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The Obama Administration approved new and very intrusive
security procedures for the airline industry, implemented by the
Transportation Security Administration because, they claim, of the
need to protect air travelers from the threat posed by terrorists.
Get used to these Big Brother abuses because they have nothing
to do with terrorists. They have to do with government's fear of
the rest of us. And don't be surprised when this new generation
of sexually-invasive security devises are installed in every
government building not to protect elected officials from
terrorists, but to protect them from us.

Testing—one, two three. Are you used to it? Desensitized enough? Not yet? Well, the moment you are, Big Brother will start using the Secure 1000 Body Scanners at your local courthouse and every other government facility. Not to protect us from terrorists with bomb-making material in their underwear, but to protect government from us. Welcome to George Orwell's "1984." Only this time, it's not a book. Nor is it a movie. This time, its real. And, its about to begin playing, live, in your town. Only, in this adaptation, you are the terrorist. Why? Because you think you have rights.

The 4th Amendment to the US Constitution says: "The right of the people to be secure in their person...against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated." Have you been to the airport lately? Feel violated?

If the answer to either of those questions is "yes," then its time for you to do something. It is time—today—for a boycott. A nationwide boycott against flying. Anywhere. By anyone. Planning to go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Leave early. Drive. Or, take the train. Or a bus. Other than that, stay home. Call mom and Dad, or nana and papa, and wish them holiday greetings. Tell them you're busy changing the nation for Christmas. Because if we don't change this nation back—and quickly, an increasingly intrusive government will change it even more for the worse. Remember Orwell's "1984?" Look anything like the airport?

Or, does Orwell's "1984" increasingly resemble the newly-ascribed authority issued under new rules initiated on Sept. 11, 2010 which gives the TSA the power—and the appearance—of Adolph Hitler's Brown Shirts? The TSA, now 65,000 strong, is a zoo of miscreants accused by CBS2 News, LA, of being caught on tape using drugs; by NBC 4 NEWS, LA, of a man arrested by LAX police for strange behavior. His behavior? He was shouting, "I'm God! I'm in charge!" Who was he? A TSA agent. Or we have KROE 13 News reporting that the new rules allow TSA agents to avoid the same screening all airline passengers are required to undergo to get into boarding areas. That has a direct bearing on a news report by Fox News, which noted that a Homeland Security report revealed that the TSA has been lax in retrieving TSA uniforms, employee IDs, and the gate passes of terminated or resigned TSA employees. The passes are what grant TSA employees access into highly sensitive areas. You know, the places where terrorists with explosive devises might need to get through without being searched.

But, just as bad, there's always the likelihood that unsurrendered uniforms and IDs could be used for somewhat less nefarious but equally as noxious purposes.

Just lose your TSA job as a Secure 1000 scanner monitor? Have a neighbor who thrives on voyeurism and is willing to pay a hundred bucks for a cheap thrill? Rent him your ID and send him to LAX for an afternoon of peekaboo.

Okay. You now have both scenarios. And if you already watched the video, you have the whole picture. The two are happening now, but a more murky one could be coming down the pike as the abusive power grab of TSA agents will only get worse if the American people do not stop it now.

How do we do stop legalized sexual groping? WE STOP FLYING! Plain and simply, we empty the airport. I don't care where you're going, or how important it is that you get there. Leave a day or two earlier if you have to. Drive there. Or take Amtrak or Greyhound. After all, according to the TSA, "Flying is not a right. It's a privilege." Okay. We need to send a message to the executives of every airline company in America—flying is not a "have-to." It's a "want-to." When the airlines lose enough money, someone's high paid lobbyists are going to be screaming at Congressmen and Senators—and Presidents (when we actually get one), and they are going to demand two things.

