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Notice to the United States Senate: Close the Border! Now! Before it is too late. Not just from the influx of illegal Hispaics coming into the United States and destroying our way of life, but from radical Islamic extremists It doesn't take a genuis to realize, after watching what happened in London and Glasgow, that when no one's policing who's entering the United States under the dark of night—or paying attention to what biological or chemical devises or traditional explosive devises they are bringing with them—Muslim extremists are entering the United States from Mexico through the porous, unguarded borders in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California posing as Mexican day laborers. Once in the country, they vanish into the landscape of the underground economy and silently make their way to the radical Muslim cells in the nation's major urban centers where they join cells and plot the destruction of America and the American way of life.

Roughly 85% of the American people spoke in a loud and very succinct voice on June 8, 2007 and the US Senate temporarily killed S.1348 (the Kennedy-McCain-Bush amnesty bill) on a procedural vote. Only 45 Senators—most of them Democrats—were willing to put their jobs on the line to pass what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-NV] called "the president's immigration bill" in order to make it appear to be a bipartisan bill. (If politicians were forced to belong to political parties that signified their political ideology and not the camouflage they hid behind, they would be called "Nationalists" and "Globalists," or at least, "Conservatives" and "Liberals."

Conservatives declared the measure "dead." And, it appeared to everyone that S.1348 was in its death knell and the liberals were presiding at its funeral.

But the Senate—under tremendous pressure from George W. Bush and the Democratic Senate leadership managed to resurrect S.1348 again on June 26. It died for a second time on Thursday, June 28 in another procedural vote. This time, it died on a vote of 47 to 53, with two additional Senators voting against amnesty—and open borders. While we would all like to believe that the Senate was swayed by the argument of reasonable US voters, that's not the case. They were bullied by labor unions not to enact the legislation currently on the table. The Senate gave us a nice 4th of July present, but they'll take it back when the Senators write a new bill and kowtow to the demands of the unions.

What the labor unions are against are [1] giving Mexican transit companies (who are not members of the Teamsters Union) access to the US highway and [2] they are against a system that will give the “guest workers” job preference over rank-and-file union members. I agree with both tenets.

But the battle is not won with those two concessions. The threat to the working class moms and dads of the United States—your neighbors and mine—will not be diminished until talk of amnesty in any form is dead, and the 780 miles of security fence promised and paid for by the taxpayers a year ago is built.

Even more, we need to get serious about enforcing the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1984 by charging employers with crimes when they illegally hire illegals. Or, are our laws created just to punish the little guy?

President Reagan knew that to staunch the flow of illegals into the United States, he had to dry up the reason they were coming—jobs! To staunch the flow of illegal aliens entering this country, we need to get real serious about protecting our borders. That means, we need to close the border—and seal them. Because crossing our porous borders are not only Mexican Hispanics looking for work, but also Mideast Muslims posing as Mexicans who are stealing into our country to join Islamic cell groups intent on waging Jihad against the American people.

While we had a 4th of July reprieve from the Kennedy-McCain-Bush amnesty-open borders legislation we need to remember that's all it is. A brief reprieve. The transnational bankers and industrialists in the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Trust wbo are behind world government and a tariff-free global economy, need open borders—and, even more, they need to secure an illegal alien amnesty program in the United States for one very important reason: the United States is not creating enough new "taxpayers" to keep the Fed from bankruptcy, and even more urgent, to keep Social Security solvent. If the Fed collapses, like a house or cards, all of the central banks in the world will topple as well.

We can protect the American financial and economic infrastructures by sealing the border and denying wayward US manufacturers any access to the US marketplace for goods made in Mexico, Russia, China, South America or Europe—especially if they are made by relocated American companies. We need to reject NAFTA and CAFTA and slap tariffs on all goods coming into the United States except on American goods made in Mexico and China. Those products need to be banned from import into the United States. Since the American consumer buys approximately 30% of all of the goods created anywhere, banning those products from the United States will be a kiss of death for those industrialists unless they bring their factories—and jobs—back to the United States. Key to making this plan work is sealing our borders, and placing National Guard troops—with loaded weapons—on both our Southern and Northern borders. And, stiff prison sentences must be meted out to any employer who hires an illegal alien.

So, Mr. Senator, we expect you to end the amnesty plan and close the borders. That's what the American people who elected you said they expect. And believe me, more than any issue that has been before Congress in a hundred years, the people's passion to close the border will not be abated. I promise you this, we the people will replace each and every Senator who refuses to close and seal our borders when they come up for re-election...whether in 2008, 2010 or 2012. You have my word on it. Our jobs today—your jobs tomorrow.

Bill Barnstead to the U.S. Senate: "I'm willing to invest my time to find candidates to run against every US Senator who refuses to close the borders! It's time for Congress to obey the will of the people!"


To: Bill Barnstead


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