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Editor's Note: This should have remained a "wayback" piece which I wrote wayback before Shepherd Smith decided to make it a current slam against our President. On Aug. 17, 2017, Shepherd Smith (who admittedly is not a big fan of the President of the United States) decided to take a pot shot President Trump who made one of his not best tweet shots at the latest Muslim vehicular maim and murder in Europe today. President Trump commented that we could take a lesson from Brigadier General John J. Perishing in 1911 by executing Muslim extremists and covering their dead bodies with pig's blood. Not correct, but not entirely wrong.

Smith, not one to miss an opportunity to shoot off his own mouth by telling his audience that President Trump's remark has already been debunked, repeating the word three or four times to make sure everyone who was listening knew the President had been debunked. Debunked, debunked, debunked, and actually debunked. A word Shepherd Smith must really like when he's talking about the President. I wonder: is he job hunting on fake TV? He was so eager to debunk Trump, he should have verified the debunker, who was partially correct and largely wrong, So, does that mean Smith was debunked?. The only thing Smith was correct about was that while the military gave Brig. Gen. John "Blackjack" Pershing credit for an event that did happen in 1911; they gave him the credit for the deed only because he was the commanding officer who was responsible for the deed. that ended Muslim resistance in the Philippines for 35 years only bcause it was orchestrated by a subordinate officer. So, Mr. Smith, you were a tiny bit right but a whole big bunch debunked.

Blackjack Pershing received the glory because US Army Colonel Alexander Rodgers of the 6th US Cavalry was one of Pershing's subordinate officers. Whatever he does under the command of a General officer is credited to the general officer. While Col. Rogers engineered the deed, the credit still goes to the general officer in command.

So, while Pershing's command received the accolades and commendations, the action was undertaken by Col. Rodgers who stopped an Islamic uprising in the Philippines by taking advantage of a theological taboo of Islam. Rodgers inaugurated the practice of executing all Islamic rebels in a common grave with the carcasses of slaughtered pigs. Islamic religion forbids Muslims to have contact with pork was initiated by Col, Rodgers. The tactic Rodgers used on a regular basis was to bury the rebels he executed with pig entrails and pig blood, which, according to Islamic custom, would prevent that Islamist terrorists from ever going to heaven.

Gen.Pershing was in overall command of Rodger's garrison. Because there were scores of Islamic terrorist attacks on the predominantly Catholic Filipino population which the Muslims were attempting to overthrow—and likely would had it not been for Rodgers; very unorthodox solution to the Muslim rebellion. .

Pershing ordered Rodgers to use whatever means at his discretion to put an end to the killing. Rodgers caught 25 Islamic terrorists and ordered 24 of them to dig their own graves. The 25th was forced to watch. Rodger's troops brought in 24 pigs, soaked heir bullets in pig's blood, executed the Islamic terrorists, slaughtered the pigs, slitting open their stomachs and,covered the 24 dead terrorists with pig entrails and blood. The job of the still living terrorist was to bury his comrades.

The terrorists, who had heard the horror stories about American soldiers dipping their bullets in pigs' blood were about to experience their worst nightmare first hand. The terrorists were terrorized. They were going to be contaminated with pig blood. That meant they couldn't enter Heaven—even if they died as martyrs. Of course, that also meant there would not be 72 virgins waiting for them in hog heaven.

Rodgers ordered the 24—who were forced to dig the mass grave that would be their final resting place—shot. Their bodies were dumped into the mass grave. The 25th terrorist was forced to watch. The pig entrails were unceremoniously poured over the lifeless terrorist corpses. The witness was released and returned to the terrorist camp where he related to his Muslim cohorts what happened to his comrades. What Rodgers did brought an end to Islamic terrorism in the Philippines for the next 35 years. It should be clear to the world that only terrorism will shake the terrorist. If it was done today, what Rodgers did in 191, there is little doui the leftwing bureaucrats in both the State and Defense departments would have committed career-enders, and if they didn;t get tie in Fort Leavensworth, they would be dishonorably discharged from the the militgary, or from government service. Remember what happened to Lt. Col. Alan West on Dec, 13, 2003. Troops under Col., West (and later Congressman Wdest) caught terrorists planting IUDs designed to kill as many Americans as possible.

Col. West's men captured the dissidents who burued the roadside bombs but refused to tell the wimpish social progressive interrogators (who arent supposed to be) writing the rules granting those ineligibles rights. Foreigners wno sneak into the country in the middle of the night, and those who apply for visas after stealing into the county in the middle of night are not constitutionally protected by the Bill of the Rights since they are not citizens. Their protection falls under the UN Declaration of Human Rights (which are much more limiited). There is nothing in the Bill of Rights which guaranteed those rights to aliens (except the four liberal justices) until they, and all family members, who should have been deported and banned from reapplying for s specific number of yeafrs, prescribed by law.The social progressive law jockeys who mastered the art of changing horses in mistream depended entirely on whose rights they're trying to protect. And very deliberately, tie the hands of Ameria's military personnel Lt. Col Allen who was fighting the war to free the people of the Philippines from Catholicism, and create a Shariah-based theological system.

Islamic terrorism was their choice of mass destruction in 1911 as it istoday. Body bombs, using vehicles as weapons of mass destruction and hashing and slashing the survivors or near survivors. For well-armed miliary personnel

West, would be tied because he was attempting to upholf hid oath to protects nation, unless America's partison politicians who appearred only to pledge to protect the partisan laws they enactn, and damn the miliary laws and militar pepople who were dying and who had sworar to protect this nation and all of the American citizens who lived from sea to shining sea. Buf, of course, not those who paddled here in rubber rafts or on tramp steamers or stowaways in cargo planes.And, again, there were more than enough weback lawyrs here to protect those with criminal records to protect the the felons who show cause why the murders, rapes, and othre malicious crimes and misdemeanors whould be overlooked bcause they wern't elible for welfare and had to do somehting to earn a living.

On Aug. 20, 2003 Lt.Col. Alan West was interrogating a

By the way, I wrote this piece and fact-checked it on Dec. 12, 2008. The only error I found in the piece was that the military officer who aborted the Muslim revolution in the Philippines was not General Pershing who didn't object to receiving the glory, but that the real hero was Col. Rodgers. Shepherd Smith should realize that getting one name wrong doesn't make the story wrong. I don't know if Smith heard this yet, but there's likely a spot for him next to Rachal Maddox on MSNBC. THey don't mind people who don't tell the truth a lot. And, better yet, they don't mind people who don't like Donald Trump and like to rub it in when they think he makes a mistake—even if the facts are essentially correct.




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