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In 1995 environmenalist and social progressive ecoalarmist Vice President Al Gore hired his ecoalarmist friend Carol Browner as the Clinton director of the EPA. She also served as Obama's Director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy from 2009 to 2011. Now she's a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the communist Center for American Progress. She's also a senior counselor at the Albright Stonebridge Group. She serves on the League of Conservation Voters and the Global Ocean Commission. On Gore's orders (he believed that the use of freon was bad for the environment), Browner decided NASA needed to stop using freon in its thermal-insulating foam heat shields on its space shuttles. As the head of the EPA, Browner demanded that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA] stop using freon, a fluorocarbon, in their thermal heat shields (which the ecowackos said was harming the ozone—Gore and Browner among them).

Gore demanded that NASA abide by Browner's decision, or find all of their shuttle flights grounded. They did. The freon foam blanket was an insulated cap that served as a thermal heat barrier in the nose cone of the shuttle. The nose cone and the CFC-11 silica tiles (made from pure quartz sand) deflected temperatures of up to 2,300°F. The silica tiles were such good heat deflectors that you could grab hold of a red hot deflector with your bare hand and not be burned. But that wasn't good enough for Al Gore.

In 1996 NASA developed TUFI heat deflector tiles that will deflect temperatures up to 2,910°F. But unlike the silica tiles coated with the freon blanket, the new tiles were not as hard as the HRSI tiles that Browner and Gore, not Congress, outlawed. While the government would argue that once the EPA ruled that freon was a toxic substance, they had a right to regulate it out of existence. Sometimes it's up to the People to determine the motives of the greedy politicians we elect—and they appoint. When politicians violate the People's trust for their own political gain, it's time for the People to take back their government and imprison those who would steal the liberty of the People by whatever covert means they choose to use.

The criminal justice system should examine the laws of the land as they existed in 2003 to see if there is anything they can charge Gore and Browner with since their action—done for personal political gain—resulted in the death of the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia on February 1, 2003. Columbia exploded and broke up on re-entry killing its seven member crew: Rick Husband, commander; Michael Anderson, payload commander; David Brown, mission specialist; Lauren Clark, mission specialist; William McCool, pilot; and Ilan Ramon of the Israeli Space Agency.

An investigation of the shuttle debris field revealed that one of the heat shield tiles broke off the shuttle's exterior tank and fatally breached the shuttle's wing. Once the heat shield was breached, the surface of the shuttle heated to over 2,000°F and it exploded. Seven men died because Al Gore and Carol Browner decided that freon needed to be banned worldwide.

The man who convinced himself that freon was a deadly chemical that would destroy the Earth's ozone layer was educated at Vanderbilt University's School of Divinity where he "learned" the one "true god" was Gaia, the goddess of the Earth, or Earth Spirit. What I find puzzling about that man, Al Gore, Jr., is that he's afraid that freon will destroy the atmosphere, but he doesn't think the aluminum oxide and mercury in the chemtrails (chemical condensation trails) deliberately sprayed on the American people is pretty much akin to insects being sprayed by Black Flag). Chemtrails, which come from coal ash, were a deliberate, calculated plan devised by the same dangerous ecowacko idiots who created the illusion that people and factories in the United States are what caused global warming even though any idiot with an IQ larger than their belt size knows that climate change of any type is caused exclusively by the sun. Why? To control the lives of all people and drain their pockets in order to fuel the economies of the third world at the expense of the rest of us.

While the first civilian reports of sightings of chemtrails came in 1996, the word "chemtrails" appeared on the cover of an Air Force Academy textbook in 1990. But the principles described in that text were developed at the University of Colorado under a grant provided by the Johnson Administration in early 1965. The grant created the National Science Foundation was based on the work of two GE scientists, Irving Langmuir and Vincent Shaefer, who successfully seeded clouds to create rain. Their experiment was followed by a co-worker, Bernard Vonnegu, who used silver iodine crystal smoke and accomplished the same thing. As you see, weather and climate modification is not all that new, and was based on an unproven theory advanced by a Dutch scientist, August Verrat, in 1933.

How many readers of this cyber article, I wonder, watched the Fox mini-series Terra Nova in 2013? If you didn't, you should have. And, more important, if you didn't,. you should. You can order it through Amazon.com. Don't remember how much I paid for it. Less than $20.00 I believe. Even if all you watch is the first 15 minutes. You will see a dying world—Earth. It's a world without enough oxygen due to man's meddling to cure a myth—global warming. A world dying from greed and ignorance. Now, with the government of the United States playing around with weather modification—specifically to engineer climate-change in order to modify make-believe man-made global warming, it doesn't take a genius to understand that when you mess with nature, the results you get will almost always not be the results you expected, or wanted.

Chemtrail sightings increased dramatically over the last two decades—from about the time Al Gore, Jr. said freon needed to be banned because it was destroying the ozone layer. Without telling the American people what they were doing or why, USAF jets and later, passenger jets from nearly bankrupt passenger airliners began spraying something into the atmosphere. When chemtrails were first noticed over the United States, the Clinton Administration was mum. They had no idea what caused the "contrail anomaly" in the "steam vapor" trails from jet planes. Only, what citizens around America's large metropolitan areas (pollution centers) were seeing were not contrails but chemical condensation trails created by coal ash containing silver iodine, barium, ethylene dibromide (banned in 1984). aluminum oxide, mercury, with nano particles of scores of other chemicals which appear to have been designed not only for weather modification, but but for the mass inoculation of the global population and population control.

The program was theoretically designed to thwart global warming.and, in the minds of the scientists involved, weather manipulation. Stopping hurricane and tornadoes. And, diverting rain from areas that get too much, and dispensing it to desert areas which don't get enough rain to grow the vegetation necessary to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. But, the other two elements negate the first. Population control is one of the three primary reasons for chemtrails. And, of course, placing a layer of silver oxide over the planet to deflect the suns rays and cool the planet, based on the warped ecological agenda of the social progressives who initiated the program, was the primary reason regardless what the watermelons of the world who hijacked the concept in 1993 and began spraying the American people into oblivion.




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