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20 years

Clinton charity will continue to take money
from six foreign countries which suggests
those donations will fuel her campaign.
Why? Because they're friendly nations so
Hillary thinks you won't mind they're illegal.

Federal law prohibits anyone running for federal office from accepting contributions from foreign citizens and/or foreign governments.
It was a precedent started by Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, Jr. in 1988. Due to an investigation originally launched by Washington lawyer Larry Klayman, then the president of Judicial Watch, on the Clintons and Vice President Al Gore, Jr., received sworn testimony from a former bus boy, Johnny Chung, who carried thousands of dollars of illegal money to the Clintons, implicating several Chinese nationals connected either to the government of the People's Republic of China or the intelligence arm of the People's Liberation Army: Maria Hsia, John Huang, Charlie Trie and Johnny Chung, which caused the formation of the House Cox Committee on June 18, 1998. The findings of the Cox Committee was published in the Cox Report (named after House Select Chairman Christopher Cox [R-CA] after the content was declassified in 1999.v\

The Cox Committee investigation which began on June 18, 1998, proved the Clinton Administration illegally received and laundered money from China through the Democratic National Committee. Ultimately, the DNC had to pay it back, pretending they didn't know the origin of the funds. Barack Obama was the first crook to perfect using social media to funnel illegal donations to a candidate, and while everyone in government and the leftwing media knew what was happening, the Democrats who controlled both Houses of Congress and the den of thieves in the Executive Branch, simply ignored it.

In 2008 the Obama Campaign took in at least $450 million from Muslim nations—which, the last time I looked, were not part of the 50 united States (even though, the Muslim nations are part of Obama's "57 states.") Obama's FEC records were replete with small social media donations from clearly bogus donors in 2008. The website through which thousands of minuscule donations were made to the Obama Campaign which came from "donors" with names like Donald Duck, Elmer Fudd, Mickey Mouse, Dagwood Bumstead and even names that were simply random letters like "Zfrenfq Bcoxzsbs." The Seattle Times reported one donor on a December, 2007 donor list who gave a $764 contribution was named "Test Person," from "Some Place, UT." Another donor was named Jockim Alberton who lives at 1581 Leroy Avenue in Wilmington, DE. He donated $445 to Obama. The problem? There is no Leroy Avenue in Wilmington. Nor, for that matter is there a Jockim Alberton who works for "Fdsa Fdsa." In the one list the Seattle Times checked, over 3,000 names were phony. For some unexplained reason, the Seattle Times decided to believe the donors were real people making real donations who, for some reason, simply did not want their identities revealed.

CBS News reported on Oct. 8, 2008 that the names of the latest Obama donors looked "...like they were written by a mouse running across a keyboard." They were simply random letters that very tired, very bored clerks would keystroke because they simply didn't know any more real names to enter without re-entering names already entered. Two of the donors CBS tried to trace, Dahsudhdu Hdusahfd of Dhff, Hawaii and Uadhshgu Hduadh from Dhff, Florida both purported to work for Dasada/safasf. Dasada/safasf must be one of those new Fortune 500 companies since it appears to have offices from Florida to Hawaii. Hdusahfd and Hduadh seemed to have each donated more than is allowed by law. Hduadh theoretically gave $14,200. Hdusahfd gave $7,500.00. The law allows citizen donors to give $4,200 between the primary race and the general election. When these names were revealed by CBS, the Obama Campaign said that "...out of an abundance of caution," all of the random letter named donations were returned (as other donations from people like John and Mary Smith replaced them).

The Obama Campaign took in an unprecedented $450 million through its website. According to CNS, Andrew Brietbart and other conservative bloggers there is abundant evidence to show that the small donations from Uadhshgu Hduadh and other keystroke donors were actually laundered donations from the Muslim world. From his globe-trotting world campaign to win the White House, Obama received contributions on his website from Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, the Gaza Strip, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Russia, Spain, St. Croix, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Uganda, and the Virgin Islands. While most of these countries are allies of the United States, their citizens cannot donate money to the political campaigns of American citizens running for public office, nor can a US citizen running for office accept those donations. I wonder if any of those donations qualify, in Obama's mind, as foreign donors? Or did Obama think he was running for the job as President of the world? He campaigned like that was the job he was running for.

