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America needs to use racial and ethnic profiling

Probably the dumbest thing to come down the pike since Jack's magic beans is the politically-correct use of absolutely worthless, time-consuming, random searches that were theoretically implemented to detect and apprehend terrorists at airports and train stations in the United States. However, the absolute randomness of the passenger searches which were instituted by politically-correct bureaucrats who apparently don't understand the purpose of security—it's to make certain that passengers don't carry weapons or explosives onto an airplane, train or subway. For the concept to actually work, searches must target the racial or ethnic groups whom historically have committed the types of terrorist acts you are guarding against.

Last year former Congressman Robert K. Dornan told me of an experience he and his wife Sallie had while taking a flight from Dulles International Airport to visit one of their five children in California. Waiting to board their flight at Dulles International Airport, the Dornans couldn't help noticing two Arab men in the preboarding area. What made Dornan notice the pair was that they were speaking Arabic in hushed voices that became even lower when they realized Dornan had noticed them. Just before the boarding call, they separated and, it seemed to Bob, pretended they did not know each other as they showed their boarding passes.

Dornan watched the suspicous pair until he was distracted. The airport security people flagged his wife—a typical upscale American, white grandmother—for a security check as the two Arabs strolled invisibly past the security people without a second glance in their direction. You see, it is not politically correct to single out Muslims for an additional pat-down at the politically-correct Washington, DC airports. The Transportation Security Administration is convinced that Arab terrorists will be deterred from smuggling guns or explosives onto airplanes because every 5th Causasian man or woman is patted down in our nation's airports. America, which safeguards the rights of minorities more than the security of the nation, remains every bit as much at risk today as it was on September 10, 2001. The more Arabic a Muslim terrorist looks, the less likely he will be wanded, patted down or strip searched at America's busiest airports. However, any woman—36C or larger—or over 70 years of age is certain to be asked to remove her blouse or strip searched as TSA goes through the politically-correct ritual of airport security.

El Air operates the most secure airports in the world—and the safest airplanes. That reputation did not occur by chance. Nor was it the result of politically-correct security people making sure they did not offend the sensitivities of that nation's Muslim minority.

The Israelis knows that the terrorist who is most likely to become a suicide bomber is a 17 to 25-year old disenfranchised Palestinian male. Occasionally the "martyr" will be Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanese, or Saudi. But, hey could also be Algerian, Afghan, Pakistani, Indonesian or Phillipino. Today, with the growth of Wahabbi-style, Saudi-funded schools in the United States and England, the terrorist sitting next to you on your next trip could be American or a Brit. However, regardless of their nationality, they will always be Muslim. And, they will likely all have been students of radical Wahabbism. If they are a suicide bomber, they will always have a faint aura of spices or some type of scented oil about them. And, until very recently, they were always male.

Ayat Akhas, a 16-year old Palestinian girl became the first female Islamic suicide bomber. I wonder if she believed there are 72 virgins awaiting her in Paradise or if she did it so Yassar Arafat would give her needy parents the astronomical sum of $25,000 that is awarded to the families of suicide bombers by the terrorist organizations that recruit them? Why the faint aroma of spices or flowers? Because most of the anointing oils used in funerals in the Mideast contain spices. The suicide bomber, who is expecting to spend eternity with 72 virgins in his own palace knows he can't get to Heaven if his body is not properly prepared for burial. If the person next to you on your next airline flight smells like spices and decides to cover his face with his handkerchief because he wants to take a nap and the cabin is too bright, you probably have just enough time to ask God to forgive your sins before you find yourself speaking to Him face to face. The last ritual in a Palestinian funeral is for the family of the deceased to bathe the body in spices, wrap it in clean linen and place a covering over the face. (John 11:44; 19:40).

