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The mystery about Associate Justice
Antonin Scalia's death may never be
answered...except, maybe, "Why?"
The European Union Times reported on Feb. 16, 2016, that on Feb. 11, US Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonin Scalia reportedly met with Barack Obama at Joint Base Andrews, the home of the US Air Force's 111th Wing, in Prince George's County, Maryland. Justice Scalia, as is the case when he travels, was accompanied by the three U.S. Marshals from the Judicial Security Division, which assigns the personal body guards of the Supreme Court Justices. The EU Times learned that a break in protocol occurred when the Obama Administration transferred the protection of Justice Scalia from the US Marshals Service to the Secret Service. The Marshals were then escorted off the base.

At that time, Obama theoretically boarded Air Force One (a Boeing VC-25) for his flight to Los Angeles and Justice Scalia theoretically boarded a US Air Force Gulfstream C-37A for his flight to Marfa Municipal Airport in southwest Texas, near the Mexican border. In a second break from normal protocol, F-16 fighter jets from Shaw Air Force Base, Montgomery Field and Luke Air Force Base sent escorts to protect both Air Force One and the Gulfstream. (Under normal protocol, military escorts accompany only Air Force One.) About that same time the Gulfstream landed in Marfa, Washington, DC news media reporters waiting for a previously scheduled news conference with Obama in the briefing room began questioning Obama's press secretary where Obama was, They were told that Obama was absent because of a late night, off-the-books dinner with three Hollywood elites, so he would not be attending the briefing. Why the lie?

Strangely, the umbrella of protective air cover USAF fighter planes continued for three hours, until the Gulfstream left the Marfa field, heading to LA. Media speculation is that Obama and Scalia were both on the Gulfstream and that the escorted Air Force One Boeing contained no passengers on its flight from Andrews to Los Angeles.

What appears to be a Russian report notes that electronic spectrum satellite analysis at Marfa, where the Gulfstream landed, shows that a four vehicle convoy left the airport and traveled directly to a 30 thousand acre estate known as Cibolo Creek Ranch, which was owned by John Poindexter, a close friend and fund raiser for Obama. When their meeting concluded, Obama left the Cibolo Creek Ranch and returned the Marfa airport where the Gulfstream, and its air cover, flew on to Los Angeles.

This is where the story starts to get hairy instead of just strange. Thirty-six hours after he arrived at Poindexter's estate, Senior Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was dead. News reports said the Justice was found in his pajamas, in bed with a pillow over his head (not over his face), suggesting that Scalia died in his sleep during the night. Texas law requires an autopsy when the cause of death is not apparent.

Before continuing, let's clear up the "Obama knew Scalia was dead hours before the news broke in the media." Of course he did. He sits in the Oval Office. Which means before anyone in the media knows, the first call goes to the very secure cell phone in Obama's pocket. I would hate to be Obama's press secretary if Obama had to learn that Scalia was dead by turning on CNN or picking up a copy of the New York Times. The first person who learns anything that will impact the course of history will always be the guy whose feet are usually propped up on the Resolute desk in the Oval Office. As much as I dislike the man, and believe he was complicit in Scalia's death, those accusations say nothing and mean nothing.

You know you have a "Vince Foster" event when the evidence defies logic. Foster, who was left-handed, was shot on the wrong side of his head. The gun was found in his right hand. And, the blood trail from the wound ran uphill. Foster's body had been moved. Usually people who kill themselves don't roll themselves up in a rug after they die and transport themselves from an apartment in Northwest DC to Fort Marcy Park in Maryland. Justice Scalia supposedly donned his pajamas and went to bed, theoretically dying in his sleep sometime that night. The problem? The pajamas he was found in were brand new. The folds and creases were still "crisp." I believe Scalia died, fully clothed and was redressed in pajamas to make the death storyline appear more plausible. Am I saying Scalia was murdered? No. I wasn't there, and I'm not privy to the information known by those who were. I'm saying I have no idea what happened from the time the Obama entourage returned to the Air Force One and Judge Guevara was called.