The Cox Committee was able to substantiate over $850 million of illegal Chinese money originating from Indonesian banker Mochtar Riady (a Chinese national linked with the inner circle of the Chinese government, the People's Republic of China Central Committee), and (through Al Gore) the intelligence arm of the People's Liberation Army through Lt. Col. Chaoying Lin, the daughter of Gen. Huaqing Lin, the head of Chinese intelligence.

The corruption of the U.S. House of Representatives and the US Senate as well as the White House occurred in 1984 when US Senator Alan Cranston [D-CA] was reportedly approached by lobbyists covertly representing the Chinese government who wished to create a pool of funds to help the Democrats gain a super majority in both Houses and, place a Democrat more to their liking than Ronald Reagan in the White House. That candidate would be former Carter vice president Walter "Fritiz" Mondale [D-MN] who, if you recall, won only his home state—Minnesota—in his race against Reagan in 1984.

Sadly for the American people, the Chinese government had more money riding on the Election of 1984 than the American people. The American people didn't want social progressives running their government in 1984. They experienced an inflation mean average of 6.85% from 1977-81 and interest rates that rose to over 20%. The American people didn't like that and rightly blamed the social progressive peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter. The American people never learned until after his death from cancer that it was Cranston who turned on the yuan spigot in 1984. Nor did they learn that almost every far left Democratic Senator in the country was taking laundered money from the Chinese via the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Both Clinton and Al Gore found the yuan spigot in 1988. (But their money came direct from China and not through Alan Cranston's laundry machine. Clinton was making a bid for the governor's mansion in Arkansas and Al Gore was testing the presidential waters believing that since incumbent vice presidents almost never succeed in winning the top job, Gore was convinced that Reagan Vice President George HW Bush would never win the White House. To get his Chinese money, Bill Clinton had to promise Mochtar Riady his own bank in Arkansas.

The Democratic Party, as it shifted its political philosophy beyond the pale to parliamentarian communism, has been funded in strong part by America's enemies, with Obama being the worst to date. Most of his funding came from the communist billionaire George Soros and the radical Islamofascists in the Muslim world (with the help of the socialist Rockefeller and Morgan banks in 2008). When Hillary ran for the US Senate the first time, the Clinton Foundation which was already seeking donations would prove to be the perfect washing machine for laundering money. In 1999 Hillary appears not to have tapped that asset. Instead she found millions by bartering "outsourcing" influence for rupees with India and Pakistan. Again, a reminder—Indian and Indonesian businessmen who spent their lives in their native countries are not American citizens. They live and work in Asia.

In addition, acting as the customer service agents for scores of American businesses, these companies likely possess the same confidential information about you in their work databases that the American corporations possess under lock and key. But foreign employees of customer service businesses in Asia can easily get that information from a consumer calling for support assistance simply by asking for it. Sadly, since US privacy laws don't apply to Asian companies on Asian soil, consumers need to make sure they don't compromise their own best interests by giving up personal data about themselves which will let unscrupulous employees in a foreign company steal their identity from five thousand miles away. Thank you Hillary Clinton for putting Americans at risk from foreign entities with limited access to the databases of scores of banks and credit card processing companies in the United States. Yeah, I would really vote for Hillary Clinton since she's now in bed with the Muslims. Why is it, that the Clintons always crawl in bed with our deadliest enemies? Is it because bribes are the easiest money to pocket?

When the American people learned that the Clintons had renamed the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation more than a few eyebrows raised because the name change signaled that Hillary would now have her fingers in the Maytag, hanging out the freshly laundered money from America's enemies to dry by dispersing them to straw donors who would contribute that money to her presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton has already announced she is launching a social media fund-raising campaign which she expects will surpass Barack Obama's 2008 social media campaign that attracted such stellar campaign donors as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and, of course, Attllzqip Mffhhgg.

As pressure mounted in 2005 in both Houses of the US Congress to kill efforts by Sen. Hillary Clinton to outsource American jobs to India, Pakistan and Indonesia, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Chuck Schumer created the Senate India Caucus (which was "coordinated" by the US India Political Action Committee) to lobby Senators who were attempting to derail job outsourcing. When the Caucus was formed, Hillary Clinton told Roll Call that "...[i]t is imperative that the United States do everything possible to reach out to India. This Caucus is dedicated to expanding areas of agreement with India and engaging in a candid dialogue of differences." With their money in her pocket, what else could she say? Hillary is a co-chairman of the Caucus. On the House side, Hillary's allies are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Joe Crowley [D-NY]. (If your job has been outsourced, or you call your credit card company, or your Internet provider before or after local business hours and get someone who barely understands English, you now know who to blame.)

