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Barack Obama appeared on the American political scene in 1994
like a phony magician's trick. His victory in 2008 was an illusion
designed to make voters believe he actually won the votes that
supposedly elected him in 2008. It was an electoral smoke screen
to conceal the fact that the "new voters" who cast their ballots for
him were an illusion
, too. He promised change. The voters forgot
to ask him what type of change he had in mind. Obama is a Man-
churian Candidat
e who was funded by Watermelons (green on the
outside, communist red on the inside] to destroy this nation. Obama's
"political manager," George Soros, amassed his wealth by destroying
the monetary system of the countries he targets. His target? The
United States. Obama sees the destruction of the United States as a
win-win scenario since not only does Soros get what he paid for—the
collapse of the US dollar and the destruction of the free enterprise
system, but enough chaos in America that Obama can declare martial
law and become an Abraham Lincoln-type dictator.

Barack Obama, a novice first term Illinois State Senator and a still-active Islamofascist socialist community activist with a completely opaque past—from a politician who promised when (not if) he was elected, he would have the most transparent administration in history. Obama was hired by socialist billionaire George Soros to destroy the free enterprise system, collapse the US dollar and convert the greatest economy and most powerful nation on Earth to the status of a second rate world power. In less than four years, while blaming his predecessor for his deliberate acts of aggression against the American people, Obama has almost succeeded. If he is able to steal his way—for a second time—back into the White House, he will completely and very deliberately, destroy the United States of America and with it, the dreams of 300 million American citizens.

During the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, the keynote address was made by an obscure, unknown Illinois state Senator, Barack Hussein Obama, who had accomplished absolutely nothing during his two years in the State Senate that should have singled him out for that honor—other than the underhanded way Obama managed to keep all of his Democratic opponents off the primary ballot, allowing him to win a job he was not qualified to hold.

Obama was not picked by the John Kerry Campaign nor by the Democratic National Committee as an up-and-coming star of the Democratic Party who merited the spotlight. Almost no one knew him. Those who did thought of him like they think of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton—a slick, black flim-flam community organizer getting rich using the Black community to blackmail corporate America and leverage politicians to give minorities pennies from the taxpayers while they bank the greenbacks for themselves.

Barack Obama was very likely picked as the keynote speaker of the 2004 Democratic Convention by one person: George Soros through MoveOn.org, the Soros Fund Management, the Open Society Institute and Quantum Fund. Soros began funding State Senator Obama about the same time he had a private fund raiser for Presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry [D-MA] in his private retreat in the Hamptons where "buyers" and "sellers" can talk privately without anyone hearing the quid pro quo conversations that might not be construed as legal to anyone eavesdropping on the private give and take. A few days earlier Soros met with Obama. That soiree took place in his New York home because, that evening, Soros wasn't buying a presidential candidate, he was simply fishing in a new political stream. But history confirms he landed the fish that evening, and reeled him in. Soros wanted to own his own president all by himself. He didn't want to have to share him with everyone else since someone else's agenda might conflict with his own. Obama was a fresh fish, and at the moment, no one else was feeding him.

What Soros wants is to collapse the US dollar the way he collapsed the British pound on Sept. 16, 1992 when the British government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism after the Brits failed to keep the pound above its agreed-upon lowest limit. Soros earned over $1 billion [US] by short-selling the pound. Soros plans to do even better when he collapses the US dollar. What Obama is doing, and has done since Jan. 21, 2009 is not good for the United States and is even worse for the free enterprise system. As Obama talks about taxing the ultra-rich and providing a helping hand for the poor, the reality of what he's doing is redistributing the wealth of the American middle class to the socialist elites, doling out more pennies to the poor as he lowers the standard of living of the middle class—White, Black and Hispanic—forcing them down the ladder of opportunity to meet the poor who are struggling to climb up. When they meet, somewhere on the rungs of the lower third of ladder, that's where they all stop.

At that point, there will be two classes in America—the ruling class and everyone else. America, or what's left of it, will become a second world power, on its way to becoming a third world power as the infrastructure collapses and all of America begins to resemble the slums of Detroit. When does it start? It started the day Barack Hussein Obama and the social progressives who took control of both Houses of Congress in 2007 and declared war on cheap, traditional energy—including the cheap, traditional incandescent 100W light bulb which was outlawed on Dec. 31, 2011. On Dec. 31, 2012 kiss the 75W light bulbs goodbye, and the 60W and 40W light bulbs will be gone on Dec. 31, 2013.

Why? you ask? Whether we're talking about gasoline for your car or 100W light bulbs for your home, the watermelons know the only way they are going to win is, first to make Americans feel guilty for using cheap energy (or cheap light bulbs) which they claim (without an ounce of proof) are harming the environment. Make cheap energy expensive or, if you can't do that, pass a law and ban it from use. That way, expensive alternative energy would seem to be cheap; or at least, less harmful. (If you break a traditional incandescent light bulb on the floor of your home, you simply sweep it up the glass chards and throw them in trash. Break a compact fluorescent light and the EPA requires you to call a hazmat team to clean up the toxic mercury fumes that are harmful to small children.) By the way, you will get a bill for the clean-up. When Brandy Bridges of Ellsworth, Maine dropped and broke a CFL bulb, she called the local Home Depot store where she bought it. They told her to call the Poison Hotline, which she did. They had her call the Maine EPA which sent a toxicologist to her home, When the mercury spiked to 1,939 ng/m3 in her daughter's bedroom, she was not allowed in her room. The clean-up cost over $2,000. Bridges got a bill for the clean-up from the State. And, no your homeowner's policy won't cover it.

Government can easily justify what they are doing because they have owned our children's minds since 1979 when the social progressive created the Department of Education. The federal government now controls the public school system, which is "managed" by a teacher's union, the National Education Association. The NEA, by the way, was chartered as a congressional corporation in 1906. It is funded today by the federal government which now controls the educational agenda of the local school system—the one your county taxes fund—from A to Z.

So, while the watermelons teach our kids that carbon dioxide causes global warming and factory smog and industrial pollution causes global cooling and when they get caught in their lies they simply call it climate change, there is skepticism at first because Mom and Dad know better. But, three or four generations later, even Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa have been brainwashed, and those who want America to fail discover there is no resistance to their agenda—only questions from a population that simply doesn't understand how the greatest economic power and the most powerful nation on Earth could simply collapse like the Roman Empire. As long as those generations don't relearn the fact that only the free enterprise system and the free market force lift the poor out of poverty and establish a blue collar middle class that creates lasting prosperity, the world we live in will shortly become a 21st century version of the 12th century where lords rule serfs and the serfs are the slaves of the wealthy.

Once mankind falls into economic slavery, we will have reversed all of the advances man has achieved since the Magna Carta in 1215. Man will become what he was in the 12th century—human chattel. Man's owners—the princes of industry and the Lords of the manor—will possess the right to determine when they can be born, and when they need to die. White America will have their first taste of slavery. The ancestors of Black America, who currently support the agenda of those who have been behind this scheme since 1964, have already felt the ankle shackles and tasted the whip. More than anyone else in the world, you would think, from foreknowledge, they would be resisting those who are offering them a free ride today because, more than anyone else, life's experiences should have taught them there are no free rides—the "man" always expects to be paid. And the price is too high.



Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved