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Democrats create plan to bribe
Arab world into submission

Just as they did during the Vietnam Era, peacenik Democrats once again want daisies instead of lead popping from the barrels of GI rifles. Top Democrats propose a new $100 billion "Marshall Plan" bribe to quell the angry Muslim world.

The Democrats still don't get it. The declaration of war against America and the Western world by Muslim extremists orchestrated by Osama bin Laden three times since 1993 was not a cry for societal equality by the impoverished members of the emerging underclass in the Middle East. Muslim militants openly declared war on the world not because they are economically disadvantaged or societal outcasts, but because they are determined to topple both capitalism and communism and create a global society based on the laws of Islam. Their Islamic society would be based on a militant form of government founded on Shariah law—much like the government of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This new Shariah world would be a global society in which women have absolutely no rights. Ironically, many of the Tinseltown crowd that are supporting this cause with their checkbooks are some of the nation's wealthiest and most popular liberal women in film and music. It is they who would suffer immediately should the Islamists ever succeed in overthrowing the great democracies of the world which have given those women a platform from which to utter their contempt for the nation that provided them with the freedom to speak—a freedom not yet enjoyed by the black-shrouded women of Afghanistan.

Muslim militants in Luton, England threw down the gauntlet on April 22, calling for a global jihad against not only the United States but all of the nations of Europe that refuse to renounce their political and economic allegiance with America.

At a community center in Slough, just west of London, Shiekh Omar Bakri Mohammad announced that if Europe did not heed bin Laden's threat and pull all troops out of Iraq within 90 days, Muslims would begin to rain terror on Europe.Every Muslim in the West, he said "...would be obliged to become a sword in a new battle." He warned Europe to carefully heed his words since, he added, "...it is foolish to fight people who want death—that is what [the martyrs] are looking for." Hundreds of young Muslims all over Europe are flocking to the call for martyrs and are linking up with groups in every nation of Europe that are tied either to al Qaeda and some other Islamic terrorist group. Stroking the anger of the young militants are clerics like Shiekh Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri Mohammad. Shiekh Omar spent an evening last week trying to recruit martyrs by extolling visions of erotic delight with young, eager virgins in Paradise. Omar described, in graphic detail, the pleasures that awaited the young martyrs as they bathed with scores of beautiful young naked women in the afterlife. After describing the tantalizing vision of glistening naked bodies in public baths with Allah's glorious martyrs, Omar preached the virtues of a martyr's death, making certain his students understood that martyrdom was the only ticket to that section of Paradise. Omar impressed upon his students that terrorism is the new "norm" in the cultural conflict between Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Ignored by most westerners today is that the ever-increasing shrill cries of Jihad that are being fanned to a feverish pitch in England by Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri Mohammad and around the world by Osama bin Laden and other Islamic extremists is not about Iraq nor is it about the collapse of Saddam Hussein's Ba'athists. Rather, it's about America's capitalistic free enterprise system and what the Muslims call the decadent people of the West. It is a holy war in every sense of the word with Islam pitted against Judaism, Christianity, and atheism. Shiekh Omar warned the West: "You may kill bin Laden, but the phenomenon, you cannot kill it. Our Muslim brothers...will ...conquer here. And then we will live under Islam in dignity."

House and Senate Democrats are clueless what Shiekh Omar meant when he spoke of "the phenomenon." Since to our astute, aristocratic members of Congress, wars are fought for political or economic gain, our politicians have failed to grasp the simple reality that men in a modern society could, or would, wage war over theological ideologies. And because they can't fathom that simple reality, they are convinced they can bribe the Muslim world into submission with economic gifts and technological bobbles.

On Tuesday, April 27 two Democrats on the Homeland Security Committee in the House of Representatives proposed an initiative that they likened to the Marshall Plan as a means to overcome hostilities in the Mideast. The plan being proposed by Jim Turner [D-TX] and Jane Harman [D-CA] would cost the taxpayers of the United States $100 billion over ten years. According to Turner and Harman, "...To win the hearts and minds of 1.2 billion Muslims, they propose that America make a dramatic and massive commitment to develop the social, educational, and political infrastructure of the Muslim world." Democratic spinmeisters likened the handout to the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe at the end of World War II. The only problem is, the Muslim world has trillions upon trillions of dollars of oil revenue and can develop the economic infrastructure of their nations if they so desire. They haven't and they won't because they believe that the free enterprise system—capitalism—is one of the world's greatest evils that must be rooted out and destroyed. Thus, the Democraic plan proffered by Turner and Harman to "win the hearts and minds" of the Muslim world by America assuming the task of investing $100 billion of American taxpayer dollars in developing the social, educational, economic and political infrastructure of the Arab world will simply be viewed as more of the same capitalism, and will incite even more Islamic extremists to become martyrs in the Jihad against the West.

Well, once again, you have my two cents worth.





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