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20 years

he American people need to wake up. While they slept their way through the 20th century like modern day Rip Van Winkles, the stealth social progressives within our government and in our society-at-large were busy rewriting that traditional old primer, the McGuffey Reader of America—The Constitution of the United States. Politicians and the greedy men who finance their political careers have been reconstructing
the basic tenets of liberty found in the Constitution by simply erasing them, one noun and verb at a time, and replacing the inalienable rights found in that sacred document with the retractable rights found in the UN Covenant on Human Rights. Today that American McGuffey's Reader we call the Constitution is being surreptitiously rewritten by eraser by those assigned by the Constitution with its protection: the Congress of the United States and the federal court system. The McGuffey's Reader, written by William Holmes McGuffey in 1836 was the mainstay of education in America for just about two hundred years. Pretty much like our Constitution.

During the early social progressive years in the 1930s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt still pretended to be a centrist Democrat and not the philosophical communist he was at heart. FDR, like Barack Hussein Obama, pretended he was what he was not as he pretended he was not what he was. Both of the Great Pretenders began, almost immediately, attempting to transform the greatest democracy in the world into form of government that could be controlled and regulated by them or, rather, by the money barons who financed their campaigns. In Roosevelt's case, it was John Pierpont Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, Jr. In Barack Obama's case, it was George Soros and David Rockefeller(even if the money given to them came from various banks and a myriad of different bankers within the banking system). No one gives millions of dollars to unscrupulous politicians because they are patriotic. They do it because they are greedy, and they have expectations of getting back a ten to a hundredfold return on their investmentat the expense of the taxpayers.

Early in his first term Roosevelt's National Education Association, a congressional corporation which has politically controlled the public school system of America since 1906, decided to jettison the patriotic, Christian McGuffey's Reader because Christianity and patriotism are inexplicably entwined. Those links of steel forged the chain of liberty that no nation and no social progressive on either end of Pennsylvania Avenue had ever been able to break. Christianity, patriotism and national pride, were the links of the chain that bonded this nation together and made the Un ited States the most prosperous and powerful nation in the history of the world.

In 1920 the US Senate flatly rejected the Treaty of Versailles which contained the conditions of surrender of Germany at the end of World War I. After the Republicans, who gained control of both Houses of Congress in 1918, used their 2-seat majority in the Senate to reject the Treaty, President Thomas Woodrow Wilson embarked on a whistle-stop nationwide train trip in an attempt to sell the Treaty of Versailles to the American people, believing the people would force the States to ratify the treaty. Buried in the Treaty to end the war with Germany was the League of Nations charter. And buried in the League of Nations Charter was a provision that required all of the signatory nations to surrender their sovereignty to a world government in The Hague (Den Haag) in The Netherlands. While The Hague is the seat of governance for The Netherlands, it is not its capital. That distinction is reserved for Amsterdam. Yet, The Hague was chosen by the European globalists as the seat of the proposed world government.

The American people, who fought a 12-year war to free their nation from the yoke of British imperialism in the 18th century were forced by social progressive Woodrow Wilson to sacrifice the lives of 117,465 US civilians and military personnel from 1917 to 1919 so the European utopians, who were determined to wrest political control of their countries from the European royals and build a New World Order, and strap a new yoke—that of a grandiose, communist universal nation we will call Pangaea—around their necks. Only this yoke would have been, and still will be, a shackle of steel from which mankind will not be able to escape. Because unlike in the post-WWI and post-WWII world, there will be no safe haven anywhere in the Utopians' Pangaea where liberty will remain an inalienable right and where those attempting to flee the totalitarian regime of Utopia, can escape. America will no longer be an island of liberty in a sea of dispair.

Political Pangaea is the world George Orwell saw when he wrote "1984." An ardent advocate of world government up until the end of World War II, Orwell realized that world government would evolve into the most repressive totalitarian system ever imagined by man. His book, "1984" was more than a novel. It was a literary prophecy that was more truth than fiction. Orwell knew that was the only way a publisher would print his work.

"1984" was an accurate depiction of the horrors that will come when Political Pangaea (world government) happens. Orwell believed those who read the book and who would later see the 1956 version of the movie starring Edmund O'Brien, Michael Redgrave and Jan Sterling (which Orwell never lived to see) would understand it for what it was—political prophecy. He hoped the masses would understand the book was their future. He hoped the masses would rebel against the small cabal of rich men who were changing the world to fit their financial needs and not the personal needs or desires of society at large. But the world slept through both the book and the movie.