When anti-outsourcing Republicans in the House and Senate were pushing a law in which outsourcing would carry stiff penalties, Clinton and Chatwal went to India to personally assure Hillary's constituents in the New York "suburb" of Punjab, India that outsourcing was going to happen, and there would be no attempt to save the jobs being lost to outsourcing. (At a 2005 fundraiser hosted for Hillary by Dr. Rajwant Singh at his Potomac, Maryland home—who raised $50 thousand for Clinton that evening—the Senator joked "I can certainly run for the Senate seat in Punjab and win easily.")

Meanwhile, back to Chatwal. In March, 2007—after Clinton and Chatwal returned from India—Chatwal raised $5 million for Hillary's 2008 presidential bid. She had assured her outsourcing Punjab constituents in India on Feb. 28, 2007, "...that outsourcing will continue. There is no way to legislate against reality. We are not in favor of putting up fences." Not even, apparently, one on the border. Shortly after that fundraiser, the Delaware-based IT Professionals Association of America [ITPAA]—which represents IT professionals nationwide—voted Hillary Clinton its "Weasel Award," which is given each year to business and political leaders who betray the trust of the American people.

You have now met the real Hillary Clinton. Like Barack Obama, she has absolutely no interest in working for the people of the Untied States. She is a Saul Alinsky socialist—precisely the same as Barack Obama. If she somehow got elected—and vote fraud is the only way it would happen—America will die on her watch. It won't be the red phone ringing at two a.m. that does it. Benghazi proved that Hillary, like Obama, would simply let it ring unanswered. The job of amassing personal wealth is far more important to both of them than wasting time answering phones.

Hillary, like every potentate in the world,including every member of the US Congress and the 4th branch of government—the bureaucracy—believe because they created the laws and/or are charged with enforcing them, the laws of the land apply only to the human capital which they rule—not them. Despite the aggressive courtship of labor unions by Hillary Clinton the major unions have withheld their endorsements of her based on heir position on one core issue—the job drain to countries without binding arbitration rights for labor. Before they rubber stamped the next nominee, labor wanted [a] a definitive explanation how that candidate will stem the flow of jobs—in particular the large number of high paid service and technology sector jobs—that are being taken over by outsourced low income workers in India, and [b] they want signed pledges from the candidate that she would stop the drain. Hillary wouldn't give it to them. She will this time around, but like Obama, she will break her word about 12:01:01 pm on Jan. 20, 2017 after stealing the election with the help of the labor unions who control about 80% of all of the voting booths in the United States. If America does not revert back to the paper ballot and #2 pencil, this nation has already seen its last honest election.

The April 17, 2015 issue of Non-Profit Quarterly raised the specter without stating the obvious. "Why the change?" the NPQ asked, answering its own question. "The Clinton Foundation is expanding its priorities from Bill Clinton’s international concerns of AIDS and global poverty to include the domestic concerns of Hillary and Chelsea...The intersection of [which will be] Hillary Clinton’s presidential run [which] has generated a spate of articles suggesting that the renamed and expanded foundation is really now a “pre-campaign organization” for the campaign and is becoming “the command post for all things Hillary. Given the involvement of the Clintons, it is all but assured that anything involving Bill and Hillary...will be the stuff of controversy."

