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The Best “Single Payer” Healthcare Plan
Will Not Cost a Single American a Single
Penny For Anyone Other Than Their Family.
It would be the fairest, most equitable healthcare system in the world.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted to create the first government healthcare system in 1934 (to accompany Social Security) in order to assure that the elderly did not live long enough to collect more money than what they paid into the plan—but, preferably, that every American die a month or so before their first Social Security check arrived in the mail.  When my father-in-law passed away in 2001, the Internal Revenue Service reversed the direct deposit of his monthly Social Security benefits check from his checking account, claiming since the month that check covered was not over, his family was not entitled to the money—not just for the unused portion of that month's benefits, but for the entire month.

Understand one thing about Social Security and one thing about government healthcare.  They are two sides of the same coin.  And neither side has anything to do with providing financial security or eldercare for the aged. When socialist European nations began providing pensions for the elderly in the mid-19th century they added a caveat—an inexpensive, but mandatory, healthcare system. While the taxpayers viewed this largess as a gift from government, it was part of government's checks-and-balance system to make sure the pension recipients did not outlive the benefits amortization tables deliberately set for benefits to begin about four year after the normal life expectancy of the taxpayer. In the event the elderly recipient lived too long, when they ended up in the hospital, they died. Governments, regardless of the pithy rhetoric, are not in the benevolence business. Think of government as a private corporation owned by the princes of industry and barons of banking and business. You are the human chattel whose "sweat of the brow" greases the wheels which allow the gears of government to turn.

More revenue enters the US Treasury from SSI taxes, Medicare or Medicaid payments than it does from consumer taxes (which were the only taxes allowed to the federal government by the Founding Fathers).  Uncle Sam wants—or needs—healthcare to be expensive.  First, the system has to cover the costs which the plans incur, and second, Uncle Sam expects a "slice of the money pie” to keep the coffers of government filled—and to provide quid pro quos to the money mafia which keeps them in power. 

Thus, a healthcare system that forces the middle class (which government is trying hard to eliminate) to pay the healthcare costs of those who either can’t afford it, or who surmise they won’t need it for another 30 to 40 years and refuse to buy it.  And, of course, that’s the main reason any government healthcare system needs those young, healthy subscribers—they represent pure profit for government. The contributions they make through the taxes deducted from their paychecks offset some of the excess costs incurred by the elderly whose health has deteriorated, causing them to be hospitalized far more often.

Okay.  Let’s insure them.  But, remember, under the plan I'm proposing, you and I are not going to pay for their healthcare.   Next comes the young to middle age low income family which wants coverage, but can’t afford it and keep food on the table, and keep the water and lights on.  Let’s insure them, too.  But, once again, remember, you and I are not going to pay their healthcare costs, either.

Now let’s look at the real working, “working class” whose employer supplies a group insurance plan.  They are covered, and have been for years.  We don’t need to meddle with them because they’re insured and, between them and their employer, they pay the premium. There's no legal reason why government should be allowed to tack a surcharge of any type on those families which doubles the cost of their coverage just to pay for someone who earns enough money to buy their own, but doesn't think they need it.  So, you and I are not going to pay their healthcare costs, either. They need to stand on their own two feet like all proud Americans.

Okay.  We just created the perfect healthcare system. Everyone gets what they need.  But most important, everyone pays their own freight.  In America, freedom and liberty are guaranteed, but nowhere in the Constitution of the United States does any Congressman, Senator or President have a constitutional right to stick their hand in my pocket, or your pocket, and use our money largely to get themselves re-elected by giving the “gimme” crowd what our sweat equity earned for our families.

Of course, that’s been government’s argument all along.  Selfish us! NO! Selfish government.  An honest, truly single payer healthcare system that Congress could write the legislation (on less than 100 8.5" X 11" pages if they would lock the lawyers out of the chamber while they wrote it).

The plan is so simple that no politician alive (particularly those who feed on the illegal quid pro quos of the lobbyists for the medical and pharmaceutical industry) could ever think it up.

Barack Obama hired over a thousand new IRS agents to fine offenders who aren’t paying their “fair share”  which means paying  for someone else’s or maybe even two or three someone else’s insurance premiums. 