George Orwell was the son of a British civil servant. He was born in Motihari, Bengal in India. Upon the death of his father, his mother returned to England. Orwell hated the British class system. Even though his mother got him into a prep school to prepare him for Eton, he was the proverbial commoner in a school of wealthy preppies. When he failed to get a scholarship to Eton, Orwell became what he later termed an "amateur tramp." He hoboed his way around Europe, working menial jobs to survive. In the 1930s Orwell became a socialist and adopted the Marxist views of world government. His world travels had a price. Orwell developed tuberculosis. He died on Jan. 21, 1950 shortly after the publication of his most famous work, "1984."

Orwell believed the Marxist rhetoric in the beginning. Political Pangaea was theoretically to be a world in which all men would be equal—even though a few of them, the ruling class who would control the human chattel, would be just a little more equal than everyone else. (Just like the members of the US Congress who have exempted themselves from the laws of the United States.

They would be the "lords" of Political Pangaea. Everyone else were to be the serfs. That's how the world would be divided. Owners, bosses and the human capital. Orwell became disillusioned with socialism when he realized it was nothing more than a corrupted version of the free enterprise system with an ugly twist—it robbed the individual of creative license. It completely deincentivized human initiative by penalizing anyone who strived to rise above the masses.

Human capital is called human capital because the working class becomes the chattel of the rich, much the same as the medieval serfs were the property of the lords who owned the land upon which they toiled. Or the same way African and Caribbean blacks became the chattel of rich empire-building plantation owners in the western hemisphere in the 17th and 18th centuries. Think of the 21st century human capital as indentured servants. Have you ever heard the expression, a "slave to the time clock?" When we work for wages, we are all indentured—as much to ourselves as to those for whom we toil. Once Orwell realized that the ultimate objective of communism was to enslave everyone to such a degree that the ruling class actually possessed the power of life and death over the chattel his zeal for communism faded. If you think that statement is an exaggeration, think for a moment about the Obamcare Federal Cordinating Council for Comparative Research that was surreptitiously buried in the American Recovery and Reinivestment Act of 2009. Obama's Death Board. This team of 15 career government medical doctors fastidiously developed the guidelines that will determine, beginning January 1, 2013, when it is no longer cost-effective for government to allow the elderly (or those with chronic or terminal illnesses) to receive medical care. The Obama Administration has arbitrarily decided it has the authority to determine at what point you and I die. That is the power only totalitarian dictators possess over the human chattel they own.

How did he get that power? The social progressives that controlled both Houses of Congress from Jan., 2007 until Jan., 2011 gave it to him. If we don't get rid of the social progressives in both Houses of Congress this November, America's elderly will begin dying like flies. Except the elderly members of Congress. They, of course, are exempt from the edict. So are the extended families of the politicians who created the euthanasia feature in Obamacare not so much to curb expenses in Obamacare, but to save Social Security. Social Security is bankrupt because there are too many claimants for benefits and not enough gainfully employed people replenishing what is spent. You solve the problem by greatly expanding the number of workers (but under a socialist government, that is never going to happen), or you greatly reduce the number of those who are draining the monetary resources of the State. By arbitrarily reducing the number of retirement income beneficiaries through forced euthanasia, the Social Security crisis eventually solves itself.

Orwell's "1984" is today's social progressive's Utopia. Today, the book "1984" is nothing more than an out-of-print science fiction novel that most people have heard about but few have read. It's also a B-grade cult movie whch, although it's been remade twice, few people under 30 have ever seen it. And those who have will not relate it to their immediate future.

Because of a very conscious decision made by financier David Rockefeller in 1962 (not based on any scientific evidence or mathematical logic, but simply on the personal belief of his grandfather, John D. Rockefeller, Sr.) the economic world of the princes of industry and barons of business was about to change for the worse. Within a decade, Rockefeller's personal beliefs and personal financial decision based on those beliefs would come back to bite the princes of industry in the backend. It would also be the kiss of death for the industrialized world and set into the motion the job exodus we are now experiencing from the United States and the rest of the industrialized world.

When evil, greedy men have all the money in the world they assume their wealth gives them the right to rule. Where the kings and queens of the past ruled the Old World Order by the regal nature of their blood, the wealthy scions of business, industry and banking now rule the New World Order based on the regal nature of their money. The New World Order is not the political system of the future, it the political system of our immediate tomorrow. The scions of the New World Order, collectively, are the invisible puppet masters who pull the strings of the puppet premiers and presidents of the world today. It is at the pinnacle of power within the hierarchy of the New World Order where the real struggle for global power is taking place. Today, it is a struggle between George Soros and David Rockefeller to reshape this sphere called Earth to fit their personal political ideology. When the battle is won or lost, one of them will become Orwell's undisputed enigmatic Big Brother.