When Hillary Clinton announced her intention to seek the Democratic nomination the Clintons (more likely Bill than Hillary) approached—not the other way around—the Democratic National Committee and asked them to keep other potential presidential candidates from running against Hillary. Hillary wanted a coronation, not a race. Or, to put it more bluntly, Hillary needs a coronation because in a multi-candidate race, she would fare no better than she did in Iowa and New Hampshire in 2008. Why? Because [a] the American people don't like her; [b] the American people don't trust her, and [c] and a majority if the American people believe the Clintons—particularly Hillary—broke a myriad of State and federal laws and should be in prison. She is not in prison not because she was found "not guilty" but because law enforcement never found where Hillary hid the evidence that would convict her—first as an attorney for the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock when she successful hid he billing records of that law firm for eight years, then as a US Senator, and finally as Secretary of State where she committed a felony by destroying federal government records by using a private email server which the government could not access and she could erase to conceal the sins of Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton wants what Franklin D. Roosevelt asked the Democratic Party for in 1940—nomination by acclamation. FDR went a step farther than Hillary by asking the Republican Party not to put up any candidates because the world was on the verge of global war and he claimed he was the only leader capable of saving America and the world. The truth is, FDR knew the nation was opposed to incumbent presidents seeking a third term. He was afraid the voters would rebuff him. Hillary Clinton knows that Article II prohibits a woman from being president. She just didn't know how many Americans are aware of that prohitibition. In 2004, as Hillary planned her 2008 run for the roses, Sen. Orrin Hatch [R-UT] and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher [R-CA] sponsored a Joint Congressional Resolution to propose a constitutional amendment that would degenderize Article II and allow naturalized citizens and women to hold the office of President. Ther resolution died a bitter death at State level because the States preferred the status quo. So, today, women may not constitutionally hold the office of President, nor can they hold the office of Vice President since the vice president assumes the office of President in the event of the death or removal of that officer. But, on the other hand, neither can a Kenyan or Indonesian citizens without an American birth certificate hold that office, either.

In changing the basic Clinton Foundation to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation it appears, based on statements issued by the Clintons that the family foundation is one trust and the Clinton Foundation still invisibly exists as the foundation chasing donations from America's enemies. On April 16 the Clinton family foundation board announced that future donations to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation would be limited to contributions from the governments of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Norway—all long-time US allies, and Germany, an ally since the end of World War II. In other words, countries the American people viewed favorably. The Clintons, who clearly understand there is a federal law preventing foreign governments or citizens of foreign countries from donating to candidates of US national elections apparently think most Americans don't care as long as the donations are coming from "friends."

Almost as a footnote at the end of the statement, the board member noted that direct contributions from other nations like Algeria, Brunel, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Taiwan would continue. (Keep in mind that Taiwan is now officially part of the People's Republic of China, and Al Gore's contacts with the People's Liberation Army took place through Taiwan would still take place but only through Bill Clinton's Global Initiative. All GI meetings outside the United States will be suspended at the conclusion of the conference scheduled in Morocco in May. Or should we say, public meetings, will be suspended.

Hillary Clinton, who believes in the same type of opaque transparency as Obama, assured Obama when she accepted the post as Secretary of State to limit new donations from foreign countries while she was Secretary of State. Media reports in the last year or so are questioning contributions made to the Clinton Foundation during Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State. One of the examples cited by the left was the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs donating somewhere between $250,000 to $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation for US State Department assistance in gaining Obama's approval for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Hillary Clinton lost her big money support—including George Soros —as the ballots were being counted in the New Hampshire primary. The Rockefeller-controlled banking interests pulled most of their financial support from Clinton that evening and gave it to Obama. The bank flip-flop included Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase (Chase Morgan).

After New Hampshire, the campaign finance filings of Sen. Obama showed the wealthiest banks and bankers were now bankrolling him. So, for that matter, were some of the world's biggest "Washington influence buyers." Most of those dollars shifted from Clinton to Obama on the eve of New Hampshire. Obama was now completely owned the globalists who are determined to erase the Bill of Rights by 2012 and fully implement a socialist world government during Obama's first term in office—at least, they thought he was. They didn't realize that Muslim-born and raised Obama was already the property of Allah. Obama lost the support of the princes of industry and the barons of banking—and media. When the late night talk show hosts begin making fun of the guy in the White House, and the media reports the sins previously swept under the oval rug in the Oval Office, you know the community activist is now being treated like a community activist and not a president.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is now claiming for herself the title of political potentate of the Saul Alinsky-left, defied the odds by eking out what initially appeared to be a 39% to 36% victory over the Illinois newbie in New Hampshire, but the money barons had already decided that Obama would be more capable of delivering them the prize—a merged North American Union of nations—than Clinton, who is once again seeking an office she cannot constitutionally hold because she's a woman and is, for that reason, barred by Article II of the Constitution from being president On top of that, Hillary Clinton, even more than Nancy Pelosi, is the most despised and mistrusted woman in America. Pelosi, if you recall, was the House Speaker who gleefully told House members in 2010 to hurry up and vote for Obamacare so "...we could see what's in it." Peekabo, Nancy...shame on you. Well, for whatever it's worth, once again, you have my two cents worth on this subject. Until next time...






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