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20 years

When tragedies like the University of Texas shooting took place in 1966, or the school shooting happened at Heath High School in West Paducah, Kentucky on Dec. 1, 1967, or the Columbine High School massacre happened in Jefferson County, Colorado on April 20, 1999, or the Red Lake High School massacre on an Indian reservation Red Lake, Minnesota on March 21, 2005; and now the most tragic massacre in the history of the United States at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut strike, the social progressive do-gooders whose communist agendas in schools and in life, always achieve more bad than good, once again decreed that guns caused this tragedy.

In each of these incidents clearly guns were the instruments of death chosen by the deranged killers. But make no mistake about it—although the anti-gun social progressives say it's so, guns may have been the weapons most often used, they were not the "cause" of any of the tragedies highlighted in the previous paragraph. Horace Smith, Daniel Wesson, Samuel Colt, Eliphalet Remington and Gaston Glock may have invented the firearms that carry their names, but none of them were responsible for pulling the triggers in any of these tragedies. And, as shocking as it may seem, those tragedies would have happened without or without the availability of firearms.

But before getting too deeply entrenched in the "guns cause the violence in all crimes of this type regardless what the psychological motivation of the killer[s] might be, let's dispel that argument quickly by reminding you that the worse mass murderer in the United States was a guy who used manufactured cow manure as his weapon. The guy, of course, was Timothy McVeigh who used common, everyday industrial farm-grade chemical fertilizer to kill 168 Americans including 19 children in the daycare center in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. McVeigh killed one child less than Adam Lanza who stole three weapons which were legally owned by his mother, Nancy Lanza. He shot her in the face three times before initiating his toddler massacre. Take it to the bank, if Nancy Lanza's guns were secured in a gun vault, Adam Lanza would have stabbed her with a butcher knife or clubbed her to death with a cast iron skillet.

That debate aside for a moment, let's look at the last two hate crimes committed in the United States. Both used a much larger and far more lethal weapons to kill their victims than those used by Adam Lanza. Both were those killings were hate crimes. The weapon used? Commuter trains: Erika Menendez, 31, who hated Muslims, pushed a Hindu Sunando Sen in front of an elevated subway train, killing him. Menendez though he might be an Asian Muslim. But, if he was Hindu instead, that would be okay, too. The first killing took place on Dec. 3. An oriental man, Ki Duk Han, age 58, who appeared to have been panhandling in a New York subway station, got into an argument with another panhandler, who screamed at Ki to "...leave me the f—k alone. Take your m—ing a— over there, stand in line and wait for the R train, that's it." The attacker appeared also to be a panhandler with a Styrofoam™ cup of change. He was a black man. He has not been apprehended nor identified..

The Sandy Hook crime spree happened less than a hour after Lanza learned his mother had petitioned the court to have him committed to a mental hospital. Lanza suffered from Asperger's Syndrome. a form of autism but with more prevalent psychological misbehavior patterns than normal autistic suffer from. Using weapons owned by his mother, Lanza killed 28 people (including himself). Using a homemade fertilizer bomb and no guns, Timothy McVeigh killed 140 more innocent people than Lanza.. Don't blame the weapon. Blame the killer. And, please, don't feed me the social progressive line of generic baloney that if the killer didn't have a gun the crime wouldn't have happened. Cain didn't have a gun and he didn't have a problem killing Abel. There are fewer violent crimes with guns in Switzerland than in any other nation on Earth. In Switzerland, every person in the country 18 years of age or older is required by law to own a Swiss Army 556x45mm Sig 550 rifle. Officers are also required to own a 9mm Sig-Sauer P220 semi-automatic pistol. The 1999 Swiss Gun Act allows all Swiss citizens (who are not medically diagnosed as having some form of mental problems, to purchase three additional weapons of their choosing. Switzerland is the most heavily armed, per capita, nation on Earth. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. In 2010, the total number of homicides in Switzerland totaled 53, or 0.70 per 100 thousand people. Guns aren't the cause of killing. People are. And, as you can see from the above, you don't need a gun to kill anyone. A knife is just as deadly. So is a broken beer bottle or a baseball bat. And, as noted above, a freight or commuter train engine works even better than a gun because the odds of your being caught on a crowded train platform reduce your chances of ever being caught. And, no gun powder residue or you never leave your fingerprints on the murder weapon.

When Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold initially planned their attack on Columbine their weapons, initially, were four hunting knives and 99 homemade bombs. Klebold and Harris were fanatic hosts of an online multi-participant video game called "Doom." It was a "first-person shooter video game." The players attack hordes of invading demons from Hell. (In this case, the demons—in the minds of Harris who found the game)—were the "jocks" at Columbine who beat up the nerds (in particular Harris and Klebold.) Both were arrested for breaking into a utility truck and stealing an assortment of tools they thought they could use in getting revenge on the jocks that harassed them almost daily. They were found guilty of petty theft and forced to attend "anger management" classes. At that time a doctor prescribed Zoloft™ and Luvox™ for them. Biological psychiatrist Peter Breggin (an expert in the toxic affects of psychotherapy drugs) argued that one or both of these drugs led Harris to the psychological cliff.

When they planned their journey to Hell, Klebold and Harris began a web search on how to make small, very destructive bombs, which were to be their weapon of choice. Without evidence to the contrary, one concludes that the knives they carry were to help finish off the maimed who survived their explosive devises. A friend, Robyn Anderson, bought them a rifle and two shotguns at the Tanner Gun Show in December, 1998. The sudden availability of guns modified their game plan. (This is one imperative reason why FBI background checks absolutely need to be done at gun shows. Buyers like Klebold and Harris, or friends who are either adults or possess fake IDs) It takes less than 30 minutes to complete the FBI form, fax it to the FBI and get approval for the transaction. An underage buyer, a guy who beats his wife every now and then—but only when she really needs it—or someone with a criminal record, clearly doesn't want his 2nd Amendment right to own a gun stepped upon, just as the trade show dealers who generally deals in black powder weapons or pre-1890 handguns don't want their livelihood trampled by Big Brother, as a society, we don't want people with hair-trigger anger issues, mental illness, or criminal backgrounds carrying guns.

A Klebold friend—doing his underage buddy a favor—illegally bought him a TEC-9 handgun for $500. Shortly before the Columbine massacre occurred, Harris suddenly came into the possession of a 12-gauge Savage-Springfield 67H pump shotgun and a HiPoint 995 9mm carbine (a military issued weapon that belonged to Wayne Harris, his father. The 200 round clips for the 9mm carbine were ordered from Green Mountain Guns by Eric Harris posing as his father. The owner of the gun shop called Wayne Harris to let him know the clips he ordered had come in.). Harris said he didn't order any clips and hung up the phone. Eric Harris noted on his website that if his Dad and/or the gun shop owner had asked either any questions about the order, the plot would have been revealed. The jig would have been up and the Columbine Massacre would likely not have happened. But, Wayne Harris didn't question the gun store owner. And the gun store owner did not question Wayne Harris. My personal view? The gun shop order figured it out and wanted the sale. Eric Harris ended up with the clips.

The Columbine Massacre ended with the suicides of Harris and Klebold.. Had they not managed to secure the weapons they used on April 20, 1999, the Columbine Massacre would still have happened. But, instead of the firearms they managed to secure, their weapons would have been the 99 homemade explosive devises which they never got a chance to use. Had they used explosive devises instead of guns, the devastation at Columbine would likely have equaled Timothy McVeigh's death and destruction at the Murrah Building In Oklahoma City. As it was, 13 students and one teacher died at Columbine. Twenty-one other students were wounded. Three others were injured escaping the building. Some form of Columbine would have happened with or without firearms.

