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20 years

overnment-orchestrated, government-funded socialized medicine—regardless which nation sponsors it—has a dark side. Universal government healthcare is a population-control devise. Yet, the people in those countries who believe they are getting the grand gratuity as a side benefit of their government retirement subsidy, are totally oblivious of the grand scheme. No one wants to believe the government they supported with their taxes for 40 to 50 years wants to kill them. Strange as it may seem, when the rumors began to circulate through the Auschwitz (Oswiecim) concentration camp system that the Nazis were executing the Jewish prisoners and cremating their bodies, the Jews refused to believe the rumors could be true because it did not seem logical that the Germans would kill their free labor pool. It never dawned on the Jews that the only portion of the labor pool being exterminated were the old, the infirmed, and the very young. Much like the ecowacko watermelon environmentalists today, the Nazis were ridding themselves of the deadwood at both ends of the age corridor.

When the Democratically-controlled 111th Congress put together their pie-in-the-sky funding scheme to prove, on paper, that Obamacare would not bankrupt the United States, their plan included a provision to shift $575 billion over the next decade from Medicare, using $410 billion of that budgetary windfall to expand Medicaid. The remaining $165 billion would help fund Obamacare. One Obama-watcher noted that the leftwing political shell game was like "...robbing Peter to pay Paul—only it's robbing Grandma to benefit Medicaid welfare recipients." Added to the pipedream of cheap healthcare for everyone is the the real rescue of Social Security, and the political guarantee that it will flourish in perpetuity. But, we're getting ahead of ourselves. We'll come back to that.

The comment about Peter, Paul and grandma was very astute. I'm surprised that no else appears to have seen the grand scheme in Obamacare since all they would have to do to see it is to look at the at the life expectancy of the elderly under the failed Canadian healthcare system, the failed British National Health Service, and the failed healthcare systems of not only the European Union, but every nation in the world that utilizes one—if those nations subsidize their elderly with a tax-incentivized retirement program since it is the double-dippers, those who drain revenue from both Social Security and government healthcare without returning a revenue stream from their own labor, that puts the elderly most at risk.

Why? Because longevity has become a global reality that the societal planners didn't expect when they engineered Social Security in the 1930s. The average lifespan of a typical American male in 1935 when Social Security was enacted was 61.7 years. The average lifespan of a typical American woman was 63.9 years. The retirement age under the original Social Security Act was 65 years. The creators of Uncle Sam's own Ponzi Scheme expected 65% of those paying into the system to die before they collected a dime. All the families of those taxpayers would receive for years of tax payments would be the government's $255 death benefit. It was a win-win tax windfall for the federal government.

Add to healthier living the benefits of modern medical technology which has raised the actuarial life span of newborns in the 21st century. And, add to that the miracle drugs which now prolong the lives of the elderly for one or two additional decades and you can see the problem that exists for the Social Security system which no longer takes in more than it pays out.

But the reality is that living longer does not necessarily equate to living pain free. Which, of course, is why the Utopians want you to believe they are doing you a favor by euthanizing you since, given a choice, every human being prefers an easy death devoid of pain and suffering.

Euthanasia has now become a complex global issue as "death rights" groups promote euthanasia as a basic civil right of the old—even if the elderly want to selfishly cling to every moment of what life they have left—as the harbingers of population control weigh the cost of the care to sustain that life against the financial contributions that person must make to society in order to make sure they will contribute more than it costs to treat them. For population control advocates, it is only fitting they control live at both ends of the age corridor. By assuming dictatorial control over the age corridor, the utopians can legally deprive Grandma and Grandpa of the right to finish living their golden years by denying them the right to the healthcare they need to keep them alive. The denial of healthcare services is justified by a political system which has replaced the rule of law with the monetary yardstick of social justice which legally measures the cost of the services "conditionally offered" by the State to the anticipated lifespan of the elderly patient with those healthcare procedures and medications based on grandma and grandpa's contribution to society. Keep in mind, the State is measuring the total cost to keep grandma and grandpa alive. Not just what it will cost to medically treat grandma and grandpa, but what grandma and grandpa take from the system in terms of all old age benefits.

Congress authorized the 15-member Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Research (benign sounding name, isn't it?) to create the guidelines which determine under what circumstances the healthcare system is not obligated to provide benefits; and the Independent Payment Advisory Board, created under Sections 3403 and 10320 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which will be explicitly required to deny benefits to those who will die, or whose life will be painfully diminished, without them based on the narrow perimeters established by the FCCCR.

