that helps illegals have committed a Section 274 federal felony. They are guilty if common sense tells them, or you, its reasonable to assume the person you are helping is, or could be, an illegal alien, and to employ them, provide them shelter, transport them from one place to another, or assist them in gaining employment, or even by encouraging the illegal to remain this country by accommodating them in any way.

Any such person, groups of persons, businesses, corporations, or advocacy groups have committed a federal felony under the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) that is punishable by a fine of $10 thousand per infraction or imprisonment in a federal penitentiary for not more than five (5) years—or both. In the case of politicians, as the Constitution requires, first, that they be impeached and removed from office, then charged with the crimes they committed.

The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act provides for treble damages to victims of crimes committed by illegals who would likely have not been in that locality had it not been for the sanctuary group aiding them. These, by the way, are the reason no President—not even Ronald Reagan—has ever enforced the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii). No one is exempt from its barbed teeth. And, most surprising, the law was passed by a bipartisan majority led by Democrats who overrode Truman's veto.

Civil servants—mayors, governors, city or town managers or city or county commissioners, Congressmen, Senators, or Presidents who create sanctuary cities, towns, villages, counties or States by providing illegals with forms of identification that are banned by the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) that is punishable by a fine of $10 thousand per infraction or imprisonment in a federal penitentiary for not more than five (5) years—or both. In the case of politicians, the Constitution requires, first, that they be impeached and removed from office, then charged with the crimes they committed.

Elected politicians think they have a special prerogative that allows them to waive federal laws whenever it suits the princes of industry who fund their careers and enrich them; and to completely ignore them themselves, believing they enjoy a special legal exemption to the laws they enact. But ignoring the laws of the land even more is the current occupant of the White House who, because he is not an American citizen and because he grew up where monarchs rule lands in which the laws are meant for the peasantry and not them, Obama ignores every law he chooses, and changes laws at will to suit his whims either by Executive Order or by spoken word. Remember this: under the Constitution of the United States of America, no one is above the law. And no one man, by himself, has the power or authority to change the laws of the land. That's how dictatorships work. In the United States, that power is entrusted only to the Congress, and on rare occasion, by legal definition, the Supreme Court although "social justice" agendized US District or Circuit Courts—and one federal magistrate—do it all the time. When they do, those magistrates need to be impeached and removed from office.

Barack Obama has given malfeasance a new meaning. Because he is not an American citizen, he managed to do what even the most corrupt natural born presidents (John Adams, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt) or the most inept (Jimmy Carter) would never have contemplated doing because what Barack Obama, with the help of the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business, is doing and has done, is treason—on top of malfeasance.

If you recall, in his first book—you know, the book every wannabe presidential candidate writes to hype himself for the job: Dreams From My Father Obama said (on page 261): "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction..." Well, those winds shifted. In a recent speech, Obama was quoted, saying: "The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam." Obama has now dropped the Christian facade. He appears to have joined an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and now openly acknowledges his Muslim roots, saying that "...the call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds at sunset."

Barack Obama, who initially claimed to be a Christian until the anti-white racist "liberal theology" religion practiced by the pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, became publicly known, forcing Obama to distanced himself from the pseudo-Christian facade of liberal theology.Jeremiah Wright When Obama won the White House, 96,922,000 votes were cast. But, there were 132,618,580 votes—or 35,626,580 too many votes—in the ballot boxes. While the left insists small amounts of vote fraud always exists in elections,so there is no way of telling who those "extra" votes voted for. But, in the Election of 2008, only the left had ACORN registering voters and collecting their absentee ballots on the streets of America's urban centers. And only ACORN benefited from a $65 million grant from an Obama earmark in the 2009 budget bill, enacted and signed into law in the closing days of President George W. Bush's second term, in December, 2008.

Obama was credited with receiving 69,456,897 votes. Subtract the 35,626,580 "too many votes" and we find 33,830,317 legitimate votes cast for Obama. The Progressive far left is comprised of about 31,820.000 people who would vote for a Marxist Muslim. That leaves about 2,100,000 misguided voters who cast their legitimate votes for Obama, believing his campaign rhetoric or kowtowing to their union bosses who told them that Democrats are obligated to vote for Democrats even if they're bad for the country because its good for the unions—and good for their jobs. But, as you saw when those jobs left the United States through Brownsville, Texas and ultimately ended up in China, Pakistan and Indonesia, the union bosses lied.