The social progressives in our society clearly understand they are not going to overthrow the Constitution, suspend the Bill of Rights and create a dictatorship in the United States until they manage bypass the 2nd Amendment and outlaw the private ownership of firearms—both handguns and long guns which include rifles, shotguns and military-style rapid-fire automatic weapons. That's why every shooting in America is a crisis they intend to maximize. What they intend to do is what the antigun communists in the United States have been trying to do since Franklin Roosevelt tried it first with the National Firearms Act of 1935 in response to the attempt on his life by Guiseppe Zangara on Feb. 15, 1933, 19 days before FDR became the 32nd President of the United States. Zangara fired at FDR 5 times but accidentally killed Chicago mayor Anton Cermack instead. Zangara was charged with the murder of Cermack and the attempted assassination of the president-elect. He was found guilty, sentenced—and just as quickly, executed in Florida's electric chair. Even before Mayor Cermack's body was cold, the New Deal Congress enacted the National Firearms Act of 1934. This law was very personal to FDR because someone tried to kill him, and he was determined to outlaw any type of firearm that someone could point in his direction, particularly handguns. The US District Court for the Western District of Arkansas found the National Firearms Act of 1934 unconstitutional. So, FDR's attorney general contested the decision and he New Dealers enacted the National Firearms Act of 1938 which banned sawed-off shotguns and rifles and automatic weapons. That was FDR's mistake. It was the 29th time a gun rights case to be heard in the federal judiciary. The 30th case, United States v Jack Miller (307 US 174) which overturned the National Firearms Act scared the left so bad they didn't want another gun rights case reaching the high court. The 64th gun case since US v Miller did—and the consequences for the antigun rights left who were attempting to overthrow the Constitution and overwhelm a powerless people was a dramatic step backwards for the new brand of American communists who like to call themselves social progressives because it sounds more benign than commie pig..

The antigun crowd's first step backwards was US v Miller on May 13, 1939. The New Deal Supreme Court, loaded with FDR cronies, stunned the Roosevelt Administration and the communists in the House and Senate when they said that the Founding Fathers crafted the 2nd Amendment because they were convinced that somewhere down the road into history the people of the United States might have to fight an oppressive government and, therefore, it was in the best interests of the nation that the people of the United States be as well armed as its government. And, to put it in even more simple language so the lawyers sitting on thistles in both Houses could understand, without a constitutional interpreter, the purpose of the 2nd Amendment was not to restrict the right of the people to own firearm, but to protect the people from their own government, guaranteeing the people the right to be as well armed as its government. America watched the disarming of the peoples of Europe—particularly the Jews—and saw the consequences of an unarmed populace. Today, the best armed nation on Earth is Switzerland. It's on the only country in the world that has no suffered war losses since the Napoleanic invasion in 1815. The Swiss feared invasions from both Germany and Italy during both World Wars since both nations declared war on the Swiss, with the Swiss border crossed some 1,000 times by belligerents. What kept Switzerland safe? 100% of the Swiss population is armed. If the nation is attacked, 100% of its people will fight the aggressors.

When US v Miller came down to the wire, the 8-to-0 decision against FDR stunned the White House. Roosevelt's closest ally on the high court, Associate Justice William O. Douglas abstained. Voting to kill FDR's European-style gun ban was Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes and socialist Associate Justices Felix Frankfurter, Hugo Black, and moderate Justices James McReynols, Pierce Butler, Harlan Stone, Owen Roberts and Stanley Reed who had formerly been FDR's Solicitor General all voting against him. The first antigun case visited the Supreme Court in 1820. with 31 2nd Amendment cases being addressed in federal court before US v Miller, and 63 others before Heller v US became the 64th. In Heller, the high court told the District of Columbia it could not suspend an inherent right of the American people by denying them the right to protect themselves, placing New York and Illinois gun ban laws in jeopardy as well. Illinois is trying to figure out how to continue banning guns while creating the illusion that they're protecting the 2nd Amendment. New York doesn't waste its time with pretext. The criminal element in New York wants to make sure no one infringes on their right to own and use the tools of their trade. They just hope that as antigun as New York mayor David Bloomberg is, that he disarms the cops in New York since, in their view,the NYPD is just a little bit too trigger-happy to walk around New York armed. After all, the bobbies in London aren't armed.