It would take approximately three decades before the impact of the decision made by Rockefeller in 1962 and the myriad of labor laws enacted by social progressive Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, James Earl Carter and William Jefferson Clinton between 1935 and 1993 to reward big labor for its help electing social progressive Democrats to adversely impact both the economy of the United States and the jobs of the rank and file American workers who have now simply been jettisoned from the US job market by the princes of industry.

Big Labor, which has partnered with Big Business, is the fifth quintuplet in a bastard birth that resulted from the illicit relationship called "pubic-private partnerships" between government and the private sector. There now remains no one looking out for the interest of the planet's human capital. (If you think that Obama's new "consumer advocate," Richard Cordray, head of the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [CFPB], will be looking out for the human capital, you are mistaken. The CFPB was given a blank check under Dodd-Frank to write whatever rules it wishes to enforce on virtually anyone. And, what it wants to enforce are regulations to control the free enterprise system. So, if you didn't think there was anyone looking out for the planet's human capital before Dodd-Frank, there is absolutely no one looking out for you now. The socialists now control the free enterprise system.) As Republicans argued for months while Dodd-Frank was touted by the left as "good for business," the legislation which created the CFPB erased judicial review (specifically because when FDR enacted legislation in 1935 that gave him arbitrary authority over the private sector, the Supreme Court ruled the legislation was unconstitutional). It removed the CFPB from the congressional appropriations process, and transferred control of the agency from the Treasury Department to thebvery secretive and unaccountable-to-anyone, privately-owned Federal Reserve. The American people will never know how much money the CFPB is spending since the agency will draw its funds from the Fed's own secretive operating expenses. Whafever else the CFPB will do or not do, it will not protect the consumers of the United States of America.

Big labor now owns the auto industry. Big labor now controls the bureaucracy of government and, through fraud, big labor can now place any candidate it wishes—even one who is not a citizen of the United States—in the White House. And Big Labor now has enough raw power to suppress any meaningful investigations of the fraud it continues to perpetuate on America through intimidation. The financial resources now being heaped on Big Labor by the Obama Administration will add financial power to brute strength, making them a power strong enough to threaten the wealthy elite—not to benefit the human capital but to add voice, and strength, to the communists within the hierarchy of the New World Order who want to convert that human capital into their personal chattel.

Redefining the world order
As Europe prepared for its grand entrance into the 20th century, rumors of war and assassination plots were the primary ingredients in the recipe boiling in the stewing pot of political intrigue throughout the continent as the princes of industry and barons of business and banking manipulating the strings of government in every nation-state of Europe. Assassinations were the rule of the day, and most of Europe's monarchs feared for their lives whenever they left the safety of their royal palaces. Kings and princes brokered alliances with their neighbors, friends and enemies, and just as quickly broke them as the sounds of war became a disdainful rumbling just over the horizon. The whole world chose to ignore the distant thunder, insisting that it was only the sound of a rapidly expanding world economy. In reality, it was the sound of greed.

The princes of industry and the barons of banking and business, like the farmer in Aesop's fable about the goose that laid the golden egg, wanted it all—now. Greedy men are never content with the gradual accumulation of wealth by conquering the sources of wealth. Over the past three decades, the money barons have come to realize that the source of wealth is not the wealth itself but the means to create it—people. Human capital. Aesop's human capital. Sadly, the greediest men in the world spent most of their lives looking for the golden eggs rather than the geese that produce them (i.e., the human capital that generates wealth through the investment of sweat equity).

The increasingly serious debate between opposing internationalist and nationalist views on the proper utilization of human capital began between the princes of industry and barons of banking and business through their NGOs in the UN even before legalized abortion began to decimate the populations of Europe, and before the US Supreme Court was pressured by the invisible overlords of government to "find" (i.e., judicially legislate) a constitutional right to justify abortion in the United States in order to stem population growth through what everyone understood was the murder of the unborn on one end of the age corridor as mandatory euthanasia would be gradually introduced on the other end of the age corridor through the rationing of healthcare to those who took more financial resources out of the system than they contributed into the State. With the State running out of money as the Ponzi scheme called Social Security began to implode because of the theft of its trust fund by social progressive politicians in the 1960s, the growing wave of Gray America suddenly became a liability of the State which had squandered their retirement funds during an era a prosperity which convinced the politicians that economic Armageddon would never come. What is in between the two portals of the age corridor—birth and death—is productive human capital. Human capital is the chattel which produce the goods manufactured by the princes of industry, and buys the commodities sold by the barons of business. And they are chattel that pays the taxes that keep the wheels of government churning to control the chattel that keeps it alive..

The legal battle known as Roe v Wade, Doe v Bolton 410 US 113 was preceded by a decade-long bombardment of "scientific studies" and newspaper and magazine articles financed largely by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundation's hyping that within a couple of decades the world would no longer be able to feed its burgeoning population. Half the people in the world, their well-paid spinmeisters said, would be starving and the other half would be killing each other to steal what food was left on the planet. Doomsday was supposed to occur in the year 2000.

The doomsayers are always wrong because their science is never based on facts but rather, on the preconceived generational fabrications of their fathers—family fables they are convinced in their own minds will ultimately happen. And, the doomsayers will never let facts get in the way of their opinions. The only evidence they use in their "scientific models" is that "evidence" which can be made to appear to support the conclusion they are determined to sell to the public as fact.

In the zeal to create a perfect socialist Orwellian society in which everyone contributes and shares equally, the caretakers of Utopia appeared to have forgotten one thing. People age. The "prime" human capital—those 25 to 45 years of age—will become the next generation's 55 to 65 year olds, and they are also the ensuing generation's 75 to 85 year olds. As human capital ages, where are their replacements? For every man or woman who reaches age 40, the economic society wherein they toil needs at least a dozen new live births. A generation later those newborns will be the 20-something's entering the consumer work force. For the economic system to work, there must substantially be more new workers entering the work force than leaving it. When nature works, as it will when the harbingers of Utopia stop mettling with God's creation, there will always be more new taxpayers contributing into the economic system than recipients draining it—and even more consumers buying the products and services produced by society's workers. Contrary to the views of the utopians, the world will support those workers. Contrary to the views of those attempting to rewrite history to fit their perception of the future, paleological history actually does support that conclusion.

A generation later the 20-somethings will be the 40-something middle class workers who pay the bulk of the taxes. (You know them better as the class of people that the social progressives refer to as the "rich" since the real rich protect their incomes and assets with trust funds and foundations that are exempt from the taxes you and I pay.) However, when seven old men decided a woman had the right to murder a baby for daring to intrude into her womb, the first phase in the continued proliferation of any national society was abridged.

The harbingers of Utopia, financed by the world's wealthiest families, are convinced that people are the world's worst polluters and that without stemming the promulgation of polluting people, the world will ultimately be destroyed because people consume not only all of the food the planet can grow, left to their own devises, they will also waste the world's natural resources. And then, Earth like the other barren, desolate planets in our solar system, will become just one more lifeless sphere spinning around a dying sun. The utopians see their role as saving the planet from its inhabitants by curbing human proliferation, and reducing the population of the planet to what they believe is a sustainable level—500 million people.

In 1994 the World Bank began the task of redefining the nature of wealth. As the populations of the industrialized world dropped below replenishment levels due to legalized abortion in 1973, the princes of industry and the barons of business encountered a new economic problem. There were suddenly no longer enough employed consumers available to buy the goods America's factories were capable of producing. Cutbacks in production were suddenly needed to keep from flooding the market with goods no one wanted, or had the money to buy. Cutbacks had their own associated costs and problems. The unit cost of goods produced are reduced only when the volume of the goods manufactured is exponentially increased. When you reduce the number of pieces of goods produced, the cost per piece increases proportionately. Plain and simple, the princes of industry and the barons of business needed more consumers to buy the goods they could produce. America had become a replacement society. Consumers bought new products only when the old ones wore out or were replaced by the next generation of that same product.

By 1985 the societal planners realized the consumers the industrial nations needed to restore their sagging economies were not going to come from the developed, industrialized nations whose future generations were devastated by abortion. It would take at least 50 years to repair the damage done by unbridled abortion rights (which the overlords of the world did not see as problematic as long as there were enough potential consumers for their wares elsewhere in the world). To them, it was simple. A matter of logistics. All they had to do was move their factories to the population centers where the consumers of the 21st century, who had nothing and needed everything, lived.

Mobility of the otherwise unemployable human capital of the third world was viewed as the economic salvation of the European Union whose populations were so far below replenishment levels that Europe was rapidly depopulating itself. The same was true, in a lesser degree, in the United States which has a replenishment level of .9. What that means is that for every 10 US citizens who die, only 9 new births are recorded. (To put this in perspective, in order to sustain Social Security beyond 2050, the United States needs a population replenishment rate of at least 120.0 (120 new life births for every 10 deaths).

In most parts of Europe, for every 10 deaths there are only 5 live births. The goose that laid the golden egg no longer lays any eggs at all—gold or otherwise. Planet Earth is being destroyed by the world's wealthiest people whose granddaddys believed people were parasites destroying the planet. In point of fact, what was destroying the world was the false beliefs of the grandfathers of the elite who died living in a "flat world" around which the sun and the stars revolved.

