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GOP losing donors—and voters.

Grassroots donors all over the country are rebelling against what they perceive to be a turncoat President who broke his campaign promises and jumped ship from the USS Liberty to align himself with the far left on the USSR Utopia. The left has been only too eager to implement his globalist agenda. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Al Gore, Jr. combined could not have done a better job of stripping the American people of liberty—and their country of its external sovereignty rights.

The Republican National Committee was forced to fire its entire headquarters grassroots fundraising staff at the end of May, a total of 65 experienced fundraising telemarketers, because it caught a fatal marketing malady. They became convinced that grassroots conservatives would no longer support the policies of their current lame duck president and, thus, would refuse to write out the checks that helped put Bush-43 in the White House in 2000 and 2004. They complained that the sales resistance they encountered from conservatives who donated handsomely to the GOP in the past was just too hard to overcome.

The head of the RNC's small donor phone bank system reluctantly admitted that grassroots contributions were off 25% to 40%, but attributed the decline to their aging phone bank equipment that they said would cost too much money to update. And even though a spokesperson for the RNC denied there was any decline in grassroots fundraising contributions, saying that their records suggested they had outraised the DNC's grassroots fundraisers by a two-to-one margin. In reality, trhey didn't. The reverse was true. The GOP is feeling the brunt of some very serious donor backlash. Several of the fired telemarketers noted that most of the potential GOP donors they have called recently were angry over President George W. Bush's immigration reform policy. Bush, on the other hand, accused immigration bill foes—most of whom are close political allies who fought shoulder-to-shoulder with him on several other policy issues since 2001—of using scare tactics to alienate the support of conservative voters who stood with him for six years.

If asked specifically, I suspect most of the fired telemarketers would confirm that voter heartburn over Bush began when the media first reported that Bush met with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin on March 23, 2005 and signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership—the precursor to the North American Union. When Bush backed The Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 and lied to the American people by saying the legislation was not an amnesty bill, he lost all of his credibility with the voting block that elected him and 271 Senators and Congressmen in 2000, and 287 Congressmen and Senators in 2004.

Bush's position on immigration cost the GOP 30 House seats and 6 Senate seats in 2006. The Democrats argue (based on exit polls) that the issue voters voted was the War in Iraq. While that's true concerning those who showed up at the polls to cast their ballots, Republicans voted against Bush's amnesty program by staying home. (While they could not, in good conscience, vote for leftwing agenda of Harry Reid [D-NV] and Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] in 2006, neither could conservative voters vote for a political party that was willing to open its borders and grant amnesty to 12 to 15 million illegal aliens that they expect their government to arrest and deport.

If there was ever any doubt in the mind of the RNC about how GOP voters felt about the issues and why they deliberately torpedoed the Republican majority in 2006, they needed only to ask their own fundraisers who heard it firsthand when they "polled" the Republican donors on their prospect lists. "...[Almost every] donor we reached in 50 States was angry," said one out-of-work solicitor. "... And for 99% of them," the fundraiser added, "immigration was the number one issue." (Released telemarketers were told that the severance package they received from the RNC was contingent upon their not discussing any of the circumstances of their termination with the media.)

Yet, despite empirical evidence to the contrary, the RNC and the Bush White House continue to pretend that all is well in GOP-land. Bush is urging wavering allies in the House and Senate who need to curry favor from the voters to keep their jobs to "...show courage and resolve" and withstand the "appearance" of "voter rage" that was, the White House suggested, triggered by DC area advocacy groups who branded The Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 as an amnesty bill.

The PAC groups—and several Senators on both sides of the aisle—insist The Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 is not only an amnesty bill but that, in its present form, it's unworkable. Most members of Congress know that to make any immigration bill work there must be very stiff and very arbitrary penalties imposed on any employer—including giant agri-employers like Archer Daniel Midland.

Mandatory sentences that might also include some form of confiscation on repeat offenders who flaunt the law and/or have a history of hiring illegal aliens. Not just those who knowingly hire illegal aliens, but simply those who hire them. "I didn't know they were illegal," is an excuse without legs. Illegal aliens with phony Social Security Cards are hired with no thoughts by the employer of verifying who they are since the employer already knows who they are not. They are not legal. Social Security cards, like all valid forms of ID are easy enough to run. In 15 minutes or less the employer will know to whom that Social Security card or drivers' license number is officially assigned. What employers who hire illegal aliens are doing is willful fraud. The penalty should be severe. And, there should be no escape from it.

