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20 years

HR-45 The Blair Holt Firearm Act. The
first giant step towards outlawing guns.

On Jan. 6, 2009, the first day of the 111th Congress, 9th term Congressman Bobby Rush [D-IL] introduced a new piece of legislation. The bill would be subscribed as HR-45, The Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009. Rush was first elected with America's first black President—Bill Clinton—in 1993. Rush is cut from the same cloth that shapes most of Chicago's politicians, but with one distinct difference. Community organizer Barack Hussein Obama tried to unseat him in the Democratic primary in 2000 and failed.

Bobby Rush, like Charlie Rangel—who is now the powerful head of the House Ways & Means Committee—was arrested for trespassing on the property of the Sudanese Embassy during a protest by hypenated-Americans against genocide in Darfur. The property around the embassy is construed to be sovereign Sudanese soil. To have long term Congressmen, who should have a complete understanding of the Law of Nations with respect to national embassies, violating the sovereignty of another nation is incomprehensible. Both men should have been expelled from Congress. This is the type of act that happens only in third world countries and totalitarian regimes. But, this is the man the largely African American South Chicago voters wanted to represent them before the Congress of the United States.

On Thursday, May 10, 2007 sixteen year old Michael "Mario" Pace, aka "the Dude," a Chicago gang member, expected to catch another gang member on a Chicago Transit Authority bus. Pace was determined to settle a two-year old score with the unidentified potential victim. The dispute? A girl. The gun Pace was using was not legally purchased by anyone. It was a "street gun." Street guns may be stolen, but more often than not they are guns smuggled into the United States on cargo ships from other countries and sold to unlicensed back trunk gun dealers who most times, have criminal records themselves. In this case, Pace's weapon was supplied by 15-year old old Kevin Jones. Pace told Jones he needed a gun to kill someone. A fellow gang member, Jones obligingly supplied it.

Pace and Jones waited at the bus stop at 103rd and Western because they knew their intended target usually took that bus. Pace apparently didn't keep his plan to assassinate a rival gang member secret. According to the statement of one eye witness, Pace "...was bragging to people before the bus even came, telling people to clear away..." from the area. Those on the bus when it pulled up, however, had no idea what was going to take place, or that their lives were suddenly in jeopardy.

On the bus was Julian High School honor roll student Blair Holt, 16, and several of his classmates when Pace climbed aboard and opened fire. Five students were hit. Holt, who was not Pace's intended victim, threw himself over classmate Tiara Reed and took a bullet that would have killed her. Four Julian High students and one other passenger were wounded. Only Holt died that day.

Blair Holt's death was doubly tragic. He was not a street thug. He was an honest son of honest, hardworking parents. And, he was just weeks shy of his 17th birthday. His life was snuffed out by a gang member. But what is ironic is that Blair's father, Ronald Holt, is a Chicago police officer. He works in the gang-crimes division. His mother Annette is a captain in the Chicago fire department. Ronald Holt, who has been dealing with gang violence for years knows gang members don't buy their weapons from legal gun stores. They buy them in booths at local bars or from the back trunks of cars parked in an alley.

Yet, Ronald Holt drummed up support for tougher guns laws—specifically, he thought, to make it harder for gang members like Pace, the "Dude" to get their hands on guns. Harder, that is, if they went to a lawful gun store and tried to buy one. But 15- and 16-year old thugs don't buy legal guns because they aren't old enough. And, Holt knew that, too. Holt called the local media and arranged for press coverage for a bus ride. From the 95th St. CTA terminal to the stop at 103rd and Western where Blair Holt was killed. The bus ride attracted an antigun opportunist by the name of Bobby Rush. Rush's motivation to ban guns in the United States comes from the death of his own son, Huey, who was murdered in front of his South Side home in October, 1999. The murder was ruled a botched robbery. Since the death of his son, Rush has sponsored over 30-pieces of legislation to ban guns. (Huey Rush was named after Black Panther leader Huey Newton, who was a close friend of Rush's when they were in the Panthers together in the violent 60s. Rush was jailed for six months at that time on weapons charges. And, you can bet he didn't buy his gun from a lawful gun store.)

Rush, like the Holt, suffered a terrible loss. Parents are not supposed to bury their children. Children are supposed to bear the burden of burying their parents. However, what we have with Rush, who is hurting as bad today as he was the night his son was gunned down, is a man who wants to punish all of the people in the United States for the death of his son because the killer or killers was never caught. One never knows. Had Huey Rush been armed when he was accosted that night in South Chicago, he might very well be alive today. But when you take the ability to own a firearm (not the right, which is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment) from the people who obey the laws, and only the criminals who do not buy their weapons lawfully have them, you guarantee that the victims of crime will always be the law abiding citizens.

