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Obama, Hagel and Clinton knowingly
released one of the 9-11 planners. Not to
worry—Hillary assured us that the terrorists
they released pose no threat to Americans.
Only Afghans. Hillary deliberately lied. After
all, she expects you to elect her President.

Mullah Mohammad Fazl, the Taliban's former Deputy Defense Minister's Guantanamo Bay detainees camp (Gitmo for people who don't like long words) internment camp serial number was #7. Since the Bush-43 Administration, the DIA, the FBI, the CIA, Secretary of State Colin Powell and US Attorney General John Ashcroft knew who "prisoner seven" was,Fazl.jpgwe know that Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, and Leon Panetta all knew who Number Seven was. In fact, they all knew that the remaining members of the Gitmo Five were just as dangerous as Fazl—and all of them posed an immediate and serious threat to America.

Fazl—who was the former Deputy Defense Minister of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, served as the Taliban's military Chief of Staff until he became the 7th Taliban member captured by the US Northern Command shortly after the war began. Khair Ulla Said Wajhli Khairhwn who was the 579th enemy combatant sent to Gitmo, headed the Afghanistan Interior Ministry. He had direct links to Osama bin Laden. He was the former Governor of Heret Province.. And, like Fazl, he had ample reason to hate Americans. The hatred Fazl felt as he helped plan the aerial attack on the World Trade Center was the intense hatred of a man trying to tell America that just because they had too much to eat, made and owned big shiny things, and gave their subjects the right to worship whatever form of God they wanted, that didn't give them the right to tell the Muslim world how to live Add to that the churning, festering hatred the Gitmo Five's confinement and you can see each of them had ample reason to hate America.

NooriMullah Norullah Noori was the very prosperous former governor of BalProvince. Abdul Hag Wasiq, before his capture, was the Deputy Chief of Intelligence for the Taliban. He was prisoner four at Gitmo. WasiqWasiq, like Fazl, arrived at Gitmo on Jan. 11, 2002 with about a dozen other Taliban captives who were held on the USS Bata an until the Guantanamo Bay detainees camp was complete. The final member of the Gitmo Five was Mohammad Nabi Omari, Chief of Communications for the Taliban.. He was prisoner 832. Omari's name was mentioned in documents in al Qaeda safe houses all over the world. Omari is one of only a few key Taliban leaders who were also part of the leadership of al Qaeda. He spent 12 years in Gitmo, and his hate for America, not Afghanistan, grew more virulent and contemptuous as each of those years passed. These were probably five of the most dangerous men in the world. Their hatred of the United States and the American people only intensified during their confinement in Gitmo. You can bet they are already strategizing how to get back at their enemies in Afghanistan (as Hillary suggested to Cynthia McFadden's suggestion on the Today Show), but you can bet they are already plotting their revenge on the American people—and they don't have to go to Afghanistan or Pakistan to retaliate. OmariQatar works just fine. KhairThe Taliban and al Qaeda are, after all, global terrorist networks.

During Hillary Clinton's "book tour" interview by McFadden on NBC's Today Show did not work out well for Hillary's public opinion make-over. McFadden questioned the Bergdahl-Gitmo Five swap by telling Clinton "...I think an awful lot of people think that we're less safe today than we were a week ago because these five guys are out."

Arrogantly, but with the confidence that only a very practiced, highly adept liar possesses, Clinton answered, "These five guys are not a threat to the United States. They are a threat to the safety and security of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It's up to those two countries to make the decision once and for all that these are threats to them. So I think we may be kind of missing the bigger picture here. We want to get an American home, whether they fell off the ship because they were drunk or they were pushed or they jumped, we try to rescue everybody." In reality, the only people in Afghanistan and Pakistan who have cause to worry are women who want to read or maybe get a job; parents who wanted their children to learn about life and liberty in the free world; and those who befriended or cooperated with American and British forces in Iraq or Afghanistan. It was the women in Afghanistan and Iraq whom Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised that the United States would protect when they sought equal rights in the Muslim world and, with those rights, an education that included reading and writing..