The FCCCR was surreptitiously buried not in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 where you would think that a committee assigned with the task of writing the guidelines which determines when government can not only deny payment for further medical care to grandma and grandpa, but under penalty of law, ban medical professionals from treating them outside of the government healthcare system—even pro bono but rather, it was found in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. It was enacted a year before Obamacare. Why? To keep it off everyone's radar screen. The Federal Coordinating Council's primary job was to create the guidelines that would deny grandma and grandpa live-saving medical procedures or expensive medications. What was inserted into HR 3200 was the advisory group that will determine whether those needed medical procedure and/or medications will be "comparatively effective" for specific individuals based on the raw cost, the likely success of the procedure, factored by the probable years of life the individual will have as a result of treatment. That's called sleight-of-hand mathematics because it also factors in other variables about the individual's health history—both published and unpublished—and, in addition, the income history of the individual—and just how much Social Security income the recipient received. Because that makes grandpa and grandma "double-dippers." Dreaded "double dippers" are those seniors who are draining Social Security from both ends. They receive a retirement income from Uncle Sam and health insurance from Uncle Obama.

The Federal Coordinating Council and the Independent Payment Advisory Board are the government's magic erasers. The new bureaucracies will allow the government to erase its actuarial mistakes from the 1930s that miscalculated the overwhelming cost to provide Social Security income benefits to America's elderly. Their mistake? It apparently never dawned on the politicians that medical science would substantially add to the lifespan of mankind—long enough for those who paid into the Social Security system to actually collect the retirement benefits the law promised. The government's retirement system was simply a Ponzi scheme that expected the recipients of those benefits to die after only receiving a few benefit checks—if they received any at all since, as noted above, the average lifespan of man in 1935 when Social Security was enacted was 61.7 years and he did not begin to collect benefits until he passed his 65th birthday.

If you recall, in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, State Health Service physicians—on orders from Berlin—began to euthanize the "infirmed" elderly. From there, they went to the mental asylums and euthanized what the German medical system termed " the hopelessly insane" and the genetic misfits. Most of these were institutional patients who were unable to provide for themselves but were neither chronically or terminally ill nor in pain. They simply cost the Third Reich money that the Nazis were unwilling to pay. It was much cheaper to simply eliminate the problem than it was to fix it.

To "fix" Social Security today the government needs to "fix" the imbalance in the Social Security system. There are too many Social Security recipients and not enough workers contributing their tax dollars into the system. Obama says he can fix it with a simple tax increase. But, politicians have been saying that for 50 years. The easiest solution, like the Nazi solution, is to simply restore the equilibrium between those who contribute into the system and those who take from it. The problem is, arbitrarily euthanizing Social Security recipients just because there are too many of them, is murder. Or is it?

Few people remember the circumstances how Terri Schiavo died at 9:05 a.m. on Thursday, March 31, 2005. Pinellas County Probate Judge George S. Greer sentenced her to a horrible death that, had he attempted to force that sentence on the worst mass murderer in the world, it would have been overturned. Yet, when the sentence was levied against a woman who had committed no crime whatsoever, there was no jurist anywhere in the country willing to step up and overturn Judge Greer. Why? Because the social progressives needed that decision to stand so other judges in other venues could end the lives of other diminished capacity men and women, or end the lives of grandma or grandpa simply because aging is a terminal illness since old age always ends with death.

While Obama campaigned on a 2008 pledge to solve the nation's fiscal problems by raising taxes only on those earning more than $250 thousand per year, the tax reform legislation being proffered by the Senate Democrats in the 112th Congress will eliminate the only meaningful tax deduction the working class possesses—the mortgage interest write-off on their homes. By eliminating it, the federal taxes of every homeowner taxpayer will virtually double. But, even if all of the revenue received from what will be the largest bottom line tax increase (since the rest of the tax deductions were stripped from the taxpayers in 1986) were funneled 100% into Social Security, it still would not make Social Security solvent.

Even before it goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2013, and even with the $105 billion in secret funding, Obamacare is broke because the United States government that pledged $105,680,000,000.00 in startup money to jumpstart the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is broke. On top of that, Social Security is broke. It has been since Bill Clinton's Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin stole the Social Security Trust Fund to finance the day-to-day operations of the federal government during the Clinton Administration's budget tussle with the GOP when the Republican majority in the House and Senate shutdown the government in 1995 after Clinton vetoed a balanced budget bill on Nov. 13, 1995. With one continuing resolution, the GOP kept the government shutdown until Jan. 5, 1996. The United States monetary system did not collapse, nor did the world stop buying our debt bonds.

Obama and his Treasury budget hawks know that when Obamacare goes into effect and the bureaucracy begins to whittle down the number of grandmas and grandpas double-dipping in the federal government's revenue stream, Social Security will return to solvency. Obama will claim that taxing the rich did it. In reality, killing grandma and grandpa will prove to be the salvation of the federal piggy bank. Killing the unborn will prove to be the end of America as we know it. Within two or three more decades you won't be able to tell the difference between the United States and any other underpopulated former industrial nation that has more foreign-born residents than American-born citizens—but all of them will vote. And Social Security, with its early retirement at age of 75, will be solvent once again.




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