But all has not gone well for advocates of gun rights. In 2002 in US v Bean, the high court decided that Thomas Bean, a licensed gun dealer went to a gun show in Larado, TX. After the gun show Bean and his workers decided to play tourista and go to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for dinner. Bean instructed his workers to remove every weapon and box of ammunition from his vehicle before they left for Mexico. Bean reminded them very strongly that it's a felony in Mexico to transport weapons or ammunition into that country. The employees responsible for cleaning out his car missed one box of 200 bullets. When Mexican authorities stopped them at the border and popped the trunk, that box of ammo had slid into plain sight. Bean was arrested, charged, tried and sentenced to five years in a Mexican prison for smuggling ammunition into the country. Because of his felony conviction in Mexico, under 18 USC § 922(g)(1) Bean could not receive, possess, or distribute firearms or ammunition when he returned to the United States.. Because he did not intentionally violate Mexican law, Bean sought an exemption from the ATF under §925(c). The Bush-43 ATF returned the application unprocessed, advising Bean that under 18 USC § 922 they had no authority to reinstate his license. In point of fact, Bush-43 Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neill, had congressional authority to do just that, but chose not to. This gave the left hope and led them to believe that even the conservatives wanted to limit the right of people to own guns.

As the days and weeks pass America is learning more about the Sandy Hook killer, Adam Lanza. As noted above, we know Lanza suffered from Asperger's Syndrome. We know his mother was trying to have him committed because she believed he was a threat not only to himself, but society as well. She was right. He shot her in the face three times, and proceeded to massacre 26 people, including himself. Missing are the "whys." To the social progressive, the answer contains only one "why.". Why did the killer slay the victim? Answer: Because he or she had a gun. That way, the gun is just as guilty as the perp. The gun, then, becomes the motive for the crime instead of the instrument of it.

In the case of Adam Lanza the authorities should have been be asking: "How, or why, did an autistic child morph into a homicidal psychopath?" That's the question an unbiased law enforcement officer should ask because he would be looking for the motive for the crime. But in liberalland, the social progressives did not want that answer. They wanted to blame the gun not the reason for the crime.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were also addicted to video games. The game they hosted was called Doom (note photo above)..But there are a few things that random mass killers have in common. They fixate on violent movies—the more violence, the more bloody the film, the better. If you research their childhood you will find they were despicable little little kids who like to torture or kill kittens. They have behavioral problems both as juveniles and teenagers. The problems with most juvenile courts is that the courts are usually lenient with violent juvenile offenders when they should be treated as adult offenders—particularly the callous ones, Dangerous kids become dangerous adults.

In one instance, a 17-year old youth named Brian Bahr from Allentown, Pennsylvania decided to rape and murder a girl. Any girl. He picked a 12-year old neighborhood girl because she knew him and he was sure he could "walk her home." Her name was Dannie Reese. When Danni failed to come home for supper one winter night, her parents called the police. Investigators found someone who had seen Danni walking in a nearby park with Bahr. It was after the local authorities looked through Bahr's backpack and found a notebook that detailed 23 things you had to do to rape and dispose of a girl's body. "...(1) Strip her bare. (2) Strip yourself. (20) Slowly beat her to death for all the pain I've had in life." Item 20 is the most important element because every juvenile that morphs into a murderer blames someone else. The more horrendous the crime, the more pain the killer believes he or she must inflict on those responsible for the pain they suffered growing up. A jury sentenced the 17-year old to life in prison. The US Supreme Court reduced his sentence. Not only did Florida overturn capital punishment for minors, it also removed life sentences off the table for juvenile killers as well. When kids kill, the court reasons, they don't know any better. The courts would be wrong.

You might say that Hollywood has done an extremely good job teaching kids now to kill based on the realism of the violence they portray on the big screen—and the "kick" kid killers get from slaughter their victims. Kids are more savvy today than they were when today's seniors were kids who spent their dime to see a double feature Saturday matinee that included a western with Johnny Mack Brown, Lash Larue or Red Raider; followed by a "B"-detective movie where, when they shoot the bad guy (or his victim ) you never saw any blood. Violence on the big screen was pristine. In today' movies and video games you not only get to see flying, decapitated heads and the entrails of victims slaughtered by ghouls and sadists, in "M" rated video games played by every 10 to 12 year old in the county (purchased online on their papal account or on the credit card supplied to them by their mamas. In some of these video games they get to play the street thug in a gang war or drug war; or a mercenary killing drug lords. Movies and video games like these completely desensitize viewers and/or players to all forms of crime and violence. Human life has no value. The spilling of human blood and the ending of human life has no more meaning today than aiming a make-believe weapon to a make-believe villain or a make-believe villain in a video game and pulling a make-believe trigger..

