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We know that CNN, MSNBC, NBC and ABC are the current step-fathers of Yellow Journalism (i.e., Fake News). They're also the originator of TV news-show Fake News guest "experts." If they look like ducks, waddle like ducks, quack like ducks, they're Fake News ducks.

Did someone hack Donald Trump's Twitter account and post a rather juvenile, manipulated Worldwide Wrestling video (made in 2007) depicting Trump and WWW owner Vince McMahon in Wrestlemania 23 [now, with a CNN banner over his face]? I wanted to believe the hack was hacked, but it didn't appear to be. Or rather, it appeared to be something cyber Trump would appreciate, and therefore, do. Thus, I had to ask myself—why can't the President find a real crisis to solve instead of creating juvenile videos that a 15-year cyber geek could do which would actually make him look as bad as his media detractors insist he is? I understand that Twitter drives the left nuts because before Trump they've never seen a President tweet. Had they lived in 1787 they would have seen an anomaly in how national leaders of that day ruled just as President Trump rules today. Had Trump lived in 1787 he likely would have been one of the Founding Fathers but he still wouldn't be tweeting since there weren't any electronic devises in 1787 because electricity was still a key on a kite. Just about the time I was able to envision President Trump as President Washington, CNN admitted that their network had been hacked by a 15-year old hacker who uses the cyber-moniker of "HansA**holeSolo.".

Knowing that now, I almost wish Trump had done it. And, while the tweeting Trump does looks less presidential as he continues his Twitter tirade against the champions of Fake News, it appears that the American people actually like the Twitter War against Barack Obama's Deep State, Hillary Clinton and the leftwing Fake News media. So, whether the President tweets or not, I'll settle for Donald Trump because whatever else he is, he is a man who will go down in history linked to men like George Washington, Andrew Jackson and Ronald Reagan and not the Fake News elitists.

The most redeeming thing about the WWW video blurb was who CNN chose to do their leftwing finger-wagging at Trump—Nicaraguan-born Republican "strategist" and Democrat sound-bite political commentator Ana Navarro Flores. AnaAnd who is Ana Navarro Flores? When you listen to CNN and MSNBC Fake News you'd think she was someone politically special. According to the Wikipedia bio I read (which suggested to me that it was an adlibbed bio written especially for her, or perhaps even by her), it says she was a lifetime Republican.

Since she was born in Nicaragua and spent the first ten years of her life there, Navarro likely had little or no scholastic exposure to American exceptionalism for the first five or six years. I'd guess her parents, who lived under two dictators, discovered that what makes American liberty work is a thing called freedom. Because they lived in fear under the suppressive governments of Anastasio Somoza and Daniel Ortega, they understood real freedom when they felt it and, being intelligent people, quickly learned the political and philosophical differences between Republicans and Democrats, or rather, between conservatives and socialists. DictatorsToo bad Ana Navarro didn't think like her parents. I guess that's why, in her bio, she didn't think to introduce them. Socialist liberals prefer to think of their self-centered selves.

In 1996-97, as a Hispanic commentator, Navarro said she championed the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act [Pub.L 105-100], proffered by Florida Congressman Louis Diaz-Balart [R-FL] (whose seat is now held by his son) which was attached to the 1997 US appropriations bill for fiscal year 1998.

In general conversation, Navarro would likely have told you that during her law school years Congress enacted a law ending the temporary residency visas of scores of Nicaraguans, making them deportable. When that happened, she would likely tell you—as she told the Havana Times—she then became active in an effort to kill that law and solve the residency issue not only for Nicaraguans but for other Central American refugees. She claimed, in the Times interview that when the US Congress enacted the law during the Clinton years which terminated residency permits for hundreds if not thousands of Central Americans who she further claimed to have helped create (not simply publicly protest for it) "...a legal and legislative effort to stop that law and find solutions to fix that problem." The law she claimed to have helped "create" was the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act.

"There were strikes," she said, "and masses and vigils to get it approved..." adding that she lobbied for votes. Keep in mind, in 1997 when the bill was being "lobbied" in Congress, Navarro was a still wet behind the ears 26 year old political wannabe that was getting a few gigs on talk radio. She became that someone—a well paid CNN, MSNBC, NBC and ABC commentator only when they realized why it was that Ana Navarro disliked Donald Trump and just how well that might fit the Deep State's efforts to use the 25th Amendment to rid the nation of the president the Left fears more than Ronald Reagan.

If you remember, in 1980, the elitist Money Mafia wanted George HW Bush in the White House, not independent-thinking Ronald Reagan. Three months after the inauguration, on March 30, 1981, John Hinckley, Jr. (to whom it was suggested that killing Reagan would endear him to Jodie Foster). attempted to assassinate Reagan as he was leaving the Washington Hilton in Northwest DC. Hinckley should never have been able to get closer than 100 to 200 feet from the presidential limousine. (Remember also, that our Presidents are protected so well that it should be virtually impossible to assassinate them unless those assigned to protect them were deliberately negligent. [If you've ever seriously studied the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln you know that the plot involved not only the killing of Lincoln but Vice President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State William H. Sewart as well,])

Revisionist university historians have taken great pains to tidy up the Jacobin assassination of Abraham Lincoln by erasing the plot to kill all who stood in the way of the Jacobin Secretary of War Edwin Stanton inheriting the presidency upon the deaths not only of Lincoln but Johnson and Seward as well. (In 1865 the line of succession went from the Vice President to the President Pro Tem of the Senate—not the Speaker of the House. Had the removal by impeachment of Andrew Johnson occurred in March, 1868, Sen. Benjamin Wade [R-OH], not House Speaker Schulyer Colfax [R-IN] would have replaced Lincoln as President. Collfax ran as Ulysses S. Grant's vice president in 1868. He was elected. But because of his role in the Credit Mobilier Scandal, the Republican Party would not put him back on Grant's ticket in 1872

Just as the supposedly conservative talking head Ana Navarro appeared on liberal-land CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC walking and talking the advertorial liberal line (which means the talking points she recited in liberal-land were, or, many times, appeared to be, paid recitations to make it appear that the Republican strategist was not sold on the GOP candidates, particularly frontrunner Donald Trump. After all, Hillary Clinton needed the weakest GOP candidate to win. In her mind, the weakest candidates were Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Lindsey Graham, former Sen. Rick Santorum and former governors Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal and George Pataki. The one candidate she did not want to finish the race was billionaire businessman Donald Trump. Clinton seemed to know from the gitgo that the Election of 2016 was going to be a race between her and The Donald.

According to her Wikipedia bio, Ana Navarro used to work for President George W. Bush, short term for Sen. John McCain in 2008, and in 2010 she became a vocal Hispanic backer of Marco Rubio on his first run for the US Senate from Florida. In 2012, Navarro connected with candidate Gov. Jon Huntsman's transition team; and she appears to have had an even shorter stint with 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush (which suggests she really wasn't a "key political" anything like well known key GOP strategists Karl Rove and Dick Morris (who lost his GOP bonafides by signing on to help Bill Clinton win reelection in 1994), but she was building a resume that would serve her well enough for the leftwing media as a Fake News "Republican" commentator whose main claim to fame is that she hated Donald Trump. Why? I'll shed light on that reason in a few minutes.

In public places, there is much more pomp in Navarro than circumstance. While her personal Wikipedia bio contained no mention of her parents, her father, Augusto "Tuto" Navarro.was the Minister of Agriculture in the Somoza government in Nicaragua in the late 1970s. When Somoza's corrupt government was overthrown by Sandinista forces led by communist José Daniel Ortega Saavedra in 1979. Somoza fled the country. So did Navarro and his family who moved to Honduras. When he felt in jeopardy there, he applied for, and was granted political asylum the United States under Ronald Reagan—unlike Somoza, who wasn't as lucky. He was tracked down by Sandinistas in Ascunion, Paraguay on Sept. 17, 1980 and assassinated.

To Augusto Navarro, the communist Ortega was much worse than the anti-communist dictator, Somoza. This was the world Ana Navarro was born into. Her choice as an adult? Comparing the conservative dictatorship of Somoza to the Republicans and the liberal, socialist dictatorship of Ortega to the Democrats, Ana Navarro appears to have felt more akin to the Clintonoids and Obamanoids who were now struggling to suppress freedom and finish destroying every fiber of liberty in the United States by returning the grips of power to the Democrats who appear determined to complete the destruction of this Republic—the greatest nation on Earth—created for Divine purpose by God Almighty.

Why would Navarro side with socialists of any stripe after living under their brand of tyranny with her family? Navarro insists that she became a volunteer on the radio, supporting the counter-revolution until they escaped to Honduras and, finally, when they fled from there to Miami. There's only one thing wrong with the timeline. Augusto Navarro escaped to Honduras in 1980. Ana was born in 1971, which means she would like us to believe that, at age eight or nine, she had already become a fluent fake news radio talking head

In researching Ana Navarro's background as a "Republican strategist" and as a Fake News TV commentator based on made-up laurels claiming she was an important strategist solely because she can be porously linked, first to Gov. Jeb Bush [R-FL], then President George W. Bush [R-TX] (through his brother); in 2008 through Sen. John McCain [R-AZ] (Bush-43's political nemesis) as the co-chair of McCaIn's 2008 campaign Hispanic Advisory Council, Ana-Marcoin 2010 to Florida State House Speaker Marco Rubio's successful bid to move to the US Senate, and in 2012 as part of Gov. Jon Huntsman's [R-UT] Hispanic Advisory Council. This is the core basis for Navarro's claim that she's a much-sought-after GOP strategist since there is no trail of cyber-news clippings and nothing I could find other than one photo-op shot of her with her arm around Rubio's shoulder to suggest that Navarro functioned as a paid key adviser for anyone.