The media in the United States was afforded special protection from government interference and regulation in 1787 to protect the American people from corrupt politicians whether in the Legislative or Executive branches of government. That sentinel of liberty was silenced in 1915 when the princes of industry and the barons of banking, led jointly by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and John Pierpont Morgan, began buying the controlling interest of the leading 179 newspapers in the country. In the end, they determined all they needed to control the news was the top 25 newspapers since those newspapers became the "feeders of the news" to a majority of the nation's newspapers. CallowayIn March, 1915, Congressman Francis Oscar Calloway [D-TX] placed the following comment in the Congressional Record: "JP Morgan interests...got together with twelve men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States...to control generally the policy of the daily press of the United States. These men...select[ed] 179 newspapers, and then began by an elimination process to retain only those necessary for the purpose of controlling [the news]. They found it was necessary to purchase control of 25 of the greatest newspapers." When Calloway ran for reelection to the 12th Congressional District of Texas in 1916, the media solidly lined up against him and he failed to win a 4th term.

The DicatorsThe absolutely four worst presidents in the history of the United States were John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama because they are the only commanders-in-chief who ever seriously tried to become a dictator. Social progressive historical revisionists walked behind them with a shovel, a bucket and a broom, tidying up history to preserve their phony legacies.

Among the four, Barack Obama is by far the worst because, first, there is absolutely no evidence that he was born in the United States and tons of evidence to the contrary. The public information, without the documentation to prove it, supports the fact that Obama was born in Kenya and, in his formative years, was raised as a naturalized Indonesian Muslim citizen. When he came to the United States, documentation shows he traveled on an Indonesian passport and enrolled in Occidental College in California in 1978—as a foreign exchange student. (Keep in mind that Hawaii became a State in 1961.) And, if Obama had been born there, he would [a] have had an American passport for use when traveling and [b] he would not have qualified for a foreign exchange student visa nor a foreign exchange student scholarship to an American college or university. He traveled on an Indonesian passport because he was an Indonesian citizen. That passport, by the way, took him to Pakistan in 1981. While the leftwing Snopes.com and the moderate Fact Check.org both poophahed the conclusion reached by those who argued that Obama's traveling on an Indonesian passport didn't happen because when Pennsylvania attorney Philip Berg argued to the Supreme Court that Obama went to Pakistan at a time when there was a travel ban prohibiting Americans from going to the Muslim country, the court dismissed his argument. First, there was no travel ban denying Americans passports to visit that country. There was, however, a "travel alert," advising Americans that travel to the Muslim nations of Pakistan and Afghanistan could be dangerous. Second, since Obama was not an American, the travel advisory—or even a travel ban on Americans—would not have applied to him. And, finally, traveling as a Muslim into a Muslim country, Obama, a Muslim from birth, would have been safe.

It is the establishing of Obama's roots that makes the rest of this article scary. When Obama ran for office in 2008, his advisers were largely radical extremists whose political leanings were based on Saul Alinksy's Rules for Radicals. JarrettPushing his agenda was his closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, a Muslim who wears the title of Senior Advisor to the President and Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs.. In 2009 Jarrett hired an actor, Kal Penn (born Kalpen Suresh Modi) as the Associate Director of White House Office of Public Engagement. Within the timeframe just before Arab Spring, Obama hired three hardcore members of the Muslim Brotherhood. RashidRashid Hussain would become the Special Envoy to the 57 nations in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Hussain was the recipient of the 2003 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans (who, unlike "Old Americans") wants to overthrow the rule of law in the United States and create a Shariah compliant country.

Then there is Dr. Azizah al-Hibri, a Lebanese Muslim, the first Muslim woman law professor in the United States to be the US Commission on Religious Freedom and Dalia Mogahed who is also an advocate of Shariah Law. She believes in restricting the rights of Muslim women. Mogahed is a member of the US-Muslim Engagement Project which calls for engagement by the United States with the Muslim Brotherhood although she knows that, in its own words, the Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to "...a grand Jihad [that will...destroy] Western civilization from within."