Yet, when someone like James Eagan Holmes—the Dark Knight killer slaughters 24 movie viewers at a Aurora, Colorado movie theater on July 20, 2012 at a midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises, the guns he used quickly became accomplices to the crime. Holmes was also charged with 116 counts of attempted murder. Each wounding carried two separate penalties: one for premeditation and one for extreme indifference to human life.. Holmes, who was wearing a Blackhawk Urban Assault Vest and an armored, special forces helmet, who expected to be killed by police, boobytrapped his apartment to explode into flames and set off thousands of rounds of ammunition in the hopes of killing as many of the the police who investigated his apartment for evidence of the motive for the crime as possible. Where did Holmes get the thousands of dollars needed to buy the weapons and ammunition for his own "dark night?" Where else? From his taxpayer-funded educational grant from the National Institute of Health. Was Holmes' grant an accomplice? You bet your pimply butt it was although the Obama Administration and the NIH would deny it. Without that $26,000 Holmes would have been hard-pressed to buy a Red Ryder B-B gun. So, was the NIH an accomplice? You can bet their warty, wrinkled butts they were. Had the brains in the NIH taken the 5 minutes needed to check how well "the brain" was doing they would have discovered that he failed his oral exams in the spring of 2012 and dropped out of college.

As he collected his $26,000 NIH grant Holmes, a Batman superhero fan, had already determined how he was going to spend it. David Aragon, an MTV actor working on the MTV reality series, Pimp My Ride, told the media that Holmes called him twice several months earlier about a movie Aragon was producing called Suffocator of Sins whose storyline contained a vigilante Batman who shoots down evildoers. On Aug. 1, 2012 CBS News reported that Aragon told them that Holmes showed a lot of interest in the movie trailer. When we get serious about the catalysts that turn kids into killers, we need to start blaming the right "accomplices." It isn't the guns, knives, bombs or speeding trains that is the killer. That may be the weapon of choice or necessity, but that's not the "who" or the "why." One hundred percent of the time the "who" is someone who is clinically depressed, or is so odious that he or she hates everything and everyone. When you don't have a gun or a knife handy, a train will always work. When the hat boils over and you are determined to kill someone, as long as it gets the job done, one weapon is just as good as another. Switzerland has the highest percentage of gun ownership in the world—and a gun crime rate so low that statistics are not kept.

In my view, if a murder is premeditated, done in a heat of rage, or hate, or racism, or in the process of committing some other crime, and the evidence of guilt is supported with indisputable DNA, the killer—regardless of age or mental capacity—should be executed as quickly as they used to execute convicted killers in the early 20th century. Killers don't deserve the luxury of living on the taxpayers' dime for decades as they spend the taxpayer's money trying to win new trials, or get their death sentences commuted, or win pardons or paroles so they can kill again.

Why is it that bleeding heart social progressives so easily forgive the victims of the crimes that took the lives of their victims? Because, in their world, it's not people who kill, it's guns who kill. The miscreants who fire the weapons simply had the misfortune of being in their proximity when they discharged. If the guns didn't exist, in their view, the crimes would never have happened. If the friends of Eric Martin and Dyland Klebold had never gotten them the guns they used to kill their classsmates at Columbine, the social progressives remain convinced they would never have used the homemade bombs they made when they initially planned the massacre to kill all of the "jocks" at Columbine High School.

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy, on Sunday, Dec. 22 NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre repeated his call for armed guards at every public and private school in the United States, affirming NRAs opposition to any new antigun laws following the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school massacre. LaPierre argued that with over 2,000 gun laws already on the books, any new gun laws wouldn't make children any safer because none of the 2,000 gun laws that currently existed were not being enforced by the federal government. LaPierre, for the US v Miller decision also said the NRA would not support reducing ammo magazine capacity or any other similar measure since, in his view, if the federal government actually enforced the laws on the books, magazine capacity would not be a problem.. The problem is not, nor ever was, that there aren't enough gun laws on the books to prevent criminals from getting their hands on guns; the problem is the social progressives seem to think laws are self-enforced—government passes a law prohibiting criminals, mentally ill people, or habitually cruel and brutal people who should not possess a gun will obey those laws and not buy them—or steal them. The secret in the phrase law enforcement is the word enforcement. The job of law enforcement is enforcement. Private citizens think the role of law enforcement is the cop's job. After all, that's why he's paid the "big bucks." Law enforcement. is every citizen's job. When you see a local thug with a gun in his hip pocket, society obligated you to notify the law.

