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Michele Bachmann exposes that there was $105,464,000,000.00 in
hidden appropriations buried in various places in Obamacare. It was
a bill that no member of Congress was allowed to read. It was a bill
no member in either House of Congress should have voted in favor
of because no member knew what was in it.

Obamacare is the 21st century equivalent to Pandora's Box. Pandora's Box, you will recall from Greek mythology was actually a jar (pithos). It was given to Pandora (Anesidora) with other seductive and unique gifts. Only, the pithos contained all of the evils of mankind. For that reason alone, it is appropriate that Obamacare be renamed "Pandora's Box" because contained in it is the right of government to end your life whenever it feels you are no longer a "contributing asset" to government (i.e., you have become a "double-dipper.") Obama's Death Board—which has written the healthcare guidelines for those on Medicare—was actually legislated in the American Recovery & Investment Act of 2009 and not in the healthcare legislation (also never read by any member of Congress). Under their guidelines, seniors with terminal illnesses will be entitled to care and comfort but not treatment. Listed among the terminal illnesses targeted for humane euthanasia is "old age." (Because the obvious result of aging is death, thus it is a "terminal condition.") When Obamacare becomes the sole healthcare system available to American citizens, and a medical procedure is denied by the Health Board, no doctor will be able to perform the procedure—even if the patient agree to pay 100% of the cost—under penalty of law. The concerns delegated to the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Research deal not just with containing costs under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, it is more focused on saving Social Secuity by reducing the actuarial nightmare of people living too long by advancing the age of when you are eligible to receive benefits, and expediting the transition of the elderly once they begin collecting benefits.

If you generate little or no tax revenue for the government as you drain Uncle Sam's coffers by living too long by collecting Social Security while receiving healthcare benefits under Medicare, you are officially a "double-dipper." You are among those who are bankrupting the Social Security system.

When former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi excitedly told the House members they need to hurry up and pass the bill so they could see what was in it, all of the warts began to show up the instant Pandora's Box was opened. It turned out they were the exact same warts that torpedoed Hillarycare in 1993. Because, stripped down to the nitty-gritty, Obamacare is Hillarycare. And, the Democrats who controlled both Houses of Congress in 1993, who read the bill Hillary didn't want anyone to read, ran in the opposite direction.

And, because the social progressives knew the moderates within their own party would never fund Obamacare once they realized the magnitude of what it entailed, they feared it would die on the vine and, ultimately, be repealed without ever being enacted. The Democratic leadership buried $5,460,000,000.00 in the plan to roll-out the healthcare bureaucracy in 2011. The additional $100 billion was designed to pay to for the healthcare system over the next five years (to the tune of some $20 billion per year.

When Michele Bachmann appeared on Meet the Press and told America that the Democrats had buried $105 billion into the measure to secretly fund the startup of Obamacare, she was attacked by opencongress.org which accused her of lying. OpenCongress.org blogger Donny Shaw wrote that Bachmann's claims are just flat-out false. Shaw quoted the statement made by Bachmann on Meet the Press: "There was a Congressional Research Service Report that was just issued in February. We discovered that secretly, unbeknownst to members of Congress, over $105 billion was hidden in the legislation to fund the implementation of Obamacare. This is something that was not known. This money was broken up, hidden in various parts of the bill."

Shaw scorned her remark saying that "...far from being hidden, all you have to do to see these funds in the bill is to run a find-text page search for the legislative text for terms like 'appropriated' or 'transferred' and you'll see it." Well...stupid Michele. Easy, huh? Makes you wonder why Republican congressmen and Senators, who would have given their eye teeth to read the bill, just didn't run a "find-text page search" to find out what was in Obamacare. Probably because the bill was not loaded into the system, and would not be until after it was signed into law. It's always easy to find things once everything has been exposed, and before those pages disappear from the government servers.

Shaw was right about one thing. The people reviewing this legislation knew about those funds all along. Not reviewing the legislation were congressmen and Senator below the Speaker and Democratic Majority Leader and Whips in the House and Senate. Excluded were 100% of the Republicans and all rank and file Democrats who might be tempted to say the wrong thing to their counterparts on the other side of the aisle. This was an A-game piece of legislation, and only A-game Democrats were allowed to play.

But most Americans who heard Bachmann's message dismiss it out-of-hand because the media reported that the Republican-led Hose voted to defund Obamacare on Friday, Feb. 18. Those who believe the job is done need to appreciate two things: first, while the House voted to defund Obamacare, the US Senate has not nor will not as long as the Democrats who forced it through that body still rule. Second and most important, even if the Senate concurred, the joint resolution would not affect the $105,460,000,000.00 already enacted. Obamacare would live and function as the nation's universal healthcare law for at least five years while the Democrats battled to regain control of Congress.


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