Another Obama adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council is Salam al-Marayati. Eboo Patel, who heads Obama's Advisory Council on Faith-based Neighborhood Partnerships, is also a Muslim. (Not all Muslims have to be Arabic.) Following them was Arif Alikhan, a devout Sunni Muslim, hired as Obama's Assistant Secretary for the Office of Policy Development. When he was Deputy Mayor for Homeland Security in Los Angeles, Alikhan was responsible derailing LA's efforts to monitor the city's Muslim population. Several radical mosques and madrasses were located there where some of the 9/11 hijackers reportedly received financial support from local LA residents. Then we have Obama's closest adviser and confidant, Valerie Jarrett, a Muslim who was born in Iran. As I said, not all Muslims are Arabs. Some are Persians. And, of course, some are Caucasians like John Brennan, the current Director of the CIA. He converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia.

Then there's Mohammed Elibiary. He is Obama's Homeland Security Adviser. In Dec. 2004 Elibiary was a guest speaker at a tribute in Dallas, Texas to the "..Great Islamic Visionary..." a conference to honor the Ayatollah Khomeini. When Dallas Morning News journalist Rod Dreher asked Elibiary why he was speaking before such a radical group, Elibiary replied he didn't know the nature of the agenda of the conference. When Dreher voiced skepticism about Elibiary's explanation, the Muslim cleric replied, "Expect someone to put a banana in your exhaust pipe."

In a 2008 letter to the Dallas Morning News Elibiary defended Sayyed Quth, an early radical Muslim Brotherhood leader and theorist. Elibiary said he would "...recommend [that] everyone read Quth," adding that everyone who's reads him, "...read him with an eye to improving America not just to be jealous, with malice in our hearts." One of Elibiary's PACs, Freedom & Justice Foundation played the pivot role in the Texas Legislature passing the Texas Halal Food Law, and for the institution of holding Islamic prayers (recited by Imams) in both chambers of the State legislature. By the way, in 2011 Obama gave Elibiary clearance to examine the Dept. of Homeland Security's highly sensitive DPS database. That database is so sensitive no other Homeland Security Advisory Council member (out of 26) have ever been permitted even a glance at it.

In October, 2013 Elibiary said that he considered "...the United States of America an Islamic country with an Islamic compliant constitution," meaning, I believe, it can be judicially interpreted to comply with Shariah law. Several times that year, Elibiary defended Holy Land Foundation president Sukri Abu Bakr (convicted in 2008 for financing the terrorist activities of Hamas) by repeatedly telling audiences in the United States that Bakr was "...an innocent victim of political persecution."

Then we have Imam Mohamed Magid, Obama's Religion Czar. Hold on. Stop!.The 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States prevents the government of the United States from forming or promoting any religion. That's what John Adams attempted to do in 1798. If you've forgotten the 1st Amendment (since I know the "Common Core" schools in America no longer teach students about the inherent rights of the American people) we need to look at it now. "Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

What does that mean? It means Obama can't create a Religion Czar. Period. Before joining the Obama Administration, Magid was, and still is, the President of the Islamic Society of North America. He was hired by Obama as a member of the Dept. of Homeland Security. As the Religion Czar, Magid erased from the Homeland Security terrorism regulations any references which suggest that Muslim terrorism draws its inspiration from the laws in the Quran or any doctrines of Islam. Magid has been a known extremist since 2002 when the FBI raided the offices of many northern Virginia Islamic organizations in an operation dubbed Operation Green Quest. Magid held what he called a "community building" conference in Sterling, Virginia and invited several social progressive organizations which promote political freedom (for communists) as well as several extremist Islamic groups including Hamas founder Nihad Awad, the head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center who the government said, but could not conclusively prove, was funneling money to Hamas.

In 2011 Barack Obama appointed Magid to the Department of Homeland Security terrorist task force where he would meet regularly with DHS, FBI and other government agencies in order to re-educate them about Islam and its practitioners. Since 2011 Magid has been teaching Obama's terrorist task force that characterizing Muslims as terrorists was a form of religious bigotry and hate speech. Obama's inserting Magid into the DHS's Countering Violent Extremism Working Group was akin to hiring the wolf to take up roost in the hen house. Magid also convinced DHS officials to ban the practice of giving Muslims or those coming from, or going to, Muslim nations extra scrutiny at airports. Today the only travelers who are strip searched at airports are pink-haired grandmothers, disabled veterans whose prosthetics trigger alerts going through metal detectors, and good-looking women who lecherous Transportation Security Administration [TSA] officials want to take a closer look before clearing the "suspect" to travel.

Retired Congressman Bob Dornan [R-CA] told me more than a couple of years ago that he and his wife were flying from their home in Virginia to visit their son in California. The Congressman said while they were waiting to board their flight in Dulles, VA, he and his wife were browsing in the newsstands, he noticed two Muslim "businessmen" engaged in a hush-hush conversation not to far from them. When other travelers walked within hearing distance of them, they stopped talking. When Dornan and his wife went through the metal detectors, Dornan noticed that the Muslim traveling companions, now in line, were no longer together. There were several other passengers between them and, at a glance, you would never have thought the two were acquainted. As Dornan passed through the metal detectors he produced his ID showing he was a retired Congressman, and told the TSA screener what he had observed. Much to Dornan's surprise, it was him and his wife who suddenly found themselves flagged for special treatment with Dornan's wife being subjected to an intrusive pat-down. The Muslims? The TSA didn't even give them a second glance.

American travelers have found themselves in a puzzling security twilight zone where those for which the security measures were implemented to assure that Islamic extremists—whether Muslim, caucasian, Hispanic or Black—do not board airplanes in the United States armed with explosive devises or weapons that would allow them to skyjack a passenger jet and use it as a weapon of mass destruction. They are allowed through the security check points without a second glance. But American travelers are treated like criminals.

And extremists like Mohamed Magid is officially dubbed a "moderater Muslim" by the Obama Administration. Magid is now not only a regular visitor to the White House. In addition, he is now thought to be the most influential and most sought-after Muslim "authority" in the United States. The hen-house now has no boundaries. Because of Magid's relationship with Obama, the DHS has purged some 700 documents and discontinued 300 anti-terrorism presentations from its Countering Violent Extremism curriculum. Now, Magid is expanding his horizons inside the White House.

On March 8, 2013, Magid and ten Islamic clerics met with Obama for a 90-minute discussion on immigration reform. Present at that meeting was Valerie Jarrett. Since Obama took office, Muslim migration to the United States exceeds one million. When the 2000 census was taken, there were 1.7 million legal Muslims living in the United States. In 2010 that number grew to 2.7 million. Over 100 thousand Muslims migrate to the United States every month—approximately 10% of the US annual immigrant population.

If you can shrug your shoulders on those statistics, take a lesson from the French.Like the rest of Europe, Catholic France remains below population replenishment levels. France, like Protestant Germany, England, Belgium and the Netherlands has been forced to import "citizen consumers and taxpayers" from other parts of the world. Those applying for work visas in Europe are coming predominantly from the Muslim nations in the Mideast and the African continent. France's Muslim populationThey have brought with them theological ethnic and cultural distinctions that put them at odds with the natives of those host countries who welcomed them.

The United States, with a 0.7 population replenishment level, has exactly the same problem as Europe, and is facing its own "people crisis"—thanks to 32 years of uncontrolled unborn baby-killing during which time the abortionists slaughtered approximately 49.5 million unborn babies in America, eliminating over 94 million potential Americans consumer-taxpayers since January 22, 1973.

Today, in the United States, the Caucasian replenishment level is at 0.7. This means for every ten white Americans who die, we replace 7 of them. With a replenishment level of 1.8, African Americans produce almost two new births for each black American who dies. It's the same with Asian-Americans. Hispanic-Americans, on the other hand, produce almost three new children for each Hispanic American who passes on. If the Caucasian population in the United States—and in Europe—does not change those statistics by 2020, by 2050 Anglo-Saxon Europeans and Americans will be the minority races within their own countries. In Europe, Muslims are the fastest growing ethnic group, multiplying at about the same rate as Hispanics in the United States.