And, there's the whole problem in a nutshell—Americans are simply too lazy—or stupid—to crack the nutshell and examine what;s inside for ourselves. If we did, we would realize that with 20,000 antigun laws on the books, why did we need anymore? Why don't those laws we already have on the books work? Because the left, who so strenuously opposes the private ownership of guns refuse to enforcement the laws we have. Why? Because the 2nd Amendment prevents the complete and absolute seizure of all forms of firearms in the United States. The social progressives want to criminalize the possession of any type of firearm in this country at a time when the American people increasingly oppose any form of gun restrictions. Shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy when the left believed more Americans would favor the banning of guns like the .223 Bushmaster assault rifle (which no evidence actually exists that the weapon, which was in the back trunk of Lanza's car, was ever used in the assault) a Gallup Poll showed that only 26% of the the American people favor a ban on the private ownership of handguns (a percentage 5% less than the total number of social progressives in the United States who want to violently overthrow the US government and create a Soviet-style government in the United States).

Is the rapidly increasing mistrust of the American communists who now control the US government the reason for the massive surge in personnel firearm sales in the United States since 2009? You betcha. With good reason. On Aug. 23, 2012, as Forbes reported that as gun sales skyrocketed in early 2009, the joke among employees of gun manufacturers was that "...Barack Obama was the greatest gun salesman of all time."

ABC News reported in December, 2011 a record number of FBI background checks that month through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System [NICS]—1,410,937. (I was apparently one of them. My wife bought me a nice new Henry lever action rifle for Christmas in 2011.) According to the National Shooting Sports Federation it was an increase of 24.5% over the previous December. From 2002 to 2011 there was a 54.1% rise in NICS gun checks In 2006 when the Democrats took control of the House and Senate the number of NICS checks topped 10 million. In 2007 as Nancy Pelosi became the Speaker of the House, NICS gun checks exceeded 11 million. When the 96,992,000 registered voters in 2008 put Obama in the White House with 132,618,580 votes, mistrustful conservative Americans decided it was time to buy a new gun. Twelve million of them went to visit their local gun shop. When America got its first honest dose of Obama in 2009, 14 million more Americans filled for permits to buy a new weapon. As the economy began its $1.7 trillion per year Obama upward debt spiral in 2009 (which Obama blamed on Bush-43),

In January, 2012 Steve Sanetti, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation noted that the $4.1 billion gun industry was about the only thing growing in an otherwise anemic economy. Smith & Wesson saw its sales jump 20% in 2012. Sturm, Rugar sold 1.2 million guns that year/ Ruger donated $1,264,000 to the National Rifle Association. In 1959, some 60% of Americans—persistently hammered by the leftwing media—believed the media rhetoric believing that banning the sales of firearms would end gun violence.. According to Gallup, 73% of the American people oppose gun bans of any type. In 2009, the demand for handguns in the United States was so great that US gun manufactures had to import 1,868,268 semiautomatic pistols to meet public demand. The question you should be asking is why have gun sales exploded so dramatically in the United States since the social progressives stole Congress in 2006 and Obama stole the rest in 2008? Primarily because the American people recognize theft when they see it—particularly when the electronic voting machines used by 96,992,000 registered voters who actually voted spewed out 132,618,580 votes in 2008; and the electronic voting machines used by 90,683,968 registered voters who voted in 2012 spit out 126,985,809 votes.. And, as previously mentioned, Democrats who datamined 2008 GOP voting statistics early-voted over 6 million lawfully registered Republican who always voted on election day in several of the Battleground States. Over 6 million GOP voters who always voted on election day came to the precinct to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 7 only to be denied the right to vote because, the precinct bosses told them "...they had already early voted and could not vote twice." None had previously voted When you steal a man's vote, you steal his liberty.