First, they're going to demand that the airline customers—you know, the human capital that fills the airplanes and fills the airlines corporate bottom lines—be respected and not sexually groped by TSA employees who now have the authority to grab a feel, and travelers who complain can end up being thrown across the room, or thrown in jail for protesting what any court would label "sexual assault" if it was not done by someone with a badge. And, second, they are going to demand that the idiots in the TSA and the most worthless department in government (even more worthless than the Dept. of Education), the DHS, get back to the business of profiling terrorists and not pink-haired grandmothers, small children and crippled Americans with titanium holding their skeletal frames together.

For the benefit of the White House and the imbeciles at in the Department of Homeland Foolery who apparently still haven't gotten the message, the terrorists who have been waging Jihad against the United States since the mid-1970s are Muslims. Everyone on Earth knows that. That's why the Muslim terrorists are looking for Black and white American idiots with IQs smaller than their hat size to become martyrs. They don't look like Muslims.

I'd be willing to bet just about any amount of money there was never one pink or blue-haired grandmother locked up at Gitmo as a terrorist suspect. And, you can pretty much take it to the bank that there probably was not a single American 4-year old boy in leg braces fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Nor a crippled middle man in a wheel chair fighting for al Qaeda in Iraq. Nor, I expect, was there an elderly 70-something year old carrying explosives in his underwear on a flight from somewhere to anywhere even though a 70+ year old man was prevented from boarding a plane to Florida where he and his wife planned to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends. But one of the lowest lows even for the TSA is the woman who was arrested, strip searched and jailed for attempting to bring a container of apple sauce on the plane for her ailing 93-year old mother. CNN reported on a KTLA interview after the woman was vindicated in her second trial for misdemeanor battery against the TSA agents who actually attacked and subdued her. One year, $15,000, two lawyers and two trials later, she had her day in court. She was vindicated. Her family wanted her to accept the plea bargain offered by the TSA. She refused. The judge postponed the case, telling her if she "stayed out of trouble for six months" the case will be dismissed.

Profiling is a bad word to the Muslim community since if you profile Muslims as the primary suspect of horrendous crimes thus far committed almost entirely by Muslim extremists, you make it more difficult for them to commit those horrendous acts. Unless you are strip-searching a guy with an artificial knee, whose pants around his knees in full view of every passerby in the airport as you you ignore what could possibly be a terrorist with his Fruit-of-the-Looms full of explosives. Want to know why the Shoe Bomber and the Undies-Bomber got their makeshift bombs on their respective airplanes? Because politically-correct protocol doesn't allow security officials to search people who appear to be Middle Eastern out of fear of being sued by Islamic civil rights groups, or risk the wrath and the loss of minority votes from both legal and illegal "residents"—many of whom are not even citizens of the United States.

So, you can convince yourself that the intrusive sexual groping and x-ray voyeurism at the airport is protecting American travelers and not be surprised when the Secure 1000 Body Scanners show up at your local courthouse where you go to pay your taxes or serve on jury duty, and at every government office building in the country.

Or, you can fight back. Stop going to the airport. Stop flying anywhere. Let the American air transportation industry know the only way you will fly again is when they dismantle the TSA and return airport security to the airline industry and the local police who actually know how to profile suspects well enough to catch them.

Then we the people, a nation of empowered voters, need to dismantle the joke called "Homeland Security," enact a law that rescinds the Carter and Clinton era laws that make it a crime for the CIA to share information with the FBI about which Chinese, Soviet or other despotic dictator is funding the elections of which social progressive politicians (which is why those laws were enacted in the first place). We also need to return the enforcement of border control to the Immigration Control & Enforcement agency (with the help of the US National Guard with loaded weapons), and let them seal our borders, thus actually preventing thousands of Muslim extremists a year who simply walk across the border from Mexico by physically stopping them from simply walking across the border. (The upside is we can also reduce government payroll by about 300 thousand people who can probably still get their old jobs back as greeters at Wal-Mart, or getting your morning java at McDonalds, or selling you non-winning lottery tickets at 7-Eleven.)


Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved