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20 years

On May 27, I posted a terrorist alert stating that an U.S. citizen, Adam Gadahn, posed a threat to this nation and was sought by the FBI. Gadahn has now reared his ugly head with the threat that "...the streets of America will run red with blood."

Updated Report by Jon Christian Ryter

On Wednesday, Oct. 27 Fox News and ABC News admitted receiving a new terrorist threat video. I believe CBS, CNN, and NBC also received the video, but they declined to either mention it or show any portion of it within the first 48-hours. I am convinced they received the material since logic suggests it's unimaginable that a terrorist group would send threatening videos to only 2 of the 5 major TV news outlets in the United States. The reason for that comment will become apparent in a moment.

The video wore the logo of the As-Sahab Production Committee, the organization that mass produces al Qaeda propaganda videos and the "official messages" from Osama bin Laden and other al Qaeda officials for global distribution. While Fox News aired the video, ABC News—which finally aired a portion of the video late Thursday evening—said they initially declined to air it because a preliminary CIA analysis was unable to determine if it was legitimate. Yet, ABC immediately sent a copy of the video to the CIA and the National Security Agency.

ABC claimed they received the tape from a terrorist source in Waziristan, a region in Pakistan near the Afghan border where al Qaeda and the remnants of the Taliban are holed up. Fox News admitted they received their copy of the tape "independent" of ABC News. ABC's statement sounds like "good investigative reporting" ferreted the video from their "terrorist contacts" when it's clear that al Qaeda was very deliberately sending a message to America that they wanted played on every major TV news outlet in the United States—part of what I believe may be Osama bin Laden's thee-prong "October Surprise." (Two warnings and an actual terrorist strike designed to make George W. Bush appear incapable of stopping him.) If I am correct, then ABC's superb investigative efforts amounted to no more than opening a package that was delivered to them.

It also appears to the casual observer that because ABC senior management believed the tape would impact Sen. John Kerry's campaign in a very negative manner, that a decision was made not to air the video or, at least, not to be the network that broke the story—something virtually unheard of in the news industry.

Fox News broke the story on Thursday, Oct. 28. After viewing the tape and interviewing family members and acquaintances, the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency are convinced that the masked terrorist holding an AK-47 and threatening the people of the United States with a promised terrorist attack where "The streets of America will run red with blood..." is a 25-year old Grove City, California man, Adam Gadahn who was included in the dangerous terrorist alert I posted on May 27.

Authorities did voice matches with the muffled voice on the video with recordings of Gadahn, but the results were inconclusive. Haitham Bundjaki, the Orange County, California Muslim Imam who converted the agnostic heavy metal music freak to Islam identified the voice as that of Gadahn. The FBI also visited Gadahn's aunt, Nancy Pearlman on Wednesday. She could not be sure the voice was that of her nephew. "It could be him," she admitted, "but it might not be." She said it was difficult to be certain because the family had not seen or heard from Adam for a few years. "All communication was lost with him about three years ago," she said.

In the video, Gadahn, who identified himself in the video as "Azzam the American," said: "The magnitude and ferocity of what is coming your way will make you forget all about September 11. AAA decades of American tyranny and oppression, now it's your turn to die. Allah willing, the streets of America will run red with blood, matching drop for drop the blood of America's victims."

