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If, or perhaps when, the United States under a despotic Barack Obama becomes more of a police state than it has now become, his "Schutzstaffel" (SS) will rise up through the Department of Homeland Security which Barack Obama began arming to the teeth shortly after he discovered that the military leaders of this nation are loyal to the United States of America and a 238-year old yellowed parchment called the Constitution of the United States.

In 2009, not long after he assumed an office that a non-American can't constitutionally hold, Barack Obama began to expect more from his generals and other senior officers than the traditional military oath to protect the nation and defend that 238-year piece of parchment, paid for with the blood of thousands of patriots over two centuries. Obama, who has no more respect for that 238-year old parchment than he does yellowed toilet paper expects the troops under him—from the four star general to the buck private—to personally swear allegiance to him. Not the Constitution, which Obama considers obsolete—him.

It should have been clear to everyone who's heard any of Obama's recorded non-media access speeches to social progressive loyalists since 2009 that Barack Obama was the Islamic fox in the Judeo-Christian chicken coop. In a political speech a few days before the Election of 2008, Obama said these words: "We live in the greatest country in the world...help me change it." We thought Obama's statement was just a typical Obama-minus-teleprompter screw-up, but as it turns out, Obama knew exactly what he was saying, and he meant every word of that dialogue. To create a new society Obama knew he had to destroy the old one. Likewise the minority voters who listened to Obama prattle on about Black Americans getting to sit at the lunch counter with Whitie was pointless if you couldn't afford to buy lunch, understood he was talking about: redistributing the wealth of the rich to the poor and downtrodden. At least, that's what they thought they were hearing. But, as it turns out, that's not what Obama was really saying.

The wealth Obama planned to redistribute was not coming directly from the pockets of the working middle class. Many of them, today, have no wealth left since the jobs they had prior to the Clinton's transfer of wealth through NAFTA beginning on Dec. 8, 1993 when the co-presidency of Bill and Hillary Clinton sold out America and gave the princes of industry what they wanted—an escape from the burdensome labor laws in the United States which were legislated by the politicians whose elections they financed.

US jobs simply passed through the swinging doors to Mexico and the products made in Mexico and elsewhere by exported US jobs returned to the United States without tariffs just like goods made in Seattle, Washington that are sold in Yuma, Arizona. Of course, there are few buyers now in Yuma since it has an unemployment rate of 24%. Or in Merced, California which is even worse. While their unemployment rate is only 21%, the average household income in Merced dropped from $61,400 to $38,253. So, while the bureaucrats the the Dept. of Commerce in Washington, DC are growing fat on healthy six-digit incomes paid for, in part, by those struggling to survive on part-time jobs in places like Merced, the American worker is now experiencing what their grandparents experienced in the Great Depression—despair, overdue bills and empty stomachs; and more frequently today, moving back in with parents or other family members and sharing expenses so that merged families can get by until Obama is gone.

But the question many are now asking is: "Is Obama planning to leave, or is he planning a coup?" Gary Franchi of WHDT-TV in Boston raised that spectrum recently when he interviewed Dr. Jim Garrow (a Nobel Prize nominee). Franchi opened his interview by asking the following question: "The Obama Administration is openly escalating its campaign against private gun ownership and shaking up the top ranks of the military command structure. But, is it also preparing to make war on the American population?"

Jim Garrow's shocking answer to that question was "yes." Garrow's source, according to Franchi, is considered to be one of America's foremost military heroes. The senior military leader told Garrow that Obama is using a new litmus test for determining who will stay and who will leave. Keep in mind, we have already seen Obama demand the resignations of 195 of America's most patriotic generals and admirals. All bounced from the service for a variety of nondescript reasons. The real reason is that each of these generals or admirals have told Obama they will not now, nor ever, fire on American citizens (ostensibly during gun sweeps as the Department of Homeland Security attempts to disarm Americans of the lawfully possessed firearms).

Garrow answered the litmus test question like this: "Officers at the highest levels were being asked a hypothetical question: would you be able to follow your oath of office and follow the command structure and the orders given you by someone a rank above you, up to and including the commander-in-chief? If a scenario developed where a group of people would not submit, and lay down their arms as ordered to, could you find yourself obeying the order to fire on American citizens? That what was presented to me."

Garrow noted that the general confided in him because he knew this message had to get out and he could not do it himself. He picked Garrow because the Nobel Prize nominee is known for his integrity.

Garrow supplied WDHT-TV with some documents from the US Counterterrorism Center at West Point which appears here. More of it appears in the 21 minute video. The text reads: "...In other words, the militia movement was a reactive social movement which mobilized in response to specific perceived threats.