A stiff penalty—prison time, not a fine—should be imposed on whichever company officer is corporately responsible for the person who does the hiring. If the Human Resources Manager or jobsite boss reports directly to a company owner or corporate officer, so be it—that's the person who needs to do the time. A mandatory penalty of 5 years per illegal hired would be a good deterrent. Of course, you and I know that will never happen because no one in government really wants to penalize employers since [a] many of them are donors, and [b] the purpose of allowing illegal aliens into the country is to provide those employers with an ample supply of cheap labor that will help drive down the cost of goods—and the salaries being paid to US citizen employees.

The Immigration & Customs Enforcement officials agree—then weasel themselves an "out." ICE admits the employer should be held liable for hiring illegals. However, they add, meeting the standards of proof to get a conviction means they must be able to prove the employer knew the ID presented was phony. Running the ID to verify before hiring eliminates the chance of hiring an illegal. Verifying the new hire's home address—and running the ID after-the-fact also eliminates the illegal from employment—and should trigger his deportation. Unfortunately, 100% of the time ICE goes after the employee, not the employer. Seldom is the illegal deported. He's taken before a judge where he posts bond and walks away to continue living in the shadows of society. If employers stopped hiring them, they would stop coming—at least in the numbers they are currently crossing the border.

This is why the American voter is mad. This is why conservative voters sat out the midterm election of 2006 and let the Democrats take control of the House and Senate. Sadly, the Bush Administration and several very influential members of the US Senate don't seem to realize there is a very serious voter revolt. Bush doesn't have to worry since he's not running for anything in 2008—and likely never will again unless it's for a job in the soon-coming world government he's trying hard to create. But, Sen. Ted Stevens [R-AK] who, along with Sen. Richard Lugar [R-IN], is lobbying the Senate to ratify the UN Covenant on the Law of the Sea, is. (Lugar ran the voter gauntlet in 2006 and won't face the voters again until 2012. He hopes, by that time, the voters will forget his 2007 duplicity. Hopefully, they will remember—during the primaries, and boot him out of office at that time and then get behind the candidate they picked to replace him.) The voters should be wise enough to realize that whatever else they do, they can't afford to let the liberals keep control of the people's house.

Hopefully the voters will remember Susan Collins [R-ME], Lindsay Graham [R-SC], Chuck Hagel [R-NE], Mitch McConnell [R-KY], and John Warner [R-VA] on Nov. 4, 2008 and vote them out of office. Since they are all part of the President's team—and agreed to carry the water on this one—they should leave Washington with him.

When 84% of the American people tell their Congressmen and Senators they want the borders sealed, the illegal aliens rounded up and deported, Congress—and the White House—need to listen. That's why GOP grassroots activists rebelled against the Republican Party. That's why conservative donors in every State shut their checkbooks when the Republican fundraisers called.

One of the fundraisers complained that, last year, he collected $164 thousand, adding that the way his calls were running, he'd be lucky to break $100 grand. The fundraiser, who described himself as a GOP activist, noted that former contributors were angry when he called. All of them complained about the president's immigration policy. The fundraiser said a call sheet is written for every call—and the reason given for not donating. So, for a RNC official to say that grassroots contributions were not off was not simply ignorance of what was really happening, it was a blatant lie.

In fact, both the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee [NRSCC] and the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee [NRCCC] reported greatly reduced contributions from small donors. In March, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee reported grassroots collections of $4.6 million—more than twice the $2.1 million collected by the Republicans.

The Republicans, whose war chests were filled by the transnational industrialists, bankers and merchant prices who are now demanding a quid pro quo—open borders, merged economies, and the surrender of external sovereignty to the United Nations—need to realize that the US citizens, their lawful constituents, who placed them in office demand that the borders of the United States be sealed, the illegal aliens within this country be rounded up, arrested, and deported, and that employers who hire illegal aliens be jailed.

If the Republican Party does not heed the voice of their conservative constituents the GOP will lose more seats in 2008 because, as history notes, when the people leave the party, the party leaves the politicians.



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