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Taxpayer Tea Parties
...No politicians allowed.

White House—in particular Resident Obama—are you listening? Congress—particularly far left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and equally far left Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid—are you listening? Like America's Founding Fathers and the patriots who raided the English ships in Boston harbor in 1775 to protest oppressive taxes, the 2009 "tea party" protesters, like the tax protesters of 1775, are patriots of few words but bold actions.

A rapidly growing number of Americans are finally standing up and demanding that the federal government stop wasting trillions of their tax dollars. They are using symbolic "tea parties" to warn the Democratic-controlled Congress and the White House that they are serious, and that there will be dire consequences in Nov. 2010 for anyone who fails to heed their message. The first message? No politicians invited. Not from either side since politicians on both sides of the aisle caved in to special interest groups and voted their interests and not those of the voters on matters that got us into this mess. And politicians on both sides of the aisle are going to pay for this mess on Nov 2, 2010. Congressman Mike Pence, one of the few straight-shooter good guys left in Congress asked the organizer of one of the Tea Parties if he could attend and speak. He was told, "No politicians allowed."

Hmmm...that reminds me of the Depression Era flick, "Meet John Doe." Common citizens began forming "John Doe Clubs" whose sole aim was to help their neighbors only because helping others makes you feel good. The mayor of one town tried to join and was told, "Sorry, no politicians allowed." Governors, senators and congressmen all over the country tried to join, recognizing the John Doe clubs as dynamite bully-pulpits to help them get reelected in tough times. None were allowed to join because the people realized their problems weren't due to natural events beyond anyone's control. They were due to the politicians and the bankers who needed to create a national emergency to steal the rights of the common man. Same thing today. No politicians allowed. The second message to government—enough is enough! We listened to Resident Obama and the money barons from banking and industry groveling for handouts that they know will bankrupt the people and bankrupt the nation. Yet the politicians will continue to write blank checks as long as the bankers and businessmen will write checks to their campaign coffers or their private foundations. Enough!

And, finally, the message to the White House and the Congress. In a free enterprise Republic, the President lacks the constitutional authority to fire the heads of private corporations. Nor does he have the constitutional authority to "nationalize" the auto industry and force GM to drop the most popular vehicles in their inventories and replace them with the least popular because environmentalists don't like SUVs and trucks. The ilk of government that allows that type of presidential conduct is called communism.

Unemployment continues to rise and incomes continue to shrink. Anger over the Wall Street bailout increases as talk from the White House and Congressional leaders that the rich need the working class to reach deeper into their already patched pockets for yet another bailout. Public outrage will continue to fester until the midterm elections when revived populism will exact a massive toll on Democrats.

Congressional and Senatorial Democrats: make no mistake. A taxpayer revolt is taking place in the United States and even though the left has always been able to count on the taxpayers forgetting the rape of their sweat-earned wealth come election day, those days are gone. When you rob the working class and rub their nose in the theft by giving their money to the rich, they won't forget...and they won't forgive...and they will get even.

The far left, which knows its days are numbered, is rushing to enact a massive amount of new socialist laws that will enslave America before they get thrown out of office. If they expect to still have a job on Jan. 3, 2011, congressional and senatorial moderates need to contain the socialist far left in order to protect the free enterprise system, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights.

I'm 90 years old. But, you know, watching the American people organize civil protest in the United States makes my tired old bones feel better than they have in years. I must admit, I am very proud of the American people. All I have to say is..."Tea, anyone?"


To: Bill Barnstead




Just Say No
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All rights reserved