The American people—at least those with IQs higher than their grade point average in kindergarten—recognized that since the Clinton's enacted the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 followed by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 [HAVA] by violating the constitutional mandate that all votes for President of the United States be 100% cast on one day every four years. In 1787 the States selected that day as the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Constitutionally, every the polls are open for the casting of ballots for that one office—President—only on that day. There is no early voting. The military is obligated constitutionally to get ballots to all eligible voting members of the service in sufficient time that all service members serving outside the United States can vote on election day and have those ballots counted and the results of those counts provided to the designated military service judge according to law. There is no 30, 60 or 90 day early voting period for President. Article II, Section 1, § 5 of the US Constitution mandates that with respect to voting for President, that voting—all of it—most constitutionally happen in one 24-hour day. And that day will be precisely the same day throughout the entire United States, and throughout the world where US troops are billeted. While Congress has the authority to change the day when votes for President are cast, from say the first Tuesday after the first Monday, they can also make Election day the first Monday after the first Tuesday. What they can't do is stretch election day out to "election month." That would require a constitutional amendment.

The American people expect the Congressmen they elect to protect the inherent liberties we possess which are clearly, and with much detail, spelled out in the Constitution. But today, on an almost daily basis they see, hear or read about Congressmen and Senators selling their votes to the highest bidders. Or they witness the leadership in the House and Senate selling their votes to the princes of industry, the barons of banking and the earls of environmentalism who profit handsomely on the legislation when its enacted—particularly when then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sweetly cajoles the members of the House to "...hurry up and vote for Obamacare so we can find out what's in it." That should have been enough to make every American in the nation buy a .223 Bushmaster rifle and a 9mm Glock for every member of the family that can hit the bullseye in a target on the shooting range at 100 yards, and a 12 gauge pump shotgun for those not as accurate.

If there was any reason that Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wanted to see the UN's Small Arms Treaty [Resolution 61/89] (stepchild of the UN Global Gun Ban Treaty) you just read about a couple million reasons. But, there is an even more important one. When the co-presidency of Bill and Hillary Clinton arrived in the Prevarication Capital of the world in 1993 one of the things on their agenda was a global gun ban, using its ratification to abrogate the 2nd Amendment.

But the GOP-controlled Senate in 1995 wasn't buying.. In 1997 the UN enacted The Global Gun Ban Treaty. Slowly the document made its way around the world with most of the European nations, Canada and Australia signing on and surrendering their personal arsenals of popgun and shotguns. It was scheduled to show up in the GOP controlled US Senate for a hearing in October, 1997. But it was a no show. Or rather, I suspect time will prove it was a covert show up buried in some innocuous, unimportant piece of legislation that no one took the time read Immediately after the UN Small Arms Treaty is ratified by enough nations to make it a done deal. At that point, the artificially ratified Global Gun Treaty will be declared ratified by Obama, and the same hands-wringing Congressmen and Senators who adroitly concealed the treaty until the social progressives who need an unarmed public before they could steal from the people, liberty.

Today, the People of every democratic nation on Earth with national gun regulations who live under the Emer de Vattel's rule of law (except the United States—for the moment), have governments who sold out their People when they signed the UN's Global Gun Ban Treaty, or who are currently preparing to sell out their People by signing the UN Small Arms Treaty. The leaders of those nations made their citizens legally gunless—except, of course, the criminals who have no respect for law and order and even less for the United Nations.

