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If the measure of a president is determined by what happens on his watch, then the conservative, national defense President George W. Bush (September 11, 2001 notwithstanding) will end his presidency without a historic legacy—except, perhaps, as the President who squandered the trust of the constituency that twice elected him to the White House. On the other hand, the social liberal George Bush—the new darling of the far left—will achieve a legacy befitting a modern day Benedict Arnold.

Bush doggedly ignored his responsibility under the Constitution of the United States to seal the United States borders. By doing so, he allowed millions of illegal aliens to sweep across this land like an invading army. Bush also refused to order the Justice Department to pursue and vigorously prosecute U.S, employers who knowingly violate federal law by hiring illegal aliens who enter the country specifically to take jobs from American wage-earners.

While conservative George W. Bush will have no legacy to speak of in the United States, he will have one south-of-the-border. Mexico might even construct a statute of him to stand, as a sentinel, beside the other "great" Mexican leaders like Maxmillian or Santa Ana. Or, they could simply place of statute of Bush beside Moses since Bush led the Mexican peasants to the promised land. Liberal George W. Bush, the new friend of the left, will have no problem creating a legacy. While conservative George Bush did not kick God out of the American lifestyle, it was on his watch that the federal courts ruled that forcing Christian children in elementary and secondary schools in the United States to study the Qu'ram, recite Islamic prayers, take Islamic names, and play "jihad games" was constitutional—but wearing a Christian cross or other symbols of Christianity in school was not. Bush did nothing. Will that be his legacy?

The liberal George W. Bush's State Department (under Colin Powell, and now, under Condolessa Rice) launched a segment on its official government website extolling the virtues of the Islamic life in the United States:

Nevertheless, the Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR] slammed Bush for instigating "Islamophobia" by coining the term "war on terrorism." CAIR claims that terrorism is a tactic, not an identifiable enemy and that Bush is creating an "irrational fear" that has driven a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims in the United States.

Could this be liberal George W. Bush's legacy? Will "tough talk" with the former Soviet Union and China trigger a new Cold War—and could that become conservative George W. Bush's legacy? Will Bush undo the work accomplished by President Ronald Reagan? Bush's legacy—for liberal or conservative George W. Bush—will rise or fall on one key, intertwined issue: immigration, amnesty, and the North American Union.

Sadly for this once great nation, our president is on the wrong side of this issue. Over 80% of the American people oppose the president's abortive amnesty program. Why? Because it doesn't solve the problem. It doesn't solve the employment problem except that it will reduce the hourly wage paid to job seekers by greedy American employers who want to reduce their payroll costs in order (they think) to compete with inferior, slave labor goods flooding this country from China.

And, most of all, it won't close the floodgates of illegals pouring into this country since our government cannot seal our borders under the agreement Bush signed with former Mexican president Vicente Fox and former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. Liberal George W. Bush is pushing hard to finalize the North American Union because that's what his campaign contributors from 2000 and 2004 expect. Conservative George W. Bush is troubled about erasing the borders between Mexico and the United States and Canada and the United States, but liberal George W. Bush know that abrogating national sovereignty is the only way the North American Union can be achieved.

Let's face it. Since the liberals write history, history is likely to bless George W. Bush even if he succeeds in getting his amnesty bill enacted, and 20 million new Hispanic voters fill the House and Senate with new liberal Congressmen and Senators. It would be much better if history blessed the American people. It's been a while since that happened.

How do we do it? Easy. Before the president does any more damage, and before Congress does any more damage, we need to impeach President George W. Bush. And, once Vice President Dick Cheney is elevated to the White House and a new vice president is appointed and confirmed by Congress, we need to impeach Cheney, too. Then history can bless an interim president who, without a pocketful of money from globalist money barons, can seal our borders and begin the task of deporting illegal aliens.


To: Bill Barnstead




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