Two views dominated the human capital discussion in the world's central banks, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank which devoted thousands of man hours to the redefinition of wealth in the world during the 1960s, 70s and 80s as the overlords of Utopia debated ways to enhance global efficiency in the 21st century. Two prominent policy views rose to the surface of the stewing pot. One was the nationalist view of an eminent American-born Israeli economist, Don Patinkin, who was viewed by the World Bank as the foremost authority in the world on monetary policy. Patinkin was a neo-Keynesian who argued that money was not the proper measure of wealth. Money, he argued, served wealth in an utility function, giving rise to the redefinition of wealth in terms of human capital. Human capital serves to produce real wealth. (Most slave owners in the 18th and 19th centuries would have agreed with Patinkin since human capital is the utility that actually produces wealth—not only for the princes of industry but also for the overlords of government.)

Expounding the internationalist view of human capital mobility was Canadian economist Harry Gordon Johnson. Johnson was viewed as one of the world's leading authorities on international trade and international finance. In the end, the views of both Patinkin and Johnson were merged into the new economic philosophy of the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business. They would use migration to rebuild the population base of Europe as they continued to encourage white Europeans to utilize abortion as they supplemented the white populations of Europe with other racial and ethnic groups from Asia, Asia Minor, Africa and Southeast Asia. Today, as you watch the radical Muslims from the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia riot in Europe, you see how well that plan worked.

In the beginning, the architects of human capital mobilization in The Netherlands and elsewhere in the European Union saw migration as a positive from two perspectives. First, new workers transfused their national treasuries with tax revenue and, second, increasing both workers and consumers kept the bulk of the European factories in Europe. It was not until the Europeans awoke one day and realized their nations were being Islamized, and their national cultures were being replaced by Islam with growing Muslim populations demanding that the Christian-based judicial system of Europe be supplanted with Shariah law.

In the United States, where open borders were flatly repudiated by the American people to such an extent that the North American Free Trade Agreement—an official treaty in Canada and Mexico that will ultimately guarantee open borders had to be enacted as a law and not a treaty because the Senate refused to take the blame for it by themselves. Phase two of NAFTA was the Security & Prosperity Partnership that theoretically providee greater cooperation between the United States, Canada and Mexico on security and economic issues. In reality, it was to be the platform through which the gradual acceptance by Americans of foreigners moving about freely within their country would take place. The next step, according to the Canadian Action Party—which was opposed to NAFTA as are most US citizens—argues that after the implementation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership is to "...integrate Canada, the United States and Mexico into an EU-like North American Union in which national sovereignty will be diminished. Fortunately," the author concluded, "an awakened populace has derailed the SPP for now."

The price the people in the United States and Canada paid for their vigilance over the attempt to implement the Council on Foreign Relations' SSP agenda came in terms of not only jobs lost, but whole factories being uprooted and physically moved to the third world where the cheap human capital the princes of industry and barons or business needed was not only abundant, but where government regulations protected the princes of industry and not the human chattel. Even in the United States, where Barack Obama surrendered ownership of the auto industry to the labor unions, the union bosses now have a profit incentive to drive down the wages of the human capital they represent in the United States to guarantee their corporate partners that American consumer products become more competitive with the consumer products made by the human chattel in Asia who work for slave labor wages.

For a different reason than in Europe, Aesop's goose that laid the golden eggs ended up on a dinner platter in the United States. The work force in Europe, bolstered by emigrants from around the world, is now much more ethnically and racially diverse. Because of immigration from the overpopulated third world, the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business in Europe now possess what the European people lost—Aesop's goose that still lays golden eggs.

As the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business tweaked and economically massaged the world they conquered in 1912 and reshaped during the second half of the 20th century, scientists who should have questioned their grand scheme to create Utopia remained quiet. They didn't challenge the prevailing view of the rich because money is power, and to those who possess that money, control power. Furthermore, as those who protested their excesses discovered, those who speak out against the prevailing view usually found their careers ended, or if they were part of the establishment academia, any chance for career advancement died with their dissent.

The Rockefeller family through the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, the Club of Rome and the World Health Organization spent millions of dollars in the 1960s on magazine articles and newspaper and TV reports designed to frighten and brainwash the industrialized world into believing that unless the unchecked population growth of the world was greatly curtailed, the world would no longer be able to produce enough food to feed its generational growth. Not only would mass starvation result, but all of the world's natural resources would be rapidly consumed and Earth would ultimately become just one more dead planet like the rest of the lifeless cinders in our solar system. Joining the Rockefeller advocacy was the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Trust, the Sierra Club, and scores of lesser known but equally wrong far left environmentalist advocacy groups, most of which were funded by the same major foundations which advocate forced population reduction schemes.