I doubt if too many people have thought much about it, but the only nations on Earth that have ratified the global gun ban treaty or are considering do so are the same law-abiding nations which obey the rules of law in their own country. No rogue nation has signed either UN gun ban treaty. And, if they ever did, they would not hesitate to violate the provisions of those treaties to benefit themselves. Interestingly, no Muslim nation on Earth has, or will, surrender its right to own assorted "small arms"—including machine guns, rocket launchers and guided missiles. Nor has our deadliest "friendly" enemies: China, the re-emerging Soviet Union, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, China and American's deadliest enemies: Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria—and, strangely, America's worst enemy—Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is a Manchurian Candidate who owes his allegiance to two men: George Soros and recently anointed King Khalid of Saudi Arabia who owns his throne to the Society of the Muslim Brothers. Remember this, within days or weeks of America allowing the social progressives in the US Senate to ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty [UN Resolution 61/89]—or we inadvertently discover that somehow the UN Global Gun Ban Treaty was accidentally inserted in some unimportant mundane bill in 1997 and signed into law by Bill Clinton, the world as we know it will change the moment the United States Supreme Court rules that, based on 1916 Migratory Bird Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada supersedes the laws of the State of Missouri. Missouri had a long-standing law that permitted the hunting of all foul that was native to Missouri even if those bird seasonally migrated to either Canada or Mexico. The Migratory Bird Treaty banned the hunting of duck, quail and pheasants (native to Missouri) which seasonally migrated to both Canada and Mexico. Only Mexico and the United States signed the treaty. Sen. Elijah Root [D-NY] filed a lawsuit against the United States for hunting migratory birds. Root also argued the case before the Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn the 2nd Amendment—something FDR really wanted to happen.

Root, who argued before the Hughes Court on behalf of conservationists in both the United States and Mexico that Article VI of the Constitution trumped the 10th Amendment which, in turn, trumped the 2nd Amendment in this instance. The Supreme Court agreed with Root. Missourians could not hunt any game birds in the State of Missouri that seasonally migrated outside of its borders. Not just the borders of the United States, but the borders of Missouri.

Here is the sticking point the social progressives are counting on when the lost UN Global Gun Ban Treaty pops up attached to some unimportant, innocuous law, or when the Harry Reid ratifies the UN Small Arms Treaty. The 2nd Amendment is a much more important issue than bird hunting since the right to possess firearms is a basic inherent right in the United States of America. Today, we are the only nation on Earth with a right of that type so sacrosanct that as much as the left abhors or unabridged right to own guns, to date they have not been able to abridge that right. In her last term in the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth-Hage wrote several pieces, and argued her views on the floor of the House of Representatives that when the UN Global Gun Ban Treaty appeared as a rider "enacted" in some nondescript, never read piece of legislation (or today, the UN Small Arms Treaty receives sufficient votes to be declared ratified, the left will then challenge the continued legality of the 2nd Amendment, which the left will argue will be superseded by the Migratory Bird Treaty of 1916 or the UN Small Arms Treaty of 2013 or 2014, or whenever the US Senate ratifies it. Based on its 1937 precedent over US State law, and the successful challenge by Elijah Root that valid treaties signed with our neighbors under Article VI supersede American law—even those laws which are part of the Bill of Rights.

The clock is ticking. The American people, using the mindset of the Founding Fathers, need to decide if the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights as the Founding Fathers intended them is still the inherent law of this land, or if the thieves and highwaymen who have been allowed to used the resources of the People to bribe those we elect? In closing, let me answer the question posed at the top of this article: "Has the 2nd Amendment caused a pandemic killing field, or is our killing field the product of bloody movies and exploding guts and mayhem in video games? The left would like us to believe that the 2nd Amendment has created a killing field when there is no truth to the fantasy. The "right to carry" States have the least crime and provide the safest havens for human life. States like California, New York, Illinois and other States that greatly restrict or outwardly ban the private ownership of self-defense weapons have the highest crime rates—and the most crime-related murders. Right-to-carry States are also known as "right-to-live-safely-States" because those who used to find home invasions an easy way to earn a few bucks are finding that when they kick in a door in a white picket fence neighborhood the odds are increasing that they will be greeted by Mr. Glock or Mr. Colt instead of the old tenants, "Mr. & Mrs. Scared Witless." After being served a snack of hot .9mm,. 357 magnum or .44 caliber hor d'oeuvres most home invasion party crashers find other occupations—usually as coffin models.

It's only in the States which ban the private ownership of guns, or require that privately owned firearms contain trigger locks, and the ammunition for the trigger-locked guns be stored somewhere other than where the trigger-locked weapon are stored. Now, in those States, pandemic killing fields still exist because a weapon that is not fully loaded and ready to fire when criminals break into your home become the first prize they win when they kick down your door.




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