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An important message from Larry Pratt
about helping a real pro-gun advocate win the
governor's race in a Purple State that should be
a "red state"...and would be without vote fraud.

Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America has endorsed Virginia's Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, to succeed Gov. Bob McDonnell as the 72nd governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. And, as GOA noted in the email blast they sent out, "...to ultimately keep a strident anti-gunner our of the US Senate."

And, that anti-gunner? The former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee—and the former chairman of the co-presidency of Bill and Hillary Clinton's graft and fraud-filled 1996 reelection campaign, Terry McAuliffe. Remember Ann Coulter's comment in her book, High Crimes and Misdemeanors, [Regnery Publishing, page 214]. when she noted that it was McAuliffe who suggested the White House coffees as a means of raising enough money to ward off any threats from Republicans in 1996—after Clinton consultant Dick Morris warned Clinton after the midterm elections in 1994 that he was gong to be in trouble in 1996?

Do you remember the White House Coffees, which not only violated federal election laws, but fit the definition of high crimes and misdemeanors as well? Do you remember that after speaking with Morris, Clinton called McAuliffe and asked him to come to the White House on Christmas Day, 1994 to implement the plan of how to put the leader of the free world in contact with those with the deepest pockets in the world. Turned out, those deep pockets donors would be Chinese nationals— members of either the Chinese government or the People's Liberation Army. While Vice President Al Gore initially claimed credit for initiating the White House Coffees, McAuliffe told NBC News journalist Michael Isikoff that he originated the idea. It may well be that he merely saw the idea to fruition. The White House Coffees brought countless millions of dollars into the Clinton's coffers. Unfortunately, the donors were not deep-pocketed Americans, they were predominantly deep-pocketed foreign nationals who cannot legally donate to political candidates in State or federal elections.

A total of 58 McAuliffe White House Coffees and 14 DNC coffees—were held in official areas of the White House where fundraising, even to American donors, is a felony. The only official tallies came from the 14 DNC events. While there is no public tally of the 58 "private" coffees held by the Clinton inner circle, each Coffee appeared to have fetched an average of $112 thousand per Coffee, or about $6,496,000.00. Checks not handed over during the coffees (also illegal) were laundered through the Democratic National Committee and came out squeaky-clean on the other side. When the fraud was uncovered through the investigative efforts of attorney Larry Klayman (the founder and head of Judicial Watch), and shell donors like Johnny Chung and Charlie Trie talked to the Cox Committee, the DNC "discovered" it had accidentally accepted about $650 million from donors who could not legally donate to the Clinton campaign. Since the Clintons had already spent the money, the DNC was left holding the bag.

As Clinton left office and as Al Gore was attempting to fulfill what he believed was his destiny to be President of the United States, McAuliffe replaced Ed Rendell as head of the DNC. McAuliffe created a computer database called "Demzilla" to datamine the voter rosters. By 2004, the Democrats had a database of 166 million voters across the country, and used Demzilla in an effort to steal the election for John Kerry. In 2012, a perfected Demzilla was used by Obama to steal over 6 million votes for Obama by early voting Republican voters who always vote on election day. When those voters in Ohio showed up at the polls to vote on Election Day, they learned someone had already voted their ballots. They were denied their right to vote. (The GOP has a database similar to Demzilla, call Voter Vault—but it's a database of registered Republican voters.)

McAuliffe sat on the board of the William J. Clinton Foundation. In 2009 McAuliffe ran for the Democratic nomination for governor in Virginia and was defeated by Virginia State Senator Craig Deeds. Campaigning heavily for McAuliffe were Hillary Clinton, Gov. Tim Kaine, former governor and US Senator Mark Warner and Sen. Jim Webb. He lost the nomination by 23 points. In 2013, he ran again. This time, surprisingly, no one challenged him for the office. McAuliffe spent much of his DNC time deepening early voting in stronghold conservative States like South Carolina, Arizona and New Mexico where the DNC then issued allegations of voter intimidation by Republicans against African-Americans and Hispanics, creating a need for minorities to be able to vote in a blind to escape that "White voter intimidation." Of course, that is how vote fraud is engineered. In 2009, when McAuliffe was seeking the Virginia gubernatorial nomination, 2004 third party candidate and four-time presidential candidate Ralph Nadar interjected himself into the Virginia race, telling the media that McAuliffe offered him a bribe to stay out of 19 States which were viewed as close between Kerry and Bush-43. Nadar went on to say that McAuliffe "...threatens, promises, cajoles, jokes, charms and intimidates. He really is not someone who should be governor and in possession of the public trust."

Most states won't have an election this year. And so you might be tempted to ignore an alert that talks about an election in another state. But what's happening in Virginia next month could definitely impact your gun rights WHERE YOU LIVE.

You see, governors in the Old Dominion are term limited to ONE TERM—and that means that most Virginia governors in recent years have ended up in the U.S. Senate after serving as the chief executive for four years.

And that's why what happens in the Virginia Governor's race next month should concern you. It should concern you enough to consider helping Ken Cuccinelli win his race for governor. You must realize that whoever wins this race will, one day, either be voting to protect your gun rights—and voting AGAINST Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader -- or he will be opposing your gun rights at every turn.

There couldn't be a more stark difference between the two choices in this November's governor race. Ken Cuccinelli who is opposed by Democrat Terry McAuliffe -- the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, the former co-chairman of President Bill Clinton's 1996 reelection campaign and the former chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. McAuliffe is a liberal's liberal. He is a far-Left gun-grabber who will be disastrous for this country if he is elevated to higher office.

Consider the differences between these two men Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has worked for his entire career as a pro-gun activist! Among his many pro-gun accomplishments, Cuccinelli:

• Helped get legislation passed to keep Virginia concealed carry records private and out of the hands of pesky newspaper reporters (HB 2144, 2009).

• Filed an amicus brief before the Supreme Court in favor of the plaintiff in the Woollard v. Gallagher—fighting the statists in Maryland who want law-abiding gun owners to show a "good and substantial reason" to exercise their rights (2013).

• Informed churches in the state (using his authority as the Attorney General) and told them they must follow the law and stop denying people their right to carry concealed (2011).

• Fought to get the restriction on guns in bars and restaurants repealed, while serving as both a state senator and Attorney General (2009-2010).

• And finally, as a state senator, he voted for legislation which banned localities from fingerprinting concealed carry applicants (SB 58, 2006). Plus, he led the fight against another bill that would have put onerous laws on gun shows, banning private sales of firearms at gun shows if they didn't first go through a background check (SB 807, 2005). 

You can contribute to Ken's campaign by going here. .

But at every point -- where Cuccinelli will fight for our gun rights -- Terry McAuliffe is there opposing us.

Amongst his many problematic views, McAuliffe:

• Wants to ban the private sales of firearms unless gun owners first go through a government background registration check.

• Wants to shut down Internet "mail order" sales of firearms (and presumably, the advertisements for those firearms as well).

• Wants to ban semi-automatic firearms he mistakenly calls "assault weapons." Wants to impose magazine size limits.

• Wants to impose a one-gun-a-month limitation on every gun owner, and much more.

McAuliffe has even sought support (and money!) from antigun mogel Michael Bloomberg, the founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Yes, the same Michael Bloomberg who wants the whole nation to have gun laws just like New York. And despite the ouster of two liberal anti-gunners in the Colorado recall effort last month, McAuliffe said he wants to impose Colorado-style gun control upon the people of this country.

This is not a politician you EVER want to see in the US Senate -- certainly not one representing the state of Virginia. After all, can't you just hear the MSNBC talking points now: "The conservative state of Virginia has just elected liberal Terry McAuliffe -- a choice which sends a message to legislators across the country that the American people want more gun control."

The time to end this is now—and to keep Terry McAuliffe from getting elected to any office above dog catcher in this country.

Look, you probably don't have an election to play in this year. So please consider helping Ken Cuccinelli defeat an aggressive, progressive antigun liberal who wants to impose his antigun views on the rest of the nation.

GOA has proudly endorsed Ken Cuccinelli for governor. And we would love to tell Ken that gun owners from around the nation are standing with him in this election. You can contribute to Ken's campaign by going here. If you plan to give, please do so right away. Ken needs to know that he has the resources to answer the scurrilous attacks that McAuliffe is just beginning to launch against this champion of liberty. Thank you for your support of this pro-gun champion of liberty!

You can contribute to Ken's campaign by going here.

In the view of Jon Christian Ryter's Conservative World, the governor's race in Virginia in November, 2013 is more than a choice between a Democrat and a Republican. And, its far more than the choice between 2nd Amendment gun rights vs. the right of government to strip Virginians of their inherent right to own firearms. The gubernatorial race in Virginia comes down to the simple choice between inherent good and inherent evil. A free people represent the inherent good. Terry McAuliffe represents the inherent evil of communist socialism disguised as the more benign European social progressivism which assumes that men are equal only when they all possess the same material things. And that free speech means I can't offend you with my speech, and you can't offend me. Which, of course means that neither of us will, when socialism replaces liberty, have the right to speak without the consent of the State since my speech and your speech will always offend someone else.

So, when you get ready to vote in the gubernatorial race in the Commonwealth of Virginia this year, forget the political rhetoric and the promised handouts. The day after the election, they're gone. Just make sure you still possess liberty in Virginia. You won't if Terry McAuliffe controls your State. Well, for whatever it's worth, once again, you have my two cents worth on this subject. Until next time...





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