She hoped her social progressive partial fabrications in her new book would boost her bonafides as she provided her talking point version of truth to the princes of industry-owned media to dupe those who'd rather watch football or soap operas than pay attention what the politicians are doing to their nation. Hillary, it appears is no more qualified to answer the red phone at 2 a.m. than Barack Obama.

Hillary desperately needs the public to believe her—but just long enough for her to get elected. This time she tripped herself up with her own poorly thought-out shallow talking points about the prisoner swap of a military deserter for five of the most dangerous men in Gitmo. Bergdahl.jpgSince none of the soldiers in Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl's platoon in the 25th Infantry Division of the 1st Battalion spoke out publicly about Bergdahl's desertion from the US Army (or perhaps the leftwing media scrubbed the story whenever it popped up) because the Obama Administration needed the story to disappear for "national security reasons." When the story about Bergdahl's desertion hit the wires, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, the third most notorious liar in Washington, DC (following Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) was sent out to do damage control.

One of those fellow soldiers, Coty Full, told Megyn Kelly of Fox News that "...I believe he deserted—without a doubt in my mind. He did not serve the United States with honor. We all took an oath—he violated that oath when he deserted us and put other Americans at risk." Another of Bergdahl's friends, Jason Fry said Bergdahl was "one of the quiet ones." When they were deployed to Afghanistan Bergdahl told Fry that "...if this deployment is lame, I'm just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan." When his unit was sent to an outpost called Mest-Malak in Afghanistan, Bergdahl apparently decided the deployment was lame. Bergdahl began to isolate himself from the men in his unit and spent every off-duty moment with the Afghans, learning to speak Afghani (Pashto). When one of Bergdahl's few friends was killed, he sent an email to his parents on June 27, 2009: "The future is too good to waste on lies. And life is way too short to spend it helping fools with their ideas that are wrong. I have seen their ideas and I am ashamed to even be American." He added, "The horror of the self-righteous arrogance that they thrive in. It is all revolting.The system is wrong. I'm ashamed to be an American. And the title of US soldier is just the lie of fools. The US army is the biggest joke the world has to laugh at. It's an army of liars, backstabbers, fools, and bullies...The horror that's America is disgusting."

An Obama Administration official, Deputy Secretary for Public Affairs at HUD, Brandon Friedman, argued that Bergdahl was justified in deserting and joining the Taliban because of his platoon's psychopath leadership. It is important to remember that Obama-ites always spew the views of Obama or they chew their cuds in silence and swallow their personal views and integrity because there is no honor in serving Obama.

According to Rice, Bergdahl served his country well and deserved to be rescued because, as Obama noted, Americans leave no one behind. Except, perhaps, US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, IT Specialist Sean Smith, and former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty who were deliberately left behind to die. But, let's make sure we save the deserter who left a note behind in his tent saying he had become disillusioned with the United States army because he did not support what the US Army was doing in Afghanistan and he decided to quit and start a new life. Fox News' Jennifer Griffin reported that in an email to his father, Bergdahl said he was ashamed of being an American and wanted to renounce his citizenship. He left all of his body armor and his weapons behind and simply stole away like a thief in the night..

One deserter who expressed his contempt for America for the five most dangerous radical Islamists in the world? Not a good swap..And that fact raised serious questions about Obama, Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel (who appears to have already agreed to be the fall guy if the flack got too bad when America realizes that not only did Obama trade five deadly terrorists for an army deserter who may well have been a collaborator with the Taliban, although denied by the White House.) it appears Obama may have also paid a ransom to get back a deserter who was promoted from private-first-class to sergeant while he was "in captivity."

