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Is this the face of tomorrow's
legal green card guest worker?

Absolutely nothing has ever happened in this country that has driven home the point with such catastrophic consequences that we have a serious immigration control problem in this country more than the tragedy that befell the nation at Virginia Tech on Monday, April 16, 1007. Few people think of Cho Seung-Hui as an "immigration" problem since he was a legal resident with a valid student visa—and his parents have been green card holders since 1992. Fewer yet think of immigration when they contemplate Cho's logic to murder 32 fellow students and faculty members because he felt the affluence of America debauched its youth.

In the diatribe that Cho sent to NBC during the brief lull in his killing spree, Cho seized upon the symbols of American wealth—the reasons most people give for wanting to come to the United States—as justification for 32 savage murders. Is Cho Seung-Hui's face the new face of the third world's alien guest worker in America? Will his face be the face on Congress' illegal alien amnesty legislation? If it isn't, it should be. Or, maybe, Cho is going to be the new face of domestic terrorism in America.

How many more Cho's are there in the United States? Legal alien residents from any second or third world nation from anywhere on Earth who came here looking for opportunities, but stayed and found only poverty in the nation they wished to adopt?

In Cho's case, his peers at Virginia Tech became fair game for his guns—a 9mm Glock and a .22 caliber automatic. When the shooting stopped, 33 people lay dead (32 victims and the shooter). Fifteen others were wounded.

Had the immigration door been harder to open during the Bush-41 years, there's a chance that 32 Virginia Tech students would have had an uneventful day in class on April 16 and a nation would not be mourning their deaths today. Cho's problem with America was that everyone was better off financially than he was. Tragically, many of those who come here—legally and illegally—feel the same. The United States is portrayed around the world as the idyllic paradise of working class millionaires. Come to America and get rich.

In the American Southwest radical Hispanic groups like Chicano de Aztlan, the National Council of La Raza, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and others are actively engaged in hate campaigns against American citizens not because they failed to fare better in the United States than they did in Mexico, but because they believe the American Southwest belongs to them even though it was ceded to the United States by Mexico in the Treaty of Guadeloupe on Feb. 2, 1848. The United States paid Mexico $15 million for the lands north of the Rio Grande. (This was the same price Thomas Jefferson paid the French for the Louisiana Purchase.)

Radical Hispanics openly advocate armed conflict in the Southwest to take back the lands ceded to the United States by Mexico in 1848. Sadly, the United States of America is no longer a safe haven for its own native-born citizens. In a frantic search to find taxpaying, working class alien residents, the last three presidents have opened wide the door to America and, it appears, they have also thrown away the key. The federal government, which has been a poor steward of the assets of the people—the Social Security Trust Fund—are now scrambling to find non-citizen taxpayers to replace over 15 million lost jobs when the world's biggest jobs transfer begin with the passage of NAFTA by Bill and Hillary Clinton in 1993.

Because the politicians wasted our tax dollars on a six decade social experiment called welfare, the United States is literally broke. Our "allies" who bought the dollar debt bond issues that kept our currency solvent are now buying Euros. When we can't sell our debt bond issues, we can't issue more money. That means when the baby boomers apply for Social Security somewhere between 2011 and 2016, the government's coffers will be empty unless a brand new crop of taxpayers are found quickly.

Sadly, because of our need for those taxpayers, we stopped checking IDs at the door and what we are getting now in the middle of the night are the dregs of the third world that not even those societies want. We desperately need to close and seal the borders of the United States before we are visited with another shooting spree like that which befell Virginia Tech.

And, we need to selectively deport those who would do this nation—and its people—harm. Today the President of the United States and his allies on both sides of the aisle in both Houses of Congress talk about the need to create an amnesty program that will grant permanent residence status to about 15 million illegal aliens without checking to see if those aliens have committed crimes—either here or in their native land. They are not checking to see whether those amnesty-bound illegals carry deadly diseases, or whether they suffer from any form of mental illness that makes them capable of committing the same type of carnage visited on Virginia Tech by Cho Seung-Hui. This nation cannot afford another Cho. This nation will not tolerate another Cho. And, it shouldn't have to. Because those we elected to the US House and Senate over the past six decades have squandered our money, their solution is to convert illegal aliens into taxpayers and, ultimately, citizens of the United States.

Surprise, Mr. Congressman! Surprise, Mr. Senator. Surprise, Mr. President! This is our country. We don't want them to have amnesty. If they want to take up residency in the United States, let them come as ancestors came—legally, through an immigration port of entry...with papers! Let them learn our language and our history. Let them learn our customs. And let them take their oral citizenship test like our ancestors did—in English! Let them respect our traditions but, if they want to practice their own customs, so be it.

The buck stops at the desk of the President of the United States. When Bush-43 was running for re-election in 2004, he promised the people of the United States he would build a wall to keep illegal aliens out of the United States. He promised to guard that wall. And he promised to use Immigration Customs Enforcement [ICE] officers to staunch the flow of illegals into the United States. It’s time, Mr. President, that you kept your promise. You don't do it by giving 15 million aliens amnesty because somewhere in those 15 million illegals there are another dozen Cho Seung-Hui's waiting for their moment of infamy.


ON JULY 9, 2009



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