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This is one of those videos that does not need an explanation.
It is enough to say that you need to see this video...and you need
forward this link to all of your friends and family members and ask
them to do the same. Because I do honestly believe the Election
of 2012 will be judged by God because whether or not the United
States of America continues to exist as a major power in the world
will depend on the outcome of this election. If the Muslim, Obama,
somehow sneaks back into the White House, you will witness a
nuclear strike against Israel, and all of those real bad things you
read about in the Bible in Sunday School, you will likely get to
witness firsthand in your lifetime.

Between today and Monday, Nov. 5, 2012 every State in the United States needs to have a photo ID verification system in place to prevent the same type of vote fraud that happened in 2008 from happening again. The prevention system must also prevent Motor Voter registering and simultaneous voting from happening. In 2008, as radical left community activists paid illegals, homeless people, disenfranchised ex-convicts and college students to sell their votes for cash or cigarettes by registering multiple times. When they could, those registering cast one or more absentee ballots at the same time they registered. When the registrations proved to be invalid, the votes had already been cast—and would be counted since how can anyone tell which ballot in the ballot box was tied to a fraudulent registration? And, as ACORN and Democratic talking heads dismissively said after the election, a handful of fraudulent votes isn't going to change the outcome of the election.

In the Election of 2008, there were 169 million registered voters eligible to vote. 56.8% of those eligible voters, or 96,992,000 people, voted. But, there were 132,618,580 votes in the ballot boxes. (Those extra 35,626,580 votes came from Motor Voter absentee ballots.) That number is indicative of how many Motor Voter registrations were invalidated and tossed out. Since the community activists hitting the colleges and universities, the homeless, and the minority communities were not Tea party activists looking for McCain votes, we can assume that none of the 35,626,580 too many votes were orchestrated by Republicans for John McCain, since most conservatives who did vote for him, kinda held their nose when they did. Most of them who would have stayed home on Nov. 4, 2008 voted because Sarah Palin was his running mate—although McCain and the GOP blamed her for the election loss. By the way, now you know how Obama won the electoral votes from conservative North Carolina.

If my argument is correct, then Obama actually lost to McCain. McCain had 59 million votes. The count suggests Obama had 69 million. If Obama gained 35,626,580 votes by fraud, then he actually only won 33,830,317 legitimate votes, and lost to McCain by roughly 26 million votes.

I point this out—again for the umpteenth time—only to advise the American people that we need to protect the integrity of the vote by making sure that people who enter the poling place to vote on Nov. 6 this year, have a photo ID to prove they are who they claim to be. More on this subject at—




It is not enough that we go out and vote for life, for jobs, and for freedom, if we allow the fox to raid the hen house with blinded eyes and steal not only the fruits of our labor but our liberty as well.



Just Say No
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