Forget about the five most dangerous terrorists in the world for a moment. Rumors still persist that the Haqqani Taliban "holding" Bergdahl wanted $5 million to release the army sergeant (who was promoted in absentia). Who promotes a deserter? Only Barack Obama's Pentagon. The Department of Defense and, of course, the leftwing Media Matters insists the ransom story was made up by Fox News. Fox News learned from a White House leak that Obama was considering a $1 million to $5 million payment to the Haqqani (a crime syndicate within the Taliban) since shortly after Bergdahl was taken into custody. With the money, they wanted the release of 21 Gitmo detainees. Nothing happened. Had Obama offered the million dollars just for Bergdahl the Taliban would likely have made the swap. But, at the time, no one wanted Bergdahl back. Rumors about a ransom, ranging from $500,000 to $5,000,000 can be found in news reports, but there is no evidence that money ever changed hands. What changed hands were the five deadliest terrorists in Gitmo for one turncoat that only Bob and Jani BergdahlBowe's parents—wanted.

Now, let's look at the whole Gitmo Five puzzle including the Bergdahl puzzle pieces which were sold to the American people in one puzzle box like it was the same puzzle. The leftwing media threw in a few extra puzzle pieces that concerned Barack Obama's several persistent attempts to find a way to get rid of the Gitmo Five and several other very dangerous al Qaeda and Taliban leaders so he could close the Guantanamo Bay detainees camp and declare the war on terrorism officially won. (Remember, to the social progressive left whose political and military objectives are different than those of intelligent people, winning simply means disengaging from war to the accolades of the liberal media, even if the enemy takes the land.) President Jimmy Carter (the white Barack Obama) lost the War in Vietnam. It was the first war the United States ever lost. Barack Obama, on the other hand, is the first occupant of the White House to lose two wars already won—Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama believes when he empties Gitmo the Harry Reid-Nancy Pelosi radial extremists on the left will once more raise him on the pedestal of praise and admiration.

Because he's Constitutionally not one (due to the fact that he's not an American citizen), Obama does not think like a president. He's a radical community organzer with a very expensive airplane at his disposal. He thinks like a community organizer. And he acts like one. When Obama is facing a congressional crisis, what does he do?

Does he, like every chief executive in the past, sit down with the leadership of both parties and reach a compromise that both sides can live with and get the country's business done? No. He gets on Air Force One, with the taxpayers footing the bill, and finds a bully pulpit in a union stronghold somewhere in the country, and with CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC. MSNBC and PBS rolling, he attempts to use the 2008 Obama social progressive charisma to sway public opinion so he could threaten those on the right who do not march lockstep to the beat of the Islamofascist Obama drumfest.

The White House, which had known the general whereabouts of Bergdahl most of the time he was a "Guest" of the Haqqani Taliban in the Paktika Province on the border of Pakistan, could have rescued him anytime they wanted. They just didn't want to. He was an embarrassment Obama may have agreed with, but couldn't pin a good conduct medal on him for it. The Obama Defense Department would rather have found his corpse than him alive. Soldier strays off. Gets caught by the Taliban. Body found. Usually with its head resting on a headless chest. Everyone's sad. No one's embarrassed. Unfortunately someone's phoned the State Department or the Defense Department rang and suggested a trade. The Haqqani offered, once again, to free Bergdahl for that reported $1 million-American and fewer of the detainees in Gitmo. From the media reports I've read, it appears likely had the the military offered to pay cash money to the Haqqani for Bergdahl, they very likely would have considered that to be a good day's work.

Although Obama had the Pentagon promote Pfc. Bergdahl to sergeant as though he was still very much active military, the last thing in the world Obama wanted was Bergdahl back in the United States where a conspiracy-minded rightwing House Committee could subpoena members of Bergdahl's command, political appointees in the Pentagon and worse, Bergdahl and members of Berghdahl's squad—and worst of all, Brandon Friedman, Deputy Secretary for Public Affairs at HUD, a loudmouth antiwar leftwing who parroted the view that Bergdahl was justified since, in Friedman's view, Bergdahl's leaders in the military were psychopaths. Bob and BarackTo normalize Bergdahl, Obama had a Rose Garden meeting with his parents and a second White House photo op where Bob Bergdahl, Bowe's father addressed his son in Pashto, telling the TV cameras that he was speaking both to his son and the Afghan people.