Had those aborted babies and the offspring they would likely have sired not been eliminated from the population equation, the United States would have had a sufficient amount of consumers paying taxes to have kept Social Security solvent for another 50 years. And, by providing an adequate consumer base for America's factories, it is very likely those additional consumers would have kept the majority of America's factories in the United States for another century.

What is now happening with the jobs drain from the United States to the emerging nations is the consequence of abortion-on-demand. Nothing else. Our penchant for "morning after" solutions to the previous evening's sexual pleasure has weakened what was, for all of the 20th century, the strongest economic and military power in the world. We, as a people, are about to pay the piper for our permissiveness as the merchants of the world seek out the new population centers in the third world countries where tomorrow's consumers reside, offering them our factories and our jobs, and selfishly turning their backs on those whose sweat equity made them the barons of business and giants of industry.

A 2004 Pew Research Center study on European population trends that keeps tabs on demographic shifts noted that close to a million Muslims a year move to Europe—most of them to France. At the same time, the study noted, those Muslims living on the continent are having three times as many children as their white European neighbors. London Daily Telegraph columnist Barbara Amiel addressed this issue in a 2004 column. "France," she wrote, "is facing a problem that it dare not speak its name. Pew studyThough French law prohibits its census from any reference to ethnic background or religion, many demographers estimate that as much as 20% to 30% of the population now under 25 is now Muslim. Given current birthrates," she speculated, "it is not impossible that in 25 years France will have a Muslim majority. Is it possible that secular France might become a Muslim state?" Is it possible that Catholic France will become a Muslim state? Could France become Europe's Lebanon?

That's a question being posed by many of the government throughout Europe. And Europe is worried about the answer ever since the transit bombings in London in 2004, but moreso by the recent attack in France on the satirical magazine, Charlie Hedo on Jan.8, 2015 where terrorists, shouting "Allah Akbur," killed 12 employees, four of whom were responsible for publishing several satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

Are the Muslims repopulating Europe with malevolent intent? The leaders in Europe know the consequences of such a contemplation are dynamic. Muslim majorities in the Parliaments of Europe—or even those which favor strong local Muslim minorities—can, and will, have a devastating impact not only on Europe, but upon the world. Is it too late for the French to offset the population gains made by the Muslims? Only if France—now part of the "open border society" of the European Union—and the other EU nations—bans any further immigration from any Muslim nation and expels from within its borders any radical Islamics who preach any form of sedition against that nation. The United States would be wise to do the same. But, the biggest question is: Is Obama opening the door for the same influx of Muslims in the United States that is now transforming civilization in Europe? If so, was this the swap America's princes of industry made with the Muslim world? Oil for citizenship? Or rather, oil for the political control of the United States?

The US Congress needs to very specifically, and very quickly, do several things. First, they need to impeach Obama and remove him from office. Second, they need to begin deporting Muslims who arrived in this country since Jan. 20, 2009 back to their native lands. Third, through a constitutional amendment, the American people need to remove the constitutional protections of the Bill of Rights from any alien residing in this country on either a visitor's or worker's permit. Legal and illegal aliens should be protected only by the UN Declaration of Human Right until such time as they become lawful citizens of the United States. This will allow the Justice Department and the FBI to intrusively investigate those who are guests in the United States but have no legal claims to be here other than the good graces of this nation. It makes no sense to provide special protection to those who come here simply to destroy our way of life and in order create a Shariah society that violates the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and governs not by the rule of law, but through legal terrorism which negates the inherent right of this People to petition its government for a redress of grievances.

Note: former US Senator and former Secretary of State and the creator of Filegate and White-watergate, Hillary Clinton, who is currently "doing-a-FDR-draft-me" ploy by waiting for the Democrats to "anoint" her in the hopes that no one will remember that she is a woman and therefore not eligible to seek the office of President under Article II of the Constitution, also is tied to the Muslim extremist through Huma Abedin, the wife of Anthony Weiner of Weinergate fame, who is also a Muslim whose family is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.






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