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20 years

How to defeat the SPP and the NAU.
The Great American Phone-In.

Guest column by Paul Grondin

Note: We are a small but growing group of united Canadians and Americans who are trying to stop the SPP and the NAU. And, yes, I know how busy everyone is with all of things that are demanding your immediate attention. You know, personal things. Football. Baseball. Basketball. Hockey. Or maybe working around the house or working out at the fitness center. But, please—take a few minues to look over this plan that we plan to launch later this year. (Don't worry, it won't happen on a football night.) Please read this over carefully. If you think the idea has merit, we need all of the help we can get.

What are we up to? A plan to defeat the Security Prosperity Partnership [SSP] and its evil son, the North American Union [NAU]. By the way, when its over, we will win!

Numerous people are telling me that time is growing very short. With the legislation that the Governments of Canada and the USA are passing into law, it appears that we are not winning the battle against the Power Elite's plan to use the Security Prosperity Partnership (SPP) to create a North American Union (NAU), which will eliminate the countries of Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Many are working very, very hard to turn this around, but now it is time to take this to the rank and file working class men and women whose sweat equity built our great societies. Unlike our national leaders who want to unite our nations into a single commonwealth, I would like to unite the brawn of the people—Canadian and American people—to work together to defeat the SPP and NAU. After all, George W. Bush united our governments to destroy not only our countries but our way of life. So why not unite our peoples to stop this madness?

Historically, Canadians and Americans have performed miracles when they work together. In 1942, two contingents of soldiers—Canadian and American—came together to form the world's first Special Service force. Originally, no one believed that these soldiers would be any different from any other brigade in the Allied Forces. Out numbered and outgunned, this brigade performed the impossible time and time again until the Nazis started calling them The Devil's Brigade. As the war progressed, Nazi soldiers began surrendering before the battle were fought if the German forces knew they were facing the Devil's Brigade.

The Devil's Brigade was made up of ordinary men who did extraordinary deeds. (This is well-documented in the book written by Robert H. Adleman and George Walton. In 1968, MGM turned the story into a movie staring William Holden and Cliff Robertson), "The Mighty WE." In unity, Americans and Canadians can once again become the "The Mighty We."

We need to awaken our friends and create a vocal force that the world will hear at the same moment in time. Can my idea work? Yes. How do I know? Because I've already done it.

Back in the early '90's, I was living in Boise Idaho. We owned a couple of businesses. One was a weight lost clinic where we sold herbal supplements and other vitamins and nutrients. During that period Big Pharma was "test-driving" their plan to challenge the public's right to use herbal supplements without consulting either a medical doctor or a nutritionist.

They had their flunkies in the American Medical Association stir up the bureaucrats in Idaho to write legislation which would mandate that only a nutritionist or medical professional could advise people on the proper use of herbal supplements.

The bill was covertly enrolled in the Idaho Senate in one of those rare late night sessions while the people slept. Lawyers who looked at the legislation in the light of day told us that if this bill was enacted into law, no one except medical personnel (which included state-registered nutritionists), could advise people about the merits of herbal supplements—or sell them.

On the following Tuesday, the bill was going to be debated in committee. The Senate leadership was convinced the bill would be a cakewalk. They knew if it passed, the Legislature (lower house) would rubber stamp it without any debate. The committee's job was to save time.

We went into action. We organized everyone in the State of Idaho we could reach who was interested in herbal medications. A public forum was scheduled to be held in Boise on Sunday night. For a shoestring operation without a lot of planning time, a few hundred people showed up for the meeting.

Tuesday morning was the kicker. Our plan went into action. We had people calling into the State governmental offices all morning. Angry callers registering their objection to this bill, and promised to replace any politician who voted for it. The idea was call, voice our complaint, hang up and call again—and again, and again and again.

Without knowing we could actually successfully pull it off, we jammed the switchboard. No more incoming and outgoing calls. The Speaker of the House stood up on the floor and pleaded for Idahoans to stop calling. He pledged that the legislative committee would meet with us. On Thursday, we arrived in the committee room. In the end, the voters won. Fear of the voters forced them to kill the legislation. It died in committee without ever seeing a floor vote.