In conclusion, we should take an extra moment and ponder Susan Rice's comment that Bergdahl served his country well and deserved to be rescued because, as Obama noted, Americans leave no one behind. They don't? Then why is it that US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi (earned stripes), who got in the wrong barricaded lane on the Texas side of the US-Mexican border and was forced to cross into Mexico is still sitting in a Mexican prison awaiting charges. He's been there since May 3. 2014. Sgt Tahmooressi.jpgStrangely, the man in the White House who insists he will leave no man behind was on the phone with Mexican President Enrico Peña Nieto on June 19, yet never even asked a question about the American citizen they had locked up in the El Hongo II Prison in Tecate, Mexico. And, since Tahmooressi, who was not going to Mexico when he accidentally found himself in a barricaded lane he could not escape from, had three legal guns in locked in the back trunk of his car when he passed into Mexico—where guns are illegal—through the San Ysidro border crossing in San Diego, he alerted the Mexico border guards what happened and told them that he had three weapons in the back trunk. Instead of redirecting him back to the United States, they seized his weapons and threw him into jail. Did Obama ask Nieto for his Marine back the night they spoke? No. But, on June 5, 2014 when four Chihuahua, Mexico state police officers chased a suspect with a gunshot wound in his leg across the dried-up Rio Grande and into the United States. a couple miles from El Paso, Texas in Hudspeth County. They were arrested by US Border Patrol agents.for entering the United States illegally. Keep in mind, at that moment, Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi had been detained by the Mexican government for 33 days. Yet, two days later the Department of Homeland Security released the four Chihuahua cops who, like Sgt. Tahmooressi, claimed they had accidentally crossed the border—carrying what amounted to illegal weapons. Why was Barack Obama not on the phone with Enrico Nieto demanding a swap with Nieto—his four cops for Sgt. Tahmooressi?

The reality is that since 2002 over 300 Mexican soldiers and police officers have illegally crossed the border from Mexico in armed incursions into the United States. In some instances there has been gunfire exchanged between the Mexican invaders of US Border Patrol agents according to a written response from the Department of Homeland Security to US Congressman Duncan Hunter [R-CA]. One hundred fifty two of these incurions involved 525 armed Mexican police, miltary and paramilitary personnel who, the government believes were assisting drug cartel member avoid capture by the Border Patrol,

Hunter has been fighting for the release of Sgt. Tahmooressi when news of his arrest reached the US government. My question to the Obama Administration is: where was the Secretary of State? Wimpish John Kerry is no better at protecting the good name and standing of the United States than Hillary Clinton. Is there anyone in the Obama Administration who is qualified to answer the red phone when it rings at 2 a.m.? The answer is an emphatic "No!" They just turn over and go back to sleep as our impoverished neighbors, who are now growing fat on our jobs and feeding their egos playing hemispheric strongmen now challenge Obama by kicking sand in the face of the 92-lb weakling in the White House. Mr. Obama reminds me of the 1930s cinema image of the underweight little rich kid who always paid a gang of thugs and bullies to hang out with him so he could play Mr. Tough Guy and intimidate everyone else in the neighborhood.

Today, Obama has learned that the real thugs and bullies are the Muslim terrorists who today threaten the entire world. What does the bully at 1600 Pennsylvania do? He pretends they don't exist, and there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Or is it that he knows he personally has nothing to fear because the new bullies on the block appreciate his releasing the Gitmo Five so much that, now, they owe him one? Is he expecting a terrorist invasion of the United States sometime around the Election of 2016 so he will be justified in suspending the Constiutiton and declaring martial law? He wouldn't be the first tyrant to do that. Adolph Hitler did it in January, 1933. One month later, the German Constitution no longer existed and the Weimar Republic was replaced with the Third Reich. Don't think for one minute that this nation is safe because of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. A nation is secure only as long as its leaders answer to the People—and the People are strong enough to enforce their will on a belligerent government



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