Let's look at this possible scenario: A guy who doesn't have insurance because he’s young and healthy gets in a serious car accident. He spends a month in the hospital and racks up a whopping $22,000 medical bill.  When he’s ready to be released, among the papers he signs is an IRS 1099 (with a different “medical” form number).  (I used Form 1099 because everyone knows what a Form 1099 is).  That reports earnings you have received on a contractual, temporary basis.  Your hospital stay was temporary and you were never an employee of the hospital.  But, because you don’t have to pay it back, you earned it. All you need to qualify for treatment is a real social security number which places you in the tax database. 

When the hospital files their federal taxes there will be a new line added to all medically-affiliated job holders and the organizations where they work. Their accountant computes the revenue earned and expenses paid. Generally, the next line is to assess the federal taxes due. But on the new tax form, there is a new line between their total tax liability and the amount they are required to pay. On that line, the tax preparer then deducts all of the 1099 amounts from all patients who received "free care," from the tax liability, lowering their tax liability by the amount of unpaid medical service they provided to the uninsured or under-insured).   Okay, now we see that the medical facility and the medical providers are reimbursed for their costs to treat the 1099 patients. So, who pays?

The nonpaying patient will receive a quarterly tax statement from the Internal Revenue Service detailing their 1099 medical tax liability. The statement provides the taxpayer with an 90 day grace period to tender payment to the IRS for the health care they received or face fines and penalties.  At the end of the year, when Americans file their taxes, those medical service recipients will receive both a W-2 from their employer and/or a Form 1099 (or whatever Form number is assigned for medical reimbursements), which are not deductible from the tax payers current or future taxes since they lost their medical status when they were not paid as medical bills. (The form your healthcare provider is required to send to you to attach to your Form 1040, 1040A or 1040 EZ is Form 1095-B, which tells the IRS you had healthcare in that fiscal year.) if you don't file the 1095-B, you will be fined. The fine will be based on your gross income for the year. In most instances, for low income wage earners, the fine will likely be higher than the cost of buying health insurance.

When it comes to the elderly, a different rule applies (based on age and income status).  Those who spent their productive years in some of the most trying times in modern America need to be recognized for the fact that it was their sweat equity which built America into the greatest nation on Earth. They should not be penalized for getting old.  Nor should those struggling to survive. Remember, you and I aren’t going to pay their healthcare costs in this new single payer system.

Federal law needs to provide families with elderly parents who lack coverage that they be included on the health insurance plans of the family.  100% of the premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses for the elderly parent should be tax deductible by their caring children. Elderly patients would be addendum policyholders, which means insurance carriers and medical care providers would have to provide the primary policy owner with a separate statement for each eldercare parent.   Like those who chose not to be covered, the costs for the supplemental elderly patient would become 1095-B expenses, but only 50% of those costs could be reclaimed by the medical facility. The balance is then paid to the medical facility or healthcare provider by Medicare. Only the elderly who built this nation deserve a free ride.

Did I forget anything?  Oh, yes, one more thing.  Under the new healthcare system, every insurance company and every healthcare provider in the United States will, at 12:00 noon the day following the day the legislation is enacted (not the day after the law takes effect) roll-back all medical services, hospital rates, and pharmaceuticals to the rates and prices charged for those products and services on January 2, 2009.  In other words, the thieves who participated in the largest theft from the American people don't get to keep their ill-gotten gains. The Chief Financial officer of each medical organization or pharmaceutical entity will be both financially and criminally liable if the damage done to the American healthcare system is not restored within 90 days of the day when the law legally goes into effect. And, yes, I am talking prison, here, because rape is never accidential—even if its just the economic rape of a nation.

Now That’s a “Single Payer” Healthcare Plan Every American Can Live With. If you agree with this proposed healthcare plan which took less than an hour to write, beats Obamacare by a country mile, then do more than simply forward this to your friends. Do something. Tell your elected "leaders" that stealing from the people has to stop now. The lobbyists won’t like, the pharmaceutical companies won’t like it, and the doctors who have been raping Medicare and Medicaid for years won’t like it. Nor will the politicians who have been crying for a “single payer system.” You can’t get any more single payer than this. One patient.  One bill.  One payer. The only difference between our interpretation of "single payer" and the government's definition of single payer is that, in the government's view, they get to take all of our money and spend it the way they want. They become the "single payer" only because when government empties the pockets of its human chattel, they control all spending for all things.

We have an election coming up in November.  This needs to on the ballot in every State! But more important, every candidate for the office of President, and every candidate for US or State legislative offices must be forced to sign an oath that he or she will repeal the unconstitutional travesty posing as a constitutional healthcare system in the United States. If they don't, no one should vote for them. Taking back our nation must begin today.



Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved