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Reagan introduces this video with a sobering statement when he
says: "In the traditional motion picture story, the villains are usually
defeated and the ending is a happy one. I can make no such prom-
ises for the picture you are about to watch." That may have a lot to
do with the script. In the movies, the "good guys" actually fight the
bad guys and prevail in the end. In life, the "good guys" think it's
someone else's job to fight the patriotic fight. Talk to the couch
potato between quarters in the football game, or between innings in
their baseball game, or between period in the hockey game and they
will likely tell you that's why they elected "their" Congressman (half
the time they won't be able to recall their name). In fact, while they
can name every player on their favorite football, baseball, basket-
ball and hockey team, they can't tell you the name of their mayor and
at least one members of their city or town council. We, as a People,
are losing the war to save America—not because this nation's
enemies are stronger than us, but because we are apathetic and we
are oblivious of the danger around us because the danger is us. Life
is too much fun to look at those things that depress this nation, so
we sit in front of the boob tube watching sporting events, or reality
shows like the "Housewives of Wherever," Pawn Stars, Amazing Race
or Survivor. Or, when we want to feel better than someone else, we
can always watch "Hoarders," when the biggest hoarders in the
nation are the politicians we elected and gave them free reign to
create personnel fiefdoms where we become their chattel and they,
in turn become the property of the princes of industry who fill their
castles with wealth like hoarders fill their homes with junk.

NOTE: The video originally posted with this article was pulled by YouTube. I did a search and found the video, now under Vimco. I changed the URL. This version is a little longer than the original one I posted on June 12, 2012.

Idaho legislator Curtis Bowers, who watched the Berlin Wall come down like the rest of the world, believed, at that moment in time, that communism was dead. It was not. Its demise was staged. Communism—or better stated, good old fashioned Marxism—was then, and is now, still alive and well, prospering as the free enterprise system languishes in the throes of socialist-inspired chaos. Most Americans, fueled by the rhetoric of the social progressives within our own government who have been trying unsuccessfully since August, 1991 (with the fake coup that theoretically overthrew Mikhail Gorbachev and toppled communism, to merge the sovereign nation states of the world into a seamless, socialist global gulag called the New World Order) still tell the useful idiots who vote the way they are told by party leaders and Marxist union officials, that communism is dead and the world is free. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

They were unsuccessful because the much talked about but as yet unfulfilled "New World Order" (controlled by the oil barons, the industrialists and the bankers whose wealth now exceeds that of the crowned heads of the Old World Order), required several things to happen. First, every nation on Earth had to recognize the laws of the League as superior to their own national law. The League of Nations failed because the surrender of national sovereignty to an international order was their first priority. Ultimately, they learned they were wrong. That's why the League of Nations failed.

The first step necessarily must be the surrender of national patriotism. Or so the globalists thought. Again, they were wrong. The first step has to be the elimination of Christian values and the destruction of Christianity itself. What has made the United States the greatest nation on Earth is God—or rather, America's faith in the Living God. During World War II the princes of industry (who have always been the force behind globalization) used their guy in the White House, FDR, to tote the water pail. FDR, with his handpicked social progressive New Deal Senate, rubber-stamped 193 federal judge nominations. Of them, 134 were US District Court Judges, 51 were appellate court judges and eight Supreme Court justices. It was during Roosevelt's 12+ years in office that the remnants of the American Republic, killed by Woodrow Wilson to benefit the princes of industry who needed, or rather desperately wanted, a central bank of their very own in the United States. Roosevelt adroitly converted the Wilson-era constitutional democracy into a parliamentarian form of socialism. Americans, worried about finding or keeping their job, and equally worried whether or not they would be able to feed their families next week, failed to notice the sleight-of-hand that forever changed America. Roosevelt, like Abraham Lincoln before him and Barack Obama after him, wanted to be a dictator.

Under Franklin Roosevelt's hand-picked Supreme Court, religious freedom surreptitiously, began to vanish from a sleight-of-hand judicial eraser as the courts began to challenge the basic liberties guaranteed to every citizen under the Bill of Rights: "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." It's important that you understand what you just read. In 1948 during McCollum v Board of Education (333 US 203, 207-209) Vashti McCollum, an atheist, argued that students in public schools should not be allowed to be excused from classes to go to their particular family's church for religious education since McCollum's son, James McCollum, had no faith and was not excused from school. Very subtlely the courts began to weave Articles 13 and 14 of the UN Covenant on Human Rights into the Bill of Rights rewriting the tenets of religious liberty by judges assuming the authority to abrogate Christian rights if they offend non-Christians. It would be years before anyone seriously questioned the sleight-of-hand. By then, it would be too little, too late. Article 13 says: Freedom to manifest one's religion or beliefs may be subject only to such limitations that are prescribed by law." The 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States specifically denies government the right to interfere either with your free speech rights or your right to worship God whenever, wherever, and however you choose. During the Roosevelt-Truman years the New Deal Supreme Court surreptitiously substituted the UN's version of free speech and freedom of religion for the 1st Amendment. Judicial decisions on all "free speech" and "religious freedom" cases heard in any State or federal court today are based on the UN Covenant on Human Rights and not the 1st Amendment. The question is why?