Sen. Rubio kicked off his presidential bid on April 13, 2015 followed by Gov. Jeb Bush entering the fray a month and two days later. Another day later, on June 16, Trump entered the race. Initially, Trump was viewed as the NBC gag-gift "Apprentice" candidate. The nation realized he was a serious candidate only after he reminded the FOX News TV audience that prior to throwing his cap into the ring he told the viewing audience that "...if I announce I am running for President, I will win the office."

Trump immediately took aim at the more institutionalized Republicans, which included Jeb Bush, Sen. Lindsay Graham, Gov. John Kasich and former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who tried to tie her cart to the Trump covered wagon by claiming she, too, is a very successful business person on a dias of political piranhas. Gov. Bush slowly began to rise in the Fake News polls like cream in milk. Within a fortnight Bush moved into pole position where he quickly became a Donald Trump punchline, and just as quickly fell out of grace.

If Ana Navarro was employed by a politician, I suspect she would be a low to mid-level staffer, not a big dollar political strategist. I also doubt she would have earned enough to pay regular coach fare—even with reimbursed expenses—to hop, skip and jump all over the country working 20 or more election primaries for a Congressman or Senator, let alone having prebooked and reserved first class seat 3B on American Airlines—unless it was paid for with a campaign credit card for froghopping from presidential primary contest to unpredictable presidential primary contest in 2016 as a key political strategist for—whom? I sure would like to check those American Airlines ticket stubs. I expect there would be at least one 3B stub.

But, it would be my guess that during the 2016 campaign season Ana was working hard to find a permanent berth from one of those still standing behind the 2016 GOP dias halfway through the primaries—most likely either Sen. Rubio or Gov. Bush with, I'd guess, Marco Rubio holding an edge over the governor.

My personal feeling is that I think she'd prefer a boss on her home turf like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. Sen. John McCain, who needs the Hispanics in Arizona who traditionally tend to vote Democrat, is the only GOP politician who appeared to openly court Navarro's endorsement. In 2016, when Navarro was endorsing anyone but Trump, Bush and Rubio were both chasing the nomination. I don't think Navarro would have been consulting for both of them simultaneously. Paid strategists don't work that way.

She may have learned her way around the liberal TV News channels, but she hasn't mastered Pennsylvania Avenue or K Street in the nation's capital where money flows, or with the nation's elite who like to personally own the vote casters. My guess would be that Navarro was trying to build a financially rewarding career as a political strategist, but I don't think it was working out for her. However, she engineered enough political points to impress the Left that, from 2015 on, she had some value as a scripted TV talking head on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and for candidate Hillary Clinton who needed all the help she could muster. Particularly when Donald Trump won the GOP nomination. Navarro had value as Trump's political nemesis, arguing against Trump's plans, as a Republican talking head, to undo the Obama legacy—especially that dealing with those parts which had to do with closing and sealing the US border since the Deep State agenda is still about dissolving the nation states of the world in order to create a borderless and gunless totalitarian world government which Obama and the global elites still envisioned as feasible. In fact, with Hillary Clinton in the White House and the Democrats controlling both Houses, it would be almost a certainty.

Hillary's scheme, by the way, was one I'm convinced, post-president Obama still believes he will see in fruition. (Which may be why he spent so much of his 8 year stint in the White House making speeches and courting international votes in the courts of Europe and in the UN General Assembly in New York. Remember this as well. There is nothing American about the elitist agenda taking shape two miles from the White House. For Obama's plans to resemble American republicanism they would have to come from the mind of someone wholly (body, mind and soul) American. Obama, who is no more wholly American by birth or heritage than Ana Navarro who, as a 12 year old refugee from Nicaragua, became a US citizen under Reagan's 1983 amnesty program and now has the constitutional right to seek the fulfillment of her dreams in America—short of the White House.

While Navarro still professes to be a political advisor to Senator McCain, an extensive Internet search showed only vague references to her being the national Hispanic surrogate for the McCain Campaign in 2008 or the co-chair of McCain's Hispanic National Advisory Council during that campaign. McCain, I think, would have come the closest in that time frame, to have put her on his payroll. After all, she was linked to both of the Bush brothers which would have value in McCain's mind. Ask McCain about her and it's almost a given he'll assure you that "...she's frank and loves controversy—whatever the topic." I wonder how you use that on your resume?

On Twitter, Navarro was asked about her choice between Sen. Ted Cruz [R-TX] and Trump. She compared them to a choice between "...strep throat and leukemia." I expect if Cruz wasn't Hispanic and actually needed her help, she may have answered that question differently, but I suspect at the moment Navarro was trying to pull a full-time staff gig with the Cuban heritage Rubio as his full-time Hispanic-American adviser.

For Obama's Deep State plot to succeed, the atheistic global money monarchy pressure groups need to succeed in outlawing and generationally erasing the tenets of Christianity from the populations of the world just as the Christian Roman Empire did in the 4th century AD with the pagan nations they conquered, because, as long as Jesus Christ reigns supreme as the Lord and Savior of mankind, freedom will remain in the hearts and spirits of God's chosen.


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