The Plan

The plan is a matter of numbers. If you get enough people involved, the numbers are there. You know how it works. All of us have email lists. We mail our lists. Each of the people on those lists mail their lists, and so on. If you have 500 names on your mailing list, and everyone you mail to have 500 names, let me show you what happens. After the first cycle, 250 thousand people are part of the network. At the end of the second cycle, 125,000,000 are now part of the network. But since we know, half of the people you send your email to are going to delete it without even reading it, and only half of what's left will send the email. It's still an impressive number. At the end of the first cycle, you will have reached 62,500 who are actually interested in stopping the North American Union, and will participate in the plan. At the end of the second cycle, the network will include 7,812,500 people—more than enough to scare the crap out of even the most arrogant politician since 7 million votes can put a lot of career politicians in the bread line.

The plan: we do the same we did in Idaho—only we do it on a much larger scale We do it hemispherically. Or rather, we do it in the United States and Canada. Most of the Mexicans are already in the United States anyway.

If you're against the NAU and the SPP, this means you. YOU must contact everyone you know who feels as you feel. Its pointless to waste your sweat on people who think the NAU is a neat idea, or that living in an American European Union overrun by radical Islam is fine. We need people involved in this strategy who understands the danger to our way of live if those we erroneously elected are given the authority to erase our national boundaries—and our national identities. Because it will be more than a national shame, it will be national treason in the United States and in Canada. We come from the stock, the same roots of the same oak tree. We are kinsmen to the soul and brothers to the core. But I know this about brothers. Put them under the same roof and sooner or later, one is going to punch the other one in the nose.

We're the new Minutemen. (If you email me (pgrondin2@cogeco.ca) I will make sure you have a list of phone numbers for your (US) Senators and Congressmen, or (Canada) members of Parliament. For the most part, the plan is fairly simple. Dial the number, state your opposition to the SPP and NAU, then hang up. Do it again and again—and again and again.

(By October 16, 2008—D Day—we will have a script for those who want or need one. It will be brief, simple, to the point. Each call will take less than thirty seconds. The Idaho model is a good model. But remember, Idaho has only a million people. It's a small state with a small government.

In Canada, there are 32 million people with enormous spaces between populated centers, while the USA has a population of of upwards of 300 million, give or take a million or two. The phone systems are much more complex. Therefore, we need to fill our ranks with Very Special Forces—dedicated people who have the resolve to return our governments to the people.

On Thursday, October 16, 2008, the "Special Forces" will focus on the politicians who owe their allegiance to us. We need to make sure they understand that. They've been on the dole for so long, they now believe the people who bribe them somehow elected them. It's time they understood they work for us. We need to begin a rapid-fire pattern of repetitious calling. Call, recite a 30-second spiel and hang up. Call and hang up. Call and hang up.

But, let us not kid ourselves. This is serious business. It's not a game. We will win only if we have the numbers. A few thousand people making one call and thinking one salvo will win the war need not join this army because they won't win the battle. We need numbers, a lot of numbers because that politician needs to think that every person in the United States and/or Canada has him or her on speed dial.

When that phone starts ringing on October 16, 2008, the people who work in each legislative office have to look at each other and ask: "What's going on? This phone won't stop ringing."We need to make sure that, all day long, the phones in every Congressional, Senatorial or Parliamentarian office don't stop ringing!

If you want to join this army to annihilate the NAU, you can reach me by email at pgrondin2@cogeco.ca, or by writing me at:

Mr. Paul Grondin
192 Pacific Avenue,
Ambersburg, Ontario N9V 3E2

(If you wonder where that's at, find Detroit on a map. Look due south at the mouth of the Detroit River and Lake Erie. Run your finger to the Canadian side of Lake Erie, and there's Ambersburg. If you're "in" the grand plan, write me and I'll send you a copy of our newsletter. By the way, if you email, put "the Great North American Phone-In" in the subject line.




Just Say No
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