"The anti-Federalist movement's ideology is based on the idea that there is an urgent need to undermine the influence, legitimacy and practical sovereignty government and its proxy organizations..."

There are two serious problems with the assessment of the CTC at West point. First is the claim that Obama's Administration is a legitimate government. It's not for several reasons: first, Obama is not constitutionally eligible to hold the office. Second, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security were engaged in a criminal enterprise, "Fast & Furious" which was created to justify signing the UN's Small Gun Treaty when the government produced documents which proved that registered gun dealers in the United States were knowingly selling firearms to drug runners who were selling those guns to drug traffickers in Mexico. The ruse was perpetuated not to catch drug kingpin but to frame lawful gun dealers in the United States in order to justify asking the Supreme Court to nullify the 2nd Amendment. I wonder what "proxy organizations" in the Obama Administration enjoy "practical sovereignty?"

Retired Judge Andrew Napolitano whose comments on the Fox News program Freedom Watch in 2011 cost him his program, noted that, since 2010 Obama had been highlighting both contemporary and historical instances of constitutional violations at every level of the government. "I've lamented," Napolitano said, "that with every new administration it just keeps getting worse. In the past four months we've seen the Obama Administration's utter disregard for the Constitution. [Obama[ took an oath to uphold the Constitution which makes it clear that only the Congress can start wars." Napolitano commented that Obama initiated a ground war in Libya and tried to kill Qadaffi, but only succeeded in killing three of his grandchildren.

"But Obama has set himself apart from his oath to uphold the Constitution. He believes by redefining words by dropping bombs on a country in concert with another country does not define war since no Americans are killed..."

Well, that one came back to bite Obama in the butt because when those radicals launched a terrorist strike against the US consulate in Benghazi, four Americans—including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens—died in the battle. Four star Gen. Carter Ham, who was about to engage in a counterstrike to end the Benghazi attack, was fired on the orders of the commander-in-chief before his air calvary troops could set out for Benghazi.

Beginning in 2009, Obama began forming an unconstitutional National Police Force utilizing every department in government—including the US Department of Education—which utilize SWAT Teams to enforce their will on the American people.

You might ask why the government needs a SWAT team to defend themselves from children who make "finger guns" and shout "Bang! Gang!" when they play cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians. For that matter, why the Department of Agriculture or HUD needs one? Or the Department of Veterans Affairs which does a good enough job of killing veterans without a SWAT team, need one? Or, why would any of them need 16 million rounds of ammunition. Those SWAT members, after all are part of those department's Inspector General's Offices who were hired not to persecute civilians but specifically to investigate wrongdoing by government officials in the work place. If they have time on their hands, all of them should collectively be looking for Lois Lerner's emails.

They are Obama's Schutzstaffel—his "black shirts." His "brown shirts are the traditional State and federal law enforcement agencies. Obama's special police force. You can bet a million dollars against a plug nickel that every one of those kevlar covered, submachine gun toting bureaucrats swore a personal oath of allegiance to Mein Fuehrer—which, of course, also violates the Constitution of the United States.

Take it to the bank. The social progressives are planning to wage war on the people of the United States because the social progressives who can't get them any other way, plan to simply seize every weapon in the possession of every American citizen. It will be a "touch and go proposition" if the conservatives win the Senate in 2014. But, if they somehow win enough seats in the Senate (not likely) to successfully impeach and remove Obama from office before 2016, you can bet we will experience an Islamic-Hispanic invasion of the United States and an effort by Obama to suspend the Constitution (without Congress), and issue a declaration of martial law. Obama not only wants to be the "top" boss in government, he wants to be the "only" boss in government.

Oh, by the way, there was a condition the Chinese demanded of Barack Obama when they started buying our worthless debt bonds to fund Obama's social progressive spending binge (that would be backed by Obama's personal guarantee that the worthless bonds could be exchanged, at a later date for some pretty big chunks of the United States). They want every American disarmed. They just don't like the idea that behind every tree in America stands an armed citizen who knows how to shoot.

The Chinese can read, too. And they teach American history in Chinese universities even if the social progressives American schools no longer teach it here. The Chinese leadership learned about the ragtail, untrained Americans who took on the mightiest army in the world in 1775, and from behind every tree and hedgerow, they defeated the British army and became the most powerful army on Earth. Which, of course, is why the federal government fears the American people as well. I guess they think one government butt-whupping by an angry population is one butt-whupping too many. And, although the social progressives won't admit it in public, the ability of the people to butt-whup their government every couple hundred years is precisely why the 2nd Amendment exists in the Constitution of the United States.


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