But, let's face it. Stripping the American people of their right to own firearms isn't about crime. It's about control. Arbitrary control of politicians over populations that could easily overwhelm any totalitarian regime willing to surrender this nation's sovereignty to the globalists who are trying hard to create world government.

Bobby Rush has a F-rating from the National Rifle Association. Like most far left liberals, Rush wrongly believes if you take all of the guns away from the American people and outlaw the private ownership of guns, several things will happen. First, gun manufacturers will make something else in their idled factories. Second, the supply of illegal guns will dry up because, the left believes, all illegal guns were legal firearms before they were stolen. But, most important in the mind of the far left, when they outlaw guns and seize them, they will no longer have to fear the people. Furthermore, from that point, they will have absolute control over the people who will then become the human chattel of the rich and powerful.

On Feb. 9, 2009 Rush's bill was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security. No further action has been taken on the measure. There are so many things wrong with this legislation that its hard to pick a place to start. But none of the provisions are as convoluted as the one which make gun ownership for all citizens temporary. Without a license to own a firearm, possession of any type of firearm by any person in any city, county or State, would become illegal. It would be a crime to own any firearm without a license in any State in the country—even a "carry" State.

Gun licenses would have a 5-year life. Which means if you have an "arsenal" of weapons at home like many good, law-abiding Americans—maybe a 12-gauge and/or a 20-gauge shotgun, a good hunting rifle, a .22 rifle for plinking tin cans, and maybe even a .44 magnum handgun for home protection. Let's say that you were busy, and you inadvertently let your gun licenses on all these weapons expire. You would suddenly be guilty of possessing illegal weapons—a felony. Keep in mind, we aren't talking about carry permits, or permits to own illegal sawed-off shotguns or borderline "automatic" weapons that are actually legal semi-automatic weapons. We're talking about all legal firearms, not just handguns. To put it even more bluntly, we're talking about owning a .22 rifle, a hunting rifle, or a shotgun for turkey hunting, or for quails or partridges.

Under HR 45, gun licenses must be renewed not later than 30-days before the expiration of the current license. To apply for a renewal, the gunowner would have to submit, with the application, a current passport photo of the applicant, absolute proof of identity, and proof of the current street address (not PO Box). Further, in the the event the gunowner moves during that 5-year period, he or she must file the address change with the US Attorney General's designated official within 30 days of that move. Confiscation begins with good record-keeping on the part of government. If the gunowner does not comply fully, his license to own guns will be vacated and his guns are construed to be illegal weapons that can be seized.

Following the lead of Nazi Germany in 1933 to prepare its citizens for gun confiscation, the far left has made sure that in addition to the normal FBI background check, gun owners would all be fingerprinted. They would also be required to submit to a physical and mental evaluation before a license to own a firearm could be issued—even if citizen already had a houseful of weapons—and no intention of buying more. In other words, under this law, you would retroactively be required to "qualify" to keep the guns you already own.

Section 305 of The Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009, cloning several provisions in the 30-year old District of Columbia Gun Ban Law that was found to be unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court, would require all homeowners to keep their weapons under "childproof" lock and key. Under 305, "...it shall be unlawful for any person to keep a loaded firearm, or an unloaded firearm and ammunition for the firearm...within any premises..." Under the old DC law (which has yet to be officially revoked by the government of the District of Columbia) those will a gun permit could not store the ammunition of their weapon with the weapon. The gun would have to be broken down or secured with a trigger lock to prevent ready-access to the weapon in the event there was a home invasion (a common occurrence in Washington, DC and in other cities and States with archaic gun laws). In addition, The Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 would allow the ATF or other designated local law enforcement agencies to do random "knock and inspect" visits to the homes of gun owners to make sure they are under compliance with the law. If the homeowner has small children in the home (those under 18 years of age), and have either a loaded gun, or an unloaded weapon with ammunition in proximity to the weapon, that homeowner could be fined or face a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

Hmmm...is it any wonder Bobby Rush has not found any co-sponsors for this piece of legislation? Sources in Congress say this bill was dead-on-arrival. But, who knows? Based on the agenda of the far left which controls both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, and their "need" to disarm the American people whom they fear, who's to say that this legislation, HR45, won't end up as a secret amendment added to some innocuous piece of legislation that no one reads until its too late, and we learn that our temporary lawmakers have made a permanent decision to erase the 2nd Amendment by not doing their jobs—and then excuse what they did by saying "Oops!"?


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