Nor do I believe much of the information which was released to the media, other than the fact that Scalia was dead, is truthful and/or accurate. A poll taken by conservative media outlets show that approximately 79% of the respondants believe Scalia was murdered. If I had seen the poll, I would have been one of the 79% who believes foul play took Scalia's life.

No one, regardless how sound a sleeper they are, sleeps without movement of some type. When you awaken in the morning (wearing a new pair of pajamas donned for the first time the night before), most of the folds and creases will be gone or crisscrossed with wrinkles caused by body movement during the night.

While most of the initial news blurbs I saw came from conspiracy writers who never seem to check the facts before pounding the computer keys, most of those reports said that Poindexter called a medical examiner who—over the telephone—officially declared Scalia dead. Scalia suffered from some cardiac problems. A county judge, not a medical examiner, pronounced Scalia dead. The official was Presidio County Judge Cinderella Guevara who [a] being neither a doctor nor a medical examiner and [b] not seeing the deceased or the surroundings where he died, or what caused his death, declared that Scalia died from myocardial infraction (a heart attack). She later told the Washington Post that she didn't know what killed him, only that his heart stopped beating. Had "cause of death: heart stopped beating" been listed on the death certificate she created, it would have obligated a medical examiner to perform an autopsy.

I would call into question the news report about US Marshals telling Judge Guevara that they had thoroughly investigated the death scene and that no foul play was evidenced because, if you remember, Scalia's US Marshal bodyguards were dismissed by the White House at Andrews. They were replaced with Secret Service agents who oversaw all of the post-mortem activity at Cibolo Creek Ranch as well as clearing the release of all information about Scalia.to the media. (Editor's Note from 2/24/16)—in a bylined Washington Post story by Amy Brittain and Sari Horowitz we have learned that after he called Presido County Sheriff Danny Dominguez to report a fatality at his home, John Poindexter told Dominguez that he was calling the US Marshal's office. Poindexter had not identified the name of the victim to the sheriff. Dominguez told Poindexter he could call anyone he wanted, but the investigation would remain the jurisdiction of the Sheriff of Presido County. Poindexter told the sheriff that the death was beyond his jurisdiction, and he needed to call the USMS. In the end, Dominguez called US Marshall Ken Roberts and they agreed to meet at the Cibolo Creek Ranch.

What we learned from this exchange is that when Obama left to go on to Los Angeles, not only did he leave with his own Secret Service Protection detail, logic suggests he may have also left with Scalia's Secret Service detail as well. Scalia suffered from coronary artery disease, conjunctive joint disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (clogged arteries), and high blood pressure. He had an oxygen tank in his bedroom, but it was not turned on and did not appear to have been used.

Poindexter told the sheriff that "...they had supper and talked for a while." Then, the Post reported, Scalia said "...that he was going to his room for the night "...and retired." But some of the things the sheriff saw only add to the puzzle. The implication was that Scalia was going to bed. Yet, Scalia placed his slippers by the bathtub as though preparing to bathe. His suitcase was open and Scalia's neatly folded clothing was inside. While Scalia was found, in bed, with the sheet up to his neck, the blanket on his bed was neatly folded as it would likely appeal when a guest at a hotel first enters a hotel room. What appeared to both the Sheriff and the US Marshal called to the scene to be the complete lack of evidence of a crime, appears to me to be a scene staged to appear that the Associate Justice 's heart just stopped beating.

The manager of the funeral home where Scalia's body was taken told the media that his family didn't want an autopsy performed. If my wife, who has scores of medical maladies, any of which will ultimately end her life, suddenly died, I would still want to know exactly what took her life. Presidio Justice of the Peace Juanita Bishop told the Washington Post: "If it had been me, I would want to know." But, perhaps Bishop doesn't have her eyes set on a federal judgeship. Let's watch and see how long it takes Judge Guevara to be appointed to the federal bench. That large of a favor merits a major quid pro quo.

(Editor's Note from 1/8/17) When you remove Barack Obama (who reboarded Air Force One [the Boeing VC-25] and continued on his flight to Los Angeles) from the equation, there are far more unanswered questions than answered ones. What motive would Obama have for wanting Scalia dead? Let's see. On top, beginning on Dec. 8, 2015, were several pending Supreme Court cases to be decided within the next six months. Cases affecting abortion rights, affirmative action, voting rights, the power of labor unions, Obamacare and Obama's use of Executive Orders to expedite citizenship for more than 4 million illegal aliens—with Scalia being the pivot vote in every case, with conservatives standing the best chance of winning all but one of them.

