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First really good news since Obama took office:
Chicago lost its bid for the 2016 Olympics.
Other than a few hundred Chicagoland residents close enough to the anticipated Olympic Village to use the 31st Summer Olympiad as a means to end—renting out their driveways and yards as parking lots to hopefully raise enough money to keep their subprime mortgage payments out of foreclosure, the only other people who expected to profit from the Olympics coming to Chicago was—well—just about every politician in the State. This was going to be the biggest graft grabfest in the history of Illinois since defrocked, indicted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich sold every political job in the State except the job of Polish Dill Pickle Inspector.

The Chicago Sun Times estimated the initial cost to bring 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago at $2 billion. The Illinois Sports News estimated the cost at $1.53 billion. The nonrefundable filing fees for "consideration" paid by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn was $250 million that belongs to the taxpayers of the State, and the $500 million paid by Chicago's third generation Mayor Daley (in this case Richard the Second) belonged to the serfs of Chicago who can't escape the dynasty control of the Daley machine. Now that doesn't sound like a lot of money compared to the billions of dollars of revenues the host city expects to pull in from millions of visitors from all over the world coming to the host city where they will spend virtually oodles of money for hotel rooms, restaurants, and entertainment—both the legal and the illegal kinds.

Estimating the cost of the Olympics before-the-fact is like a woman giving her husband a ballpark estimate how much she's gong to spend at the Mall. The Chicago hucksters who expected the taxpayers—not of Chicago or even Illinois, but of the entire United States—to foot the bill to bring the Olympics to Chicago needed to make sure they lowballed the number to minimize the flack from taxpayers who have already been gang-raped enough by the far left controlled Congress.

Expert Olympic lobbyists were shocked by the grossly ineffective lobbying impact of Barack Hussein Obama, a former resident of the city who now lives in the big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. In my view, Obama was about as effective a lobbyist for the city as would have been another successful Chicago community activist—John Wayne Gacy, Jr.—whose community activism landed him on death row. To Chicago Mayor Daley who spent four years and $250 million of Illinois taxpayer money to bribe the International Olympics officials into picking Chicago for the summer games in 2016. "Summer games" in Chicago, of course, the term "summer games" means hustling and/or mugging the tourists. Daley estimated that the total cost of the Olympics to the taxpayers (meaning the taxpayers of the United States, not Chicago) would be $1.53 billion by 2016. But, he said, the city expected to gross about $3 billion, bring the State a net profit of about 100%. In reality, since someone else is footing the bill, the "take" to the promoters would be $3 billion.

Like all politicians—particularly those those from Chicago who are required to take the "liar's pledge" to never tell the truth to get elected in that State, Daley either never spent the 1 minute and 43 seconds it took me to learn how much it cost Australia, Greece and China to pay the bills for hosting the Olympics in their countries since 2000. In 2000, it cost the Aussies $6.6 billion to host the summer Olympics. They lost money. It cost the Greeks $15 billion to host the summer Olympics in Athens in 2004. They also lost a ton of money. It cost China $40 billion to host the summer Olympics in 2008. They lost money by the planeloads, but they still think they got a bargain. Will they bid on the Olympics again? I doubt it. They'll simply counterfeit it and hold their own summer games. London, which got snookered in 2012, have budgeted £2 billion for the games. With projected sales of £3 billion, they think they will make money. Boy, are they in for a surprise. The Brits are allies. Think we should tell them?

Tell them what? The promoters behind the Olympics in their country, State—usually a handful of people well-connected with their checkbooks to the political power barons, who may not be millionaires when they get their concessions from the politicians they've financially befriended—are going to get filthy rich from the Olympics because while they get to rake in the proceeds from the games, the taxpayers rake in the bills. Had the 2016 Olympics gone to Chicago, first and foremost Michelle Obama buddy and Barack Obama's personal aide Valerie Jarrett would have become a millionaire from the deal. Prior to joining the Obama Administration, she was a highly successful businesswoman in Chicago and she was the original Chair of the Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee (a role "officially" taken over by Pat Ryan, chairman of the Aon Corporation when she joined the Obamas in Washington). Jarrett was also a close personal friend of the Obamas. Another heavyweight on the begfest to Denmark was the queen of daytime TV herself, Oprah Winfrey who thought she could dazzle the Europeans in Copenhagen (who probably haven't read a single book she endorsed), and likewise had no interest in her endorsement of the town made famous by Al Capone for the 2016 Olympics. In the end, no one in the IOC except Obama and his Chicago cohorts who would have gotten rich from the deal, wanted the Olympics in Chicago.

Those standing in line to get rich from the 2016 summer Olympics in Chicago (if ACORN had been in charge of counting the votes) were Jarrett, who still serves as the vice chair of Chicago 2016; Ryan (who actually coughed up $100 thousand of his own money to start building the pot—as did White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, a MBA Chicago business woman who works for Michelle Obama in the White House.

I used to think the clerical staff at the White House were working class stiffs like you and me. I guess there are just so many czars you can put in one White House that some of the rich people who came to for the spoils have to work in menial jobs while they fill their pockets with the toils of the taxpayers. Or, maybe its just that Michelle Obama can't have any czars or czarettes, which means her personal friends are forced to use common titles like "Secretary." You know—the title that used to mean something before the unvetted czar's from Obama's communist past took over. Remember when the big deal members of the Administration were people with the title of "Secretary?" You know, like Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense or Secretary of the Treasury? Today "czars"—most of whom couldn't pass a security clearance to visit the White House, are cutting deals that their properly Senate-vetted bosses can't cut without approval from the guy in the Oval office and the United States Senate.

But, on the other hand, maybe it wasn't such a good thing that the IOC shot down Chicago without batting an eye even though they would have socked the taxpayers with the bill. (And, we're not talking about the $1.5 to $2 billion the smooth talkers claim it will cost, but the $10 to $40 billion it will really cost.) With all those Chicago-buddy czars from Obama's communist past standing in line to make their own personal millions from the Olympic deal, they might have all quit their jobs and retired to either Kenya or Indonesia and waited for their boss to join them there on Jan. 20, 2013—or sooner if we can get a super majority of honest Democrats and Republicans in 2010 who still believe in the Constitution and are willing to impeach him if he can't produce his long form, hospital-issued—attending physician signed—birth certificate from a Hawaiian hospital to prove he is a US citizen and not an illegal alien living in the White House. But, under those circumstances, his cronies might have to wait 10 to 20 years before Obama can join them in paradise. Well, once again, for whatever it's worth, you have my two cents on this matter.


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