When you are dealing with a pandemic threat that has very distinct ethnic, racial and theological characteristics, logic dictates that, to eliminate the threat, society must very narrowly target those groups as part of the nation's first line of defense against the threat posed by members of those groups or secst—even if only a small segment of that ethnic or racial population has or likely ever would perpetuate violence on the community-at-large. If society continues to travel the politically-correct road those crimes against humanity will not only continue, they will intensify. Why? Because those ethnic communities, which have never been fully assimiliated in the broader "American community," will not communicate through the cultural and theological barriers that separate the Muslim world from the Jewish or Christian worlds.

When America decides to do that two things will happen. First, the majority members of those ethnic or racial communities will ultimately be forced to condemn the handful of extremists who are committing the crimes against the rest of their adopted country. Second, the majority itself—which will tire quicklyof the inconvenience and what will seem to them to be discrimatory searches at airports, back pack checks at train stations and car stops around highway tunnels, will ultimately begin to listen to the chatter within their own communities, and will begin to apprehend those who are guilty of committing acts of terrorism, or of planning them, and will surrender them to the authorities. At the very least, as they did in England in July, the peaceful Muslim community will help reveal the identities of suspected terrorists to the authorities.

If the known characteristics of the national threat is that the terrorist is a Mideastern male, or a Muslim male from the underbelly of Eurasia or Africa, or there is something else that stands out about the person—sucvh as that he's visibly nervousand sweating profusely (on a cool day), or if a burley, swarthy man smells like women's toilet water—then the screener not only has probable cause—but an obligation—to single that person out for scrutiny even it it turns out that the suspect just happens to be a homosexual male of Arab descent who wears a spicy after shave or cologne.

Is that profiling? You bet it is. Is profiling against the law? Not in the usual sense. Nineteen States have enacted legislation to safeguard minorities from police profiling. Since the laws were enacted to make sure "driving while black" or "shopping while black," the punishment in these laws are directed at the police department guilty of profiling with a loss or reduction in allocated State funds. The officer is then disciplined by that police force. Rhode Island allows the victim of profiling to sue the police officer. But, there is no criminal statute in any State, yet every judicial activist judge in the country will dismiss any prosecution where law enforcement officers made a decision to stop and search a suspect simply because he fit a particular criminal profile—even if the crime the individual is being checked for is predominantly committed by that ethnic group. Social activist judges have decided that police cannot use race or ethnicentricity as reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing in order to stop people and search them or their vehicles—even when every statistic created by the federal government for the last one hundred years proves the instinct of the police is generally correct.

Over the last decade and a half there has been a dramatic rise in both Asian and Hispanic gangs not only the core urban centers but in the suburban areas outside the concrete jungles as well. Prior to 1990, federal statistics are overwhelming clear that the majority of the street drug peddlers in the United States were African Americans.

Today drug trafficking is pretty much an equal opportunity crime, The players are pretty much evenly divided between Hispanics and African Americans. In most metroplex areas, both groups now fit the law enforcement profile of a drug dealer. That's now an inescapable fact. But, that doesn't mean that every Hispanic or African American driving a late model BMW or Mercedes is a drug dealer. Nor does it mean that every Hispanic or African American found driving a rusted out Chevy or Corolla through an affluent, predominantly Caucasian neighborhood is there to steal. However, sensible crime prevention procedures dictate that the police stop those individuals and at least check to determine why they are where logic suggests they don't belong.

What makes not profoling the known characteristics of ethnic groups that endanger the very existence of this nation stupid is the fact that the terrorists who skyjacked three United Airlines 757s and one American Airlines 757 and crashed them into the World TradeCenter and the Pentagon were Mideastern Islamists. In fact, the terrorists that held 66 Americans hostage in Tehran, Iran from Nov. 4, 1979 until January 20, 1981 were Islamic terrorists. And the terrorists recruited by the Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman, who planned the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, were Muslim extremists. Does anyone see a "profile" here? None of these acts were planned or executed by blue-haired, bingo-playing grandmothers. Nor were they committed by Caucasian yuppies in pin-stripe suits. All of those acts were committed by [a] Mideastern or Asia-Minor Muslims; all of whom [a] were males, aged from 18 or 19 to 35-ish.

Once again, you have my two cents worth on this issue.


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