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20 years

he UN's World Food program announced on April 22 the onset of what the WFP director, Josette Sheehan, described as a global food crisis that will require $770 million in additional funding to ease the global food "crisis." On May 1, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon announced that the World Food Program had only $18 million in cash-on-hand and was facing this new crisis with a shortfall it would not be able to overcome due to what Sheehan described as "...a silent tsunami in rising food prices that required a huge infusion of cash..." to meet the new demand in a world of rapidly escalating food prices. The only problem is, the WFP had a cash stockpile on hand of $1.22 billion—plus an additional $1.33 billion in current pledges from UN members.

Using an unsubstantiated media report to win international support for a bankrupt presidency, President George W. Bush—now officially America's least popular 20th century President—asked Congress on May 1 to write a check for $770 million to ease the global food crisis—most of which is in Africa. Bush is now so out-of-touch with the American people that he still doesn't seem to get it, or it doesn't matter what his historic legacy will be. What the voters of America want is relief from skyrocketing prices in the United States. And, not just food. Specifically, the American people want relief from astronomical, piracy gasoline prices, super-inflated to force consumers to stop using gas under the phony guise of warding off the catastrophic affects of the Al Gore-touted myth called "man-induced" global warming. But even more than lower food prices and cheap gas, the American people expected their president to keep his promise to build a prison-grade security fence between the United States and Mexico. They expected the fence to be guarded by National Guard troops armed with loaded automatic weapons in order to seal the borders. Furthermore, the American people expected Bush to keep his word, enforce the immigration laws and deport 20 million illegal aliens (not immigrants). (Note: the word "immigrant" suggests that aliens who sneak into the country without an invitation from our government have legal standing to remain here. By definition, "illegal immigrants" are foreign nationals who entered the country legally but overstayed their visas. Their status then becomes that of an illegal immigrant. Aliens who cross the border illegally are not "immigrants" by any legal understanding of the law because they don't belong here regardless low long they have evaded arrest and deportation. Thus, they are illegal aliens. Common sense dictates that the offspring of illegals who entered this country unlawfully should also be deemed to be illegal aliens Citizenship should not arbitrarily be granted to the children of illegal aliens. Children of lawful foreign nationals who legally work here with H-1B or H-2B visas should be accorded that privilege.)

When the UN announced that the World Food Program was in dire straits because of the looming food crisis—caused not from food shortages but from international agri-giant profiteers who own most of the farms that are now selling to consumers 2,500 miles or more from the second and third world South American or Asian farms that grow the crops and pass the transportation costs on to the consumers—Bush took the societal high ground by announcing that "...[w]e're sending a clear message to the world that America will lead the fight against hunger for years to come."

The prices of grains that are also used in the manufacture of ethanol are now artificially bonded to the price of oil, and as the price of crude oil rises, the price of grain foods: corn, oats, barley and wheat, which have become fuel commodities, rise as well. Science could do us all a favor and confine their bio-fuels to broccoli, brussels sprouts and collared greens.

When National Farmers' Union president Tom Buis recently answered questions before the Joint Economic Committee he remarked that: "With the average food item traveling more than 1,500 miles before reaching the final consumer, its no wonder that food costs are increasing. When looking back over the last seven years, gasoline prices have increased 198% and diesel fuel prices have increased almost almost 250%." The cost of food, he noted, has risen over 43% in the past year alone.

Edward Lazear, Chairman of the White House Council on Economic Advisers criticized Buis' remarks, insisting that tying ethanol production to the skyrocketing price of food was wrong since Lazear believes that ethanol production contributed to the rising global food costs by only 2% to 3% (which suggests that ethanol actually contributed to the bulk of the food increases since the spike in grain prices largely parallels the spike in crude oil.) The American Farm Bureau disagrees with the assessment of the president's economic advisers, particularly Lazear who is a Stanford economics professor. Lazear, a bureaucrat's bureaucrat, previously served as an economic adviser to the former Soviet Union and as the economic adviser to the State of California (which does not speak well of his practical experience in generating positive results). Lazear's "expertise" is in personnel economics (i.e., the marriage between economics and statistical organizational behavior.)

Research by the American Farm Bureau Federation determined that 44% of the rising food costs, not 2% to 3%, are due solely to rising oil and natural gas prices. The byproducts of oil fuels farm machinery, transports food products to market and makes fertilizers. The cost of food products associated with farming is about 25% of the wholesale price of the food crop. The costs for transporting and processing those food items into the products on the supermarket shelves are added by the processors and passed on to the consumers. When you check the foods with the greatest prices increases you will discover they are predominantly processed foods controlled by the agri-giants who are stiffing the consuming public with the help of Congress which has climbed into bed with them.

Add to that the declining value of the American dollar and the increased amount of food and food products being imported from the emerging economies in the third world and you have a recipe for economic disaster in the United States. Yet, the idiots in the US Congress—whose disapproval rating is worse than Bush's at 73%—echo Bush's international insanity because the transnational industrialists who fill their war chests demand servitude from their hirelings. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quick to jump on the Bush bandwagon, saying, "The Congress will respond rapidly to the growing urgent need for international food assistance. This is not only a humanitarian issue, it's a matter of national security as well." Huh?

Joseph Glauber, chief economist for the US Dept. of Agriculture said the global food trade is being transformed by the rise of a "middle class" in China, India, Indonesia and the emerging nations who have developed an appetite for meat and, thus, an increased demand for grains to feed them. And, moving quickly to corner the market in the emerging nations is Archer Daniel Midland, the American agri-giant that controls or influences close to half of the food production in the United States.

To solve this problem, and the problem of the rising oil prices, the American people need to take back their government and close the door to the United States very tightly. At which end of Pennsylvania Avenue does that control exist? Sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue is Washington's premiere house with a view, but the laws are made, and the power is exercised, at the other end of the broad street in Washington, DC. Control Congress and you control not only the power to make law, but the power to control the federal courts. The American people ceded their right to control the process of governance to elitists with fat wallets who used legalized bribery as a tool to get the laws they needed to facilitate the destruction of the United States. The transnationalists view the United States as a replacement market dominated by lazy middle class workers, while 85% of the human capital in the world has nothing and needs everything. The Fortune 500 giants are remanufacturing the industrial age in the third world because serving a world that has nothing and needs everything is far more profitable than serving the consumers of the industrialized nations that have everything and need virtually nothing.

We need to evict the illegals and imprison their benefactors for violating almost five decades of immigration laws. The transnational industrialists who take their factories and jobs from America should not be allowed to return the goods those factories created for sale here at any price. The very first step in taking back our country is to outlaw campaign contributions of any type, and of any size, to those who run for political office. Political contributions—of any size—are bribes. Contributions are always given with expectations of a quid pro quo. That's a bribe. If you did it, or I did it, we would be charged with giving or receiving a bribe. We would be sentenced to prison for 2 to 5 years for accepting a bribe. When they take bribles, politicians go to Washington for either 2 or 6 years.

We need to not only open ANWR, we also need to open exploration everywhere the environmentalists have managed to shut drilling down—and we need to remove from the bench corrupt federal judge who interferes with the sovereign right of the people of the United States. We also need to open all of the closed oil refineries and put them under the control of the independent oil drillers association, and mandate, by federal law, $45 per barrel oil in the United States. Once we close and seal the doors to America, we will have repaired the jobs hemorrhage. By mandating that products sold here are made here will return the factories to the United States.

And, while we are at it, we need to expand the anti-terrorism laws of the United States to include eco-alarmists like Al Gore, Jr. who saw nothing wrong with splicing scenes from the Mark Gordon Company film, "The Day After Tomorrow" into "An Inconvenient Truth" to suggest that large chunks of the Antarctic ice shelf was filmed slipping off into the South Atlantic Ocean. The scene was, in fact, special effects footage from the movie "The Day After Tomorrow."

The ice shelf is actually a large chunk of Styrofoam™ that was created to appear to be the breaking off of a massive ice ledge that floats off into the South Atlantic. The footage was spliced into Gore's sci-fi fantasy about human-created global warming as an actual event. Gore's production company knew the scene was movie industry. They used it to make it appear that man-induced global warming was already playing havoc with the world's temperatures when, in fact, the Antarctica is getting cooler, not warmer.

Ecoalarmists who lie to the American people in order to drive the stake of fear into their hearts have committed an act of eco-terrorism against the people of this country just as much as the Islamofascist terrorists in the Muslim world who want to destroy our society since that is precisely what the ecoalarmists are attempting to do—destroy every aspect of sovereignty, cripple the United States economically, and return us to the belly of a unified Mother Europe, reversing America's 1775 War for Independence without our former "masters" firing a single shot.

Most people don't realize that all of the ecoalarmist programs which have been introduced by the oil company-financed environmentalists are already facts-of-life laws that Europeans are arbitrarily obligated to live with because the citizens of Europe do not have the type of liberty possessed by US citizens. Their "liberty" is a limited, somewhat socialist form of freedom whose rights are conditioned on that moment's whims of government as the leaders of the European Union covertly strive to transform the independent nation states of Europe into a socialist version of the United States—but without the protection of a US-styled Bill of Rights (which our current Congress is now attempting to legislate out of existence.)

The long and the short of it is the UN's claims that the WFP is broke at the onset of what the media is hyping as a global food crisis was a willful and blatant sham on the part of the globalists who are determined to perpetuate one phony global crisis on top of the previous one until the world is shackled to Big Brother. In addition to the $1.22 billion on hand and the $1.33 billion in pledged funds, the WFP has an additional $91 million in cash assets left from last year. UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon also announced the WFP would need an additional $1.6 billion for seed programs to grow grain crops in the areas affected by the crisis.

Interestingly, within a couple of hours of Fox News exposing the fact that the WFP had $1.22 billion in its treasury, a UN spokesman said the money in the bank represented the operating budget for the WFP for 3 or 4 months. In an additional statement, Brenda Barton, the WFP's Deputy Director of Communications, said that about 90% of the $1.22 billion on hand was either committed to other programs, or represented mandatory reserves they are obligated to maintain. The system used by the WFP, Barton said, was approved by the donor countries.

Over the past dozen years the advocates of global government have contrived one crisis after another, from global cooling in the 1970s to global warming in the 1990s to cigarettes and lung cancer, to avian flu, to obesity in the affluent nations as they also fanned local or regional disasters into global crises that were blamed on the greedy affluent in the industrialized nations because of their flagrant lifestyles. That will not change until the wealth of the United States is redistributed to the emerging nations where tomorrow's consumers await affluence and the transnationalists await a tsunami of new wealth.


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