Not anymore. Scalia's untimely death on Saturday, Feb. 15, 2015 at John Poindexter's Cibolo Creek Ranch left an empty seat on the Supreme Court—for the balance of the 2015 term, and most likely for the duration of Obama's presidency with Republican's blocking Obama's ability to stack the court with a liberal replacement before the winner of the 2016 election takes office. While the White House and congressional Democrats would like to fill the seat, their chances of prevailing on those important cases dwindles significantly without a social progressive taking Scalia's place.

That's because the court is now divided evenly between liberals and conservatives, tilted slightly to the left because moderate Justice Anthony Kennedy takes the liberal side around 55% of the time. Tie votes would uphold the lower court's ruling. Only Obama's executive degree immigration case were decided in conservatives' favor at the appellate court level. More than any of the other cases, this is the win Obama needed to be able grant citizenship to illegal's with his cell phone and ball point pen. Obama had to be able to appoint a replacement for Scalia to be able to flood the United States with radical Muslims

From Barack Obama's perspective the most critical US Supreme Court vote in a decade will deal with the High Court considering Obama's unconstitutional presidential memorandum to grant citizenship to four million illegal aliens from radical Muslim nations—many of whom were destined for Texas, Tennessee, Florida and other politically conservative southern and midwest States. It's important to understand how the Obama Administration determined the distribution of the refugee Muslims from war-ravaged Islamic nations in the Mideast. Most of them were destined for resettlement in Republican majority states where leftwing votes are needed to tip the balance of political power not only in the State legislatures where gerrymandering takes place after every census—and sooner if the left gains a large enough majority in an off-year election—and in the nation's capital to permanently surrender political control of the United States to the globalist princes of industry and the barons of banking and business.

Oddsmakers believed that five of the six critical (to conservatives) decisions facing the US Supreme Court in December, 2015, 45 days before what I believe was the murder of Antonin Scalia were based on hearings that would be won by the votes cast by Associate Justice Scalia. The first hearing, on Dec. 8, would deal with changing the way State and county voting districts were drawn, basing them not on the total population, but the registered voting population. This would make non-citizens (illegal aliens and non-citizen legal residents) invisible since the Constitution forbids their participation in elections.

The second Supreme Court hearing, on Dec. 9, was the race-related university admission program that favors minorities, with a white student, Abigail Fisher who was denied admission to the University of Texas because she was white. Because Justice Elana Kagan reclused herself, with and it appeared likely that Anthony Kennedy would likely do the same, Fisher would win, 4 to 3. In the end, Fisher lost, 4 to 3 because Scalia was dead and Kennedy voted for the status quo affirmative action program.

On Jan. 11, 2016 conservative school teachers in California sued over being forced to pay dues which were used to pay for political advocacy which they opposed. The smart money said the teachers would win this one since Kennedy was leading the case against the union. With Scalia no longer in the mix, the status quo remained.

On March 21 the court was scheduled to hear a contraception argument from religious nonprofits being forced to seek an exemption from the Affordable Care Act in supplying contraception devises to healthcare members. If the court renders a decision before a replacement justice is confirmed, it will end as a 4-4 tie which means the lower court finding obligating the non-profits to pay for contraception will stand.

But the most important case, and I believe, the one that led to Associate Justice Antonin Scalia's death, was Obama's illegal aliens amnesty to be heard sometime in April. Had Scalia not been killed, Obama would have lost his presidential memorandum executive order preventing some four million illegal aliens from deportation. Without Scalia, Obama still needed to turn John Roberts, Kennedy, or Samuel Alito to win. As it was, this case, in the current high court, ended as a 4-4 tie, which means the lower court order which killed Obama's illegal executive decree remains intact. Thus far, Obama has not deported what he believes will be the Democrats' House and Senate salvation in 2018, and the Democrats' saving grace in 2020.





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