Because before world government can be achieved the American people must be divorced from the ethical and moral anchor of faith in God. Faith in God is the bedrock of liberty. If there is no God, then our God-granted inherent rights could not have come from Him. If those rights did not come from a Supreme Being, then government, as the "supreme" force, has the right to dole them out and, when the national need arises, take rights away or restrict them. Since the birth of the League of Nations in 1920 but, more important for America, since the birth of the UN in 1945, the world and our nation has been very slowly transformed as the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business bullied the peoples of the free world to accept the notion that the village idiots (the social progressives) should be allowed to "raise the child" (control society's norms). Because we allow football, baseball, basketball, hockey or reality TV consume our time rather than our paying attention to what the thieves on Pennsylvania Avenue were doing for the thieves on K Street in Washington DCl, we lost control of our nation. The thieves on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue sold out to the princes of industry and our nation had been radically and unconstitutionally changed while we slept—and no one in Congress was screaming from the top of the Capitol dome for America to wake up.

In the summer of 1992 as Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton was campaigning for the Democratic Presidential nomination as a "New Democrat," an UC Berkeley graduate student named Curtis Bowers was asked by a reporter friend to attend a meeting at the University of California at Berkeley and record what was going on. The reporter, who knew he would not be allowed into the meeting, told him that the Communist Party of America had recently split over how to best destroy America. Bowers went. He was shocked that after the "public collapse" of communism in a made for TV spectacle that aired all over the world on August 18, 1991, when communist hardliners supposedly led by Soviet Vice President G.I. Yanayev launched a coupe against President Mikhail Gorbachev and his family as they vacation in a villa on Cape Faros in the Crimea.

In that 1992 meeting, the communists at UC Berkeley were squabbling over how best to destroy America—either by a violent revolution or by using public policy to subvert America from the inside. Bowers was appointed by Gov. Butch Otter to the Idaho State legislator in 2007, In Jan., 2008 Bowers thought back to the UC Berkeley meeting in 1992 and decided to see if the communists had achieved any of the goals they outlined in the UC Berkeley meeting. Bowers said he was shocked to learn how successful they had been. During less than two decades we lost Norman Rockwell's America—and we were at the doorstep of George Orwell's world of "1984." The communists focused on the destruction of the American family, understanding that the family is the foundation of American life. Destroy that foundation and the house will crumble. Social Progressive politicians legislated in a way to suggest that the State is, and always has been, "ultimate" in the scheme of life and that there is now no law higher than government. God, in their philosophical equation, no longer exists. And Christianity, not Islam, is a racist religion.

Government is now well on its way of creating the "collective mindset." When society begins to think collectively and not individually, the nation's leaders are in absolute control. That is one of the reasons government has been "dumbing down" the population-at-large. In our schools today our children no longer read about the Founding Fathers of America because they no longer study American History. They study global history—like "more" is better. The socialists who have controlled the American education system since President Jimmy Carter, a hardcore Baptist social progressive, completed the vision of the princes of industry who, in 1906 converted the National Teacher's Union into a congressional corporation called the National Education Association—and financed it in order to control it. Surreptitiously, the United States government took control of the State Boards of Education through a union controlled by them. The curriculum taught in America's schools are scripted in Washington. All of it. Even reading the Qu'ran in class, while bringing a Bible to school will cause a Christian student to be suspended.

If you are a senior citizen who belongs to AARP, you may be surprised to learn that they don't lobby the government on behalf of you. They lobby you on behalf of the Federal government. Of the $670 million AARP earned in 2010 when Obamacare was passed, $83 million of it was a lobbying grant from the federal government to push Obama's agenda to the elderly. In other words, in 2010 when the far left was bribing their Democrats to vote for Obamacare they knew what is now called the Death Board (the Independent Payment Advisory Board) will start off the new year rationing health care to those who will die without the procedures that will be rejected. In the minds of the social progressives, the only way to save Social Security is to eliminate the reason it's in trouble. The Baby Boomers who created the problem—not the social progressives of The Great Society (1963-1968) who, in 1965 stole the Social Security Trust Fund and used it to create The Welfare State. Today, and we are watching the self-destruction of Europe over three-quarters of a century of social progressive pandering. As Europe teeters on the brink of irreversible economic collapse, the social progressives in the United States are still blinding pushing their wagonload of economic goodies to the edge of the precipice as they barter government largesse for votes.

In closing let me emphasize (although the video reiterates that fact), not everyone on the left is a communist. What they are is the type of "Useless Idiots" that Lenin spoke of that allowed themselves to be used to promote an ideology that enslaved fully one third of the world's population. Today, the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business are the villains—the financial leaders of the free enterprise system—who are promoting the transition from our laissez-faire economic system to a statist socialist system. When that happens, the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business—the Stalins of the New World Order—will erase the Old World Order and philosophically return us to the 12th century when lords ruled serfs and the serfs became the chattel of the rich. We have less than two years to reverse what is happening. You can't change it by voting for third party candidates or trying to foist Tea Party candidates on leftwing States by ganging up on Rino incumbents and dumping them in their State primary because when Republicans represent 30% to 35% of the voting public in a State, and the Democrats control 65% to 70% of the electorate, the leftwing Democrat will win the election 100% of the time. Every State needs to become Wisconsin, and every GOP candidate has to emulate Scott Walker. Do that and America wins. Plop down on the sofa to watch the Game of the Week on ABC, CBS and NBC with a big bag of chips and a a 6-pack of Coors Light, and when you flip over to the news, the headline may very well talking about the collapse not only of the Euro but the dollar as well. Dictatorships are always created from chaos.




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