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Obama's frackin' fake
How many of Obama's "experts" have phony
credentials and "experience" just like their boss?

If there is one thing the American people have learned about the guy in the White House who appears not to have a legitimate birth certificate, a legitimate social security card, or a legitimate Selective Service Card, he has a penchant for appointing people who are just as unqualified for the jobs they are hired to do as him. But unlike Obama who actually earned a Columbia and Harvard degree, some of Obama's more special social progressive political hirelings who otherwise have legitimate drivers' licenses and social security numbers nevertheless fluff their resumes with unaccredited academiic achievements.

One of those unaccredited Obama-ites was Connie Schreppel, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Laboratory Technology at Utica College at Sycracuse University in 2010. She found a job as the Director of Water Quality for the Mohawk Valley Water Authority. In 2011, The New York Times reported that Dr. Connie Schreppel, Ph.D was one of two New Yorkers appointed by Obama to serve on the EPA's Board of Independent Scientists.

According to the Federal Register, the EPA, who appeared to have been considering employing Schreppel in 2010, referred to her in a notice published in the Federal Register as "Dr. Schreppel." You'll see why that was important in a couple of paragraphs.

The EPA board members were purported to be experts in the relationship between hydraulic fracking and drinking water resources. They would be the "experts" who would determine how dangerous fracking was to the potential pollution of the nation;s drinking water supply. Keep in mind, if you haven't mentally done the math, based on the media reported date when Schreppel purported received her BS in 2010 that, within less than 12 months, according to the New York Times she somehow managed to earn both a Master's Degree in Environmental Science from Greenwich University and, a Ph.D in Environmental Engineering.from Kennedy Western University. The problem is the Federal Register report in 2010 implied that the EPA was considering, or had, hired Dr. Connie Schreppel for the EPA job, it appears, shortly after she earned her Bachelor's degree from Utica College at Sycracuse University.

The problem is Greenwich University (which claimed to be accredited by the Australian government although it had no such accreditation) was a diploma mill. In fact, it had to locate its "school" on Norfolk Island, an external Aussie territory (about 1,000 miles from Sydney) because, by law in Australia, it failed to meet the minimal educational criteria required by the Australian MacQuarie Education Act of 1984 which superseded a prior law enacted in 1964 that regulated the educational standards of all colleges and universities in Australia. Greenwich could not legally attach the word "university" to its name. Greenwich University appears to have been created in 1972 in Missouri (borrowing its name from the University of Greenwich, sourtheast of London, England, located on the grounds of the old Royal Naval Academy. The University of Greenwich was founded in 1890 and is a prestigious British university).

Greenwich University, however, was born under yet another name in Jefferson City, Missouri. After numerous complaints, the diploma mill moved to Hilo, Hawaii, changing its name to Greenwich University at that time. They tried again to get accreditation but could not. They moved to Norfolk Island when Hawaii enacted a law which would grant accreditation only to colleges and universities where half or more of the student body earned their degrees "on campus."

Kennedy Western University was created in 1984 in Augoura Hills, California as an unaccredited distance learning center. Which means it was a post-secondary education correspondence school offering undergraduate and graduate degrees. In 2004 the Washington Post ran an exposè attack story on the Bush-43 Administration when they revealed US taxpayers were paying for bogus academic degrees for government employees "...to stroke their egos and help them qualify for jobs and promotions....An 8-month GAO investigation found that more than a dozen federal agencies had paid more than a $169,000 to two unaccredited schools suspected of being diploma mills—California Coast University in Santa Ana and Kennedy Western University..."

On Dec. 14, 2007 Kennedy Western University, its government contracts now dried up and wearing the putrid odor that only government stench creates, changed its name to Western National University and moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming. On March 31,2009 Western National closed it doors. It's a reasonably safe bet it's still operating somewhere else as a distance learning center, perhaps even using its government contracts to accomodate the Obama Administration.

The GAO found 28 senior level Bush Administration department heads from 8 different agencies had availed themselves of a provision in federal law which allows department heads to reimburse employees for degrees earned from accredited schools. Robert Cramer, the GAO official who led the investigation noted that loopholes in the law allow reimbursements for classes taken from unaccredited schools as well. That should be convenient for the Obama Administration who could uise a diploma mill to bolster the academic resumes of unqualified community activists he needs to fill the key socio-economic and environmental jobs to further regulate fossil fuels whether traditionally mined, drilled or extracted through fracking..

In 2004, Government Affairs Committee chairman, Sen. Susan Collins told the Washington Post that she believed "...this will just be the tip of the iceberg." And, of course it was because in 2004 the leftwing Washington Post was looking for Republicans fluffing their resumes with advanced degrees they "earned" without the homework—or a revenue drain—because stories like that made Bush-43 look bad and it was, after all, an election year. FrqckingNorthwest.jpgBut Collins was right about one thing. It was the tip of the iceberg. But, that was 2004's iceberg. Today there's an even larger iceberg bobbing around in the social progressive sea. It's called Iceberg Obama. The bad thing about this iceberg is that it's so large, the pieces that break off are each larger than the entire Bush-43 Iceberg.

Sen. Barack Obama inserted his iceberg into the 2009 Appropriations Bill in Nov. 2008. It was a billion dollar earmark to a clean coal consortium called the FutureGenAlliance who was going to help Obama put the coal industry out of business. Kerplunk!

Enter "Doctor" Connie Schreppel. Schreppel now looks like an anti-fracking environmentalist. She shouldn't have come close to qualifying as a member of the EPA's Board of Scientists if her qualifications were limited to a Bachelor's Degree and a job resume as the head of the Mohawk Valley, NY Water Authority The scientists on the EPA's Board of Scientists were theoretically supposed to be real environmental scientists with real experience in the principles of fracking since they would decide which natural gas and coal fracking permits would be approved or disapproved—on real evidence, not environmental terrorism. Kerplunk! Kerplunk!

When US Coast Guard Lt. Commander Claudia Gelzer testified before the Senate Government Affairs Committee about her undercover work investigating how to earn a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering at Kennedy Western Univerisity, she said they accepted at face value her conjecture that she had attended six seminars and had taken four courses related to oil spills when she had actually taken none of them. Kennedy Western checked or verified none of them. She also confirmed that committee investigators discovered that every student who applied was offered a 33% to 60% life experience credit. Kerplunk! Kerplunk! Kerplunk!

Schreppel said that wasn't why she applied to Kennedy Western. She said there were no univerisities close by the New York State Mohawk Valley offering either a Masters of Ph.D program. The Kennedy Western program fit her busy schedule, she said. Schreppel also said that even though she was hired to serve on the EPA's Scientific Board which would make the decision whether or not to approve or disapprove fracking licenses, she didn't view her role as that of a fracking scientist but rather only as a water utility user. I drink water therefore I am qualified. Kerplunk! Kerplunk! Kerplunk! Slurp! Kerplunk!


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