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The Ombudsman

Over the years the American people have grown to believe the political myth that they elect the President of the United States and that he is their personal ombudsman in the nation's capital. Not true. The President of the United States is elected by the States through the Electoral College. He does not represent the people. The people simply elect a slate of voters from the two major parties who vote for the presidential candidate their party has endorsed.

The president's constitutional role is that as ombudsman for the States, representing their views to the various governments of the world. The people's ombudsman is the House of Representatives. Which leaves us to ponder this question: who does the US Senate represent? Whose ombudsman are they?

Let's take this one step at a time. Let's start with the President. I was watching Fox News the other night and saw a clip of George W. Bush giving lip service to the liberal's illegal alien amnesty proposal that's fictitiously called a "guest worker" program to fool the idiots who still believe the adage, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." Bush's words and quirky demeanor reminded me of the puppet-talk of wooden-head Charlie McCarthy. So, quite naturally, I found myself wondering who Edgar Bergan was. The new liberal leadership in the House and Senate? Nah. They are puppets of the same puppet masters.

The puppet master for the free enterprise capitalists—like our president—is David Rockefeller. The puppet master for the socialist liberals—people like John Edwards, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Teddy Kennedy—and Hillary Clinton—is George Soros. Pseudo-conservatives who have been in bed with the liberals for years—politicians like John McCain—dip at both wells. McCain is a nonpartisan dipper. He doesn't care who fills his pockets. The same is true of Hillary Clinton. Both want power. McCain wants power for personal gain. Hillary wants power to crush her enemies.

Even though I don't trust either of them, to the best of my knowledge, McCain never took a dime from an enemy of the United States. As substantiated by Larry Klayman, former CEO of Judicial Watch, testimonially-supported by the Cox Commission, the Clintons—and Gore, for whom truth is inconvenient—have. Hillary, in my opinion, should be in prison, not the United States Senate. But then, so should my fellow Massachusettans, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. But that's another topic for another day.

For six years President George W. Bush represented himself as the ombudsman of the American people. In one area—in his own personal quest for glory—Bush was a successful statesman. He succeeded in selling himself to the voters as Reagan-lite. The people rallied around him in 2000 and again in 2004. But I suspect that as Republican as the town is, if Bush ran for mayor of Crawford, Texas today he wouldn't get elected. I know if he campaigned for dog catcher anywhere along the southern border of the United States—particularly in Faben or Rocksprings, Texas—the only vote he could count on would be his own.

Here's the simple reality about our president. He is the ombudsman of the utopian free enterprise puppet masters who are engineering the global economy at the expense of the American people. Like 90% of the members of the House and Senate from both parties who are also the ombudsmen of the bankers, industrialists and merchant princes who fill their war chests—and not the voters who elected them—presidents and prime ministers are indebted to the merchant princes, but they are also hobbled to the dark forces that control governments. They are the invisible barons of business who sit on the pinnacle of the pyramid of power in the New World Order. They are the current kings and queen of Europe (the potentates of the Old World Order) together with the transnational industrials and bankers and the former royals of the nation states of Europe that comprise the New World Order.

That's why the American people were sold out in 1993 when the Democratically-controlled Congress enacted the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the co-presidency of Bill and Hillary Clinton signed NAFTA into law and created the swinging doors between the United States and Mexico that led to the loss of over 15 million US jobs. Bush compounded the problem by signing the Central American Free Trade Agreement and the North American Union that will cost the American wage earner another 10 million jobs and the dissolution of the borders between the United States, Canada and Mexico as we watch our ombudsman in the White House surrender our national sovereignty to the globalists in the name of profits.

NAFTA could never have happened without our ombudsmen in the US Senate voting to ratify the North American Free Trade Agreement. The Senate, and the media, promoted NAFTA as a "jobs bill." It was—for Mexican workers. So, just whose ombudsmen is the US Senate? The Senate does not represent the States, nor does it represent the people. When the 17th Amendment was illegally declared ratified on April 8, 1913, it became the ombudsman for the transnational industrialists, bankers and merchant princes who fill the war chests along Pennsylvania Avenue.

America needs to wake up while its still America. Our ombudsman no longer represents us. We need a new ombudsman at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We need one at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue as well, but since we have to start some place we might as well start at the desk where the buck stops—the Oval Office.

It's time to impeach George W. Bush. Not for Iraq. Not for Afghanistan. But for the American factory worker because the president has broken his word to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. The president allowed Congress to dilute the Bill of Rights under his watch to benefit our neighbors to the south, and as the commander-in-chief of our military, the President is responsible for securing our borders. Bush made a farce of that act by placing National Guard troops with empty weapons on the border. And Bush did nothing when heavily-armed Mexican soldiers attacked those Guard troops and penetrated the sovereign soil of the United States—with no military or diplomatic response from the United States.

Most of us who have acknowledged for the last three years that Bush needs to be impeached and removed from office didn't do anything because we knew that when you impeach Bush you get Cheney. Impeach both of them at the same time and, before the election, you would have gotten Dennis Hastert. Now, you get Nancy Pelosi.

We have a chance to "fix" one end of Pennsylvania Avenue for at least a year—and work on the other end during the national elections in 2008. We have a chance to hire an ombudsman who actually represents the people. The idea is to remove Bush and pressure Cheney—under threat of impeachment—to nominate as vice president a true ombudsman of the people—someone like Tom Tancredo [R-CO] or Ron Paul [R-TX]. (Notice that neither chose is a Senator. Senators are active ombudsmen for the power brokers and not the people. Most become politically corrupt within one or two years of being elected to the Senate. Take a close look at Sen. Lindsay Graham [R-SC] and you can have all the circumstantial evidence you need. Graham was a member of the 1994 Republican Revolution. Now he's a member of Bush's Mexican Revolution.

Legislation designed to dilute and weaken the Bill of Rights usually flies through the US Senate with little or no opposition. It is only when those bills are debated in the House that ombudsmen fight for the American people.

But, we need to look close enough at every candidate for public office to determine where that candidate gets his or her financial backing. Whose ombudsman will that public servant be if and when he or she is elected? If that candidate is raking millions into his or her campaign war chest, you can bet your bippie that politician will not be your ombudsman—his first loyalty is to the person or organization that filled his pockets with the money he needed to win election.

How do you know who the politician represents? There are two ways. First, and easiest, just open his or her war chest. If its full of money, he doesn't represent you. For example, Hillary Clinton's campaign announced last week she was likely going to become the nation's first political candidate to ever raise a billion dollars. Hillary is already bought and paid for. She is the ombudsman for special interests coming out of the chute. She will never be your ombudsman.

George W. Bush is not your ombudsman. Bill Clinton was not your ombudsman. George H.W. Bush was not your ombudsman. Ronald Reagan was. Before Reagan, the last ombudsman of the people was Herbert Hoover who fought the bankers in 1928 when they wanted to remove the nation from the gold standard. Hoover lost that battle and a depression resulted. The bankers elected Roosevelt to legislate the laws they needed to make the Senate their ombudsman.

Unless we do something to return this nation to the politician ombudsman system that is rooted in the US Constitution, the next President of the United States will become the official ombudsman for the European Union and the UN, and political bands that hold this nation together will be dissolved as the United States becomes one third of the North American Union and the US Senate becomes the ombudsman for our Canadian and Mexican trading partners.


To: Bill Barnstead




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