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Sometimes television writers accidentially get something right.
While this is a slight stretch, there is more truth to it than fiction.
We now live in a world where, once government decides you are
a risk to society, they will use all the resources of government to
set up a sting—usually involving your receiving enough "Ben
Franklins" that you can't resist the temptation. The illegal act is
recorded on video, and you go to jail without the government
having to wait
for you to break the law on your own.

Now that you enjoyed the levity of a N.C.I.S. out-take, it's time to reflect on a sober moment. This was meant to be entertainment—a TV spoof of today's society, But, it was more truth than fiction because it's a reflective snapshot of the past. Remember the Alfred J. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City? Remember April 19, 1995? Remember Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols? Do you remember the missing domestic terrorist? Do you remember how fast the government never chased that person? Did you ever wonder why? Do you remember the Oklahoma City Police Bomb Squad truck parked around the corner from the Murrah Building on that fateful morning? Do you remember how fast they didn't act to help in the aftermath of the bombing? In fact, when the building went down, they sped off—away from the blast. Did you ever wonder why?

One hundred eighty-two American men, woman and pre-school children died that day at the hands of McVeigh. But the government's hands were not clean in Oklahoma City that day because the Murrah Building bombing was a sting operation gone bad. It seems that militia groups around the country, about that time, were being covertly offered large sums of cash if they blew up a US government building—any US government building—by an al Qaeda asset who was reported to be Hussain al-Hussanini. The Clinton Administration feared a militia uprising in the United States in the aftermath of the Branch Davidian Compound raid in Waco, Texas by the FBI and ATF on Feb. 28, 1993 and the 51-day seige of the compound that ended in the firey destruction of the compound on April 19, 1993.

At that time the Clinton Administration's federal law enforcement agencies were infiltrating militia groups all over the country. One militia group called the Elohim City Milita was reminiscent of the video. The white supremist group was founded by neo-Nazi Robert G. Millar a US resident alien from Canada. His group was a described as a cross between the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nation. All roads from Washington, in 1993, led there. The road from the ATF, the FBI and even Interpol led to the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Eastern Oklahoma.

Like the video you just watched, these U.S. and European law enforcement groups successfully infiltrated the Elohim City Militia and were situated in leadership positions within the group when the offer for money to blow up a federal building was supposedly made and theoretically accepted.

The comedy of errors began with the ATF reportedly teaching "military warrior" and societal misfit Timothy McVeigh how to make a fertilzer bomb. Interpol reportedly taught him how to make it work. When the explosion which was not supposed to happen actually occurred, federal agents who were supposed to arrest McVeigh and his non-government agent co-conspirators, scattered. The Bomb Squad truck sped off, captured in a security video going away from the bomb incident and not to it.

The third terrorist, whose police sketch artist-likeness appeared in newspapers all around the country was never identified nor captured. In the guesswork aftermath of the incident, the third terrorist was said to be an ATF agent whose job it was supposed to be to arrest McVeigh when the sting went down. Instead, the Murrah Building went down. And America ended up with the Anti-Terrorist Act of 1995. Bill Clinton did not get to legislatively usurp the 2nd Amendment and outlaw the private ownership of guns in the United States. But he got the next best thing. He got his legislative foot in the door to begin the task of aborgating the entire Bill of Rights which President George W. Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress partially accomplished under the guise of protecting Americans from terrorist threats through the USA Patriot Act II.


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