What was the scientific basis for their conclusions? Two books. The first, a thesis written by British economist Thomas Robert Malthus in 1798 called the Essay on the Principles of Population. Second was "The Population Bomb," written by a Stamford economics instructor, Paul Ehrlich in 1962. What makes Ehrlich's book interesting was his predictions that the world would be so overpopulated by the year 2000 that half of the planet would be starving and the other half would be fighting over what food was left came directly from the pages of Malthus' Essay on the Principles of Population—without updating Malthus' theories based on 20th century technology. Ehrlich's book is so shallow you can wade through it without any fear of getting your shoelaces wet. Ehrlich's book dovetailed with David Rockefeller's personal philosophy on population so well that Rockefeller bought thousands of copies of The Population Bomb, turning a pathetically ill-researched book into a best seller, lending credibility to a falsehood and creating "fact" out of fiction. In reality, God created a planet with the means to bountifully provide food through nature's chemistry. (So I don't have to bore you with repetitious quotes from them, please reference these two articles on this website: Is Oxygen the Miracle Drug? Carbon Dioxide: Food for Life for the statistical fallacies of Malthus and Ehrlich.)

Million of dollars were spent to convince people throughout the world that they would face a catastrophic event in their lifetimes—starvation and a continuing global war as the strong rob the poor of what foodstuffs they possess. In 1974 the National Security Council under the direction of Henry Kissinger initiated what was labeled the National Security Study Memorandum which warned that to avoid a catastrophic disaster, the United States had to reduce its population by 1/3, and the t3 poorest nations (which contained 47% of the world's people) had to reduce their populations by at least 2/3. The National Research Institute report on the United States was entitled Food, Land, Population and the US Economy. it's purpose was to frighten and intimidate the American people. The master plan to dramatically reduce the population levels in the overpopulated third world failed because most of the people in the poverty-stricken third world either never got the message or, they hated the messenger and ignored the message. Or their religions prevented them from practicing birth control or killing their unborn children to appease the master plan of the money barons.

The World of Big Brother
As America witnessed the birth of the New World Order, they continued to speak of it as though it was a future event that was not yet happening. People simply can't accept its reality as fact. Why? Because this is America. You know. We have a Constitution that says the greedy rich princes of industry and the equally greedy barons of banking and business can't do what they're doing. The voter, who usually can't tell you who their city mayor is, let alone their representative or Congressman is. But they can tell you how many touchdowns their favorite football star scored, or what Brittany Spears or Kim Kardashian ate for dinner last night. The uninformed believe Congress won't do anything they have no Constitutional authority to do. Or that a federal judge would never violate the Constitution they swore tor protect by ignoring the Bill of Rights and basing what your inalienable rights on the "conditional rights" accorded other nations under the UN Covenant on Human Rights because the UN doesn't think Americans should not be accorded rights not possessed by all other "citizens of the world" since that makes you more "equal" than them. Judges and legislators today are amending the Constitution of the United States by eraser because...well, you just have too many rights that interfere with their global agenda to create world government.

Here it is in plain and simple language. Anyone who has ever read the Dick and Jane series in elementary school should be able to grasp this without a political interpreter. The far left is determined to reinstate Soviet communism worldwide through a global government in the Hague. They are doing it not because Soviet-style communism is good for the world, but because totalitarian control over the human capital of the world is good for them. The far left Soviet-style communist train is being stoked by George Soros. Soros knows that the closet communists who love the term "social progressive" will never achieve their dream of world domination as long as the United States of America continues to exist as a Constitutional nation.

Since this is a long article and you are probably speed reading now because you see the end of the article (like the end of America) is near, slow down. Go back and reread the last sentence again. If need be, read it two or three times. Because, there lies the unvarnished truth about the future of the United States—unless very radical changes take place in this country very quickly. But, unless someone wakes up the Rip Van Winkles, America will sleep through its own demise. When they finally do wake up, either a Commissar or a Caliphate will be sitting in the Oval Office. That is, if there is an Oval Office in what could soon be a nuclear waste heap that the survivors in North America used to call Washington, DC. Our enemies want us dead and we seem determined to help with what can only be construed as "assisted suicide."

Since 1945 the social progressives (we need to forget political correctness and get used to calling them communists again) have used the federal courts and the social progressive federal judges they enthroned in the United States from 1933 until today—based on giving control of the US Senate to the Democrats for all but 32 years in the last 100 beginning with the assassination of William McKinley and the inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt in 1901. The Senate, which constitutionally, was supposed to be controlled by the State governments (until the fraudulent ratification of the 17th Amendment in 1913), is the most important legislative body is the Senate because all federal judges and all key administration department heads are constitutionally required to be approved (under the Advise and Consent Clause of Article Ii, Section 2, paragraph 2) by that body. Since the Clinton years, presidents have unconstitutionally sidestepped the Advise and Consent Clause by creating a job description not in the Constitution—the role of "czar."

Czars, most of whom could never pass a FBI security investigation, were never scrutinized, nor were they ever congressionally vetted. Particularly in the Obama Administration. Most of Obama's czars are communist radicals from the Weather Underground who should be in prison, not the White House. The same was true in the Clinton Administration. Most of Clinton's closest advisers were Vietnam Era subversives who couldn't pass a security clearance sufficiently to allow them into the White House as a closely watched visitor on a guided tour let alone letting them have access to classified material and make decisions that affect the life and security of the United States.

Sadly, the American people who don't seem to mind being led around by nose rings tethered to the public feeding trough like "cattle chattel" to make sure they cast their votes for politicians with less integrity than those who are incarcerated in our local jails. New York and California each elected representatives—Charlie Rangel [D-NY] and Maxine Waters [D-CA] who belong in prison, not Congress. Lousiana reelected Congressman William Jefferson in 2006 after he was caught in an FBI sting using his office to solicit bribes. Jefferson lost his 2nd Congressional District seat in 2008. On Nov. 9. 2009 Jefferson was sentenced to 13 years in prison. The sentence was too light. He should have been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance of parole or pardon. He violated the public trust. So do those who take bribes in the form of campaign contributions from the money barons who are determined to collapse this society so they can build a world-state on its ashes.

Nonpolitical Americans would better understand that their freedom is being surreptitiously stolen if they spent less time watching football, baseball, basketball, soap operas and "puff" celebrity networks that broadcast tabloid TV programs for viewers with negative IQ ratings. Television is one of the greatest tools used by the Utopians to dumb down America, and, through its programming, to brainwash them into believing that social progressives want only what's best for them. The nasty conservatives (who are always cast as the villains in TV programs and movies), on the other hand, are doing everything they can to destroy your constitutional rights.

You know the rights I'm talking about. Your constitutional right to kill your unborn children. Joe's constitutional right to marry Harry. And Josie's constitutional right to marry Mary. And, of course, your constitutional right to part of my paycheck because I chose to work to provide for my family and you chose not to. Or because I chose early in life to apply myself and you chose to goof off and have fun because the jobs that were available weren't worth your effort. Or, even though you're an illegal, you should still have a right to vote in our elections because our laws will still impact whether or not you are eligible for welfare and health benefits, or whether or not you get to stay in the United States or be deported.

The Constitution of the United States requires the caretakers of America to seal and protect the nation's borders. The Constitution does not extend the right to vote in US elections to non-citizens regardless how bad the social progressives who can't win an honest election without their votes want them to enjoy that "right." (That includes legal residents who are not citizens since that would require a constitutional amendment and not a simple vote by politicians whose souls have been bought by the money barons who are still transforming our nation in to a puppet state of Utopia.) If Lady Liberty ain't your natural or adopted mama, you can't vote here. And, if we the people didn't invite you here, you ain't welcome here, and the American people intend to send you back where you came from. George Soros and David Rockefeller, jointly and individually, have other plans. So do the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business since their plan to erase 80% of the world's population requires the redistribution of their human chattel to the managed populations centers they are developing in the new global society. Oh, wait. I forgot. You didn't read "1984." Too bad.

Rescinding the Individual
The coup d'etat is almost complete. The Utopians have already amended the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Amendments by eraser. When the Utopians succeed in legislating the 2nd Amendment out of existence with a global gun ban, they will have succeeded in rescinding the constitutional interpretation of Vattel's rule of law. When that happens, the human chattel throughout the entire world will have lost their ability to object. The Canadians, the Brits and the Aussies are the only nations on Earth that seem to recognize the fact that their inalienable right to exist as independent individuals in independent nations and not as someone's human chattel ends when the United States dies. The clock is ticking. The second hand on that clock appears to be on "speed dial." We are now racing to the end of human history.

On October 26, 2010, two judges of a three-judge panel of the ultraliberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals voted that the provision in Arizona's Proposition 200 that requires voters to produce evidence of citizenship before they can vote may be unconstitutional. The three judges were 9th Circuit Chief Justice Alex Kozinski (who dissented), 9th Circuit Judge Sandra Ikuta and retired US Supreme Court Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor who doesn't understand the Constitution anymore today than she did when she voted to uphold the right of women to kill their unborn children as uninvited intruders into their wombs. O'Connor proved to be a disappointment to President Ronald Reagan who appointed her after O'Connor privately assured him she privately opposed abortion and would work tirelessly to outlaw prenatal baby killing. Sandra Segal Ikuta was appointed by George W. Bush. Ikuta was Kozinski's law clerk. He testified in her confirmation hearing on her behalf. Someone should have asked her if she still believed in the Constitution. Apparently neither Ikuta nor O'Connor do. Both need to be impeached and removed from the federal bench (even though O'Connor is retired). A successful impeachment ends her 100% retirement paycheck from the taxpayers.

Ikuta and O'Connor ruled that Arizona had to abide by the very unconstitutional National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (you know it as the Motor Voter Law that automatically registered you to vote when you apply for a State-issued drivers' license). The real purpose behind the nefarious Motor Voter was to load the voting rosters with people who, for one reason or another, are not allowed to vote. The National Voter Registration Act put felons who lost their right to vote and resident aliens who were not citizens as well as student drivers below the legal voting age, and of course, those who are not natural born or legalized citizens of the United States on the voting roster. Sixteen year olds who can barely drive and still have to be told by their mothers not to pick their noses were given the right to vote. So, in many cases, where their pet cocker spaniels and Spanky the house cat. But even more, the National Voter Registration Act put hundreds of thousands of dead people back on the vote roster so that civil rights activist groups could send caravans of paid voters from precinct to precinct on election night to cast votes for the loyal voting dead. In many cases, the dead now vote by absentee ballot since they are, after all, absent. Any vote works as long as its a vote for a social progressive.

Non-citizens, both legal and illegal were told by social progressive community organizers that because the laws enacted by Congress effected them as much as the legal citizens, they had just as much right to vote for or against them as the citizens of the United States. Felons were told they had a right to vote, but the soldiers fighting to protect our right to vote were deliberately disenfranchised by social progressive bureaucrats within the State bureaucracies because where felons and illegals usually vote Democratic, patriotic military people who bleed and die for their country, usually vote Republican. And, those are the last votes the social progressive wants to see in the ballot box.

You have to ask yourself how this country got an honest vote during the first century of its existence since federal law standardized election law by mandating that presidential elections be held every four years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. (Established by federal law in 1845.). The Constitution provides the States with flexibility in when they elect Congressmen and Senators, but no flexibility is accorded to presidential elections. They were simply too important. Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution notes "...The Congress may determine the time of choosing the electors, and the DAY on which they shall give their votes, which DAY shall be the same throughout the United States. On Jan. 23, 1845 the 28th Congress determined that Presidential elections would take place, nationwide, on what would be known as ELECTION DAY. Note: it is a singular day. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. (Statute at large, 29th Congress, p. 721) The Constitution provides Congress with the authority to determine when, and how, Senators and Congressmen are elected, but they are not given that flexibility within the Constitution with respect to the office of the President. The President is elected on ELECTION DAY.

The National Voting Right Act of 1993 reached back to 1792 for its authority to spread the election out over a period of 34 days so that people would have time to vote. Interestingly, to avoid fraud in elections, the 28th Congress established ONE DAY during which presidential candidates would be elected, and one specific day when the Electors would cast their votes to actually elect the President of the United States. The National Voting Rights Act of 1993, rammed through Congress by the Democrats was specifically created to make vote fraud easier by taking it off the radar screen on Election Day when poll watchers were really watching. People who are legally ineligible to vote in US elections were being encouraged to apply for a driver's license, register to vote and cast an absentee ballot all at the same time. It's called the razzle-dazzle. A sleight of hand that makes catching the illegal voter almost impossible. If the new "driver's" right to cast a vote was challenged, he might be stricken from the voting roster but since his vote was already cast, the vote was counted—and the vote counted.

It was not until after the World Trade Center disaster when it was revealed that the suicide skyjackers used fake drivers' licenses and other forms of fake ID that the federal government cracked down on the forms of identification you were required to possess to renew, or secure, a driver's license. Civil rights activists protested the violation of people's civil rights for being required to provide factual proof that they were who they said they were. The federal bureaucracy—more concerned about voting rights for felons and illegals than they were about security—restored the status quo. Building the New World Order was more important to the money barons than securing our borders and keeping terrorists out of the United States. So what if a few thousand people are killed by terrorists? The world still has too many people anyway according to Big Brother. I guess when Aesop's goose that lays the golden eggs no longer produces the results the money barons need at the moment, you have to break a few more eggs...and maybe kill Aesop's goose one more time.


1https://jonchristianryter.com/2009/090308.hmtl—how population increases the food supply

2Associate Justices Byron White and William H. Rehnquist dissented, arguing that the Constitution of the United States neither enumerated nor implied that a woman had such a right of privacy over her own body that she could kill an unborn child for invading her womb. In point of fact, no where in the Constitution are citizens specifically granted a right to privacy that every American believes they possess.)



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