Gadahn's words do not suggest they are simply an idle boast to frighten the complacent American population. Like the video tapes made to glorify Palestinian "martyrs" before they strapped on their suicide bomb belts, this video clearly suggests Gadahn—or, as he called himself, Azzam the American—has offered himself as a martyr. If he, and what may well be several accomplices who were identified by the FBI in May of this year, copy the successful Madrid bombings that radically altered the national election in Spain, America's commuters need to be extra vigilant on Monday and Tuesday. Monday on America's commuter rail systems around Washington and Baltimore, around New York, Chicago, Boston—and any city in the nation with a subway system. On Tuesday, logical targets would be any heavy traffic voting precincts in any of the nation's major metropolitan areas. Gadahn will likely be thinner, and he will have shaved his beard and cut his hair. If he is posing as a day commuter, he will likely be wearing a suit or a sport coat and slacks in order to "blend in" with the normal day commuters. He would also be likely to carry a backpack or attaché case on either a subway or commuter train. The photo shown here is doctored version of the earlier photo of Gadahn minus the long hair. His face is shown thinned slightly since, in maturing, his face would have thinned somewhat—especially since he has been living in more austere circumstances in Afghanistan where he received his terrorist training and served as an interpreter for al Qaeda. However, since one of the aliases Gadahn uses is Adam Pearlman, it is equally likely that he might even be posing as a Hasidic Jew—complete with beard and payos—sideburn curls (since Hasidic Jews are not allowed to cut their sideburns). Gadahn also uses an Islamic alias: Abu Suhayb Al-Amriki although it is not likely he would be using a distinctly Muslim sounding name if he was planning a Madrid-style terrorist attack on Americans (unless he was smart enough to realize that security guards are almost afraid to "profile" Muslims or anyone with a Muslim name for fear of being sued by the ACLU or some radical Muslim group for discrimination).

It is also possible that Gadahn is not the intended martyr but the "manager" of the event. The FBI is searching for several known al Qaeda operatives who have "disappeared" from their European and Mideast areas of operation and whose locations are simply not known. Some of the photos are listed here. To see the other photos, please refer to the original alert.

All of these terrorists have one thing in common: they all speak fluent English, which means they can pass virtually unnoticed in the American urban scene. Clockwise, from the upper left: Anas Al-Liby (who uses the known aliases of Anas Al-Sabai, Anas Al Libi, Nazih Al Raghie and Nazih Abdul Hamed Al-Raghie. He is a Libyan. He is between 5' 10" and 6' 2". His weight is unknown, but he has a scar on the left side of his face. He was last seen in Afghanistan. He generally wears a full beard, but if he is in the United States, he likely will be clean shaven.

Mustafa Mohamed Fadhil uses the aliases: Moustafa Ali Elbishy, Moustafa Mohammed, Moustafa Fazul, Hussein Hassam Ali, Ahd Al Wakil Al Masn, Abu Anis, Abu Yussrr, Hassan Ali, Nu Man, Abu Jihad and Abu Jihad al-Nubi. He is 5'2" to 5'5" tall and weighs 120 to 130 lbs. He is Kenyan.

Fahid Mohammed Ally Mslama is also a Kenyan. He is 5'6" to 5'8" and weighs 160 to 170 lbs. His aliases include Fahid Mohammed Ally, Fahid Mohammed Ali Musalaam, Fahid Mohammed Ali Msalam, Fahid Mohammed Ali Salem, Fahid Mohammed Ally Msalam, Usama al-Kini and Fahad Ally Msalam.

Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan, who uses the alias Admed the Tall stands between 5'8" and 6'0". He weighs 175 lbs. He is also a Kenyan. Other aliases he has been known to use are: Sheikh Ahmed Suweider, Shiekh Ahmed Salem Swedan, Sheikh Swedan, Shiekh Hahamadi, Ahmed Ally, and Sheikh Bahamad.

Finally, Abdul Rahman Yasin, like Gadahn, is an American. He was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana. Yasin is 5'10" and weighs 180 lbs. His know aliases are: Abdul Rahman Said Yassan, Aboud Yasin, Abdul Rahmad S. Taha, and Abdul S. Taher.

All of these people should be considered extremely dangerous. If you see anyone you even suspect as being one of these people (or those found on the original alert, call your local FBI office, sheriff's department, police department or State police. As Americans, we need to be extremely vigilant. We need to take Gadahn's threat seriously, and we need to catch him and any other Islamic extremists who intend to do harm to the American people or the infrastructure of the United States of America. We need to show Osama bin Laden and his terrorist thugs that "We The People" are smarter, stronger, and alert enough to stop any threat to our way of life. Be vigilant. The life you save might be mine. Or, even more important, it might even be yours.


Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
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